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Free Dream Interpretation and Dream Meaning Analysis


How Real Are Dreams?

Dreams can feel as vivid as reality, paralyze with fear, or fill you with ecstasy. Waking up with strange images in your head can be disturbing and sometimes they feel so real you have to try to figure out what they mean.

Sometimes, things that are happening in real life are clues to what a dream may be about. For example, if you are apprehensive about starting a new job, then your dream may be the place where that feeling is revealed. Usually the feeling of a dream reflects what's happening emotionally for the dreamer at a subconscious level. Looking at your dreams can help you understand your true emotional state, underneath and beyond the superficial kinds of feelings people show each other throughout the day.

Keep in mind that not all dreams mean something important. The subconscious gets to play at night, and the unrealistic images and activities that are presented in your dream may just be a reflection of your creative side. In this way, dreams can be a useful tool for creativity. The famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali tapped into his subconscious to create his works of art by waking up and immediately creating a painting of what he had seen in his dreams. For that reason, many of his works are dreamlike and don't necessarily make much sense.

Are your dreams meaningless or do they reflect your reality? Read on to discover what your dreams might mean.

Do Dreams Tell the Future? Is Interpretation Witchcraft?

Some people wonder whether their dreams are somehow a window into the future. Many people believe their dreams are somehow linked to the future and point to personal accounts as evidence, stories of people having a scary dream, waking up in the middle of the night, and then hearing horrible news of someone close dying the next day. This could be explained by other phenomena, but it does make for interesting conversation.

Some Christians may tell you that dream interpretation is the work of occult or satanic psychic types of people, but accounts of dreams in the Bible tell a different story. Dreams are one of the means by which God can deliver a message to a follower. Or, in other cases, God may grant the power for one of his followers to interpret the dreams of another person such as in the case of Joseph interpreting dreams while in prison. So dream interpretation is not necessarily an evil thing, it's just that some Christians think that the provision of Jesus as a means of redemption closes any gap where humans might speak directly to God. Thus, some Christians may see dream interpretation as a useless or even alarming activity. However, dreams do show creativity and emotion and may help someone gain insight that might be overlooked if the dreams were ignored.

Let Us Interpret Your Dream

We can give each other free dream interpretation analysis. Even though I am not a dream expert and have never studied dream analysis, there are a couple reasons to let me (and others, in the comments section) interpret your dream:

1. You might not be able to interpret your own dream. Your conscious mind sometimes doesn't allow you to get a true dream analysis. Maybe the truth of your dream is too obvious, complicated, or painful for you to see. This may be the place to brainstorm interpretations of the true meaning of your dream, from an impartial source.

2. You don't have to pay me to interpret your dreams. This is a totally free place for dream interpretation. And even though it's free, you'll be surprised at how helpful and insightful regular people can be.

Directions for Dream Interpretation

Simply type your dream in the comments sections below, and others who want to join in on the fun will interpret your dream for you. You must come back and let everyone know if we analyzed your dream well.

This will be more fun if we don't take it too seriously. Have a sense of humor and realize that this is not the place for people who are super-serious about dream interpretation. This is a place to share your dream with others and look for some ideas for the meaning.

  1. Read one of the previous dreams that have been posted.
  2. Try interpreting that person's dream before posting your own dream for interpretation. In this way, everyone will get their dream interpreted. Pay it forward and use the honor system.
  3. Write your own dream in detail, so the next person can interpret it.
  4. Return to the page to see what you can find out about your dream's meaning.

Dream Interpratation 2

No nam on August 10, 2018:

I had a dream where I went and met Gerard way, I got on well with him and we later met up after he finished his meet and greet thing. We had went back to his bus and got drunk, mind you he’s 20 years older than me. We then started snogging and had sexual intercorse and promised not to tell his wife. Later on I realized that I was pregnant with his child. I messaged him on instagram and told him. He was shocked. He then divorced his wife and I moved from England to America to live with him and our daughter. I finally gave birth and named our daughter sky sims-way. I then dreamed about us all living together happily and me and gerard would take turns going on tour with our separate bands and our daughter being bullied because she had rocker parents. What does this mean???

cathypoolski on May 15, 2014:

Two dreams last week. First one, I had this beautiful horse it was mine! And, it laid down on the ground, it wasn't wounded or sick or tired, but, it seemed to perceive I was, or maybe I was cold. And it wanted me to lay down by it for protection, maybe to keep warm? For a moment, I was scared to lay beside it for what if it crushed me or hurt me? Then I realized it was safe and cared about me so I laid down beside it no longer afraid. Then woke up. I haven't been on a horse in years but had a friend when a teenager (I'm 58) and we rode their horse just a 2-3 times. I've been on a horse maybe 4-5 times for a few minutes in my life. I used to want a horse but gave up over the cost and no land or barn for it. I had started walking again when the weather got warm here in Fort Worth/Dallas and a day or two after my dream was propelled to walk a way I normally didn't go, and sure enough, there were two horses in a field. I walked over to the fence and they let me pet them a bit and the owner's daughter came out and told me their names were Zeb and Yoga. Now, I want a horse again, but, still no land, or barn or appropriate place for one.

Ghada on May 14, 2014:

I had a dream that someone was trying to get into my house to steel all my jewelry but I was able to catch them before they could break in and the cops arrested them, in the same dream I went back to sleep and I was very tired and when I woke up this time, all my windows and doors were open with breeze blowing into the house and my safe was broken and all my jewelry stolen. I was really sad to lose my diamond necklace, my sapphire necklace and earings, and as I walked through the house I kept feeling bad for not waking up or hearing anything that was going on. I had to leave the house because all the doors and windows were broken and I could not live there anymore. What does this dream mean???

slk on May 10, 2014:

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I had a dream my car seat stared floating in the air while I was driving. I was freaking out. I was about 500 ft above! What does that mean?

