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Discovery of the True Face of Jesus Christ

Emmanuel is a Nurse, Christian leader, prolific writer and a medical researcher. His qualifications are RN, RM, BNSc, MPH.


Is this the True Face of Jesus Christ?

The image above is the image on the famous shroud of Turin, perhaps the most famous Christian relic of all but is this Jesus? Medical experts have examined the shroud in detail and shown how the wounds, the trajectory of blood flow and the like are anatomically correct and reflect a person badly abused and crucified. Although there is a lot of controversy about it but the most interesting thing is that the image of the shroud is a photographic negative and in itself appears to be the result of the scorch on the cloth from some high intensity light and heat. It can be said with confidence that the shroud image is neither painted nor stained on the shroud (the depth of the image is so shallow that this suggestion do not work.

How did this Image get on the Cloth?

The image on this shroud has been a mystery, its unique of all the Christian relics found in the museums. How did the image get on the cloth, where did the shroud come from for that matters what is its relationship to the bloody facial cloth housed in a church in Spain that seems to have the very same image on it.

On one hand the New Testament writers were not interested in the matter of what Jesus really looked like neither did they try one bit to describe what Jesus looked like anywhere in the whole scripture except for the vision of Daniel and the description of John in the beginning chapters of the book of revelation. Unfortunately, these mentions didn't provide a full three dimensional description of the true image of Christ Jesus.

What Counts Most

Interestingly, what counted most in the days of Jesus Christ was the content of one’s character not the physical features and even now the bible teaches us to consider less of the physical look than the deep reserves of our heart which determines our true person. The gospel helps us to know the real Jesus but did not satisfy our curiosity about his exact look..

Fredrick buechner wrote a fabulous and beautiful book about this called the faces of Jesus. In it he says the following “whoever he was or was not, whoever he thought he was, whoever he has become in the memories of men since and will go on becoming for as long as men remember him… exalted, sentimentalized, debunked, made and remade to the measure of each generations desire, dread, indifference. He was a man once, whatever else he may have been, and had a man’s face, a human face… take it or leave it, if nothing else it is at least a face we would know anywhere- a face we somehow belong to. Like the faces of people we love, it has become so familiar that unless we take pains we hardly see it whole, see it whole, see it too for what it is just possible that it will become: the face of Jesus is the face of our own secret and innermost destiny. The face of Jesus is our face.

Many False Jesus

There has been a lot of lies about the true face of Jesus. While some of these lies have been somewhat diplomatic enough to provoke our imagination to think the bible and the bible stories within a particular four walls. This in one way has helped boost our understanding of the things of God however, it harms our spiritual life the more as we grow in God.

As we grow in the knowledge of God, we come to a point of confusion where we had to do a kind of rethink on the image of Christ. Usually, we have been shown that Christ Jesus was a light in complexion man with a very long hair and beard. This image of course looked quite logical since some bible verses described certain vows in the Hebrew culture such as Nazarines in which an individual is bounded by sacred oath of not shaving his hair and beard but it bothers me more when i see a lot of varying image. At a point my power of differentiating pictures and arts grew and I began to figure out the descrepancies in the image of Jesus that the society has given to us. Yes I got to know that these images are the pictures of real people but it is far from the very picture of Christ Jesus.

The White Jesus

The White Jesus

The White Supremacy Image of Jesus

Unfortunately, over the years we have been brain washed and made to believe that anything that is white is of God while anything that is black is of the devil. Needless to say that art and picture is a very effective weapon or tools for writing and re-writing the algorithm in the hearts of young people. So devil and anything that is not good was painted black in colour while anyother colours especially white was painted as God and good. This made us try out this program on everything we came accross in life even to the point of considering the dark skinned people as probably not good or far away from God who is at close proximity with the white. Some people even consider the white skinned people to be Gods and the dark-skinned something worse than the devil. This totally defiles the teaching of the bible.

As we studied more in the bible, we even realized that there were some descriptions of how the ancient of days looked in the book of Daniel and it was far from being white. Lets us all cease from decieving ourselves and focus on the main thing that has the capacity to transform us. This rat race must stop!

Suppose Physics and Logic can Explain

Let us suppose that the stories told about Christ's death are true, and Jesus rose from the dead, proving that at least one dead man did tell tales thereafter was seen walking after his execution.

Suppose in a blaze of light and glory Jesus emerged from the tomb, leaving a scorched negative image on his burial shroud. Suppose Joseph of arimathea who owned the tomb or some other disciples preserved this remarkable portrait of man once crucified. How did the images of so many Middle Eastern flowers get on the shroud? How is it that the weave of the loath comports with what we know of other ancient Jewish burial shrouds? How is it that the wounds on the shroud are correctly going through the wrist rather than the palms? How is it that the brow of the browbeaten man shows signs of being pierced and scratched by a crown of thorns and not just any thorn but from the Jerusalem saber plant?

