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Does Meth Use Lead to Demonic Possession in Some People, or Is It Just Schizophrenia?

Dean is an experienced ex-drug addict who found the Lord. He is highly anointed by God when it comes to helping others.

Damn...I Look Good! Time to Wake Up.


Is it Mental Illness or do I Have a Demon?

As an ex-meth addict myself, I pick up on things that most people don't get. I understand meths power and influence that it has over the users life. Whenever I was using I developed schizophrenic like symptoms that led me to attempted suicide and several hospitalizations. I was placed on Zyprexa for the voices and officially diagnosed. The pills did nothing other than put me to sleep. I would wake up to the bed shaking and three loud knocks on the wall beside my bed. One night I even felt something crawl in bed with me, I was high on Fentanyl and coming down off of speed. While I was actively using and obeying the thoughts and voices nothing bothered me, but when I came down, well I don't want to talk about it! Any way, I got clean and submitted to Jesus and slowly the demons left me. I understand now that this was God's way of training me for what lied ahead! Now, almost everywhere I go strangers that are having problems with the above just approach me, they tell me their story and then get very emotional while discussing their problems. I have learned to be a wonderful listener! I have found that 90% of meth induced mental illness is really the Demonic, or the Djinn. Both linger around someone high on meth and try to influence them to use more drugs or other destructive activities, such as gambling and porn, or what ever else. Eventually, the demon will trick the user into believing that he himself is a god. Once the person agrees with the spirit it now has free reign to terrorize the victim. Usually the spirit is a demon and not the Djinn. Demons are really the souls of disemboweled giants from the time of Noah (see Genesis 6) looking for a host that can fore fill their lust for the flesh and what one may experience when using.This is discussed in the book of Enoch more closely. As of now I am currently in training in order to help my brothers and sisters out there who are having these issues. I do not believe that all symptoms of mental illness are Demons. But meth, that's a doorway that doesn't like to be closed...

Is it Mental Illness? A Table for Comparison

Actual Mental illness

Mental IllnessActual symptomsThe treatment


hearing voices, paranoia, wearing a coat in hot weather, no bad smells or physical symptoms

anti-psychotics, talk therapy ect...


Ups and downs, paranoia, lack of sleep

Mood stabilizer, talk therapy


Feeling sad, low energy, lack or to much sleep



Plagued...By the Unseen

This is where things get hairy. The user knows deep down that something very evil is going on. For many users things may seem normal for many years of meth use, until the moment they realize that they are not alone...Whenever I experienced this I immediately blamed my lack of sleep. Yes, loss of sleep is defiantly a factor but here it's much more than meets the eye! You see, whenever a person is in that twilight sleep moment just before they enter the dream (astral plane) world they are most open for attacks or influence. As humans, we do this naturally after a hard days work or staying up to late. Meth mimics this, thus opening a door to the spirit world that is very hard to close. Usually, a user of drugs may have very low vibrations which the demonic are attracted to. The entity will then become attached to the person and influence him or her by injecting thoughts into the person's mind and making them believe that they are really their own. If the addict continues use and commit other sins then the demon will gain power. They feed off of our astral energy that is negative. And meth abuse is about as low as one can go! These entities have a craving for being in the flesh and doing evil deeds while there. They come up with the most perverted ideas and when the host listens to them and plays out these false fantasies then the demon will accuse them, further lowering one's vibrations. The final goal is to have the user deny Christ, thus guaranteeing one's place in Hell!

The Only Answer is Jesus Christ!


Do You Want Freedom? Choose to Submit to Your Creator

I have always been a believer in Jesus. I grew up in a Southern Baptist home. However, I never dreamed of what lied on the other side of that very thin veil (which is getting thinner everyday) that could hurt me! I went through absolute hell with my many demons that oppressed me. I have found out through my training and personal deliverance's that I have performed that a relationship with Jesus is the only permanent answer to demonic oppression. One must ask God to cancel out any curses or agreements that one may have with the demons. Then a very long prayer (which I will post in a different hub) must be recited from one's heart, asking for forgiveness and agreeing to stop sinning and drug use. Of course you must ask Jesus to become your personal Lord and Savior believing that He is God in the flesh, that He died on the cross, and that He rose from the grave. And of course, admitting that you are a sinner. I'm very sorry to ad that any other religious belief will only lead you to the dark side! Jesus is the only name that you can say and literally watch a shadow person run. Why do you think that is? You may be able to rid yourself of demons with other rituals ect. but the demons will come back...and bring seven of their friends as Jesus instructed us...

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Dean Baron (author) from Lewiston, Idaho on October 11, 2018:

Hi! I just got done with this article's sequel. Click here to check out how to Rid yourself from these creatures of the Dark!

Dean Baron (author) from Lewiston, Idaho on October 11, 2018:

I would really like to hear from people regarding this problem that is growing like wildfire. I am currently working on two different "cases" right now so I know that there is much more out there. May Grace and Peace be with you forever.

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