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Dream Not of Today: The Pamspermia Theory

Star Trek Symbol

The Star Trek symbol is recognized throughout this planet. Could Gene Roddenberry's classic creation of a Federation of Planets be based on fact or is it just fiction?

The Star Trek symbol is recognized throughout this planet. Could Gene Roddenberry's classic creation of a Federation of Planets be based on fact or is it just fiction?


The Next Generation was always using the story line to introduce to the public information that was not always recognized.

The Next Generation was always using the story line to introduce to the public information that was not always recognized.


Perhaps the greatest story in the Star Trek series Next Generation has widely gone unnoticed and unrecognized by countless fans and critics. In the article Dream Not of Today we will explore this episode and the profound meaning it tried to convey. Perhaps the reasons behind the little fanfare or recognition is due in fact to the implications itself that are widely unrecognized in our own society, the origin of our own species through Pamspermia.

In the episode The Chase (Season Six), Captain Picard is visited by an old Professor of archeology he hasn't seen in thirty years, who invites him to join him on a once in a lifetime journey of discovery, Picard turns him down.

They part ways after some bitter words but later Picard and the Enterprise respond to a distress call made by the professor when he is attacked by some Kardasians in his shuttle craft. The Professor dies from the attack and thus begins The Chase as Picard and the crew of the Enterprise try to unravel a mystery of Galactic proportions.

The investigation leads them from one star system to another and along the way they run into some Klingons and the same Kardasians that attacked the professor all searching to unravel the mystery.

It seems the Professor had discovered a computer algorithm imbedded in the DNA of 19 different species throughout the Galaxy when combined together created a map of the Universe. However the map wasn't complete, the Klingons had one piece and the Kardasians another, suffice to say Picard is able to convince the parties to share their information and when combined almost complete the puzzle.

Upon further logical deduction they are able to infer the remaining piece to the puzzle and are lead to an extinct planet where upon they are joined by the Rommulens and the mystery is solved. The mystery explains why there are so many bi-pedal humanoid types in the Star Trek Universe.

The concept of Pamspermia is revealed to explain the reasons for the Human, Kardasian, Rommulen and Klingon existence. The final message is that through cooperation and the understanding of a common ancestor that the species are more familiar than different, a message of hope and perhaps even peace.

Obviously this message was intended for all the different races of this Planet, but considering how little fanfare this episode received and the continued struggles this Planet suffers in terms of War, economic strife and inequality of class and social structure the message clearly was not well received or even recognized.

Or perhaps it was and no one cares anyway!


DNA maybe the greatest example of an advanced algorithm known to mankind.

DNA maybe the greatest example of an advanced algorithm known to mankind.

DNA as a Complex Algorithm

The field of neural computation stems from comparisons made between computers and human nervous systems and brain functions. That comparisons would be made was inevitable and natural. This field aims to understand how brains work in the hopes of creating more efficient computer algorithms, based on the way brains process information.

According to my limited research and understanding all computer algorithms are based on nature-inspired models, known as metaheuristic algorithms. These include cellular automata, neural computation and evolutionary computation. From these natural processes more abstract computational systems have been produced such as swarm intelligence, artificial immune systems, membrane computing and amorphous computing.

Now the first two of these more abstract computing systems seems fairly obvious. Each bird in a flock or fish in a school represents a possible outcome of the path to the solution. An artificial immune system is based on the human immune system and allows for the algorithm to learn by identification of self as opposed to outside stimuli. However the last two may require a bit more explanation.

Membrane computing is based on living cells and a hierarchical structure that allows these membranes to collect information based on transformation rules already predetermined. In nature they would be used for such tasks as photosynthesis or cell-mediated immunity. For computers they are used for graphics, cryptography and sorting algorithms.

Amorphous computing is even more complex and in biological organisms is controlled by the organisms cells and DNA. However Amorphous computing aims to create defined shapes from unreliable, asynchronous elements and identify new programming techniques.

