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Prophecy Says Obama Will Be the Last American President

There Will Be No More Presidents of the United States of America as We Know It.

It has been pointed out that Israel and Judah had 44 successions to king. America has had 44 presidents. Consider that, if history repeats itself, how much time does America have? Note that I include David twice. David's reign was interrupted by the coup of Absalom. Likewise, the American presidency has had a president who served non-consecutive terms as the chief executive.

I know of several Americans who received visions & dreams in which a warning of a last American President is given. I relate my own dream in one of the videos below.

The others' dreams are:

J.R. Nyquist said: "In closing, I will outrage the skeptics further by mentioning a dream I experienced 23 years ago. In the dream I saw the future presidents of the United States. Their portraits were lined side by side from left to right. The first in order was Ronald Reagan who had just been elected. The second was George H. W. Bush. The next two faces I did not recognize. An old man was present in the dream and I turned to him. Where are the others? I asked, wanting to see the rest of the future presidents. There are no others, he replied. After these the Republic ends."

(Note from MfM: The last leader of Judah was a puppet emplaced by the king of Babylon. The dream of J.R. Nyquist showed only two presidents after George Bush, Sr. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush filled those slots. The evidence that Obama is not an official president is overwhelming.)

Visions of C. Alan Martin (It took a few decades of dreams to teach him this:)

Link to Martin's dream with a sketch. (Or, scroll down. I've included the sketch on this page.)

If you are not right with the Lord, you do not have time to spare! Seek the Lord immediately.

* Update on Nov 24th: The link to the C. Alan Martin link is now dead. That page had been available for at least 3 years since I first found it.

* Update July 31, 2011: I've corrected the above link to provide the archived version provided by Alex in the comments.

Here is another link to the C. Alan Martin dreams, which correctly foresaw 10 presidents:

The Vision of C. Alan Martin: Obama to be the Last President

C. Alan Martin: In 1971, I received a vision of the night in which I was shown a row of houses. It was not until 23 years later that the Spirit gave me a dream which held the key to the meaning of these houses. They represent presidential administrations, starting with Truman in 1953, and extending into the future for two more presidents (beyond Clinton).

"We were fleeing the persecution and calamity of the day. A brother was fleeing with me. He fell and I paused to help him up. We prayed "Lord Have Mercy". My friend vanished, and I looked around to see that I was at the top of a hill overlooking 12 houses. As I looked to the west, I noticed dark and ominous clouds gathering over one house (#10) and proceeding through to the last house (#12). I looked into the sky over #12, and saw an arc of what appeared to be 6 stars in the sky. One of the stars fell to the earth like a fig that was shaken off a limb. A voice came to me and said "look to the east!". I began to turn to the east, fully expecting to see the Lord coming in the clouds. The dark clouds opened up in two places and I saw the sun darkened and the moon turned to blood. As I looked to the east, instead of seeing the Lord in the sky, I saw an army. This army was made up of ancient armaments such as battering rams, catapults and siege ramps. I ran down and joined the army at house #5. Instantly I was transported into the future, and found myself before what I can only call a "temple fortress". The city was gray, in ruins, and desolate. A man had just emerged from the huge double doors of the temple fortress. He was dressed in a suit. A voice said to me "he says he is god, but he is of devil". The the vision ended.

[Note: I made the first 4 sentences bold. He is fleeing with "a brother", a reference to another Christian. A massive persecution of Christians has also been seen by many Christians. This will be akin to that inflicted on European Jews and resistors in WWII. The dream then flips to the house vision- to show Mr. C. Alan Martin the cause of the situation in which he had to flee. Update: January, 2014: A report showed Christian persecution doubled in 2013.]

I copied this from Internet archives. I want to be sure it remains available.

I copied this from Internet archives. I want to be sure it remains available.

Martin's neighborhood, Washington Street at Beach. Just right of the text "Beach St", is house #11's willow tree. Also note the two small trees in Martin's origin sketch have become quite large. The pin shows the place Martin stood in the vision.

Martin's neighborhood, Washington Street at Beach. Just right of the text "Beach St", is house #11's willow tree. Also note the two small trees in Martin's origin sketch have become quite large. The pin shows the place Martin stood in the vision.

Military Spook Predicted every President after 1979

I transcribed the final comments of military security sniper, "Lieutenant Colonel SC" (Greg Rinchich) from an interview on EXS radio. You can hear these comments starting at

In 1979, I told my mother who all the presidents were going to be up to George Bush, Junior. And, they all happened. I told her we wouldn’t have a president after that, and we don’t. He’s not a legitimate president, not a president. And I told them by name and year. My mother hit the floor when Clinton went, because I told her about him, too.

