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Demons cannot stop you - Sermon Transcript of Dr. Kevin Zadai

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Jesus Loves You


You have the most value in heaven.

The enemy tried to take out Moses. He tried to take out no way, tried to take out Jesus out of the womb and he failed to get the proper people in that situation. So in this legalizing abortion he tried to take out this prophetic generation in the womb and he missed again so it’s this.

Jesus told me I can’t mess this up even if I read his lips he was three feet away from me he said from now on every child that comes out of the womb is a prophetic voice that’s what he said so what he said was most of the time children won’t be allowed to be on tv for different reasons and some of it’s even monetary because they don’t have a book, they don’t have anything to sell but the lord said we you know I know you’re crazy enough to do this he didn’t say crazy but he said I know you’ll do this you know so we’re gonna have these kids on and they’re gonna prophesy.

We’re gonna treat them like adults we’re gonna train them up to prophesy from the fire amen. And so along with that he instructed me to do warrior parents so we’re going to have parent shows where parents are going to come on and discuss how they brought up their children we’re going to talk about how to bring up prophets and prophetesses. All right so let’s raise our hands and let’s honor the eternal one right now father you are the eternal one you’re the high and lofty one and you inhabit eternity

Eternity is your servant you also dwell with the humble and the brokenhearted and contrite in spirit and that’s us lord so today we all acknowledge you but we also need you come dwell with in us right now.

Feel his glory. Don’t move see your spirit get ignited right now as he comes. The father’s here. Don’t move just say about, oh he’s healing your broken heart right now. This is your last day of being hurt just let him walk among us here. Thank you. I just saw the lord command the doors to open that have been closed for you. Father fill these people with tenacity to not take no for an answer.

It’s always yes and amen it’s always yesterday. Welcome to the church of the living God. You may be seeing it if you can, if not lay down. Amen, just let him love on you there is no order of this service and I'm just a flight attendant who prays in tongues I don’t ever want to become a professional if William Seymour was here he’d be hiding behind this pulpit.

Hallelujah. Receive your healing right now, the lord’s saying let my people go hallelujah. We’re leaving, we’re leaving Egypt, there’s not going to be one feeble among us. We’re all going to be healed, we’re all going to be healed, hallelujah.

They left Egypt with the gold and the silver and there was not one feeble among them. Don’t you understand about that. God has times and seasons and obviously another season has begun and it’s not for us to even interpret the times in the seasons but it is reserved for God himself according to acts chapter one. But I have a feeling that we’ve gotten a briefing from God this morning, I think we’ve gotten an insight that something has begun which has been spoken I knew that this would happen because he told me to schedule this meeting.

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way but she had it has begun. It was interesting last week I sat with John Kilpatrick and something jumped off on me and we knew that it was accomplished its intention. Isaiah 55 is clear that God speaks and it and it does not return to him void this is the absolute truth.

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So when he sat I stood on this spot when he sat and spoke me into existence in my mother’s womb I returned to the very spot that he had spoke me into existence and I presented myself before him and that’s what will happen to all of us we will stand on the very spot that he created us.

We will stand before our heavenly father who loves us who has not done all these terrible things that have happened to us and we will realize that the holy spirit was here to show us and to help us discern between good and evil. He was here to help us to avoid Satan's plans that he was not doing any of these things. You’ll find this out but why wait, why not find it out right now that your heavenly father loves you. He never intended for you to have the traumatic events that have happened in your life and that the God of this world is bent on terrorism and destruction and that we are to stop him. We are to proclaim the year of the lord’s liberty the jubilee we are to heal the sick. We are to drive out devils, we are to proclaim jubilee which is forgiveness of death.

You know I'm just gonna go the whole way with this. I always hold back because you know I don’t want to offend too many people one time. This is what I was shown. I was shown that this monetary system down here is rigged against you okay. However the lord said to me he said because you’re my child he said someone else has your money see how that could be offensive. There’s plenty of money out there. There’s no money in heaven you’re the currency of heaven. You have the most value in heaven.

