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Easy Spells For Beginners


Are you curious about spell casting? Maybe you've tried working some magick in the past and it didn't work out right. Magick is actually pretty easy once you know the secrets that make spells successful.

Magick is not exclusive to Pagans. Catholics perform magick at mass when lighting candles while saying prayers. Prayers like Hail Mary and Our Father are chants that are not so different from chants of the old religions. There are many forms of magick that you perform everyday without realizing it. Crossing your fingers, throwing pennies in a well for luck and wishing on stars are all forms of magick.

Warnings About Magick

Before attempting any spells, realize there are consequences for performing spells. In spell casting, you are creating karma. Be aware of the law of three, which means whatever you send out, you will receive times three. Positive spells will result in good karma, while negative spells will result in negative karma.

  • Love spells are okay if you are trying to attract love into you life. Do not perform magick in order to make a certain person love you. This violates a person's free will.
  • If you want to perform magick to heal a family member or friend, let the person know first.
  • Never, ever use spells to get revenge on a person.
  • End your spells with "So mote it be". So mote it be means "So as I will it, so shall it be done." Another good idea is to say "For the good of all parties concerned." This phrase will further prevent anything negative coming out of your spells.

Another important thing to remember is that magick can only change the changeable. For example, you can cast spells that help remove an illness but you cannot perform a spell to grow back an amputated limb. You will not be able to fly, become invisible or raise the dead by using magick but you can attract love, money, happiness and remove negative forces.

The Moon and Magick

If you want to bring something into your life (wealth, love, job), perform your spell when the moon is waxing. To remove something out of your life (sickness, negativity), perform your spell when the moon is waning. The new moon is also a good time for spells to remove negativity from your life.

Your most important spells should be done during the full moon. The full moon phase is when magick is the most powerful.

Days of the Week

Certain days of the week are better for certain spells than other days. For example:

Sunday: Healing, protection and strength

Monday: Fertility and family

Tuesday: Passion and courage

Wednesday: Wisdom, job issues and travel

Thursday: Money and prosperity

Friday: Love, friendship and beauty

Saturday: Creativity, fortune, protection and removing negatvie energy


Colors are also very important to spell casting. Choose candle and stone types wisely to help you create a successful spell.

Red: Passionate love, motivation and energy. Suggested stone: Garnet

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Pink: Love, friendship and peace. Suggested stone: Rose quartz

Blue: Healing and intuition. Suggested stone: Turquoise

Green: Money and prosperity. Suggested stone: Moss agate

Yellow: Wisdom. Suggested stone: Citrine

Brown: Earth and nature. Suggested stone: Tiger eye

Purple: Strength, psychic abilities and power. Suggested stone: Amethyst

Black: Protection. Suggested stone: Black Onyx

White: Can be used for anything but especially good for purity, truth and renewal. Suggested stone: Crystal

Spell Casting

Before starting any spells, know exactly what you want. Focus and confidence are important while spell casting.

Find a place in your home where you will perform your magick undisturbed. An altar to place candles and other items will be needed. You can use an end table as an altar or something similar.

There is a secret to spell casting and no spell will work unless you know it. You must not only believe that your spell will work but you must feel like it already has worked. Even after your work your magick, you must carry that feeling around with you always. If you are trying to attract a partner, first imagine how you would feel when you meet your new love. Once you have that feeling, keep it with you. That is the key to successful spell casting.

Candle magick is perfect for beginners. Place your stones and candles on your altar. Annoint your candle(s) with oil. Olive and sweet almond oil are good choices, but any type of oil will do. Once candles are lit sit by your altar and meditate on what you desire. Elaborate chants are not necessary. A simple chant like "I now attract love in my life" is not only fine, but effective. When done, allow the candles to burn out naturally.

Attracting Love

Moon phase: Waxing

Day of the week: Friday

What you need: Two pink candles, two rose quartz stones

Money Spells

Moon phase: Waxing

Day of the week: Thursday

What you will need: one green candle, one or more moss agate stones.

Curing Sickness

Moon phase: Waning or new moon

Day of the week: Sunday

What you will need: Two candles, one blue and one white. One or more crystals and one or more turquoise stones.

An Easy Way to Remove Negative Energy

Smudging is a ritual that was popular among Native Americans to cleanse negative energy. A smudge stick is made of dried herbs that is burned to remove negative energies but can also be used for self blessing and spiritual purification.

Moon phase: Waning or new moon

Day of the week: Saturday

What you will need. Smudge stick (Sage is a popular choice) and a candle.

Light the smudge stick with a candle. When you light the smudge stick, it should smolder. There should not be an open flame. A clay bowl should be used to catch the ashes.

If smudging yourself or another person, fan the smoke from head to toe. If smudging a home you should walk around your home waving the smudge stick, concentrating on doors, windows and corners.

You can smudge whatever needs psychic cleansing, whether it be your home, yourself or another person. Focus on positive thoughts while smudging. Repeat when needed.

Smudge Stick