  1. Jimmy Carter (president in 1979)
  2. Ronald Reagan
  3. George Bush
  4. Bill Clinton
  5. George Bush, Jr.

LtCol SC continued:

But, it was scripted and your vote does not count. Your vote doesn’t matter. It’s who they want and who’s in the elite gang. Who’s in the elite bloodlines: the Bilderbergs, the Kennedys and all that. You have to be in that blood line to make, or you ain’t gonna make it.

9-year old Girl Dreams Obama Last President of America for 50 Years

This dream was posted in the comments of this very article:

My 9 year old stunned me by stating that she had a dream that Obama was the last president that we had in 50 yrs. She stated that she was an old woman and I was very old- and that America did not have a President in 5o years. So I asked her why the # 50? and she said that's what was on the television at that time and that they kept repeating it in her dream, then she woke up! It took her a long while to tell me the dream, she says she doesn't like to tell her dreams cuz then they will come true... (posted by Sassy922, a hubpages author)

Image in a Dream

Image in a dream: Obama last president, then a storm.

Image in a dream: Obama last president, then a storm.

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Obama Last President, then Storm

This is a link to a dream from July 1st, 2009: Obama Last President, then Storm.

The dream shows a sketch of a rod seen in a dream. There are three rings. The first two, solid and unmoving, represent Clinton and Bush. The third is pulsing and moving like a living thing. Then, at a position further down the rod, there is a large storm encapsulating the rod. No explanation was given in the dream.

If the space between the rings representing the three presidents is used as a scale, the storm is (as best I recall, so this is a very rough approximation) at least two intervals away. That is, slightly more than 16 years.

However, using the same scaling, the storm will also last at least two decades.

Use the above link to see a sketch of the dream image.

Obama: Last President of the United States

Romanian Prophet Dumitru Duduman Warns about Destruction Coming to America

T.D. Hale

Hale saw the U.S. charred by fire. He saw Christians rounded up and sent to concentration camps. The last thing he saw was a ballot. On the ballot were the names Obama and Romney. The box next to Obama was marked.

Hale also saw Obama shoot an eagle and then say, "I won't have to deal with this for the rest of my term."

You can hear the entire vision told to Rich Keltner of Watchman Radio, on blog talk.

A Young Woman from Panama Warns Rick Wiles

As told by Rick Wiles, transcribed from audio by MfM:

There was a young Panamanian woman seated next to me.

She brought up Barack Obama's name. As she was talking, I discerned she wanted to say something to me, as she struggled to frame her sentences correctly.

Finally, I just came out and said, "Does God speak to you?"

She said "Yes, and to my mother and to my friend." Her friend is a young man who is attending college in Central America.

She said the Lord is giving all three of them dreams and visions of great trouble coming to the United States of America soon.

I prayed before I left that God would speak to me. There I am seated on a plane, thousands of feet in the air, and I meet a young Panamanian woman who starts a conversation with me telling me that God is speaking with her and her mother and a friend about trouble coming to the United States of America.

Her mother told her she needed to come back to Panama soon because the Lord told her that the world will change by the end of this year [MfM note: 2013] and will never be the same again.

Her close friend received a troubling dream a year ago. It bothered him greatly. He saw that great trouble is coming to the United States. He saw fires, riots, chaos, the persecution of Christians. He is certain that it will happen by this November or December.

He was told that it will happen after Obama wins re-election.

[MfM Note: do not put too much credence into the year being called out.]

Rick Wiles and T.D. Hale on TruNews

Will Obama be the last president of the USA?

Obama's First Term

Update, May 18, 2011

Obama has served out most of his first term. He avoided proving he was born in America until Donald Trump pushed for it. Obama released a fabricated document, made in Adobe Illustrator. Owners of Illustrator who opened the document found there are several layers created to bring in the signatures and dates needed to create what a new born's certificate would have looked like.

Even the name of the clinic was incorrect. The name on the document issued did not even exist until long after Obama was born.

An aide who traveled to Cairo in 2009 reported that Obama met secretly with Muslim leaders and told them that he is, in fact, a Muslim himself.

Obama's plan seems to be to ruin the United States by giving away as much money as he can to other nations, signing away rights in the form of international treaties, and appointing only two types of people to key positions: catholics and lesbians. Hillary Clinton seems to be the exception. But, she negotiated for her position. No one gave it to her.

Who is Obama's Real Father? What are his Real Goals?

I recommend you see the film "Dreams from My Real Father" by Joel Gilbert. It is available on Netflix and on Youtube. You can also read the book.