Because scientists are now realizing and attempting to understand the complex structure of DNA, the comparisons between humans intelligence and artificial intelligence is only now beginning to make advancements.

Is Pamspermia the ways and means in which the Universe is seeded with life or does it occur from a more familiar evolutionary process?

So it was easy to compare the two in science fiction stories, movies and TV shows, now the comparisons are becoming startlingly real and useful. Is DNA just a complex algorithm created by the greatest computer of all time, it is quite possible.


The nebula theory of planet creation by Marshall B. Gardner is the best symbolism I could come up with for the origin of species.

The nebula theory of planet creation by Marshall B. Gardner is the best symbolism I could come up with for the origin of species.

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Origins Of Humanoid Species

It should be fairly obvious to even the average researcher that evolution from blind luck simple is an absurd notion and that the mutation or evolution of our species was determined by more than just random chance.

Certainly all species of animals including humans evolve and mutate over time, however I submit to you that it is also cyclic with in a larger frame work. I propose that these cyclic evolutions are becoming increasingly closer together and may well take place in the blink of an eye in the context of the vastness of time.

I suggest that they very well may coincide with a cleansing type experience felt on a global scale and that this is just a natural form of the evolutionary process. The timing of the ongoing Polar Shift the Galactic Alignment and the evolution of our species may very well be part of a much bigger plan designed to propel our species to the next level of evolution while discarding any unwanted and unnecessary baggage.

The Dinosaurs were around for a long time and then they weren't, Neanderthal Man also seemed to have been around for quite some time and then vanished, or did he? Consider for a moment that Neanderthal Man simply learned to remove himself from cohabitation with Modern Man and is seen occasionally but misidentified as Big Foot of Yeti. Modern Man certainly has made his mark on this planet also, perhaps his time is also coming to an end to be replaced by what or whom is anyones guess however I have a few guesses and will share those with you in another upcoming hub.

The mystery of the origins of our species will be revealed soon when full disclosure occurs. My personal belief is that we were genetically manipulated through the native species of this planet by a much more advanced Universal species of humanoid intent on ensuring the survival of their species through Panspermia.

The evolution of our species was not by genetic chance or luck, but by intelligent design. We have been held back from leaving this planet for a reason, which I believe will be revealed soon, however the final piece of the evolutionary process must play out before we can take our rightful place amongst the stars.

In Dream Not of Today I hope I have stimulated the mind into pondering some questions and provided some intriguing lines of thought.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


Titity Ebiakpo Kelvin from Nigeria on October 17, 2020:


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 04, 2016:

Yes, indeed, this is way for these higher beings to influence us so that we may also help the entire Universe evolve. We are all one so we must do this together, perhaps this is something our gods (Anunnaki) are still learning.

Timmy Kelley on August 04, 2016:

Thank you. I see a higher intelligence influencing our movies music and books. The higher our vibrations the more we can tune in and join evolution.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on July 28, 2013:

I sit corrected, thank you it is difficult to keep my alien civilizations correct, there are so many of them.

Rafa Ballesteros on September 10, 2012:

Thanks for the interesting post. One quick correction on the story line: the race that attack Prof. Galen are the Yridians and not the Cardassians. Yridians are information dealers.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 29, 2012:

As both of you probable are aware of many times science fiction books, movies and TV shows often use this media to introduce concepts, ideas and advanced knowledge as a way of allowing the public to ponder these stories and get used to them in a unique setting that they don't have to believe in.

Star Trek is no different and many of their stories mirror today's problems.

thanks for stopping by . . .

ruthclark3 on February 29, 2012:

I'm not really a Star Trek fan, but the hub was very interesting. I think I could watch it now, after reading your hub, with something like real interest...:)

KT Banks from Texas on February 29, 2012:

As usual, an interesting read from you. I just saw a new Star Trek movie the other day, and really enjoyed it. My kids liked hearing my take on it since I'm from the OLD generation, so they watched it with me, even though they'd already seen it.

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