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Disbelief in Ghosts and UFOs Is Due to Ignorance of the Evidence

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I have always been open to but skeptical of claims of the paranormal, including sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), people who claim to see ghosts, and purported communication with spirits of the deceased.

Back in the 1990s, I had a couple of friends who were into the paranormal. One claimed to have experiences with spirits in his parent’s house while the other was a strong proponent of UFOs being a real phenomenon. Being a person who likes to keep an open mind about such things, I listened to their stories with enthusiasm but cautious skepticism. At that time, there were claims of hauntings and UFO sightings by many people around the world; however, the evidence for these extraordinary claims was not to a level that was sufficient for me to accept these claims without reservations.

A lot has changed since then in regard to strong evidence coming to light that proves the existence of spirits and UFOs. Yet, many people remain in the dark and dismiss the existence of spirits and UFOs out of ignorance of the newly revealed evidence.

Spirit Image Caught in Window By Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters caught an image of a spirit in the window of a hospital they were investigating.

Ghost Hunters caught an image of a spirit in the window of a hospital they were investigating.

Ghosts and Spirits are Proven to Exist Using Sophisticated Equipment

Fast forward a couple of decades. During the 2010s, ghost hunting television shows became popular, as teams of ghost hunters descended on purportedly haunted buildings, using sophisticated equipment to document their findings. After decades and centuries of people reportedly seeing ghostly apparitions, seeing objects move on their own, feeling cold spots, and hearing voices when no live person was present, these ghost hunters finally captured these unexplainable phenomena using equipment to document these unusual occurrences. On many investigations, they have captured compelling evidence of spirits in photographs, video recordings, and voice recordings, as well as a variety of sophisticated equipment, including temperature sensors, Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) detectors, and thermal imaging cameras.

To bolster their credibility, ghost hunters that take their investigations seriously search for reasonable explanations for the incredible evidence of ghostly encounters that they collect. In an effort to find mundane and earthly explanations for their incredible findings, credible ghost hunters go back to the locations where they recorded evidence of spirits to assess whether there are simple physical explanations for what they recorded. Simple explanations include light reflections and heating pipes making noises that could explain unusual recordings of sights and sounds, or an electrical source that could explain EMF detector spikes. In many, but not all cases ghost hunters could not explain away what they found, leaving the supernatural explanation as to the most plausible one.

Seeing is believing. Watch the many recordings of ghost hunters’ incredible and unexplainable findings, such as in the video below.

The best Paranormal evidence caught on TV shows

The Evidence That UFOs Exist Is Now Coming from Official Sources

UFOs and alien visitation are something that may have been part of the human experience for many thousands of years with ancient cave drawings in several locations on Earth depicting what appears to be UFOs and alien visitors.

More recently, since the early 20th century, numerous UFO sightings have been reported throughout the world. Some of these sightings were recorded in photographs and videos and were documented by governments. While government investigators could not explain all of these sightings, there was enough doubt and a lack of indisputable evidence for most of the general public to not take these reports of UFO sightings seriously.

This has changed in recent years, with the U.S. government’s release of video recordings of three UFO encounters by Navy pilots recorded during training sessions in 2004 and 2015 that cannot be explained as any known earthly aircraft. A group called To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science got their hands on the three videos and provided them to a reporter at The New York Times. The Times did a front-page story in December 2017 that profiled the unidentified odd aircraft featured in the three videos. The U.S. Navy later confirmed the authenticity of the UFO recordings and released official versions in April 2020.

The tenor of the UFO discussion has changed since the U.S. Navy UFO videos were revealed. UFOs are now discussed seriously in mainstream publications and the U.S. government no longer hides the fact that it catalogs and studies UFO sightings.

Paleolithic Cave Painting, 13,000 B.C Depicting an Apparent UFO

A Paleolithic Cave Painting, Dating to 13,000 B.C in France appears to depict a UFO.

A Paleolithic Cave Painting, Dating to 13,000 B.C in France appears to depict a UFO.

Image of U.S. Navy UFO Encounter

The U.S. Navy filmed a UFO from a fighter jet, which is depicted in this photograph

The U.S. Navy filmed a UFO from a fighter jet, which is depicted in this photograph

Pentagon's three declassified UFO videos taken by U.S. Navy pilots

The Evidence Is Out There Whether or Not People Choose to Ignore It

What inspired me to write this article is the realization that there are a lot of facts that most people do not accept as real simply because they have no knowledge of them, never looked into them, and are ignorant about their existence. Why should things like the reality of UFOs and ghosts and spirits be any different? The facts are out there now that anyone can look at to verify their existence. Because people choose to remain ignorant of the facts doesn’t make UFOs and ghosts and spirits any less real. Most people just do not know the strong evidence that has emerged that supports their existence.

Spirit & UFO Evidence Poll

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John Coviello (author) from New Jersey on December 16, 2020:

Ian, you appear to be skeptical that spirits and ghosts are real, which is fine. So was I, as I stated in this article. I also stated that reputable ghost hunters search for mundane earthly explanations for the strange occurrences they observe and only declare something paranormal when normal explanations don't explain the occurrences.

Let's just say we agree to disagree that what is presented is all fake or can be explained as things like visual illusions (pareidolia). I don't agree that that is the situation here. There is just too much direct evidence that is recorded IMO. It's not just ghost hunters, but also psychic mediums who are finding these spirits. I personally know some who have had firsthand experience with spirits/ghosts in haunted locations.

UFOs appear to be undergoing a sea-change in attitudes with the subject no longer one of derision and scorn, but one that is being taken seriously by officialdom, including the U.S. military. I think we'll learn more about the truth of UFOs and alien visitation as this decade progresses.

Ian from Durham on December 09, 2020:

The image used in your account of 'evidence' is easily explained away by the phenomenon known as pareidolia. TV shows have been exposed as faking most of their 'evidence' and even say at the beginning of the show that it is for 'entertainment purposes'.

There is nothing new about the evidence and I am far from ignorant about the subject, as a former ghost hunter myself.

UFO's are harder to explain away but again, I remain sceptical until there is absolute proof

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