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Nobody Dies

This is an article about life from a Near Deather experience

Everything gets a body. no exceptions

Everything on this planet gets to choose whether it wants a body/costume to learn in. No exceptions everything from animals to people and everything in between. It is only up to that soul if it is viable and useful for its mission. If not that body will be aborted. Now, most religions think it is only the person who is having the abortion, but no it is not.

I was told that I will get pregnant at 19 and she will come no matter what. My mom found out about it and paid for my abortion. I was carted away for a week or so until my mom calmed down and we got married and lived with him. No abortion at all. She was a she when she was born. She was holding her foot in the birth canal but she was happy to be born when she thought it was the right time.

No Doctor has the right to scare you by telling you that you will die from not getting a shot or taking pills that they may think will help. Not One! Only you have that right in your Soul Contract as it was there when that body you chose has.

Where Does It All Come From

The body parts are already avaialbe for each animal or human. The different cells have their own purposes and know what is supposed to be and what it is for, much like the soul that needs that body at one time or another. Nothing is wasted, not a single person or animal. The parts are always there and are used by many and have the capabilities to be used and formed by any soal. What is aborted will be used by another and son on and so forth. It does not end and it is only that soul who has responsibility for what they produced or got rid of.

Extra Terrestial Mking Humand

Evver see scince shows that tell about the human body and how many different ones there are. Have you ever noticed that they fail to mention children in those shows. Perhaps that is the important thing. Thing about that. Why isn't that important. Is there a reason that isn't mentioned but for the prodigy of a soul. Not everything has to make a body or another soul of itself. To learn things about life and problems and other things one may need another body to do that with. It does not consider and new soul but one made for that soul in another costume.


If you read the bible and at the time when Jesus said he would return and the verses after that and read where he did come back. They did not believe him at all because he didn't look the same as when he left. Nobody gets the same exact body and I think somewhere Jesus mentioned that in the
Bible but those who wrote that stuff seem to want it to say exact;y just that and they lied. Yes, they lied for their personal gain.

That messes with people's minds.

Jesus also might not have e

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Is I The Beginning Of The End or Not?

If the person is shut up, they will do other things in their next life and that is a fact jack! Already I have been censored n this hub. Thinking of not writing here anymore because of the. What do you think happens with shutting people up? They move on and leave this place. Many have done that already. I left years ago and have come back to find a not-so-nice area. Not kidding! When you have comments on writing it allows for discussion of said things about the writing. It allows others to get ideas about that writing and to do their own hubs bringing in more writers instead of turning people off. That is what the nut job who decided no comments is doing....shutting the site down. Is that what it's purpose was for because it definitely looks like that is what it wants and is the beginning of the end.

Charles Manson's story was convoluted by some. They first said that we were a product of two loving parents that were preachers.

Now they come out with the truth and tell of his mother who gave birth to him and she was married and then divorced and he committed suicide in the house where they killed Sharon Tate and the others in. When his mother, a prostitute gave birth she rejected the child and did so many times. He wasn't brought up in a loving home at all/ Not even a tiny bit.

Then he was a singer and came across someone who was going to do an album of his songs then changed his mind. Just another REJECTION and shut. So in his mind, he had to get followers and make a cult. I did a piece on cults before but never got to understand what a cult is and how it works.

It works when the person is constantly being rejected and uses his hurt to take people down so far and so hard that they don

t or can't see anything else but that person. It works! Not a good thing but it works and is proven many times.

What I hope for him in his next life is love, love, love and friendship, and no rejection from the beginning. It may take several lifetimes before he is OK.

This also works for many gender equality that we see out there. Don't be harsh everybody is working on something.....everybody!

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