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Do You Live an Inspired Life?

Tina is a bilingual writer of unconventional fiction, a media graduate with a special focus on human sexuality and a content writer.

Inspiration is timing. Inspiration is a flow of energy

To inspire is to fill someone with the urge to do, feel or create something. To be inspiring we have to know ourselves deeply and we do so by examining ourselves.

To live an inspired life we have to choose to do so and we have to manage without too much discipline. To flow we have to stay open to change. Inspiration is joy. Make sure to get at least three belly laughs a day to stay inspired. If you don’t laugh on a daily basis it’s time to let go of the to-do list and make a to-be list.

To live an inspired life is to be open, curious and prepared to be changed in some way by all the different people we meet.

The fictional character Pippi Longstocking created by my favourite author growing up, Astrid Lindgren, inspired me both to live and to be myself. I was a rebel like Pippi and she told me it was ok not to fit in, to be weird and to use my imagination as much as I possibly could.

Tove Jansson who created the Moomins inspired me to think deeply, to examine and question myself. Authors can save lives, musicians too, Swedish punk was my self-prescribed medicine when no one understood me, myself included sometimes.

To be open is to be inspired, by ourselves and others. We must be open to the challenges of life and not bypass problems by positivising it with “everything happens for a reason” but really look for the learning within the challenge. Challenges are good. Problems are necessary.

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Inspiration is not exclusive and can be self-generated. We are inspired when we know we are filled with all the gifts. We refill by being inspired by others who are also filled with all the gifts. Waiting for inspiration to do, feel or create limits your creativity. In reality, creativity is waiting for you to take action.

Inspiration is gratitude. When we’re grateful, we belong and we feel safe and successful. It’s enough to inspire oneself to continue to explore and experiment. Writing is solo work, but it’s inspired by a multitude of people.

When a writer reads, they’re inspired to write, but sitting down and starting the writing process is the hardest work, and it’s likely not going to be a masterpiece, so not giving up is also inspired living and it’s internal.

The arts are not exclusively creative. We are all creative. Inspiration is a state of being.

To live an inspired life is to learn, unlearn and relearn, and meet every new person and situation with a learning attitude. Dare to be experimental. Practice improves everything and inspiration is practical, we must practice to know if we’re inspirational.

© 2021 Tina Brescanu

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