I also recommend another of my articles, Barack Obama: 10 Ugly Facts (

Comparison of 44 Kings of Israel and American Presidents

Obama is the Last President

2012 Elections Coming Up

The next presidential election in the United States will be held August 14, 2012. When Obama first entered office, he pushed through a large stimulus package. Part of the reason no effects were felt immediately is because most of the money was slated to be spent in the 18 months prior to the election. It is likely that this will have a positive improvement on numbers that become important in election years: unemployment, stock market indicators, and the price of milk.

It is likely Obama will win. A friend from the east coast who follows prophecy told me he has seen several warnings that Obama will "steal" the election somehow. Perhaps he will win with an overwhelming victory like Harry Reid, whom everyone hates. Or perhaps like Barbara Boxer, equally despised, but who also won reelection by a huge margin.

Does anyone believe the election process is anything buy a sham?

Many Republicans do not like Romney. Like most people, I feel Romney embodies important qualifications: family man, experienced governor, and looks good in a suit (seriously, who wants a slob representing us to the world?). But, Romney also has some extremely negative qualities. He loses his cool too soon. And, he's a Mormon. I have a real problem with someone believing the Book of Mormon comes to us from God. How can someone not discern it is of the devil? Additionally, Romney implemented at state-level the satanically-driven mandatory health care that Obamacare is at the federal level. So, Mitt is part of the machine. Overall, there is no serious competition for Obama.

Besides, I believe that Obama will be last. If he gets four more years, it will be four more years for evangelists to snatch more souls from the grips of Hell.

However, the vision I saw showed, according to the red dragon, there would come "three who will serve me." In conjunction with "the time is short", it seems those three would be the last three.

One of the biggest supporters of Barack Hussein Obama in the first presidential campaign was George Souros. Souros owns controlling interest in YouTube and Snopes. Snopes is the site that validated the birth certificate from Hawaii- despite lists of hundreds of errors compiled by professional document analysts.

This election, the votes for the American presidency will be counted and tallied by a firm in Spain. That firm has a history with George Souros. So, we will see how the vote count goes. Remember: It is illegal to conduct "exit polls" in which NGO statisticians ask people how they voted, then estimate the final count. Fact is, if several groups coordinated and took these polls, we would learn that many official counts do not make statistical sense.

Triple Crown Prophecy: A Prophetic Event (shared to me from Sam Garcia)

My Wife and I are Leaving America

Update: November 6, 2012. Obama is in place for a second term, as I fully expected. I have been telling people there is no way for Romney to win... and that if he did, these prophecies are still fulfilled. The U.S. into which I was born no longer exists. We have czars, the "Patriot Act" which gives the government powers specifically illegal under the Constitution, and laws too numerous to mention which empower the government over us.

With the nation quickly becoming Socialist, and Obama riding into his last four years, with, as he told the Russian president, "a little more leeway" to do what he wants, my wife and I bought our tickets to move.

We have already begun selling things we will not take. We're going.

Please be mindful of the warning in Revelation: "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (Rev 18:4).

Obama Wins! World Gets Sad.

The Global Mood dropped to ZERO the day after Obama was given another 4 years. All the major languages are analyzed across all major communication systems: Twitter, social sites, email, and etcetera. This chart predicts stocks with 87% accuracy.

The Global Mood dropped to ZERO the day after Obama was given another 4 years. All the major languages are analyzed across all major communication systems: Twitter, social sites, email, and etcetera. This chart predicts stocks with 87% accuracy.

Analysis of Graph

The mainstream media wants you to believe there are many people who love Obama, that people are generally excited. They are telling us the majority voted for him. However, politicians benefit from lying, not from telling truths.

Businesses, however, actually lose dollars, credibility, and potential when their prognostications fail. The people who made the graph above have better than 80% success predicting how the stock market will move, using their data mining methods. We can be sure the graph is very accurate.

Truth is, people are disappointed Obama won. People do NOT want Obama.

My wife and I did move. Consider leaving, brethren. The Holy Spirit sent me a dream this week. Jesus will work hard to move his people out. Even during the darkness and the flood, Jesus will carefully provide for his people and move them out.

A dream about When to Leave America.

Is Obama the last president?


Gary on February 28, 2019:

The current president, 45, is serving the Corporate Oligarchy, and acting a lot like a mob boss or banana republic dictator. And doing it all at the expense of the people while making the people believe he is doing them a great job.

charlie from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth in between the oceans on September 11, 2018:

well folks now you know to nor listen to these clowns they are false prophets as those of us that hear the Holy Spirit knew. Any one fool enough to place times and dates on things of God that He says will not be known does not hear God but are agents of satan

C. Alan Martin on May 26, 2018:

Thank you for the discussion.

Let me point out something that I have been saying for many years. The Vision of the night did not say #12 would be the last president ever. The vision said he was the last of the 12 under discussion. Obama was not the last president ever any more than Truman was the first president ever.