Leea on May 07, 2014:

I had a dream i got my whole leg tattood in red n white stripes ??

janis greenup on May 05, 2014:

I dreamed i entered a room full of gold bars. There was gold dust on the floor and as i was stand in the room thee was a machine continuously producing gold bars. I knew this was not mine in the dream.

Anna on May 05, 2014:

My sister had a dream of a black image lifting a body over a fence. She can't stop thinking about it . It really freaked her out. Your interpretation would be appreciated.

rita on May 01, 2014:

I dreamt that my friend was shot in the back and got paralized and his girlfriend was moking him. What does this dream mean

brandi on April 21, 2014:

I just had this dream I was playing in an arcade then I was in a car with this guy (no specific person) and I was driving and I pushed him out into a field. I ran after him and walked into 2 cops building this building in the middle of a field. It was like in a crop circle kinda clearing. The guy cop was outside and girl cop was inside painting walls. I tried to tell the guy cop about the guy and passed out into a bucket with nails. But it turned into staples and they were all in the back of my head. The cop was taking them out but it wasn't painful. When he was almost done I woke up!

Kim on April 18, 2014:

I dreamed that a house my whole family was in, started to crumble from the top to the ground

Joan on April 18, 2014:

My partner passed away 2 yrs ago, until now i'm still grieving recently i had a dream about him that he has another girl and feels like he don't love me anymore... please i need help

Jojo on April 14, 2014:

I dreamt I was in an office building, but not my own work place, I walked to the elevator and a friend pressed the elevator doors and said "see you on the 17th floor" I said "see you" and the doors shut, then it felt as if the elevator was falling, faster and faster...I knew I could not be saved, I knew I would die and accepted it. I layed down on the floor of the elevator and asked God to forgive me for my sins and for falling short, then waited for the heart was beating fast and hard, i could feel sweat on my body...then the elevator tilted slightly and it felt as if I was soaring outside of the building...then the elevator slowed and stopped...the floor under me seemed to have risen up a couple of feet but only the part under me...then the elevator doors opened again in the lobby area and I was just there...delusional and unable to speak. A woman told me "they should have told you this was going to happen" and I followed her to her office...there she told me the same line over and over...I said to myself...I'm about to get paid for this (like a lawsuit) then woke up.

Victoria on March 31, 2014:

I need your help.

so on 3/29/14 I had a dream. it felt familiar and similar to a dream I had months ago. I remember walking with a group with mostly old people, a young, teen, and rebellious couple with dark brown hair and brown eyes. They were led by a guy who was in his twenties and even though they all felt familiar to me, the leader was the only one I felt comfortable with. there was a mother with a baby in the group and I was given a flashback to somewhere in the 1970's or 1960's and I was with the mother and the baby and she treated me like I was her daughter, but there was a mafia that took us away to a bus or a train and I remember running from the leader of the mafia and two other guys. I locked myself in the bathroom. as I was opening the window, I could hear the leader bang on the door asking me what I was doing. I told him I was helping my brother out in the bathroom. I unlocked the door, jumped out the window, and escaped. but as I was running, I was picturing in my head that the leader, who was a man near his thirties, with dark and sleek brown hair with grey eyes, told the two men to get the mother and the baby, and he shot them. then I was brought back to the group and I went to the leader to ask him if they really were shot. with one look he gave me, I was taken back to the mother and baby's point of view and as the mother was begging for mercy for the baby, he shot her it the head and did the same for the baby. that was when I woke up.

ERIKA on March 27, 2014:

My mom had a stroke and she's in the hospital she can't speak & her right side is paralyzed. In my dream she was at the kitchen counter standing she got a loaf of white bread took out 4 slices and had a half peeled orange that she was peeling herself with her hands she was looking down and looked sad & I said you can't eat that so soon (she can't eat food in real life she has a tube in her stomach) she kept peeling her orange and I know she was going to eat it...what does that mean??

chasitysands on March 25, 2014:

i had this dream last night and I'm very confused// as i do my regular morning routines i find myself looking at a van on my street just sitting there and i realize its my ex fiancé// i go back inside and do my other routines that i would normally do// go back outside and hour later to find the van and my ex still there// about an hour later my fiancé currently leaves for work and i go back out to have another smoke and enjoy my coffee// i go back inside and i hear a big smack// i look out my window and see my ex with another sub in my from yard//i run out to the front door and our daughter climbs out of the van and so does he// we then proceed inside to my apartment and we were holding each other// next thing that happened we ended up in my bed and this is when i woke up// Please help me figure out with this means as this isn't the first time i have had this kind of dream thank you

Anonymous on March 19, 2014:

Had a dream i had a needle full of blood and I was walking around with it in a low mood asking people to stick me with the needle I couldn't find nobody so I did it myself.

Peggy on March 16, 2014:

I am a nurse, and last night I had a dream that a patient was dying, and he asked me to lie down beside him so he wouldn't be alone when he passed away. I did. When he passed, I got up out of the bed, only to find that he had pooped and it went all over my side and clothes. Yuck! What does the poop signify?

Nina on March 16, 2014:

Ok everyone, interpret my dream:

I've had two dreams now where I am heading to my good friends house but I am always being stopped by this Mexican lady with her kids. Before I reach the door to my friends house (literally right the second), the lady calls my name and I go to see what she needs. Both times have been to help with some easy tasks like fixing one of her kids toys or something like that. I dont think the second time it was fixable but I still tried my best. After she leaves, both times I just walked straight into the my friends house.

