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Life Happens In The Now

Our Father God is an ever present source of love and hope to all who put their trust in Him

Our Father God is an ever present source of love and hope to all who put their trust in Him

Are you one who loves treasure hunting? I think that term will probably catch the attention of many, but the kind of treasure I'm speaking about isn't like what the world calls treasure. It's treasure from the heavenlies. The peace in our heart that passes all understanding. The peace of God. I'm here to share some truths about treasures of God and His glory.

Years ago I became thrilled with the word Jesus spoke about seeing his glory. I began a search and I prayed for God to make himself real in my life and I'm glad to say he began doing that. And with all my learning I've learned one very important thing. It's wise to keep our lives in the present moment. And it's posible to do that while looking forward to a bright future. A future in and for the glory of God. "Christ in us, the hope of glory" happens little by little and day by day ..

I know our journey will always include some glorious things and also some painfully sad things. But our safe and secure place is in Him. We can know we’re at home in him, wherever He takes us. It’s a sweet and sure place and well worth any cost to find it.

In it we feel an assurance of new power of love and grace. His wonders poured forth from our yielded and purified hearts can have a ripple effect and change the lives of others around our lives. He is Almighty and He watches over all that belongs to Him with a loving eye. He will set us in a safe and secure place in His family. He is bigger than any mountain of trouble we might face in life and He delights in moving hills and mountains of opposition out of the way of His kingdom plan. His love is incomprehensible and everlasting to all who walk with Him in truth.

I've enjoyed all of my yesterdays of learning. And, as I press on through countless glories and continue my search for fresh new wisdom and understandings I pause often and give thanks for the joy that is mine today..

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