And God bless

abailz on March 20, 2018:

Here's the REAL Kicker. Obama WAS the last legitimate president of the US. The one we have now is illegitimate; assisted by illegal computer hacking, FBI incompetence, and a corrupt Repub party. And the rest of the prophecy; the storm, fire, war... It's coming. Be prepared for a shock, you Pharisees.

cab on August 13, 2017:

Obama will be the last president per Rev. 17:10, 11

Leo Leduc on February 05, 2017:

Now that we have a 45 president what excuse do you my bible it says no one knows the date and the time

Ryan on January 27, 2017:

And the 45th president goes to president Donal Trump!!

Who would have thought huh??

As for this prophecy on Obama being the last US president?

I have to say it had me thinking too, right up until he put his hand on that bible with Nancy Pilosi cringing behind Trump as he solemnly swears!

brettt on January 20, 2017:

Let me be the first to say congratulations to President Trump! You proved this prophecy to be false and have restored my hope for the future.

Also let me say that I was extremely pleased to see Rabbi Hier offer a prayer and spiritual advice. Never forget that God blesses those who bless Israel! May God bless you Mr. Trump, your family and your work.

JP on November 25, 2016:


Sam on November 20, 2016:

The US of 1850 no longer exists either. Nor does the US of 1910.

In 2050, the US of today ,"won't exist".

In other words, you're babbling about truisms.

brettt on November 10, 2016:

Mr. Trump... with all due respect, you're not President until Inauguration Day. Check back on January 20 next year.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on November 09, 2016:

Mr. Trump, the dream vision I personally received showed there would be 3 presidents who served Satan. Those were Clinton, Bush, and Obama. I have always wondered if and hoped that there might be a president after the men shown, one who would not serve the Satanic agenda.

The second point is this: the America of my youth no longer exists. Russians and other FSU friends I know who live in America tell me, "America is now more Communist than the Soviet Union ever was."

Rj M on November 09, 2016:

All I can tell you is, DUH. Boogie, Boogie, grow up a face reality.

The Watcher on November 07, 2016:

Tomorrow is election day, let us wait and see.

Keith Schroeder from Wisconsin on January 17, 2016:

I think the world mood dropped to zero the day Obama was re-elected is because it was also the same day Republicans took control of Congress again. Truly, a sad day.

I noticed you offer people a chance to write on HubPages, but if the world is ending for America (HubPages is an American company) why bother.

Personally I am more worried about Donald Trump. It is possible he is the anti-christ.

Gunny Cracker from Elkhorn, WI on October 20, 2015:

Grace, Thank you very much for sharing your dreams. sounds to me like a preview of the "Great Culling" which must occur before the Georgia Guidestones become the law of the New World Order. I hate Big Brother.

Grace on September 18, 2015:

I had several dreams I was shown an asteroid hits in the Atlantic ocean, followed by miles high tsunami massive loss of life and then I saw winds blowing through a city more powerful than a hurricane all the building were shaking like a leaf. Massive lives perish. I saw GI joes and their truck bumper to bumper . I saw people that many seemed like upper middle class wandering that have lost all there stuff, sun burnt, tired worn out I saw razor wire around buildings and no one the streets. I also saw robot like officer all walking together with face shield and the civilians were walking fast, looking away and keeping there heads down out of fear, it was like a scary place to be and way to live

I saw many people Just sitting on picnic tables homeless and in shock. I saw droughts turn to mega- droughts, some places will turn into a dust bowl and mass migration. I saw a new currency and the dollar will hardly buy anything so many people were poverty stricken and so many people were committing suicide because of hopelessness, . Please prepare accordingly on July 12, 2015:

Man from Odessa CA, what made you go to Ukraine?

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on July 07, 2015:

Yes, the reason they chose to have a black president of America in this closing stage of their end-game to destroy America is for a reason. Everything they do is for a reason. In this case, I believe it is to help divide America along lines of color. This is one of the more detestable elements of their plan. It makes me sick in my gut.

But, many have been warned in dreams. They use media control to further divide us. Fox news is promoted for one group, mostly white conservatives. Other news outlets play to blacks. They show different news in different regions. People are evaluating with completely different sets of input. Very little of it is even loosely associated with truth of any kind.

We must look at our neighbors to understand who we, each other, are. We cannot trust media.

Let the Church say Amen on May 12, 2015:

This is one sad mess..So much thinly veiled racial bias, leads me to quote from an slavery times African-American spiritual "everybody talkin' 'bout heaven ain't a goin' there..." And you wonder why most people of color ( and White people of goodwill) don't trust nor believe anything the extreme right evangelicals have to say.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on March 01, 2014:

History repeats itself. Many scriptures are fulfilled more than once. Come out of her my people is a "right now" warning. You and I are in "right now." It is relevant right now.