What does this mean and why am I seeing a family twice asking for my help whom I have never met

Lynn on March 16, 2014:

An earthworm with the size and speed of a snake going across a dresser im someones home. while I'm telling it to hurry up and get outside before its seen

dakota on March 15, 2014:

okay, i'm not sure if this will get answered or give me any help as to what it means but this is my last option. i don't know where else to look or seek interpretation because i have been looking for a long time. so, here it goes.

over the past few years, i have had this recurring dream, where i am standing in a room that is pitch black so i'm not really sure if it is a room, it could just be emptiness but i don't know, and right in front of me there is a metal table with a guy leaning on it. he is supporting himself up with one arm and he is bent over. the only light in the room comes somewhere from above him and it looks like a spotlight. all i see is this guy and a table. right away i know the guy is really hurt and i want to help him so i go to move towards him, but i'm stuck. i can't move no matter how hard i try. and he starts calling out to me, but not out loud, i hear it in my head, and i want to help him so bad, i need to, but i can't. nothing i do allows me to move. no matter how hard i try. eventually i try calling out to him but no sound comes out. nothing. and i feel like i know him from somewhere, like he is really important to me and that's why i feel the need to go help him so much, but i'm just not sure who he is. i never see his face. one time, i even tried just standing there and watching him to see what happened, but eventually i ended up calling out to him and tried to go to him. i couldn't just stand there and do nothing. i had to help him somehow.

so this is my recurring dream. please, any assistance would be so helpful. i don't know where else to go; this is pretty much my last option.

Jan on March 14, 2014:

I misplace my diamond ring and I dreamt that it was in a balloon. What does that mean?

sai sowjanya on March 13, 2014:

i have seen 2 baby lions along with some baby tigers in my purse.i opened it to see but nothing is present when i opened the bag.what it means?

medaly on March 13, 2014:

I was sitting in front of what seemed like a walmart or publix, with a.girl that was my bestfriend about four years ago. We no longer talk but we go to the same school. We were sitting and there was a long rectangular table and on it were like rows of tissue boxes without tissues. Me and her were playing with the boxes throwing them up in the air and playing catch with them, we were also engaged in conversation but I dont remember what was said.

Dawn on March 13, 2014:

I need help Please. ..I keep having a Dream that im in a public place with a set of stairs. .What is troubling me is the fact that I'm Not going Up ..or ..Down but im trying to get through a set of Steps... so I force myself through. ..but once I get through I wake up from this dream really scared me so bad that I wake up and have a Panic attack. ..Please Please help. .

justin on March 07, 2014:

what does it mean to dream about the girl you love so much but seeing her in the arms of a rival

Chelsea on March 07, 2014:

A childhood friend of mine that i drifted away from during highschool died in a car accident almost four years ago. Sometimes I have dreams with her in them, however she never talks to me.. but the one dream I remember is she leads me to an airport type place, we are on the roof, and a helicopter is there, we never go into the helicopter, we just kind of stand there, I can see people running both away from and towards it, never going into it....

joshua on March 05, 2014:

so i am freaked out i dreamed me and my dad watched my neighbors house be smashed by a giant wooden crane and then dad said follow me and i did he said son i want to show you something and we crossed over some gate like thing that u go through to get onto a subway train and when we crossed over i saw these angels/ demons in light blue colored cloths standing along a wide walk way and there were a bunch of kids and parents in front of us (no one i knew) and my dad said look and i watched these people be grabbed up left and right like they were trying to get away like they were wrestling these demon's and angels trying to get away and it scared me so i turned and ran for the gates and my father was right behind me running but we were not being chased and suddenly one by one the gates were closing and the last one was open and i darted for it and there was a demon angel person standing there and i ran right by him and my father did as well and my dad turned and held the gate open as a chubby teen age kid in a gray shirt came running through the gate and immediately after he got through the demon angel person slammed the gate shut and everyone on the other side disappeared and all i can remember is hearing the screams and cry's of these people and it terrified me and as i turned to ask my dad what it was about he ran up the road to our house so i chased him and right before i grabbed him i wok up. what does this mean because it felt so real and i could feel the sun beating down and the sweet running off my body and i was breathing heavy and when i wok up i was out of breath and trying to catch my breath and my legs were sore like i had been running maybe one of u could help me out it would be greatly appreciated because dreams like these have been happening often and keep getting more and more vivid and its starting to feel like reality every time i dream which has gone from not dreaming at all to dreaming every night

christian on March 05, 2014:

I had a pretty weird dream in the middle of the day , I was walking around my school and I don't recall seeing anyone else then all the sudden a man appeared and for some reason I instantly thought of Satan. He walked around with me talking and I cant remember what he was saying except we came up to a locker and he said let me show you a code that will unlock any lock , I also dont remember what the code was but I just remember him unlocking it. After that i popped up in a

random room with tons of people in it. i dont think i knew any of them but im not sure. This is the weird part of the dream because i started rapping and everyone was bumping to me..then i woke up. Im not sure what was up with this dream but for some reason i can't stop thinking about it.

