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Don't Mess With These Sun Signs - Part 1

Christofer has been a counselor, contract administrator and has studied astrology with his mother since the 70s. He has eight grandchildren.


Extreme Negatives

Surely we must conclude that absolutely any one no matter the sign could be full of vengeance and always be on a mission to “get back”. Astrology being what it is, a mixture of compulsions, tendencies and inclinations; and the soul being what it is – having a history that builds character, or burns it down, does create the possibility for a mean spirited, angry, plotting self, that could come from any sun sign. Yes, I agree that this to me, is true.

Generally, we only ever learn someone’s sun sign. Few people know, or if they know, will offer the details of their horoscope, or the horrors of their personal past. So generally, like society does, we use the shorthand of Sun Sign Astrology, and draw personality portraits that may be overstated to an extreme, but nevertheless provide a picture of what a person can be.

Like one commenter recently said: “I didn’t know you were in our house when she was screaming at me!” Sometimes these readings can be eerily accurate, or at least conjure up a picture that contains a likeness that is disturbing.

So with those caveats, let us take a look at the sun signs you want to avoid when they are on a warpath -- Aries, Gemini, Leo! I have inserted “Points of Grace” that might soften the situation a little or mitigate extremes.


ARIES: The Ram’s temperament is quite charming and seems to be always extroverted. It’s not that they are like Dracula, or Frankenstein. They don’t skulk around looking for ways to jump you, but the Ram is so personally equipped to fight, that you should be warned.

This is under the category of “Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape”. An Aries will mess with you even if you are innocent and looking the other way. The good thing about Aries is that they will sit you on your can just because it’s fun. If they are abusing you, figure out a way to laugh, and move into their Grace Point:

Find Their Grace Point: You aren’t hurt, offended or threatening. Most Rams are so enthusiastic and fun that they don’t think in terms of malice. It’s just that they are inclined to the expression of high energy, which can be misinterpreted. One toddler Aries took a long time just to be trained out of ramming people wherever she went and who ever she met. That is their essential temperament. They are happy, cool, funny, high achievers, but they are always ready for a pop, right on your nose. So, just don’t mess. They don’t have long memories, but they don’t need them. They act so quickly! If you go on a campaign against them, it is not likely that they will surrender, ever.

Taurus does not belong because you can run away from Taurus. If you go looking for a fight, they might sink a horn into you, but if you are out of their way, they won’t generally seek you out. If you are without consciousness, or just drunk, you can take on a big Taurus and end your suffering, but when they are done, they themselves will wonder what was wrong with you, and not think of you again. As they step over you in the bar, they won’t kick you. If you don’t get up and don’t look the bull in the eye, they will probably not gore you repeatedly.


GEMINI has a cold inner quality. Beyond their outer charm, they can be exceedingly frosty. And they have fantastic memories. And being cool, they don’t have to rage and rage all night, waiting to jump you, gossip about you, or tear you a new one. Once you have made their private list, you can sit there for a long time, and then the day comes. Your card comes up. They do half a smile, and then get back in a creative, cold and sometimes circuitous way. When you get it from a Gemini, it can be an open gash in front of a crowd, and the whole group laughs. And you die. Or it can be something quiet and insidious. And when it happens, you go: “Was that from two years ago?”

Point of Grace: This makes Gemini sound vicious. Gemini does not like to fight. Gemini hates outer displays of negative manifestations. But if you go after them, and make it obvious that you are after them, they will go into counterespionage and “covert ops” in order to defend themselves. Then, the next morning, they are as cheerful as ever.

Cancers are as tough as they come, but they are like Taurus. If you don’t come after them, or appear to be coming after them, then they will probably leave you alone, or just keep you on a bad list. If you threaten their home, though, all bets are off.


Leos are lions, right? So, they can get offended quite easily, and along an entire length of potential issues to which they respond defensively. They will roar openly and clear the room with their temper. They will snap at you and aim for your nose, and bite off your head. They will martial forces to jump you because they have the power to. Or if the Leo is not powerful, take you on with a couple friends. Because they are Leos, they don’t care if they outnumber their opponents. They are so arrogant, they will take you with two, or three or ten, and it’s just fine with them.

They won’t mind leaving the evidence around for others to see. Because that’s what Lions do. And an open challenge is unbearable to them. You might say, “Ah, they’re not so tough”. But if you get into ego and shame, and reputation and public censure and wild open gossip, they will pile on another level of fury. That doesn’t mean they are that good, smart, or clever. They are just more darned serious about their pride than most others are. In other words, they can even embarrass themselves and look bad beating you, and still be OK with that.

Point of Grace: Learn to make nice and apologize well. If you don’t mind pretending, pretend you like them. Leos need to be understood this way. They won’t go on a hundred mile journey to kill you, unless you declared you were going to do so. So, don’t be an official enemy, and you will be better off.

Virgos will be a “thousand drops of water” and wear you out because you don’t brush your teeth, but they are not knights on 2000 pound guilded horses. If they hate you and find you irredeemable, they will at the worst, call you bad names, consign you to a low class status and maybe even pray for your soul, but they will not come after you. They want to, but they’re just too good for that.

Libra and Virgo share traits – probably more than any other adjacent signs do. Libra wants peace. Their internal mechanism can drive them crazy, but generally they don’t get outwardly aggressive. Libra is the kind who might be the “Big Brother” type with the coercion of Government threatening openly and from behind spying and secret techniques. That kind of vengeance has a sterile, bloodless quality. That could appeal to Libra, theoretically. But generally they are the kinder sort.

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ThePaganSun on July 28, 2017:

Yeah, I agree with ProudLeo. I'm glad that we're considered not to be messed with, but even though lions hunt in packs, that's for hunting and food. For fighting over territory, a single lion can scatter a whole herd of prey and they can take down and kill prey 2x bigger than them. Heck, lions have been known to kill and even eat TIGERS!

So yeah... We don't need other people to do our dirty work for us. We are natural predators and can hurt or maim any other Zodiac sign ourselves. Modern astrology needs to be reminded of how fierce and temperamental we can be.

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Remember guys... LEO was the ONLY sign to be categorized as both "bestial" (primal instinct rather than higher reasoning) and "feral" (savage and destructive behavior). Not Aries (considered only "bestial"), not Sagittarius (half "feral"), and lol...certainly not the supposedly "dangerous" and "powerful" Scorpio which despite what some modern astrologers believe was classified as merely "mute" (difficulty communicating properly). LEO was the most potentially violent sign.

But thank you for at least including Leos in the "Not to be Messed With" category!

ProudLeo on May 24, 2017:

I sort of disagree with the implication that Leos need their friends to take someone out. Lol... No. We'll just tear you apart ourselves. We can drop people faster than Taurus.

tiara86 on September 10, 2011:

OMG...this is so true... I am a leo and I could completely connect myslf to this article.

I felt as if this article is written specifically about me and not generally.

Grace Marguerite Williams from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York on September 01, 2011:

I love your take on astrology. Great hub.

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