Mystery Babylon the Great is the United States of America. A great number of the brethren have been told this by Almighty God.

I understand someone told you (or you imagined it) that "all of John's revelation" is about what you say. However, the meaning is what GOD says.

If you wish to disagree further, please take it directly to the source. If you follow scripture, please remember we are told to consider what two or more prophesy. And, many more than two have shared this message!

Just pray like this, "Holy Spirit, please teach me the meaning of Mystery Babylon the Great and the meaning of this passage. Please open my heart to understand the depths of your meaning."

RC Scrolls on February 27, 2014:

To take a scripture, (To come out of Her) and twist it to mean something future is pure sriptorture. That was a prophecy given to John about The Church to come out of Jerusalem, the Real Isreal to come out of The woman who rides the scarlet colored Beast. That's what all of Johns revelation is about, its a wonder why the Church looks so imature and vunrable when peoplle who claim Christianity start claiming they are having Dreams that took place almost two thousand yrs ago in 67 AD

Michele Travis from U.S.A. Ohio on July 11, 2013:

Thank you very much.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on July 11, 2013:

Michele, Please post a link to your hub. Peace.

Michele Travis from U.S.A. Ohio on July 05, 2013:

Obama can be President in 2016, because of executive Order 13603 which he signed on March 16. Of course he can stay in power as long as he wants to. I wrote a hub about it, but people are ignoring it. It is new, but I am not good at writing either.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on February 20, 2013:

Adam: As far as I am concerned, the America into which I was born no longer exists. You have czars and the EPA, and many other organizations which pass laws, do not answer to voters, or to any government official... and have no legal basis.

The office of president, thanks to Bush Jr. and esp. to Obama now has virtual dictator powers.


Do you even know they used drones to kill an LAPD cop, Chris Dorner, and then burned him alive in a cabin? He claimed he was innocent... He knew something they did not want known, so they fried him like WACO.

Jesus preached one-third about Satan and demonic works. Do you know what the devil is up to?

Adam on February 19, 2013:

So what stance will you take when America elects a president after Barack Obama? Your incredibly specific beliefs on this assumption are no different to me than the assumptions of Harold Camping.

Please do all of us Christians a favor. For all that is just and well, stop making it harder for us to get by in this world.

anon on January 21, 2013:

I hope you are not referring to a post I made yesterday, because that was not a veiled threat, that was a true account of things that happen in this world, nothing at all to do with you.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on January 20, 2013:

Veiled threats on my life will not be posted. Those who seek to save their life will lose it. Understand?

somethgblue from Shelbyville, Tennessee on January 20, 2013:

Hollis don't forget The Event, black President and then Nibiru Planet X shows up complete with the Annunaki that look just like us but not ten feet tall as they were depicted in ancient legend.

Movies and TV series have ben trying to introduce us to these themes for years.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on January 20, 2013:

Anon, I believe that at least most of what you have said is true. I have seen the aliens landing in America, in a prophetic dream. The gov claims some problem, and brings them in under the guise of helping. However, once they land, they turn on us.

Part of their ruse is the creation of the idea of "good aliens" and "bad aliens". The Transformers movies, and cartoons like the Owls of Gha'houl and even Batman and Spiderman cartoons promote this idea as well. You see in all these the idea of portals and tessaracts, in addition to the good alien/bad alien theme. Also: recent superhero movies with Capt America, Thor, and Loki have all these elements. The list is long.

What most people do not realize is there are two groups opening these portals. First, Satanists know how to do this. Aleister Crowley used sex magic (the kind involving two men) to open portals. He drew one of the demons that came through: it looks just like an alien gray drawn by abductees. Yes, aliens are demons.

anon on January 20, 2013:

Have you seen the illumanti card game with the black president card and back lash? Alien or terrorism threat or foreign nation like Iran, is basically a distraction from domestic problems, America is totally bankrupt, 2008 was a critical single point of failure of the entire system, which has not been restored only made much worse. Have you heard of Von Brohn who was involved in NWO planning? He made a death bed confession that two phases would be used to steer the world into a single government, first terrorism and then aliens, either contact or invasion, all promoted through holly wood mind control movies. (the same as terrorism - seen the movie long kiss goodnight? special ops/black ops/attack "we'll just blame it on the muslims")

US government has strong ties to alien/demonic sources which are interdimensional.

As for law of the land in America, every single police state martial law is already in place - to round up and detain anyone for no reason, without defense. The government know they have lost credibility and power, and the economy wont recover without a crash event that's why all these laws are in place. The enemy is now individuals not groups, NATO said that late last year, they are turning there weapons on citizens now, anyone who is not supportive of the current system as it morphs into the NWO.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on January 20, 2013:


I have also noticed this. (I think I read it on a forum). I believe this is part of the morass of psychological operations propagated through film and television. (See my article: Classical Conditioning: Mind Control in Movies).