Barbara on March 04, 2014:

My brother is terminally ill and last night my cousin dreamed he talked to her gave her a flower and walked to a flower garden and died ....what would this mean

Mara on March 03, 2014:

My bf dreamed about me, needing a sweater. what that means?

deborah on March 03, 2014:

I dreamed of a man that came to my house to date me but I'm married and I lost my phone what does this mean.

idhahogirl45 on February 28, 2014:

I had a dream last night that my husband and were driving down some curvy roads and he was messing with his phone. All of a sudden we came up on curve and he didn't turn and the car became airborne off a cliff. The car was diving down and all I can remember saying is "it's finally happening, I'm going to die"....I was thinking if my heart was right and I started praying and my husband did to. Then he hugged me and told me he loved me. The car started floating then and we landed safely and started driving.

TITO132 on February 27, 2014:

I have fought with a great friend lately and I kind of admire her so badly and she stopped talking to me for a whole week and it honestly teared me apart..and when she forgave me the same night I had a dream carriying her in my arms and kissing he neck and cheeck repeatedly ad she loved it and so did what do u think?!?

Tiffany on February 26, 2014:

Well in my dream I was at an amusement park of some sort and it was an obstacle course tied into it as well.... well in my dream I kept trying to reach my parents but I would have to turn down road after road to get to them sometimes getting close enough to touch them butit would make me completely circle aaround them..... they eventually got tired of waiting on me so they left and I got stuck in the place and couldn't get out

Eric on February 24, 2014:


I dreamt I was in my school and having great difficulty to follow my schedule and was finding the work too tough. One of my teachers came to me and realized I was ready to drop eveything and leave school. He proposed to give me individual tuition for free on his own time and looked as if he would not let me go. Well this is weird because I really am in this situation where I am in a college taking computer courses. I find programming really hard and was seriuosly thinking of dropping school and on top I went to see another college and was planning to change college because they offer another program in computer studies which interests me. I interpreted it as I have to stay where I am now. What do you think? Thanks :-)

Grace on February 19, 2014:

I had a dream my alarm clock went off and I got up to go take a shower. When I walked into the bathroom I turned on the lights, and when I took another step into the bathroom this shrieking extreamely loud scream filled the room of someone (it sounded female but I didn't reconize the voice) screaming for help. It sounded like an extremely panicked voice as though the person was being attacked or murderd, and it seemed to be coming from beside my house. It cried and pleaded for help and for someone to stop. I felt this huge wave of fear and was paralized for a bit, then saw my phone and began to try to dial 911 but I couldn't get it to work. I kept trying and trying and the voice got more and more desperate, until suddenly mid scream it cut off. I realized I was too late and my fear grew and grew more, and I woke up with my heart beating out of my chest.

julia on February 18, 2014:

i had a dream that me and my guy friend were riding in a taxi and we didn't realized that there was a man sitting at the front and then suddenly they declared hold-up.. we were so afraid but manage to escape. Its so scary.. I wonder what is the meaning of this dream?

hugsandmore on February 18, 2014:

i had a dream that i was at sitting at a table for lunch and this girl came and sat next to me on my left. This guy from school also came and sat at our table and sat on the girl's left. He noticed I was at the table and told the girl to move and sit on the right of me. He then proceeded to scoot on over right next to me and he said hey! Then he put his arm around my waist. What does this mean?

Maya on February 13, 2014:

Hello ,

I dreamt that me and my boyfriend were arguing because of the gold heart necklace he was wearing " from his cousin, a girl"

Please respond ASAP


LTG on February 13, 2014:

My ex keeps showing up in my dreams, she is just there. We do not speak, we do not make up, she just stares at me. No matter where I am at, or what I am doing, she is somehow always there.

Derrick on February 12, 2014:

When i was a kid i remember sleeping on the den couch and waking up to a spirit figure of a lady with a fruit basket on her head standing there smiling at me.

Derrick on February 12, 2014:

Hey Sandra...your dream might mean shes going to speak to you soon

Sandra on February 10, 2014:

I had a weird dream I was in bed with my boyfriend sleeping head to tail which we never sleep and his mum came in and got in the bed sitting up next to him and talking to me just general conversation and also just chilling in his room talking to me which is very weird to me as she never speaks she just says hello we have never ever had a conversation

Jones on February 07, 2014:

Had a dream. Riding on a bike with a friend and two dogs approach and one of them catch my skirt and hold on and start running with the bike with his teeth in my skirt.

What does this mean?

Jane Brown on February 06, 2014:

In my dream I see a clean toilet basin with clean water. I plug in the toilet and receive a huge shock to my heart for a second I think my heart has stopped. Only to find I am fine to my surprise I am not injured in anyway.

Anna on February 03, 2014:

I had a dream of my mom how passed 5 years ago, she was smilling and she was wearing a long silver neckles with a big cross hanging, then i had this neckless in my hands, she gave it to me somehow. What does this mean.

Mariyam on January 31, 2014:

a dream in which your husband saves your life from tigers. What does it mean?

cherry on January 31, 2014:

i have dream that i am walking upstairs of my uncles house and suddenly it sarted falling what does it mean

Jayla on January 29, 2014:

I have a friend that's a tattoo artist that passed away in December from a heroin overdose. In my dream he was supposed to tattoo something on my right wrist (I already have a tattoo on the left that says in Italian what translates to "until we meet again" and my aunts initials who passed away in 2008 (he didn't know her & her death was not drug related). He instead tattoo'd over the one I have on my left wrist and it was just one word but I couldn't make out clearly what the word said. Whatever the word was it made me mad and I started crying. I am not a heroin user but several people that I know have died the same way that he did - prior to his death. I have not dreamed about him until last night.

Phinkle on January 29, 2014:

I had a dream of the face of a white witch coming close to my face..