21st Century Concern

In the 21st century, an age littered with all kinds of digital screens and technological imaging. we may be forced to ask what did he look like? Did he rise from the dead? If these are your questions, perhaps the man shrouded in the mystery on the Turin shroud can help us to count the cost of crucifixion and see our redemption face to face. This is what Christ did for you; his sufferings must not be in vain in your life. Accept him today as your lord and personal saviour and become born again. Whatever controversy exists, whether this is his face or not, we know that while we see through a glass dimly and darkly now, one day we will see him face to face….

  • Scientific Discovery of Heaven
    The 21st century scientist has arrived with a notable and remarkable discovery with an amazing proof that heaven, a celestial city exists. This discovery was made with the development of a spectacular Hubble space telescope which has beamed pictures.

© 2011 Emmanuel O ADESUYI

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JOSEPH AYODELE AJAYI on July 26, 2013:


campfog on June 11, 2012:

Poji,,,,, i 100% agree with u, there is a power which oppose the good, & a power which over rules. the functions of both r clearly seen i wonder y some ppo dont beliv even today. the picture z nt the matter but belif in the name & crucifixion & resurection to complete salvation. giv yourself fully to him & enjoy the beauty of salvation. dont support the reberious satan.

campfog on June 11, 2012:

Poji,,,,, i 100% agree with u, there is a power which oppose the good, & a power which over rules. the functions of both r clearly seen i wonder y some ppo dont beliv even today. the picture z nt the matter but belif in the name & crucifixion & resurection to complete salvation. giv yourself fully to him & enjoy the beauty of salvation. dont support the reberious satan.

pogi on June 07, 2012:

it is wiser to believe that there is god...

coz if there is, then you got credits

if there wasn't, there's nothing bad at all.

Irro Yirmeyahu on April 25, 2012:

All I have to say is JESUS is spirit and those worship HIM worship HIM in truth and spirit so if you want to know how JESUS look like just look deep insid of you, you will see will know how JESUS is.

Jtsm on February 29, 2012:

We are all born from the light with the light of the creator inside us...and we all spend our lives trying to get back to that beautiful light from which we came...Some people were born with all the knowledge of the creator and were destined to share that knowledge to help us live enlightened lives and and love and respect one another..and all things around us..Jesus was the son of the God..He was here to teach us the knowledge from his father..God..When you are special and different you may also be pursecuted and crucified..He gave his life for all of us and asked God to forgive us for our sins...There were other enlightened ones ..Buddha also spent his life teaching and helping others to be enlightened and caring of one another..People followed him around everywhere he went as well as Jesus..I believe there was a Jesus and I believe in the Creator..

Emmanuel O ADESUYI (author) from Nigeria on January 15, 2011:

I agree with u soma but mylife=adventure,aw culd u av believed that God does not exist?perhaps u believe man is formed spontaneously.we can say we looked into heaven where people says God dwells and can't find him if that is the issue,we can as well decide to look at the head of a person and then conclude that he has no brain becos we can't see the white and grey matter.That is his feat as the God of all flesh,your brain cannot just believe and comprehend it

soma on January 14, 2011:

I feel the deep understanding present in Christ Consciousness sees the good of God everywhere and always present. This shift in attitude brings greater freedom; peace and joy so old worries are given up, freeing the mind and replacing old ideas with the knowledge that everything we need is available and good.

Casey Coulter from Wisconsin on January 14, 2011:

I don't believe in God either. I believe in being a good person. I believe in family and friends. I believe I work at shelters and help more people that actually need help than some "Christians". I believe that I don't need to praise something to be saved from a life I am already living. Whether there is Heaven or Hell, is me not being a just and true hearted person in this world enough? If it isn't that what kind of God is that. One who demands to be worshiped in every way that is a religion I would rather not be apart of.

Emmanuel O ADESUYI (author) from Nigeria on January 14, 2011:

you are being too logical and human in this matter my brother. the fact that Jesus Christ is the son of God is not a matter to quibble or debate on, for it need not the certification or proof of man. it is sure and real than the very person next to you, becos the highest authority(GOD) IN HEAVEN confired it saying this is my beloved son in whom i am well pleased, listen to Him. trying to reason out the things of God in man's way is folly. so therefore people might not believe his death and resurrection.

Casey Coulter from Wisconsin on January 14, 2011:

I believe he was just another man like the rest of us who had a good set of morals he wanted to help the world out with, he gained many followers with this they documented his campaign of trying to make the world a better place. With that they exaggerated a lot with his whole rising from the grave and everything. I'm not against the belief of Jesus Christ but I don't believe he is God's son or some sort of miracle magical man.

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