I have also noticed a collection of movies in which a false prophet or corrupt preacher is named "Jonah" or "Jonas". I believe this is an attack on the subconscious perception of Jesus- Jonah is the sign of Jesus. (Jonas in Hebrew).

Basically, crowning Obama president has been planned for a long time. And, the subconscious association developed from viewing these movies serves to create fear of an alien invasion. "black president" is now paired in the subconscious mind with alien invasion and destruction of the earth.

Hollis Bush on January 20, 2013:

I'd like to say on behalf of this post that in 2 movies after or during a black mans presidency the end of America is usually seen except one and that's head of state, the others are Left behind: Tribulation Force, Tom Bleck: Deep Impact, President limbers: The 5th element, Thomas Wilson:2012, 24 the movie,Is their some connection here like the 9/11 events in movies and television shows prior to it? I find this very interesting, but also a little creepy.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on January 06, 2013:

Scripture plainly says that people from every tribe and nation will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Not every American is a child of God. Many are. Not every Israelite is a child of God. Some are.

Jesus said to a group of Jews, "You are not the Jews I'm talking about." He meant they did not belong to God. They finally understood something he said, and tried to kill him.

I missed your point. However, your comment reminds me of those from people with strange doctrine who attempt to insert it in places where it is not relevant.

My brothers and sisters live in Korea, China, India, Ecuador, America, Israel, and many places. Those who read the Bible have no confusion over who belongs to God. Those who walk in the spirit also understand.

Anon on January 06, 2013:

I agree with most everything you've stated here, however.. Americans are not the Father's people. The people of Israel are. Israel =/= America

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on September 24, 2012:

Thank you very much for posting. The number 5, in the Bible, is often associated with death. Some men are killed in the OT by being pierced "under the 5th rib". In Genesis, many of the progenitors die at an age ending in 5. Like 425 years-old, 895 years-old, and etcetera.

50 is also the time cycle of Jubilee. 49 years, followed by a 50th, jubilee, year. In the jubilee year, all debts are forgiven.

After the flood, God told Noah he would no longer allow men a long life. He would give them only 120 years. However, after that, many people lived longer. But, if one considers "a day is a thousand years" then using the 50-year jubilee unit as 1, we get 50x120 = 6000 years. That is the period until the "7th day", when Jesus returns, beginning the last day, a 1,000 year reign of Jesus on the earth.

Your daughter's dream makes sense. If two or three prophecy, we should consider what is said.

For me, regardless of the outcome of the November, 2012 election (and the vote count in Spain), I see we already have an entirely different union. The America into which I was born, and for which I fought in the middle east, is no more. What we have now is a communist spirit (much power in the hands of very few) in the guise of socialist policies.

sassy922 on September 24, 2012:

My 9 year old stunned me by stating that she had a dream that Obama was the last president that we had in 50 yrs. She stated that she was an old woman and I was very old- and that America did not have a President in 5o years. So I asked her why the # 50? and she said that's what was on the television at that time and that they kept repeating it in her dream, then she woke up! It took her a long while to tell me the dream, she says she doesn't like to tell her dreams cuz then they will come true...

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on August 02, 2012:


The rapture is nowhere near in time. Jesus listed things "which must happen first". Those things have not happened yet.

shirley on August 01, 2012:

We are definitely living in the last days. whether the church is raptured pre or post trib isn't important. What is important is your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our only hope is in him. God is judging the nations now & it will only get worse. I believe the Rapture is very close. Eziekel's war is on the horizon with Syria & Israel. The rapture of the church could take place before or during this war.

somethgblue from Shelbyville, Tennessee on July 23, 2012:

I agree 100% M from M not only do I not vote (it's rigged always has been) but I don't give others I disagree with ant power from me.

Integrity is a principle that must be practiced at all times not just when it is convenient.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on July 23, 2012:


Part of the problem is, if we lend our "word" in the form of a vote, to declare, "I want this man to be my leader", then the result is that whoever does that yields a right to not just the man, but to his demons as well.

This is part of why Jesus told us to call no one "father" or "teacher" or "rabbi". God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus fill those posts, and no others.

I am NOT going to walk into a polling place and proclaim that I want a Mormon, Mitt Romney, to be my leader.

