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Dreams of Pregnancy and Giving Birth: What It Really Means

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Dreams and Its Biblical Meanings

Dreams are one of the most interesting human experiences that are shared by almost all individuals. Even if someone does not often remember their dreams, they need to have dreams. Certain professionals insist that every single night we dream without fail. But the times that we remember the dream after entering the realm of consciousness is much less in number. So, what exactly are dreams and why do we experience them? In a way, dreams are our brain’s way of keeping us entertained while we sleep. The actual purpose of dreams or the reason behind why we have them is not currently known.

Scientists, philosophers, and religious scholars have all thoroughly and largely debated on why humans have dreams. And perhaps even more attention has been paid to the meaning behind dreams. For example, a dream in which you are being chased and running from someone might signify a feeling of being trapped in your current lifestyle. One school of thought regarding the study of dreams is that they are predictions for the future. In some way, shape, or form, dreams can act as clairvoyant thoughts. A popular belief around dreams is that angels, demons, or otherworldly beings are attempting to contact us. Thus, it is fair to say that there are a lot of different ideas and theories surrounding dreams and their meanings.

By definition, dreams are thoughts, emotions, ideas, and sensations that human beings feel when they are asleep. The new age pop star Billie Eilish has included this age-old question that arises in the mind of many in the title of her recent album. The album was named, “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?” We think this phrase/title sums up shortly and concisely the way that many of us feel when we ponder over the realities of this world.

Although we do not know for sure why or the meaning, we do know how dreams occur. A dream takes place in the state of unconsciousness which we all call sleep. But a light dozing or short nap may not always be dream-inducing sleep. Irregular sleep systems or poor quality of sleep will take away the pleasures of proper rest which comes in the form of dreams. They only occur in REM sleep, that is, the deepest part of our sleep routine. Dreams are not always pleasant but they for sure leave us wondering what influenced our subconscious to come up with that storyline.

The Bible mentions dreams at various points in the Scripture. They have been called “a vision of the night”. Dreams may even be a form of communication with God according to the Bible. In Joel 2:28 it is stated:

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.”


Getting Too Many Interpretations of the Dream?

This is what I felt when I "googled" dream of... there are so many forms of interpretation from various sources and online dream dictionaries. Which one should you believe in? Which source is accurate? I faced the same situation before.

Being brought up in a spiritual family, I learned to embrace the perpetual ambiguity in spiritual explanation. Well, have a one-to-one conversation about religion with a close friend or family member and you will also see the differences in how each's perception.

So how do you get the correct interpretation? Firstly is to recognize that a correct interpretation to someone may not be "correct" to you. Trust your guts. Trust your heart. Feel what is correct to you. You might notice that you are particularly connected to this medium.. or this site - be it a popular or a small site.

Below are the dreams I have experienced before and how I interpreted them.. in a rather simplistic manner. No.. I don't have 10 meanings to a dream or meanings to each detail like the gender of the stranger you met in the dream. What I am writing is an accumulation of hours and hours of reading into dreams and these are the refined meaning that I chose to follow which have helped me in my life. I hope they will help you too.


Common Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnancy dreams revolve around the carrying of a child in a womb. It is not uncommon to dream about being pregnant. There are various meanings behind pregnancy dreams. This entirely depends on what happened in the dream and how much it contradicts or perhaps aligns with reality. If you had a dream that revolved around a pregnancy, whether it was your own or someone else’s, here are the 5 different types of dreams about pregnancy that I will cover.

  1. Dreams of being pregnant when you are not
  2. Dreams of someone else being pregnant
  3. Dreams of giving birth
  4. Dreams of having a stillbirth
  5. Dreams of witnessing a birth

Dreams of Being Pregnant When You Are Not

Pregnancy and childbirth is a monumental life experience. Although it comes with its fair share of difficulties and hardships, the tender moments you share with your child even if they are just in the fetal stage can be heartwarming. This endearing experience translates into a dream very differently. Dreams about being pregnant when you are not even trying to conceive can be symbolic of something else. The child can be a symbol of some other unrelated project or goal in your current life. Maybe a job opportunity that you were working hard for is finally about to pop up. Or perhaps a relationship you entered into is finally blooming. A dream about being pregnant can come when you are at the start or end of a big change in your life. If you are dreaming about yourself being pregnant it most likely has nothing to do with fertility or childbirth. The pregnancy is a metaphor for something you have worked hard for.

