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Intuition, Prophecy, and the Potency of Dreams

Lydia is a solitary witch who has been active in the occult community for 15 years. She is a published writer and visual artist.

Do Dream Unlock Our Intuitive Potential?

Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay

Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay

The Marvelous Realm of Dreams

What more magical a place is there besides the dream state? In this state we lack many of the limitations of our material reality. We can float in air or dive into the sea. We wake up from these dreams of falling into space and survive some of the deadliest situations. Dreams can be weird, indecipherable, and synchronistic. Are they the mental wandering or our mind or is there more to it than that? Are they sent to us from a more mystical source? Questions like these have been asked by so many people throughout time.

Science can't find a purpose for our dreams. There is no known reason behind why we have them. We don't always know what to do with this absurd and jumbled information. Sometimes dreams forewarn us of trouble ahead. Many claim to deja vu from dreams. Some believe that we are on a fruitful path in our life if we are experiencing this kind of deja vu frequently.

So many look at dreams as a mere psychological manifestation. Dreams can certainly give us a deeper look at the things going on inside our minds. When we are going through times of anxiety it may infect our dreams with this feeling of dread. Perhaps our dreams could give us more intuitive guidance if we were to write about them and take them seriously. Dream interpretation speaks of many tangible therapeutic benefits.

Dreams are elusive. What is the purpose of this state of consciousness? How does our mind produce such vivid and apparently imaginary situations? Even the most unimaginative seeming people have the ability to have outlandish dreams full of flights of fancy. Whatever the reason behind dreams, they are certainly fun to explore, write about, talk about, and gain inspiration from.

Dreams Throughout History

The ancient Egyptians took their dreams seriously. They were written down on Papyrus. Those who were able to clearly remember and write down their dreams were thought to be prophets gifted at the art of prognostication. Dreams where oracles through which the gods and goddesses communicated. This is where the very much alive idea of the prophetic dream was born.

Mesopotamians believed the soul left the body at night and journeyed throughout the world while in the dream state. It went about to different people and places as a nocturnal visitor. It was also believed that deities carried the dreamer to show them things of importance.

In Islam dreams are the only way a believer can receive a message from God. They believe in carrying out God's wishes after gaining insight from dream interpretation.

Native Americans believe that we can communicate with our ancestors in dreams. There are rich and diverse sets of beliefs about dreams in this culture. From tribe to tribe traditions would vary. The idea of a medicine man guided to his role by a dream vision is definitely a popular concept visited upon in many stories about Native American culture.

In the Middle Ages things were a little darker than the above mentioned histories. They had a negative view of dreams. Dreams were full of temptations and could lead us to sin. It was thought to be a tool from the Devil meant to lure us away from God.

Dreams Can Help Shape Our Reality

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Create the Future You Want

Dreams can help us create the future we want. They expose us to our authentic desires. Is this our intuition? I believe it is. I think that sometimes deep down inside we know what is best for us. Our conscious mind is preoccupied with societal expectations to the degree that it influences our decision making in a counter productive way. When we tap into the intuitive power of our dreams we can become conscious of what we value deep down underneath it all.

Dreamwork can help us on an intuitive level by giving us knowledge of our own desires, fears, and anxieties. We can grasp sight of what we really want to do with our lives if we unlock the message behind our pleasant dreams and learn what the bad dreams are teaching us to steer clear of.

Implement goals into your life based on what your dreams are telling you. Recreate your dream situation to see if there is some kind of deeper meaning. Visit the places your dreams guides you to. If you have a dream that takes place in the library you might want to pay this place a visit. See if there is some insight which can be gleaned from paying attention to where our mind goes at night.

Intuition Comes to Us When We 'Sleep On It'

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from

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Dreams and Scientific Discoveries

While we sleep our minds continue to work on some of our problems. Sleep is a healing and growing experience. Our bodies are growing while we sleep. Our minds keeps working away too. Many scientific discoveries have come about as the result of dreams.

Is it intuition or our mind continuing to work on problems while we sleep that leads to scientific discovery? Perhaps intuition is just the creative potential of the human mind which lies in the subconscious.

Mendeleev's periodic table was discovered after he fell asleep at his desk. Exhausted by trying to figure out a way to arrange all the elements he found the solution while snoozing.

“In a dream I saw a table where all the elements fell into place as required. Awakening, I immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper.”

Discovery of evolution by natural selection by Alfred Russell Wallace was from an unusual dream state. Curious as to why animals on different continents evolved in radically different ways, his mind was stumped in waking state. In 1858 he had hallucinations due to a tropical fever. When he awoke he had the answers he sought because of this hallucinatory dream state.

Rene Descartes discovered the Scientific Method while sleeping. In his writing Descartes claimed that the ideas behind the Scientific Method came to him in a dream he had on November 10, 1619.

Powerful Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic dreams give us a glimpse into the future. Many have experienced a dream which foretells of death. Dreams which helped people avoid fatal catastrophes. Dreams have predicted all manner of accident or mishap. These dreams fascinate and inspire the mind. It gives us hope that there could be some sort of deeper meaning behind this thing called life.

Prophetic dreams have been reported since the beginning of time. There are many dreams that serve as a warning. There was a story in a newspaper a while back about a Syrian refugee who saved her husband's life by warning him of a bomb destroying his office. This man was a doctor. While he was not a believer in premonitions, he still listened to his wife. He closed his office down early and was glad he did. What her dream foretold came to pass.

These stories are often inspiring and give us faith that something higher than ourselves might be looking out for us. I certainly like the idea that we can avoid traumatic and devastating experiences by listening to these dream messages.

Visitations From the Dead

The appearance of apparitions within dreams is not uncommon. Often we dream of someone close to us who died. There are many who look at these dreams as if there is a level of reality to them and that the dead are really visiting us. These dreams can be the result of the heartache of losing a loved one. It can soothe us and give us closure feeling that the dearly departed are safe on some level.

Shamanism Explores the Dream State in Innovative Ways

Image by Игорь Левченко from Pixabay

Image by Игорь Левченко from Pixabay

Shamanic Dream Practices

Entering a trance state and communing with the spirit realm is something explored within Shamanic practices. It is a way to open your conscious mind up to new levels of reality. This is a form of spiritual practice which is growing in popularity. Unlocking the innate wisdom potential which is inside each and every one of us is one of the reasons we might do this.

We can restore the balance in our life by confronting areas of suffering. This can be done through the insights we gain through dreams. Our dreams can create an empathic bond with some people around us by broadening our life experience. The things we experience in our waking state are personal. The dream state gets us doing things we would never do in our daily lives. This can help us cultivate compassionate and other desirable virtues.

Strong shamanic dreams can expose us to our own wisdom. Sleep is a time to heal, grow, and transform. We emerge from sleep much like a butterfly who has grown while resting inside a cocoon.

Getting in touch with our hidden desires teaches us that we are human like everyone else. When we dream we explore our shadow side. This gives us a broader understanding of the people around us and can aid us in the act of forgiveness.

You can also use sound and drumming within the shamanic approach to tap into the meditational flow akin to the dream state. There are recording of binaural beats which are great to listen to as you float into dream consciousness. Put on one of these recording before bed as another added element to your dreamwork.

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

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