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Dr. Billy Graham Library: A Photo Tour of the Home and Library in Charlotte, North Carolina

In the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina a haven of rest is being established. Turning off of the hectic streets and highways, frustrated minds are abruptly led into an oasis of peace as we enter the grounds of the newly opened Rev. Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC.


Walking in from the parking lot, the neat little home that Rev. Graham grew up in meets our eye. Everything is immaculate with newly growing plantings. We are told that the house is a farmhouse, and a really nice farm house it is.

Out back of the farm house is the "barn" which houses the Library.


This is a rather extraordinary barn as all enter through a cross.

Once inside the barn one is greeted as might be expected ... by a cow . . . .


. . . . who explains a little about what the Library is and how to take the tour. The lobby area has an information booth, a bookstore, and a neat, little cafe as well as some keepsakes from the Graham farm and business.


You then are led into room after room of memorabilia where you can look to your hearts content and wonder at the vast accomplishments of this great man of God.

The first room is a replica of the living area of the Graham home. Perhaps you might be able to translate the sentence above the fireplace.


The next room is dedicated to Ruth Graham and has some relics from her childhood in China. (See further info on Mrs. Graham.) Her Bible is also there and fittingly is open to the Acts of the Apostles. We will have a little more to say about Mrs. Graham when we visit her grave outside.


The next exhibit starts with Billy and Ruth in Wheaton College.


Billy Graham started right out as a called man of God, and thankfully, he listened intently to the call. Every case and every video speaks volumes about this man's allegiance to the cause of evangelism.

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He preached the Gospel wherever he was permitted and to all who would listen.

The next exhibit brings us back to the cross, "For Christ sent me to preach the Gospel-for the message of the cross is . . . the power of God (in Christ Jesus)." He never forgot the power in the message of the cross.


One case had Dr. Graham's Bible appropriately opened to John 3 which emphasizes "God So Loved the World" and "He must Increase, but I must decrease," tenets Billy Graham preached throughout his ministry.

I thought it interesting the mail he received, at least the addresses of some of the mail that was delivered. One letter from Australia had the simple address, "Dr. Billy Graham, Evangelist, America," and it was delivered with no problem.


Leaving the room exhibits, we again pass through a cross; once more we have the feeling that we are in the cross, a living part of the cross.


After exiting the exhibits one can have a snack and perhaps buy a couple of books in the surprisingly fine bookstore before going outside to see the boyhood home and visiting the grave of Ruth Graham.

The home has been excellently restored to about 40 - 50 years ago. It gives you the feeling that it would be fun to live in this house.


Outside, the grave of Ruth Bell Graham beckons. Ruth and Billy were married for 64 years. She died in 2007 and lays in peaceful repose in a forest blanket of overhanging oak leaves, plants she loved so much.


Her grave stone is a simple flat piece of rock with a grateful assertion,

"End of Construction/Thank you for your patience"


When God calls Billy, he will be buried beside his beloved wife.

We left the grounds wanting more.



Edwin Alcantara from California on April 26, 2019:

Nice. Would love to visit sometime when we're in the area. Thanks for the picture tour.

c on March 04, 2018:

Was the homestead move where the Library is.

Brandon L. Rein on October 11, 2012:

The mantle states: Eine Feste Burg Ist Unter Gott. Which means A strong castle (possibly meaning kingdom) is under God.

Duane P. Santucci on December 06, 2011:

I am Thankful for the life long ministry and legacy of Dr. Graham as he has taught with simplicity and fervent accuracy and because of his obedience countless of millions have heard the gospel, i feel his departure is closely at hand and felt impressed to say never have we seen in the flesh so humble and great in one individual but a servant to the very end and obedient to go ye into all the world and preach my gospel,a man that packed out stadiums long before we even had mega churches,a man that reached countless of souls throughout the nations long before christian television, what manner of man is this, oh i think we know for as Jesus promised.grater works then these shall you do because i go to my Father in Heaven and that is the life and legacy of such a great man we call Dr. Billy Graham, Thank you Dr. Graham for inspiring my life.

Mr. Duane P. Santucci Bermuda

Kaka Dauda on October 29, 2011:

Just got touched today by this willing arm of God in Graham. The quest to know more about Christ took me to this nature-beauty-plus.

myra nell slaughter wandry on December 18, 2010:

I was watching Billy Grahan on TV when he was preaching in Denver Colorado, twenty years ago. I was inspired to look him up on and learn more about him and found the info about the library. I enjoyed seeing it.

Leslie Henschel on December 05, 2010:

I met my wonderful Christian husband in 1961 on a bus to see Dr. Billy Graham preach in Minneapolis. We were both teenagers then, and now have been happily married for 42 years. Thank you, Dr. Graham, for preaching in Minneapolis that day. The blessings that have come from it are more than I can number!

pauline on November 29, 2010:

I watched a program on TBN and Dr Billy Graham was on, I have always been blessed by this man of God, and continue to do so, Thank you Dr Billy Graham, for your love and testimony, and for leading so many souls to the Lord. Please pray for my three children to find salvation God Bless

Candace on September 29, 2010:

I going to be Ruth Graham for Halloween 2010, and find a job as a sales associate.

