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Elderfuthark Rune EHWAZ


Alternative Names

Eoh; Aihwas; Eh; Ior.

Key Phrase

‘Always be as loyal and supportive

to those around you, as they are to you.’


A Horse or Horses, transportation.

Viking Rune Equivalent

Movement. Horse.

Divinatory Meaning




Tarot Card Equivalent

The Chariot - 7 - III

Corresponding Letter


Associated Colour


Associated Herb


Associated Gemstone

Iceland Spar

Associated Tree

Oak or Ash

Associated Myths and Deities

Sleipnir; Freya’s feathered cloak. Sacred to Frey.

Manifestation Uses

An aid to communication, transportation, to send a wish or ‘spell.’ To obtain hidden knowledge.

Relationship Interpretation

Brings harmony to relationships; partnerships; joint efforts; sexuality between partners.

Healing Colour and Qualities


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Awakens the inner mind. Aids the healing of abdominal pain or dis-ease as well as the sexual organs. Good to ease menstruation symptoms.


The Ehwaz rune can be worn as a talisman to bring power, for clear communication purposes, and it brings clarity in divination.

Ehwaz Drawn Upright


All forms of transportation, horse, power, force, purpose, the need to acquire, strength, will, determination, motion, summer sun, assistance, long-living, stands hard and fast, energy, communication, movement and change for the positive, steady progress, harmony, regeneration and rebirth, teamwork, trust, loyalty, emotional responses, adaptability, a message from the gods, stats, pride, joy, clear confirmation of the signs around it, a comfort to the restless.

EHWAZ is ‘Energy and Motion.’

Ehwaz is the third rune in the third Aett and the nineteen rune of the Elderfuthark alphabet. The Ehwaz rune symbolises inner strength and fortitude. It is a rune of strength, will and determination to perform one’s duties diligently. Ehwaz represents energy and motion and the force and power by which to achieve.

Specifically, this is the rune of the Horse, or Horses. The Ehwaz rune represents ‘horse power’ and the ability to work hard and carry heavy loads.

The horse has been a powerful symbol in every culture, in every age. In Norse mythology, it is believed that the Sun is drawn through the sky by horses. Their relationship with humans is unique in that they have the ability and intelligence to be companions as well as workers. The horse allows us to perform tasks that would normally be beyond our strength, and to travel long distances that would normally be beyond our reach. Horses are known to be strong, swift, loyal and courageous and are one of the most spiritual amongst the animal kingdom. The horse is an animal that never lost its power by being domesticated.

In respect to the Ehwaz rune’s connection with the horse, it is not an impersonal energy source, but rather a living, breathing being whose needs and desires must be taken into consideration, rather than to be simply used as a tool or slave. This rune reminds us to only use the horse for its help and never to harm it. The horse is to be respected and cared for, rather than used and neglected.

Within the Ehwaz rune we see a duality. Ehwaz comes to represent the duality of man and his ability to deal with his world. It sees one making choices; weighing up options before proceeding. Ehwaz symbolises masculine and feminine qualities and energies and encourages one to use both sides of their personality, both male and female, masculine and feminine. Ehwaz is finding balance.

The stallion and mare aspect come into play within the interpretation of Ehwaz. The stallion is headstrong and virile and is the epitome of raw energy. He looks to face the world head-on and on his own terms. The stallion is a powerful tool, but must be carefully controlled and maintained to avoid harming it, yourself and/or others. Balance must be achieved to harness the power of the stallion and use it wisely.

The mare symbolises fertility, femininity and the intuitive instincts. She is a creature that works with others and often looks for guidance before acting. Ehwaz is telling us that sometimes we must lead – but to be a good leader, we must know how and when to follow.

Drawing Ehwaz in a reading may indicate that you need to make new connections. Doing this will draw the energies towards you that will help you to overcome all obstacles before you. Ehwaz’s advice is to seek out those who share your views, attitudes and lifestyle.

Remember that each person who comes into your life, for however long, comes to teach you lessons and vice versa.

Ehwaz indicates that you have the strength and support to be able to make quick progress on your path, but this depends upon you being loyal, supportive and true to those around you. In return, you can expect those traits to be reciprocated.

Ehwaz is telling you to always be proud of your achievements, whilst remaining humble. This will ensure that your travels will be swift, positive and rewarding.

Drawing the Ehwaz rune can indicate a ‘bonding’, a partnership, a marriage or betrothal or a melding of ideas and concepts.

Ehwz represents co-operation and adjustments and tells you that with team effort, strength, will-power and determination, you will achieve all goals set forth, with ease.

Transportation is indicated when Ehwaz appears. It heralds change for the better brought about by gradual development and steady progress. Ehwaz promises harmony and teamwork, trust and loyalty.

If a marriage is in the offing when Ehwaz appears, it will be an ideal match.

When Ehwaz is drawn in a reading, take note of the runes surrounding it. Ehwaz is confirmation of the messages of the other runes.

The strongest message of the Ehwaz rune is ‘what is yours will come to you.’

Ehwaz Drawn Reversed


Recklessness, haste, disharmony, mistrust, death, betrayal, lies and deceit, feeling confined in a situation.

Drawing the Ehwaz rune in reverse or merkstave is indicating that you need to learn to go with the flow of life. There is a need to initiate some movement and action into many areas of your life. If you do not attend to this, you will become stagnant and stale and will not fulfil your goals and aspirations. You need to take action promptly. You may find that a few simple changes may bring about wonderful, positive changes and effects.

Reversed, Ehwaz suggests a craving for a change of some sort. A restlessness or being confined in a situation not of your own making may be implied with Ehwaz reversed. It can also presage reckless hast, disharmony, mistrust and betrayal.


Sacred Scribes

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