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Quo Vadis Domine - Meaning and Translation

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Domine quo vadis? - Annibale Carracci

Domine quo vadis? - Annibale Carracci

Quo Vadis Meaning and Translation

Quo Vadis (Latin) meaning and translation is "Where are you going". When Saint Peter fleeing from Rome because Jesus follower was persecuting by Nero’s government, he meet with Jesus who appeared carrying His cross in the outskirts of Rome.

“Domine, Quo Vadis?” Saint Peter asked. The Latin word which translation: “Lord, where are you going?”

“Eo Romam Iterum Crucifigi,” Jesus answered. The meaning and translation: “I am going to Rome to be crucified again.”

Saint Peter remorse and gains the courage to return to Rome. In his ministry to serves Jesus, Saint Peter is martyred crucified upside-down.

Until now there are a church in Italy which gave name as Quo Vadis to remind us Jesus conversation with Saint Peter.

Quo Vadis Church

It is believe that the Church of St Marry in Palmis today is the spot of where Jesus appears and meets with Saint Peter. The is better known as Chiesa del Domine Quo Vadis. This small church is located in Appian Way that near to Porta San Sebastiano, southeast of Rome.

The world “Palmis” is soles of Jesus feet on a marble stone in the center of the church. It is the symbol by Jesus because He appears before Saint Peter.

Palmis - Jesus' feet

Palmis - Jesus' feet

Quo Vadis Context in Bible

This is occur to the Bible in John 13:36 when Peter asks Jesus the same question and Jesus answer, “Whither I go, thou canst follow me know; but thou shalt follow me.”

I am not the priest who will give you biblical interpretation. In my opinion it is often that we are fleeing from our duty and we did not realize that Jesus appear when we run away.

Our problem today is, we are stop and ask the Jesus, “Domine, Quo Vadis?” On the contrary, we keep on running away. We need courage to ask Jesus the same question as Peter did.

When we run away from our life, it is better we stop and asks Jesus, “Domine, Quo Vadis?” Jesus will help us regain our courage and to conjure the city of our problem.

You can Run, But You can not Hide

How far you will run from your life? But you can not hide! Maybe you drown in your busy office job, but in the night you drown in loneliness. Drinking will not help you. What we need is calm down, asking to our self.

I know, in some churches, sermon did not touching our heart, so flat and dull, the preaching was disappear in the air. What is come to our mind is the limit of credit card, debt, and so on. Quo Vadis our life without Jesus? Now you know the answer. Stop run away.

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