God bless you Billy Graham

Camille on September 11, 2010:

One of the highlights of my life was seeing Billy Graham preach in Rice Stadium, Houston, Texas many years ago. I have read his and Ruth's books and always looked forward to his crusades on television. These are beautiful pictures and I hope to one day visit here.

linda on September 06, 2010:

I was led to Christ early in life by my family and Sunday school, but I remember being 5 years old (1965) and watching Reverand Graham during his Hour of Decision. I felt the truth in his words, and the honor that he felt for our Father was an example for me. I could feel his humility and dignity in his sermons. I have enjoyed his leadership all these years, especially growing up, and hearing about forgiveness. Thank you Reverand Graham, for helping us all to follow our Lord, Jesus Christ, and for preaching the pure words of our Saviour.

sheilabee100 on September 04, 2010:

I visited the Billy Graham Library today. What a wonderful experience. As I went to each section I was moved by his devotion, faith and focus. It is stressed that the library is not about him (B.G.) at all. It is all about what God has done, is doing, and can do through the work of the Holy Spirit. He does not want credit! I was quite moved by touring the site. The Holy Spirit is there--you can feel it.

The Chinese writing above Ruth's site means "Righteousness". She was born in China and her parents were Chinese missionaries. Also, when she and Billy were driving down the road one day she saw a sing that had, "End of Construction. Thank You for Your Patience." She stated that she wanted it on her tombstone one day and now her wish is granted.

As icing on the cake, I was sitting outside under a shelter waiting for my ride to pick me up, a woman pushed a man in a wheelchair under the shelter, too. We greeted each other and he said, My wife is burried right over there... I really did not believe him at first. He introduced himself and it was Cliff Barrows. He stated he was married to Billi Barrows for 50 years and his second wife Ann for 15. He is virtually blind, but very spry for 87. What an honor to shake hands with him! They have many grandchildren and they brought some of them to see B.G. Library.

If you are in the Charlotte area, it is a must see if you love Billy Graham. You'll be moved as well and have a better appreciation of his ministry and his love for God.

Cathy on August 01, 2010:

Hi, I stumbled onto this page looking for info regarding the Billy Graham mantle piece as seen in his higlights for the Library. I have tried to read it many times but cannot read it.

Can somebody reading please supply me the answer.. what it says.. and what it means? I have read it is something written in German, but I do not know. Can somebody tell me?

Billy Graham's library is at the top of my list. I arrived there a year ago but it was closed. The guard there however was EXTREMELY nice and let me on the grounds to take pictures of the property. I plan on coming back to see ALL of it though!

Billy Graham himself did not lead me to Christ, but after I was led to Him, I began watching Billy. And have learned a LOT from Him, but of course much more from the bible and the Holy Spirit... and my favorite pastor who DID lead me to Christ.. who is actively preaching at FBA in Georgia!!

God Bless you Billy! Always in my prayers. Thanks for everything!

observer one on July 31, 2010:

what's with the chinese symbol at the top of the tombstone?

abraham on July 02, 2010:

i am very happy to see this wounderful site.i am eager to see all these places when GOD PERMITS ME.

arshad khuahi on April 16, 2010:

sir pls prayer for my son that he may success in life and get his education sucessfully

FIDEL OCHIENG OTIENO on February 27, 2010:

Thank you so much for the information you wrote in your internet documents they have really converted me .Am a Kenyan citizen of 22years of age . i would like to join bible college to a cquire more from the bible.

Pamela Lipscomb from Charlotte, North Carolina on February 21, 2010:

The property! Billy Graham is a very well respected minister. I have never heard any scandal associated with his name.

nikki1 on February 20, 2010:

Wow, I love this hub. Thanx for sharing.

olugbenga ashaolu on January 15, 2010:

iam deeply humbled wiyh these memorabilia- a fine masterpiece, impeccable, neat and drawing me closer to GOD. I desire to visit this great place. May GOD hear my prayers. thanks for the efforts you made, to make this place a tourist attraction.

gbenga ashaolu,


Moses Valeru on January 05, 2010:

I am blessed through the ministry of His chosen vessel, Dr. Graham.

candy on September 24, 2009:

im proud 2 be a part of the graham family.

Gicky Soriano from California on July 20, 2009:

Your photo journal inspires me to visit the Dr. Billy Graham library one day soon. Great hub! Keep up the good work.

Wes Rouse (author) from North Port on February 21, 2009:

The museum has only works from Dr.Graham and his wife.

Charlotte Contractors on February 20, 2009:

I've never been to his library before, but I really respect Rev. Graham. Does his library only contain his works, or does it have info from other respected names also?

Rev.Esther Thathapudi on July 25, 2008:

Hi I'm Esther thathapudi from Manna Bible School, Amlapuram-533201, AP. India.

I can exprenance God power in Dr.Gram, A man with Vision and mission for Apostle for this generation. he is a I like this very much. i pray that i'll visit this soon. God bless you

Rev.Ernest Thathapudi on July 25, 2008:

i like this very much,if God opens the door then I'll vist this very soon.

MrMarmalade from Sydney on January 04, 2008:

I like this hub

thank you

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