Leonie on January 28, 2014:

Ok here is my dream....I had been at a carnival with a group of friends. I then went home (the house I went back to in my dream I have not lived in for more than 10 years). I went into the backyard to pee and looked up. There was a hot air balloon going over head and it was dark. The balloon had small lights on the bottom of it. I was aware the person in the balloon could see me peeing in the backyard. I was also aware that the balloon had been at the carnival I had left. The person then turned the balloon around and brought it down in my backyard. I was really happy that he was there but embarrassed he had caught me peeing in the yard.

soy una maldita on January 27, 2014:

i was about to test drive a car but my sister grabbed thre wheel and drove off.. Car smashed then fell off a cliff..just the car and my sister is safe. Can you please interpret thanks

christy on January 27, 2014:

I had a dream that I was on the phone laughing with my father, I have never met this man or have I talked to him on the phone.. can you please tell me what this means?

Tina on January 27, 2014:

I had a dream last night where I was at an event. I didn't know this until I had gotten into a conversation with the two people who was working the booth that I was admiring, that they were lesbians. I didn't approve of lesbians and so I walked away from their booth. Later on while still at the event the two ladies who I had found out were lesbians had spotted me and had asked me why I had left their booth. I found myself not being able to answer their question. The dream then switched to me having to give a presentation to a group of my classmates and I was nervous, but it was alright for my classmates made sure that I know that it was alright if I had messed up. They wanted me to know that it is ok to not be perfect. That was when the dream had ended.

Stashoe on January 27, 2014:

I dreamed that I was at a nudist beach resort in the dead of winter. The attendant gave me an usual lock for my locker that was shaped like a corner bracket made of chrome. As I was walking to the lockers I saw my childhood friends mother who has been dead for years. She placed $10 in my hand, I thanked her and told her I was terribly honoured. I proceed to the locker, trying to decipher the lock instructions which showed I needed a screw driver and a sewing machine (which is funny because I'm a tailor) Then all of a sudden a strong wave hit the building. I could see it thru the floor length windows. People were running for their lives as a tornado sat down just outside the building. I fell flat to the ground and waited for it to pass. I wasn't hurt and the building stayed intact except for debris on the floor. I stand up and at this point I wake up with a rapid heart beat. Please interpret.

elizabeth on January 27, 2014:

Well i had this dream last night and it really bothers me that i dont know what it means.

Okay so im in the playground of my elementary school. My fifth grade teacher is teaching some kids a new game. Im watching them at a distance with three other people one is a little boy aroung the age of eight or seven. The other is a teen i dont know him or the little boy. The third i do recognize hes a senior at my highschool a friend of mine. Well there are three older men playing basketball on the other side of the playground. My friend calls them over and dares the little boy to show them this pocket knife and pretend to hurt them just for fun. The little boy was too scared to so when the three men come my friend shows them. the knife and playfully pretends to stab them the men go along with it and laugh along. The teen is also laughing but then my friend pulls me up by the arm and starts to cut me on both my arms like a joke. At first i go along with it because i didnt want to scare the kids with my teacher. But when i look over theyre gone. Thats when i get scared i try pulling my arm he holds it and insist i let him hurt me i start crying. And then he lets me go still laughing. I run away but for some reason im thinking in my dream that i should have gone along with it i start telling myself that im just to weak.

Yeah i know this dream is pretty disturbed please tell me what it means

Mara on January 26, 2014:

Hey, my email is

My friend is having a weird dream where she sees a a tall figure but she can't see distinct features. She says she knows it is a male, he just stands there and stairs at her and it like she awake, but then she always wakes up and she in room, so she was asleep, but then she'll get up and go to go to the restroom only to have him standing outside her door and she can distinctly make out his eyes. Then she is scared and truly wakes up. She says she had this dream three times now in a row. Any idea what it means?

Louella on January 25, 2014:

last night i slept at my boy friends' house and had a dream that his mother gifted my mother a painting of water or something very beautiful. what does that mean?

Noel on January 25, 2014:

I had a dream about my my son dad last night and i dont understand why I had this dream. Is my dream trying to tell me something.

Here is my dream:

Last night I had a dream that my son dad came to me and broke down and said that he wanted to be in his son life. that he wanted us to be a family. He said he

always knew that my son was his. He also apologize for not being in his life for ten years and leaving me to raise him on my own. In my drwam I started crying cause I was shock. we even moved together and was a family then I woke up.

Now the problem with this dream is that my son dad is not in his life. He said he wanted to have a test done so I be like ok and schedule the appointment and everytime he never show up. He also told me that he dont want any kids which I told him he's about ten years to late. So I just gave up on trying to get him to be apart of his life. Now this dream I dont understand. Can you help me?

Scott on January 25, 2014:

I had a dream that i was with my family in space for some reason, (This is odd due to my dreams not normally being in space, at all) This dream felt like it lasted forever and felt much more real than normal, in the dream at one point i was with a friend and thought i saw something crawl into the ship, which was my uncle's, across from us that was also docked here i said i thought i saw something, but brushed it off as a space insect (Which was apparently common). After this, the next thing i remember is talking to my father, (Who looked and acted nothing like my actual dad). He said he saw something that was green, whereas i saw something more purple in color. so we kind of panicked a little, then the ships infection detected sirens went off which normally means space insects or unknown/unregistered creature aboard, we ran to the hygiene and living quarters which were style after modern housing (2000's housing) to make crews feel at home. We spoke to my mother and discussed a plan, we had no weapons to speak of, which i yelled my objection to, all we had were toothbrushes that could vibrate at massive speeds, so thats all we could use, my dad left first and i was going to follow, until a dog/wolf jamp into the room and try to hurt my mother, i pulled it off of her and bit the back of its neck (Not overly hard) and then it calmed down and i hear "New Pack Alpha Set" from the ship systems. After this i commanded it to protect my mum and sibling in the bathroom, Then i started hearing horror music getting louder and louder, my chest tightened, and i ran upstairs to find my dad, i ran into the master bedroom which was well lit, to see him fall down, then screamed "Daaad!" and challenged whatever it was to come out, the next thing i remember was checking under the bed and seeing nothing, then seeing my cat (My actual cat, like from reality) on a wooden floor with no bed or anything like the dream, looking terrified behind me, then i woke up, feeling terrified myself, and depressed that my dream family was gone, i couldn't save them, i then couldnt sleep from fear of seeing whatever it was that killed them.

