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Ego Of I

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"I" The simplest character

Who am I? The ego of I. The simplest character or alphabet is the letter "I" even a newborn baby could write. "I" is also the number "1". Do you know; this simplest of all characters is the cause of all our miseries and troubles? Just imagine if there is no "I". Then I won't get angry, I won't worry, I won’t be miserable, I won’t be troubled and I won't be me. This "I" is our ego, and a very BIG one too. If we are not careful, the ego of "I" will overwhelm us. A slight agitation on our character, will cause the wrath of the ego of "I". The more powerful one becomes, the bigger will be this ego of "I". In the extreme scenario, this ego of "I" becomes God. Dictators have the biggest ego of "I" and dangerously so for everyone around them.

We live to feed this ego of "I" to make it comfortable, respectable, and desirable. It becomes sacred to us. We shall protect it with all our energies and powers. The greatest irony of this important ego of "I" is that in the end, there is nothing. We die; no more "I".

Who am I?

I am the simplest character in a set

even a child knows that.

I can do the greatest good

and the worst evil to boot.

You can search for me the whole world round

but I will never be found.

The more you search

the more you miss.

Only when you are still

look within, look inside.

There is nothing

but form and mind.

Who am I 

never mind!

Time to contemplate

Take time to contemplate. Sometimes it really takes a long time. When you are past 60, like me, maybe you will have more time to contemplate. But then it may be too late. All had passed by. Think of all the stupid things and blunders that we have committed. And still never learn. Or have we?

How we wish we could start life all over again, a clean slate.

Don't wait until it's too late.

It's better now that we stay awake.

Awake to take on this Ego of "I"

To make it more pliable with less greed and hate.

That would avoid much headache and heartache.

Replace "I" with "We"

Even "illness" becomes "wellness"!

How to tame this ego of “I”

There is this wise saying: “The more the ego is eliminated, the nearer one goes to the source of life.” (Quote from the founder of Pure Life Society)

It is very difficult to bring down this ego of “I” because the source of its wickedness (and also its weakness) lies deep inside the mind. However, there is a technique that trains the mind to go deep into this source, the root cause of this ego. If you wish to search further on this topic, please read my article “Goenka Vipassana Meditation; My Personal Experience”.

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