"If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that bids him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds."(2 John 1:10-11)

Stefania on July 23, 2012:

If people already know obama will be the last president why dont we all unite and vote for a diffrence! Realize we can make the diffrence !

kustom2 on July 21, 2012:

Greg sounds like the only one here that can make a sensible comment.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on July 20, 2012:


Just because someone has a dream, you are not supposed to believe it. Of course not. However, in this case, I have posted dreams from three different people. Additionally, Dumitru Duduman already has several fulfilled dreams and visions which have been fulfilled. The Holy Spirit has shown me many already fulfilled as well. The dreams from Alan have been largely fulfilled as well.

So, it is now your responsibility to "CONSIDER" what is being said, nothing more.

somethgblue from Shelbyville, Tennessee on June 11, 2012:

I have also read about this theory/dream in more than one reference. It will be because of Nibiru (the Destroyer) Planet X causing a Polar Shift.

This is a good Hub, by a good writer!

Off to read more of your articles, I'm glad you comment on the President question, so that I could find you, thanx!

Michele Travis from U.S.A. Ohio on June 11, 2012:

What about the RFID Chip it is being used now. And presidents have been talking about the New World Order. I don't know when it will happen, but it will happen. Please do not take the chip. It will be the mark of the beast.

Peter Keane on June 11, 2012:

Can you verify that the rider with the bow actually has arows.... If not, what might the symbolism indicate ? If, as you believe, the arrows symbolize lies, this would be important.... Peace upon peace after neighbors loving neighbors...

romano on May 31, 2012:

brettt, I believe real antichrist will be wearing US crown and will not be from the middle east. It could even be someone from Israel leaders. It make no sense to believe in antichrists from middle east when those are actually people that have been massacred and terrorized by US/Israel.

laine on May 27, 2012:

i wanted to let everyone know back around 2005 or so i had a dream about the white horse riding. i did not understand the dream because for over a year after i had it i thought it was Jesus on the horse. then i read revelations and realized it was the white horse of the apocalypse. the horse rode on the land and it did not have other horses with it. it was a very surrealistic dream. it was one of the first spiritual dreams i had and have had many since then. i believe we are in the tribulation and have been suffering the birth pains, i know i have had much more struggles in the last 7 yrs than ever before. the spirit of the anti-christ is here.

as the man from modestos states over and over... the time is very short. do not delay your prayers for salvation and return to the Lord today. God Keep You In His Hands

Jim Cyr on March 22, 2012:

hope all is well. Come Lord Jesus Come. Bye.

Greg on February 26, 2012:

I can't believe rational, thinking people can believe any of this claptrap. This bozo has a dream and we are supposed to believe it?? Come on people.

brettt on November 17, 2011:

I've done some pretty extensive study of the bible in recent years (originally trying to prove a pre-Trib rapture, and ending up proving a post-Trib position). What I see here fully supports what I expect to happen. Another famous prophecy is the Malachy Prophecy, which has a similar terminal point to this.

Essentially, if you analyze Revelation, you will see the Seven Seals (which begin with the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse), Seven Trumpets and Seven Vials.

The 6th Seal is the nuclear strikes at the onset of a global war (known biblically as the Psalm 83 War). The 7th Seal represents the preparation of the following Trumpets, which kick in a half hour after the 6th Seal. And if you read the first four Trumpet descriptions, you will see a perfect description of the effects of a nuclear holocaust.

The 5th and 6th Trumpets represent the air and ground attacks of the long-term war. According to Revelation 9:18 a third of all men will be killed in the war. It is during this period that the Antichrist will be promoted through the ranks and become a regional leader of the middle east. After approximately 3 years, he will orchestrate a 7 year peace treaty. Halfway into the 7 years, he will break the truce and become the religious tyrant and persecutor of jews and christians that everyone is expecting.

It is during his reign of terror that the Mark of the Beast is implemented. Keep in mind that this is after a global nuclear war that will completely alter the political landscape of the world. The war will make the survivors so panicked for stability and security that they will gladly accept the Antichrist as their leader, and will go along with his method of requiring a mark to conduct business.

So you're thinking, how does this all affect me? Or maybe you've figured that out already.

The nuclear holocaust of the 6th Seal will primarily target the US. Ever notice that there is no mention of a country similar to the United States in bible prophecy? That's because our great country will be reduced to rubble in one day. I say this with great sorrow. But the signs are becoming clearer every day.

Going back to the first 4 Seals (which are known as the Beginning of Sorrows), they represent:

1. White Horse. Rider has a bow and is given a crown. Going forth conquering. The bow is used to shoot arrows. In many bible verses, shooting arrows means to tell lies and manipulate people. The crown means this is a person who is given a position of power (an elected official or dictator). I believe this horse is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran.

2. Red horse. Rider has sword and takes peace. That represents the spread of Iran's influence (or more specifically, Islam). You've been reading about this for a few years, but mostly this year..... Arab Spring ring a bell?