Therefore, dreams of being pregnant when you are not physically pregnant means:

  • Symbolic meaning of a goal or dream that you should work on
  • Serendipity or new opportunity coming your way
  • A big change in your life
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Dreams of Someone Else Being Pregnant

Are you having dreams about someone else in your life being pregnant? Many people in this world wish to become parents. Even from a young age, they are highly fond of children and toddlers. If you are good with children and desire to have one, this may be a dream that you have more than once. Couples, who are struggling to conceive or have had many failed attempts in the past, often feel like there is something wrong with them. Struggling to get pregnant or carry through a full pregnancy can lead you to feel envious of people who can have children. Feelings of jealousy and resentment come into play. If you are such a couple or a single parent, remember there is nothing wrong with you. You are strong and capable of many things. And if nothing else works out, keep in mind that there are dozens of children in foster homes waiting desperately to be adopted. You have the opportunity to provide abandoned children or at least one child with a home and a family that they are deserving of. If you are having dreams about someone else being pregnant, it most likely arose from, envy that you are unable to give birth.

I know it sounds harsh but this is the most accurate interpretation of the dream. When I was trying to conceive with little luck, I had this as a recurring dream. I was dreaming of my friend, colleague, and even strangers being pregnant! It was only through letting go and a series of self-care (including channeling the strengths from fertility goddesses) that I went beyond the mental blocks that were preventing me from conceiving.

Therefore, dreams of someone being pregnant means:

  • Envy of others for being able to conceive
  • Sense of guilt for not being able to give birth (whether this is a physical or mental constraint)

Dreams of Giving Birth

Dreams in which you are not just pregnant but experiencing childbirth fall into this next category. The process of giving birth is ugly and harsh but in the end, it is after all a sort of miracle. We understand how the cells form and the anatomy of gestation and what happens in the womb. But with all of the advancements in science, we are still unable to understand logically how a soul is formed. Here is where spirituality and religion begin to take over the conversation. If you had a dream about giving birth, you are likely feeling more connected to your spiritual side as of lately. People who have recently gotten in touch with religion, prayer, or asked the universe for the fruit of their labor are more likely to have this dream.

Therefore, dreams of giving birth means:

  • Something of importance to you is going to fruition; this is usually after long hours and difficult moments. I had this dream when I was trying so hard to quit drinking. After this dream, I received a heartwarming message from a friend who quitted drinking for good and suddenly I had this renewal faith to follow through.. which I did.)
  • A miracle might happen despite the arduous and dark time you are facing.

Dreams of Having a Stillbirth

Having a stillbirth is extremely tragic and requires a lot of time for the mother to heal and be okay again. But simply even dreaming of this tragedy taking place will make you feel a strange sort of sadness. As if a dark cloud has been looming over your head ever since you woke up and has followed you to the end of the day. This dream means that you are anxious or nervous about the outcome of something that has to happen very soon. Maybe you are waiting on a test result or an answer from an interview you gave. Maybe a big project or performance is coming up. This tension has led your subconscious into a dark and sad place. Try to take out some time for yourself and meditate to process how you feel about the upcoming events.

Therefore, dreams of giving birth to a stillborn means:

  • You are having an extreme level of anxiety or stress and somewhat processing the worst outcome possible.

Dreams of Witnessing a Birth

If you had a dream about watching someone else give birth, you are most likely experiencing a new beginning. It's can signify a turning point for any aspect of your life - financially, physically, mentally, or spiritually. Witnessing a birth is an uplifting experience of happiness and fulfillment. Thus a good dream to have. However, this type of dream does not mean much if you are not much of a "baby" person.

Another take on this dream may be that someone you know or someone you are close to may have had a baby or are about to have a baby very soon!

Therefore, dreams of witnessing a birth means:

  • You might be experiencing a new turning point in your life to be happier or fulfill (nullify if you don't feel such feeling or get disturbed by the dream)
  • Someone you know is going to have a baby and somehow you will know it even before you are informed.
Continue dreaming and work on your dreams!

Continue dreaming and work on your dreams!


In the end, dreams are signs to work on ourselves, not the absolute truth. Excessively decoding a dream serves you no better than an added level of anxiety. Focus on the present and take learnings from your dreams to help in your life progression.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Muriel B Tewes

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