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Donald Trump and the Discernment of the Church

Paula White and Jentzen Franklin supporting Trump.

Paula White and Jentzen Franklin supporting Trump.

Trump mocks Christians

When Donald Trump first began running for president, Christians were divided. One group mostly Evangelicals decided to support him because he said he was pro-life. Other believers were skeptical, saying Trump was only trying to get elected and not a true follower of Christ. Once elected The Donald chose a team of Evangelical leaders who were photographed laying hands on the president and praying. Paula White Cain and Franklin Graham led the charge insisting that God Himself chose Donald Trump for this hour. Never mind that 3 million more Americans voted for Hilary Clinton and The Donald won because of a flawed electoral system. During these past four years no matter what has been revealed the Evangelicals continued to have the presidents back. In the meantime other believers in Christ were concerned with the president’s racist rhetoric and winks and nods to White supremacists. Donald Trump cursed in public and called female congresswomen nasty names. Most Christian said this was not the spirit of a man consumed with the love of Christ and doubted his faith was sincere. Now if recent revelations are true everyone knows that it was all a shame. According to former Trump lawyer Michael Flynn as well as several recent articles, Donald Trump actually has a disdain for believers in Christ. After a meeting with prosperity gospel teacher Creflo Dollar, Trump was heard saying that all preachers were hustlers and full of sh&t. How could Donald Trump be harboring such an attitude while popular church leaders were singing his praises? Where was the gift of discernment in the multimillionaire televangelists?

Many of these individuals claim to be able to hear from the Lord and have millions of followers who hang onto their every word. It's obvious they are tone-deaf where the 45th President is concerned and not hearing what the Spirit of the Lord is revealing. How ironic that so many so-called Christians have been singing the praises of a man who lacks their faith and mocks it. This makes perfect sense to those who were not impressed when Trump held up a Bible in from of St Church. Many who openly said he was not really a believer were considered as judging but it turns out the doubters were discerning the truth all along. How vile and despicable to misuse the Holy Bible and the Name of Christ for personal gain. How dastardly to pretend to love Jesus just to get voted into office and have no fear of consequence. Many Christians knew in 2016 who Donald Trump really is because he showed us. This is why a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and sensitivity to His voice is a must.

Christians divided

I personally have been outraged at the number if Christians who have been on social media saying what a wonderful God-fearing man the president is. How will they feel now knowing it all was an act? Trump should have known that at some point his lies would catch up to him and it looks like that time is now. Many have already voted but for believers in Christ who have not, let’s hope they examine themselves and are as disgusted as the rest of us that Trump played them in Jesus' Name. The best thing that can happen at this point is that Trump loses by a landslide. It’s not too late for evangelicals to right the wrong they did to the nation in 2016. Jesus is love and love does not sow discord and division and take children from their parents and put them in cages. Love does not brag Look at me I beat COViD while more than 220,000 Americans have died of the disease. Love does not cause strife based on race, national origin, and sexual orientation Jesus said those who follow Him should be humble servants. not boastful dictator wannabees. I encourage every believer in Christ to re-read I Corinthians chapter 13 in several translations and then ask yourself if Donald Trump is showing this type of love, charity and compassion?

Trumps mocks the Bible

Trumps mocks the Bible

God is not the author of confusion

How can so many American Christians exhibit such a lack of discernment where this president is concerned. He only looks out for his own best interests and has fired all those in the White House who will no follow his s distorted vision. Why would any Christ-follower proudly say they are voting for Trump? How can anyone support him and not be ashamed to let this be known? How can believers be so narrow-minded that they cast caution to the wind and place all their bests on the Donald saying he is pro-life? How do Evangelicals not get sick on the stomach at all the lies and cry out to the Lord for deliverance from this Tyrant? Evangelicals think the president is like the Biblical King by Cyrus and is some sort of savior. Other believers in Christ see him as Nebudchenezzar who lost his mind and wandered 7 years like an animal. Some Christians say Donald Trump is King Darius who saw the handwriting on the wall and lost h9s kingdom. Two of these narratives represent judgment and the third indicates the favor of the Lord. When believers in Christ are disagreeing it only brings confusion into the midst and God is not the author of confusion.


OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on October 27, 2020:

Politicians, they are "one kind" of people...

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 23, 2020:

Words combined with actions tell a story. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is most probably a duck. Some people will still choose to think it is an elephant despite appearances to the contrary. In my opinion, morality counts and is on the ballot this year.

Sp Greaney from Ireland on October 22, 2020:

I think these leaders should stay away from politics and not praise one politican over another especially when the one they suppport has so many flaws. Very disappointing that popularity is chosen over morals.

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