L on January 22, 2014:

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a vivid dream that I saw some guy stargazing and I liked up and noticed a small purple planet. I was mesmerized and showed the guy and was trying to help him see it too. I think he noticed it when all if a sudden the purple planet exploded and some of this explosion fel behind us - they were sparks that quickly went out on its own but then turned into a regular ball that bounced right into my hands.

Jennifer on January 22, 2014:

I dreamt that I was going to a party and had my face made up really badly on my way to the party .Then the invoice came and it was expensive- far more money than I had

What is the meaning of this dream.

Cruscioety on January 19, 2014:

My friend has dreams about people coming into her house and killing her and my family. But their guns are always yellow. And once i had a dream where me and my mom got in a fight and i went to sleep and she gave me a shot that wouldn't let me see the color yellow

Emily on January 19, 2014:

I have recently been having a few dreams and it would be great if people could answer them. A few days ago , I dreamt that my mother and I were being chased by my uncle who wanted to imprison her . In this dream, we were quite rich and chauffeurs, and we were at the back of a limo. But my mum's hands were tied, but mine weren't so I undid her handcuff secretly and we both agreed to escape to a different country.

Then I dreamt that we were in our old home, with my brother and a few other people. There was a guillotine and we had all done something wrong- I don't specifically know what- but my parents ordered that everyone be executed. The other three I was with, including my brother was executed , but I managed to escape. I was mourning over my brother's death but my parents didn't seem to care. My brother's body was in our bed, and I was going to go out and find his decapitated head to somehow put it back on him. But before that, when I went to see him , his head was still attached as if nothing had happened.

Then my final dream was that I was in Buckingham Palace and I met the Queen. I was absolutely elated and was having a nice conversation with her - we actually sat down with tea and there was this little girl around the age of 5. I took a photo on my phone of the whole situation. Then I climbed the walls of the castle ( which was weird because we were indoors, but the walls looked as though they were the castle walls), and took a photo of the Queen and the little girl. The Queen also climbed the wall, but when she reached the top, she let go and fell to her death. I hurried down and called for help, but nothing could be done.

I can actually remember these dreams quite vividly and I don't know why I've been having them. Many thanks!

kel on January 18, 2014:

I recently had a dream I purchased a television...interpret

mina on January 17, 2014:

the girl i like, she knows that i like her i think she likes me too, am not sure anywayz i was with her last night with a group of friend. the same night i had dream of her hugging me from the back. it happened twice then she went with someone who was supposed to be my friend but i didnt know him really..she told me to meet her up at some place. she was like go change and meet me there. i need help plz

Melissa on January 17, 2014:

My finance told me he had a dream last night that he was at work, he's a painter and heard a knock on the door of an apartment he was painting. When he answered the door it was his brother whose been deceased for 2 years. He said he looked really bad and he didn't say anything just stared at him. His brother was a really bad drug addict and had been in jail for 6 months and had gotten completely clean. When he got out of jail he used, and he overdosed. When he told me his dream it brought tears to my eyes cause I knew their was a reason for Kevin, his brother, to be visiting him in his dream. He said he awoke dripping wet with sweat. Please help me interpret his dream. He himself used to use but has been clean for almost 8 months now. Please help


monica on January 17, 2014:

This is the second similar dream I had of my daughter. the first dream I had was that she gave birth to a baby girl. Then several days later I had another dream that she had twins a boy and a girl. the boy was wearing blue and the girl was wearing red. What can this mean?

Cheryl on January 17, 2014:

I had a dream that my friend and I were going to take a cruise and he made all the arrangements, (we live in separate states) and when I went to go get on the cruise, I could not find where to check in, could not find him and could not find my purse or my phone to contact him

James on January 16, 2014:

Hey, i had a dream last night, it was rather vivid. I was in my apartment, but it wasnt my real apartment but i didnt understand i was dreaming until i woke up. I sat down in my apartment, lights were shut, out of nowhere something started to pull me from my leg, as it pulled me, i coudnt move at all. It threw me on my bed. As i was laying on the bed on my back, i could only see him, and 2 of his friends there, coudnt get up coudnt look anywhere else.

What could you tell me about that dream?

Mason on January 16, 2014:

Please tell me what this dream means. I just got a used car for chirstmas and me and most of my family were in it and my middle sister was driving. She was not driving very well at all and I told her it's not like her nice car. We kinda slid off the rode and I remember seeing these two dogs in a ditch and one looked like it got hit by a car and was dieing and I could see the sorrow in the other dogs eyes and in a little bit I got out of the car and my sister was doing that little game where she would pull off and not let me in and I got very mad and started walking away. But then she went on a joy ride and jumped my car and drove it half way up a wall. I watched the whole thing happen and I was SO angry I was breaking things like mail boxes. Then my sister came over and I was saying why would you do this to my car?! And I was cussing like crazy and my mom came over and I was yelling at her too. And my sister said something about if I do something do her car she will get mad or something like that but then I woke up and typed this.

tebza on January 15, 2014:

i had a dream of my granny covering me with a white cloth over my head and shoulders

kyungmi on January 14, 2014:

So i had this very realistic dream everything felt and seemed so real. So i was sitting on a couch and this cute little asian boy (im asian also) came up to me and held my hand and said that im going to be his mother. Afterwards he hugged me and gave me a kiss and said goodbye. Then i woke up. Im really curious to what this means.