3. Black horse. Rider has a balance (like the scale a butcher uses to price meat). In most cases, when the bible mentions scales or a balance, it questions the integrity or honesty of a merchant. The rest of the 3rd Seal shows that the price of a day's worth of food is a day's pay. Essentially, people will be living paycheck to paycheck because they are being screwed by 'merchants'. Again, we see this now (and it will become VERY obvious in the near future) with inflation or price manipulation affecting the little guy.


4. The infamous pale horse. Rider named Death. The rest of this seal shows that the organization described in Seals 1 and 2 now have control over 1/4th of the earth. Islam is nearly there (if it isn't already).

But maybe the US will be ok up through the fulfilment of the first 4 Seals. The 6th Seal is where the missile strikes will occur. And based on my research, that will happen on September 14, 2015. Go ahead and call me crazy for picking a date, but scripture does support it. That day will be the Feast of Trumpets (one of God's true holy days, as set up permanently in Leviticus 23).

Notice again that it is called the Feast of TRUMPETS. It is on that day that the first 4 Trumpets will occur. Also, according to NASA, it is the only instance of an eclipse on the Feast of Trumpets within the next decade. Note that Revelation 6:12 describes an eclipse immediately as the 6th Seal is opened.

One final bit of evidence to support my date is the belief that was universal among the first century christians that the Lord will apply His '7 Days' of the week to the timespan of the history of man. And scripture says that 'a day is as a thousand years to the Lord'. In other words, there will be exactly 7000 years to this earth. And the last 1000 years is known as the Millennial Reign of Christ after His second coming. So 7000 years minus the last 1000 brings us to 6000 before the return of Christ. Keep that in mind because I'll get back to that shortly.

Every eschatology student knows that there is a 7 year period to the End Times events. It is commonly known that the Antichrist confirm a treaty (ending the Psalm 83 War) of exactly that time, but will break the treaty halfway into it, and start slaughtering every christian he finds. And my timeline shows that logically the 7 Year Treaty plus the length of the Psalm 83 War adds up to about 10 years (which happens to be exactly what Revelation 2:10 mentions, using 'days' instead of years, as scripture often does).

So if you take 2015 (the year of the Feast of Trumpets) and add 10 years, you get 2025. Pretty easy to figure out. And that would be the year Armageddon occurs. Backtrack 6000 years from 2025 and you get 3975 BC. Google that year and you'll be rather shocked. It happens to be the calculated year of Creation. The math all adds up. (and believe me, I was equally shocked when I realized it).

So, let's assume Obama wins re-election somehow (which is entirely possible considering the messed up politicial situation in the country today). He would be the president still in 2015. Which would fit this prophecy exactly.

You have less than 4 years until the destruction of the United States. And for anyone reading this, you now know exactly when. Start reading your Bible.

Note: For anyone who claims that I can't know these things because Matthew 24:36 says "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only." keep in mind that I have no idea when the Lord will return (as the verse says). It will be sometime shortly before Armageddon, but I have no idea what 'day or hour'. Honestly, I don't even care since I highly doubt I'll be alive after Seal 6.

Angel on November 06, 2011:

Yes, this does make sense that this would happen... There seems to be a lot of signs on the coming of the Anti-Christ and the looming Great Tribulation. No signs of the word "Rapture" was mentioned in the Bible, though. And television states the arrival of a cashless society... I have heard a rumor of a certain microchip being made that's intended to be inserted in either the forehead or the right hand because the blood flow is a charger to keep it alive. I would be wary of this new invention if I were you. Christians, don't get anything inserted in your forehead or right hand since you may not know it could be the numbers 666. This rumor of a microchip is supposedly the new credit card to give you access to buy or sell things. Three and a half years after the Anti-Christ, in the form of a savior to a desperate world in a bad economy (much like how Germans turned to Hitler for help and stability no matter the consequences), World War III will erupt, and Holocaust II will be born. There will be such a hatred for Christians worldwide that many people will have the mindset of ridding them from earth. Since history repeats itself, it will be like the times and horrors of Jewish persecution and genocide except 3 to 5 times worse. After all, we do possess enough powerful nuclear weapons to destroy the world 7 times over.

Enlydia Listener from trailer in the country on August 14, 2011:

I have heard this theory in other places.

Jim Cyr on May 26, 2011:

I believe Obama will be the last president. He is now trying to split Israel and this will cause the Mississippi river to split this country when the nukes are detenated. First the economy of the USA has to totally be domalished and then at some point the rapture will come. Then the Russians will nuke America and detenate the nuclear arsenal in the center of the America and nuke America from there submarines which can't be seen by sonar and can't be heard either.

Alex on August 15, 2010:

Alan's page is available at

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