We’re partakers of the divine nature

Did you know that because you cost the most your father dumped everything into you. The lord told me, he said someone else has your money because the devil doesn’t want you to have it. Exactly so, no one’s going to ever appreciate you for what you’re worth. No one is going to pay you what you’re worth. There is this verse since I haven’t offended everyone yet I'll go a step further. There is a verse that says ask and you shall receive seek and you shall find knock and the door shall be opened to you okay. What part of that do you not understand. There is no gray area there and there is no asterisk where you go down and say well you know except in this case, except in this case and really you know the Greek didn’t mean that.

No it’s actually stronger if you look in the strong and look up those numbers it’s stronger. Strong makes it stronger the word. There is demand and it shall be given to you, well, what we don’t demand from God. The covenant kicks in when you demand because it’s part of the legal document of heaven. If something is yours through covenant you don’t have to ask for it, you demand it so you’re not going to God and demanding anything. He’s the one that wrote the covenant you’re demanding it from the one who is withholding it. Which is not God. So your healing is part of the covenant so you demand it. You’re not demanding from God. He’s already said, it’s yours. Are you starting to see what I saw on the other side and how messed up we are down here.

I don’t demand anything from God he’s the one who started this he’s the one that said you’re my child here is your adoption papers and here is the covenant and everything I have is yours. I've already heard them say that, but I say that down here and I can’t get into a church. I have to rent a conference center because Peter says we’re partakers of the divine nature, oh that goes over well partakers of the divine nature what did Peter mean well it’s even stronger than what he meant or what is written.

We are made in his image. We have been restored back spiritually to that image. We are new creatures in Christ okay. So the cycle the times and the season, they come back around and there’s a cycle of revelation as well. Did you know that even though the spirit of God is with us there are cycles. Where there is moves of his spirit and we are behind the curve right now at this time. So there’s an acceleration that has to happen. So you’re going to encounter visitation and the angels will visit your house and if they want your opinion they’ll give it to you.

That’s the way it’s going to be and you’re going to say why are you favoring me and the angel won’t even know. The lord God sent me, well whose side are you on, neither but as the commander of the lord’s army I have come. They’re just going to come because they were told to so. The move, the move of God, the move of the glory of the father is the last move. He reserved the last move for himself. Jesus told me he said the last miracle on earth will be the first miracle I did, turning water into wine

He said at the end of the age I will take all the tears of the saints and I will turn them in the wine and there will be such joy that we will laugh. We will laugh our way out of here. So I noticed as some of you were sipping this morning. But there’s plenty I'm not sipping. I got one of those backpacks with a straw right here, I'm gonna walk in the spirit and I may be sober sometimes. I may be but, I might not be because this is really not easy down here. Sober but it’s pretty good.

When you’re not sober, when you’re drunk in the spirit I can tolerate even crazy people, and if I get so full of the spirit I might even go to California and stop by Portland and Seattle right why because the spirit of the lord brings freedom. Freedom is good in your own home but what happens if you go out and you rent a convention center and the freedom’s there too and then all those people walk in freedom and then they go out and they talk to seven friends and while you’re talking to those seven friends they encounter that freedom and they want the same prescription you’re getting. You see this life can be, it can be fun but I want to be full of joy because joy is from the other realm.

It’s as fruit of the spirit so if I have fun it might go away. If I'm happy that might go away but joy is forever because it’s spiritual. So from now on we are going to be full of joy because this is the season of it. When you appear before the lord at this spot where you were made you will realize that everything you needed for life and Godliness was given to you through the precious promises and that you are partaker of the divine nature. You can see all this and you see that if you had added to your faith all those virtues that we went over this weekend that you would not be able to fail. Even if you tried now I got something that’s going to flip you out because none of you got up and left. So I didn’t offend anyone, so I'm going to do something that’s going to really offend you but you’re not going to be offended.

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