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Digital Identity, Mark of the Beast, and its Biblical Implications

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Quantum Dot technology

Quantum Dot technology

The dot

The dot

Have you ever heard of ID2020? Probably not.

Have you ever heard of the Mark of the Beast? Probably, but you thought it was just from religious zealots promoting the Bible's Revelations in prophecy and wonder how would it ever be implanted across the human race.

Have you ever heard of Quantum Dots technology? Most likely not. That is because this is very new technology discovered at MIT.

How to all these things intersect?


One of many sponsors is the Bill Gates Foundation (Microsoft). This sponsor and many others have agreed to create a digital ID for every person on Earth. To help promote this, they have got the United Nations on board with the promotion on a country by country basis. This group's manifesto declares that it is a human right for each person to have a digital ID for a variety of logical reasons that can be used daily. The goal is to have this done by 2030. They are inviting experts in the IT world to get involved and create such a system that allows the person to control their digital data, is portable across all computer platforms, and is persistent (that is, until the death of the person). It will allow personal health and financial records to be contained in digital format and implanted on such person.

For believers in Bible prophecy, this is a red flag. For anyone else, it sounds like the wave of the future in a digital world. No need to carry around credit cards or medical cards because it is all in your digital file and implanted in your hand or finger. You will never lose it. Why buying things, just place your hand or finger across the device and the cost is deducted. Currently, there are many RFID chips being used in this manner, where the device is implanted just under the skin.

Bible Prophecy

In the Book of Revelations that predicts the End Times before Jesus returns, mankind will go through a tribulation period. None of this occurs until 80 years after Israel becomes a country state. This happened in 1948. This takes us to sometime between now and 2028. The tribulations are all horrible economic, pestilence, and natural events that fall upon the world because mankind no longer believes in God or Jesus Christ. They are warnings. With the coronavirus pandemic causing a global crisis, the economic costs are still yet to be dealt with that could cause collapse on a global scale, if not, regional. If the virus returns after it is gone, the problems will compound and continue.

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Quantum Dots

At MIT, last year, scientists discovered how to store medical records under the skin via Quantum Dot dyes along with a vaccine that is also given. This special dye under the skin is administered using microneedles in a patch. As the patch is placed, needles penetrate the skin and the dye is placed. It can only be read with a special smartphone.

The special dye will last five years under the skin. The product is innovative. It is a way to track who was given a vaccine in countries where there is no paper or digital record. This could stop 1.5 million deaths since you are able to track who and who did not get the vaccine. Many vaccines, such as the vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), require multiple doses spaced out at certain intervals; without accurate records, children may not receive all of the necessary doses. The dots are only about 4 nanometers in diameter, but they are encapsulated in biocompatible microparticles that form spheres about 20 microns in diameter! The microneedles, which are 1.5 millimeters long, partially dissolve, releasing their payload within about two minutes. These are made of sugar, which dissolves.

This novel method allows a medical record to be stored within a person that remains in place for five years. If this can store medical records, it can also store financial records. The research was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Koch Institute.

Mark of the Beast

There have been so many discussions about this. However it actually comes to pass, the mechanism, to force a population to believe in a person as a God (think Hitler, but much larger scale) and to controls who can buy or sell goods (as the Revelations note) is here now. It comes in the shape of RFID chips. These are the size of a grain of rice and placed under the skin. They can contain medical and banking records if you want. But right now, most do not. The Quantum Dots is another method that can be used now. They can contain medical and banking records. But right now, just medical records.

But how would the Antichrist use the Mark? One can easily see how a population might be forced to accept the mark by way of forced vaccinations from a pandemic virus or other pathogen. If you refuse, not only would be isolated from loved ones and lifestyles, but die from the virus. What sort of choice do you think non-believers might take? Governments can also force citizens to take a mark under many sorts of false premises, like being eligible for business transactions, getting medical help, bank loans, going to school or colleges, welfare aid. Your choice would either you take it or do without. Now, if you were unable to buy or sell items at a store, the impact would be immediate. How long could you sustain without? The RFID chip is a likely thing to be used since it can contain quite many records of the person implanted. The downside with the RFID is that one could remove it, not so with the Quantum Dots. It will last five years.

The End

It is a bit odd that ID2020 and those behind it, are determined to have a digital ID for all humans by 2030. Also, that between now and 2028, the Bible predicted End Times. So, for many believers, they will be watching to see if world governments start to implement RFID or Quantum Dot technology among its population. At first, it will be innocent and free. It will be advertised as a convenience. Maybe vaccines will be given and at the same time, so will quantum dots. As time goes on, the governments will require it if you want a government service etc. Once it filters down to grocery stores, gas stations, retail stores, many will finally accept it.

Up to this point, it is innocent. But, when the Antichrist does arise and able to control governments, mandates will be issued. Those with electronic ID implants will have the ability to buy and sell. Those without, must decide.

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