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Free Dream Interpretation and Dream Meaning Analysis


How Real Are Dreams?

Dreams can feel as vivid as reality, paralyze with fear, or fill you with ecstasy. Waking up with strange images in your head can be disturbing and sometimes they feel so real you have to try to figure out what they mean.

Sometimes, things that are happening in real life are clues to what a dream may be about. For example, if you are apprehensive about starting a new job, then your dream may be the place where that feeling is revealed. Usually the feeling of a dream reflects what's happening emotionally for the dreamer at a subconscious level. Looking at your dreams can help you understand your true emotional state, underneath and beyond the superficial kinds of feelings people show each other throughout the day.

Keep in mind that not all dreams mean something important. The subconscious gets to play at night, and the unrealistic images and activities that are presented in your dream may just be a reflection of your creative side. In this way, dreams can be a useful tool for creativity. The famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali tapped into his subconscious to create his works of art by waking up and immediately creating a painting of what he had seen in his dreams. For that reason, many of his works are dreamlike and don't necessarily make much sense.

Are your dreams meaningless or do they reflect your reality? Read on to discover what your dreams might mean.

Do Dreams Tell the Future? Is Interpretation Witchcraft?

Some people wonder whether their dreams are somehow a window into the future. Many people believe their dreams are somehow linked to the future and point to personal accounts as evidence, stories of people having a scary dream, waking up in the middle of the night, and then hearing horrible news of someone close dying the next day. This could be explained by other phenomena, but it does make for interesting conversation.

Some Christians may tell you that dream interpretation is the work of occult or satanic psychic types of people, but accounts of dreams in the Bible tell a different story. Dreams are one of the means by which God can deliver a message to a follower. Or, in other cases, God may grant the power for one of his followers to interpret the dreams of another person such as in the case of Joseph interpreting dreams while in prison. So dream interpretation is not necessarily an evil thing, it's just that some Christians think that the provision of Jesus as a means of redemption closes any gap where humans might speak directly to God. Thus, some Christians may see dream interpretation as a useless or even alarming activity. However, dreams do show creativity and emotion and may help someone gain insight that might be overlooked if the dreams were ignored.

Let Us Interpret Your Dream

We can give each other free dream interpretation analysis. Even though I am not a dream expert and have never studied dream analysis, there are a couple reasons to let me (and others, in the comments section) interpret your dream:

1. You might not be able to interpret your own dream. Your conscious mind sometimes doesn't allow you to get a true dream analysis. Maybe the truth of your dream is too obvious, complicated, or painful for you to see. This may be the place to brainstorm interpretations of the true meaning of your dream, from an impartial source.

2. You don't have to pay me to interpret your dreams. This is a totally free place for dream interpretation. And even though it's free, you'll be surprised at how helpful and insightful regular people can be.

Directions for Dream Interpretation

Simply type your dream in the comments sections below, and others who want to join in on the fun will interpret your dream for you. You must come back and let everyone know if we analyzed your dream well.

This will be more fun if we don't take it too seriously. Have a sense of humor and realize that this is not the place for people who are super-serious about dream interpretation. This is a place to share your dream with others and look for some ideas for the meaning.

  1. Read one of the previous dreams that have been posted.
  2. Try interpreting that person's dream before posting your own dream for interpretation. In this way, everyone will get their dream interpreted. Pay it forward and use the honor system.
  3. Write your own dream in detail, so the next person can interpret it.
  4. Return to the page to see what you can find out about your dream's meaning.

Dream Interpratation 2

No nam on August 10, 2018:

I had a dream where I went and met Gerard way, I got on well with him and we later met up after he finished his meet and greet thing. We had went back to his bus and got drunk, mind you he’s 20 years older than me. We then started snogging and had sexual intercorse and promised not to tell his wife. Later on I realized that I was pregnant with his child. I messaged him on instagram and told him. He was shocked. He then divorced his wife and I moved from England to America to live with him and our daughter. I finally gave birth and named our daughter sky sims-way. I then dreamed about us all living together happily and me and gerard would take turns going on tour with our separate bands and our daughter being bullied because she had rocker parents. What does this mean???