One Faced Friend on January 14, 2014:

I have had this dream a couple times. A good childhood friend of mine are just talking. I cannot recall the surroundings, but she looks normal otherwise, except she has second face. Horizontally oriented on her forehead. We hold a normal conversation, but we talk as though the face on her head is a thing that comes and goes. As if she is normal, but occasionally grows a second face. In the dream I wouldn't touch it, but she had would touch it. Putting her finger in the "Second" nose, causing pain, as she would wince as a reaction the the act...

I have only had this dream as of recently. This friend of mine go WAY back, but were more or less acquaintances and only in the past 4-5 months have grown closer as friends.

I have rarely studied into my dreams like this, I usually just let them go. But every once in a while, I have one that comes along that I am curious about. In the dream itself I do not have any feeling of disgust towards the second face. But, of course when I wake up, the thought weirds me out.

I have tried studying into it, but I can't find any Dream Dictionaries that can answer this.

mpho folotsi on January 13, 2014:

i had a dream last night my fiance left me at the church

Michelle on January 12, 2014:

I was at a public building or something I was drawing on everything because all the walls were white. Nobody was there and I was blaring music. It was fun but I got lonely so I called my friend Nate and he came over. We started drawing and singing together. Everytime we finished a wall it went blank again. The power went out but we stayed there. We decided to sleep there. We found a room and started to watch movies. We were having fun and Nate just looked so happy it made me happy. It was weird because I was in shorts and a tank top but I felt good about myself. I wasn't wearing makeup my hair was crappy but I was happy. I think that him being with me and me looking like that with him still being so nice to me even when I looked crappy made me feel beautiful. We kissed and I woke up.

Danielle M on January 12, 2014:

I had a dream that me and my family and friends were in a battle with people we know and i got shot in the back. I passed out for a while and then woke up. I kept holding the wound on my back while trying to call 911. 911 kept putting me on hold and said they would get to me later. Then my dad and sister wanted to take me to a hospital but we couldnt find it.we kept going to the wrong place. My sister was telling me if i took my hand off my wound i would die but then everyone got kidnapped and i was left alone to battle all the bad guys i ended up killing everyone and my wound just went away

teresa on January 12, 2014:

I had a dream of wild animals getting out and then me my kids and a male friend were driving and tigers came and got on my car trying to get it. And somehow i ended up in the kennel with all kinds of people who were afraid of the cats. Kept trying to find a safe way out and everywhere i turned the cats were there. Ended up me packing up things a teacher made for my little girl like clothes and leaving

Candice1176 on January 10, 2014:

I had a dream that I ran into an ex boyfriend of mine. He seemed to have had a stroke and was unable to walk without a cane. After meeting up with him, suddenly his sister and her friend whom I knew from the neighborhood showed up and we went back to their house and reminisced about the old days. What do you suppose this means?

Mally1676 on January 08, 2014:

I had a dream last night that my friend who has been missing for almost 2 years came home. what does that mean?

Lou on January 08, 2014:

I am in a house I don't recognize (full of party guests I don't know) with my former husband (whom I've not seen in over 8 years) and searching for my little brother (who has been dead for 6 years) when my husband tells me that our guests (unbeknownst to me) have bashed in a horse's head with a rock and cooked and eaten it. What in the world???

Michael Newberry from Unionville, North Carolina on January 07, 2014:

I have 2 troubling dreams.

the first was that a man I do not know came into my house. I knew he was evil, and could see it in his eyes. He picked up one of my pocket knives and started trying to kill me with it. I had no option but to pick up a kitchen knife for self defense. he in the end stabbed me and stared at me with an evil glare as I backed away. Im not sure if I died, I just remember backing away and waking up.

the second happened 2 hours ago by my estimation as I woke up and cant sleep.

I was walking through a place where the govenrment was very hostile, they killed a man and I saw his body lying in an abandoned building. I somehow knew that they would kill me if I was heard while running, but somehow ran home un noticed. when I got home, there were three people in my yard, all were mis shapen and one was a witch with a giant figure behind her, Im not sure what it actually was because my mind would only let me see a nutcracker. The other two were both digging graves and one was for me. the witch while the graves were being dug was chanting, and I found it hard to move. I tried to counter her curses with a prayer, but I was being controlled and lost my words and breath mid sentance. like the first dream, my final action was my waking point.

about the other grave, it was meant for who ever lived in the house besides me. in the dream, I could perceive that the person was a mother figure, but more elderly.

Paulette on January 02, 2014:

My daughter lives in Canada and has recently become a Canadian Citizen. Last night I dreamt that she, her Canadian boyfriend, her Canadian friend and my Canadian friend pulled up outside my home in England in the car she drives in Canada. I was very pleased to see her, her boyfriend and our friends. This happened several times and I kept asking how she could afford to keep coming over here with her boyfriend and our friends in tow but she never answered me. On her final visit she looked wonderful, her hair was full of life and she glowed. She brought a box of six eggs with her and handed the eggs to me. She did not explain to me why she had brought them and I remembering wondering how she had managed to bring them through customs at the airport. I took the eggs from her and woke up.

