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Driving into Parallel Dimensions


There are many theories explaining the possibility of parallel universes. It all began when the science of quantum mechanics arrived in the beginning of the last century, that the idea of the multiverse began to take hold. Next you had the relativity theories, the unified field theories and finally the string theories all pointing to the possibility of other worlds unseen.

Since then, super colliders have allowed us to explore what our universe was like near the point of the big bang but there is a frightening side to this. If we are trying to simulate the big bang in a collider, could we be creating a new parallel universe every time we smash these subatomic particles together? Bringing quantum mechanics into the mix really adds to the horror. Every time you make a decision in your life there is the probability that there is an alternate version of you existing in another universe where you made a different decision. This is all based on the premise that the observer plays a role in quantum mechanics. Subatomic particles have different states. Only one state decouples when we observe it. The other states remain virtual. But there is the belief that these virtual states end up decoupling into parallel universes.

Since we play the role as observer, it is believed that the human mind holds the key to traveling or peeking into alternate realities. Is it desire? Does it involve dreaming? Does it involve meditation? There are stories of people who have teleported, some by accident, and others who have claimed that they can do it by concentration and meditation. And some have claimed that not only have they transported physically in an instant from one place to another but they also have claimed to have transported to a parallel world (which is our world).

So the mind plays the only role, or does it? Maybe there is something more, something else. Could ordinary machines that we have been using for years have an affect? This is an important question because there are many cases of people finding themselves in weird and unusual places purely by accident, and then for some inexplicable reason, they are able to find their way back to our world. All of the following cases have involved driving an automobile. For some reason, this steel and glass cage, with an engine, with electrical harnesses, with a battery, and with other electrical devices, can somehow transport you to a parallel dimension. Maybe it can do this because we created it. It came from our mind.

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Where Did the Restaurant Go?

A man by the name of R W Balcom, along with his wife, decided to go on a trip to Lake Tahoe. Traveling by car along US-50, the trip was about 160 miles. This turns out to be almost a 3 hour drive from their home in Live Oak. When you travel by automobile for this long, you want to stop somewhere along the way. Balcom did stop. He and his wife ended up at a nice restaurant somewhere along Route 50. I say somewhere because it had more to do with what reality the restaurant was in than anything else. This occurred in 1962. The restaurant was rustic with a rural feel, but despite appearances, the food and the service was fantastic. When they returned to Live Oak, they decided to stop at the restaurant again. The problem, it wasn’t there. When they asked people who lived in the area they simply got stares. No one knew about this restaurant. So the question, where did it go? Or more importantly, where did the Balcom’s go.

This Isn’t My Home Town?

Carol Chase McElheney was taking a short trip from her home in Perris to San Bernardino. It was only a 27 mile drive. The town of Riverside was on the way. It happened to be where she grew up, her childhood hometown, so she decided to take a detour and drive through her old neighborhood. It didn’t turn out as she expected. It had changed dramatically. The streets and the addresses were the same but the houses were all quite different. The cemetery where her grandparents were buried was gone, replaced by a weed infested empty lot. Maybe the town had changed since she had last visited. The problem, she had been there not too long ago and this is not what she saw. The town couldn’t have changed so dramatically in such a short time. She wanted to talk to people but felt impelled to avoid them as if this was now an evil town. However, the next time she went back everything returned to normal.

The Funny Egg Shaped Cars

The year 1972 was a bad year for four girls. Well, it really was only one day in that year. They were driving in Southern Utah on a weekend vacation. During the trip they decided to drive through Gadianton Canyon but when the road changed to a concrete road they assumed that they were lost and possibly made a wrong turn somewhere earlier. So, they made a U-turn to get back on the right track when something unusual happened. They found themselves in a pine forest. Now realizing that they were really lost, they stopped at a tavern to get directions, but this is when the real terror began. A number of three wheeled black colored egg shaped vehicles were quickly approaching them. In a state of panic, they hit the gas and suddenly found themselves back in the desert. Apparently they ended up in a location further down than where they entered the desert. The police confirmed the gap between where the tire marks ended and where the girls ended up. It was a mile and a half. It was a gap where there was a forest and funny looking menacing egg shaped cars.

What Highway Was I Driving On?

One fall day in 1986 Pedro Oliva Ramires was driving from Seville to Alcala de Guadaria in Spain. He had traveled this route many times before so when he went around a tight curve and suddenly found himself on an unfamiliar six lane highway he was in a panic. Everything was wrong, the buildings, the terrain, but especially the cars that passed him. They all were only either white or beige in color and seemed outdated. He drove for about an hour in this horror until he found an exit and left this bizarre highway. The exit indicated Seville but when he left this freeway he found himself at his destination in Alcala de Guadaria.


So does the automobile have some ability to transport you to a parallel dimension? It is a funny and crazy idea. But before you dismiss it, there is even a case of a man you entered his car and simply disappeared. It occurred at a university in Venezuela in the early 1970s. Again, the automobile is a creation of the human mind. Maybe it can go farther than we realize. Personally, I don’t want to find out.


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