Joseph on December 30, 2013:

I had a dream last night that I was chasing my girlfriend, I couldn't sleep right, it made me uneasy.

jenny on December 26, 2013:

I had a dream the other night that my spouse (who travels alot and has his own business) going into a womens hotel room right before that we were talking and he said I need to take care of some business and went in. what could this mean?

Cherry on December 24, 2013:

In my dream I was with one of my friends, in some Asian country (I'm Chinese) and our lives were being threatened. Then a very hot Asian guy with a tattoo on his arm saved us, with another person. All I remember is that he grabbed me and jumped off a cliff into the water with me, and I reached out to try to grab my friend's hand, right before we hit the water I woke up.

Sha on December 23, 2013:

I had a dream of cooking and then helping people decorate a shed for a function. My auntys were helping me and I got very mad at one of my auntys and told her off. I was angry but continued with my work. A few people had come in with gifts and just then someone woke me up

natalie on December 23, 2013:

I have been dreaming about gathering sticks and talking to relatives that have passed as I am placing the sticks in letter formations. What does this mean?

Kay on December 22, 2013:

I was sitting at a table with a friend (do not remember who) having lunch, and my estranged Daughter came up to the table and asked to join us.

She had my oldest grandson with her (he is 5) and after I invited her to sit, he scrambled up on my lap and started crying happy tears, hugging me tight telling me how much he missed, and loved me.

The table was a thick wooden one, rectangle in shape, with benches that had backs, rather than chairs. It was coated in poly so the natural wood could be seen under the shiny surface.

I felt a little uneasy at her asking to join us, but inclined because I was curious at what she wanted. I woke up before she said anything, but she did seem to be pleasant rather than confrontational.

Tiffany on December 20, 2013:

I had a dream that I saw myself sitting in a car and a glowing hand reached in and touched me and I woke up. What could this mean?

tahleea on December 18, 2013:

Okay, last night. I had a dream that I was lying in bed... I distinctively remember being told by God to stay in my bed, and then Satan telling me to get up and walk into the kitchen. I remember being torn between the two, but ended up staying in my bed.

Dawn on December 13, 2013:

I had a dream that my ex husband was wanting me back, through the dream I kept rejecting him, and seemed confused. at the end of the dream before I woke up she was shaking me in bed and screaming Dawn I need you.

Jane1 on December 07, 2013:

Hi so I keep having the same type of dream over and over. I dream that I climb up to this really high place (it changes at times sometimes a mountain, top of stair case or ladder) and when I get to the top I'm paralyzed with fear and afraid to come down. Sometimes I come down but I'm very cautious when I do so. I've tried many times to have this dream interpreted but no luck yet. Please help!!!!!!!!!

MF3 on December 06, 2013:

O.k. So I had a terrible dream, and woke up impacted and was just so happy it was a dream. I dreamed that my house was in the process of being robbed, my family knew it was going to happen. So we built stronger doors and barriers. At one point some family members wanted to enter the house, but I didn't trust them. One of my cousins had black and white creepy paint all over her face. For some reason my sister, other cousin, and I had to leave the home. While we were driving around the block, we noticed intruders were in the house. I called 911, but they hadn't came. I tried calling 911 again, but couldn't reach them. Others thought it was pointless that I was calling 911. I was so mad, crying, screaming and wanted to do what was possible to get my family out of harms way. Once we arrived back in front of the house and hid next store because the house was already being robbed. We noticed belongings were being piled outside, and my family members were being held by the burglars. I feared they were going to be killed. Then, Thank God, I woke up.

jacquihack on December 05, 2013:

I dreamt i was in my room and my jeans came to life and tried to strangle me with the leg part. also my hand bags were flying around the room like eagles. please help me

dylewa on December 04, 2013:

I dreamed an ex boyfriend of mine-linked up with a woman and they stole my clothes and possessions out of of my house. I tracked them down and obtained my items back-some of them they sold off. The woman's father took a liking to me and helped me bring back my items so I thought. But he double crossed me-and then someone out the blue says I told you so about trusting him. I fought with him-physically. My mother was in the dream as well.

Crazy cherries on December 04, 2013:

I just woke up from a dream that had left me thinking. I have not dreamed in a while so for this to be the first it really made me think.

My dream was of me standing in a bedroom at my fiancé as mothers house. I blabbing away about our home and how I can't wait to get back. Then he turns to me and says I don't think I'm coming back with you. We argue for a bit while I try to understand the reasoning for the quick change .

Then it skips right to me standing there with his mother and a bunch of women. In my dream they were his sisters. He does not have any sisters, just brothers.

The women were making me feel ur welcomed,judged, not pleased with me. At the same time they were polite and respectful towards me in their words. Then in conversation we talk about my son staying there with his dad and grandma while I was getting ready to leave them for the night.

I in my dream felt scared, worried, heart broken, lost, and a lone.

I then am out side in a play ground and I see a familiar face. The face is someone I know but in the dream they were an acquaintance to my boy

friend. At first she was ease dropping to me crying, and pasting in circles when she said ask that girl and she went on..... The girl turned out to be my brothers ex wife. In the dream she had said something to ryan that had cause all of the confusion. Then I woke up.

pat on December 03, 2013:

I had a dream that I had a stick stuck in my finger,under the nail,and when I pulled it out I blead dirt...what does that mean?

mickey on December 02, 2013:

my engagement ring took off while i'm sleeping,what does it mean?

wendy on December 02, 2013:

my grandfather pasted away 2 years ago and i dream of him every night. what could this mean, i was really close to him.

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