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Demonic Attacks Are Real


Attacks in the Night: My Story

Many people no longer believe in a world that exists outside of the reality that they can see, touch, or hear. I, for one, know there is a spiritual world that exists, a world that we are oblivious to until we experience it for ourselves. I have had several experiences with demonic entities that terrorized me as a child and then recurred in adulthood: the following is my story.

Have you ever felt an unseen presence?  Did anything invisible ever touch you?

Have you ever felt an unseen presence? Did anything invisible ever touch you?

Grabbing Hands in the Night

I was raised Pentecostal and taught to believe in the spiritual world. My earliest experience with demons that I can remember happened when I was about eleven. I was in bed one night trying to go to sleep when I felt something grab my foot from the end of the bed. My eyes popped open but there was nothing there. I immediately screamed for my mother, who came in and prayed with me. It was a long while before I was able to go sleep.

Strange Smells in the Middle of the Night

Over the next couple of years, I had numerous experiences. My most common experience was of a smell that seemed to be present only at night. The best way to describe it is that it smelled like sulfur and vomit combined. Every night for over a year, I'd smell that odor when I was alone in my bed. The smell would be accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of fear. My heart would race and feel like it was beating out of my chest. Every night when I smelled it and felt the fear, I would pray. After I prayed, the smell would dissipate for the rest of the night.

When something talks to you in your sleep.

When something talks to you in your sleep.

Awakened by Whispers

Several times I was awakened by something whispering my name in my ear. It always sounded so real that I would get out of bed and check my room to see if my brothers were playing a joke on me, but I was alone. My brothers were always asleep, even though I knew it couldn't be them because I'd awake immediately and there wasn't enough time for them to get out of my room without being seen. Still, I always checked just to be certain.

Night Terrors in Adulthood: Frozen Muscles

When I turned 15, the nightly visits seemed to stop. I grew up, had some kids, and went about life as normal people do: work, home, kids, and maintaining my marriage. I had not had any inexplicable nighttime experiences for many years so I rarely even thought about it anymore. When I was 23 my marriage fell apart, we split, and I started putting the kids to sleep in my bed because I felt more comfortable having them with me at night for safety reasons. A woman living alone with small children was an easy target, so it made me feel better knowing that my kids were in bed with me in case something happened.

About two months after the split, the kids and I were in bed by 9:00. I was asleep in the middle with the kids around me when a cramp in my face woke me. It felt like my facial muscles were being pulled back into a grimace. I reached my hand up without opening my eyes and felt the strange expression with my fingers and massaged my face to relax it.

My first thought was I was just having a strange muscle cramp, so kept my eyes closed and tried to fall back asleep. A few minutes later I started feeling it again and this time, I attempted to open my eyes, without success. I thought, okay now, I must be dreaming, and continued to try to open my eyes and when I finally did, all I could see in front of me was black. I knew that wasn't right because I always slept with my bathroom light on in case the kids woke up during the night to go to the bathroom. I quickly closed my eyes again and when I opened my eyes again a few seconds later, I could actually see.

At that point, I was wide awake. I lay there for a moment looking around and thinking, wow, what the heck was that? As I turned to look toward my vanity, I saw a shadow pass twice over the wall. In my bedroom there's a wall I can't see from the bed but could see in the reflection of the vanity mirror, and on that wall, there was a shadow. The shape looked like a silhouette of a head and shoulders.

That's when I knew I had experienced an attack of some sort. I jumped out of bed and went to get the phone so I could call my mom. I was scared crap-less. I had never experienced actually seeing something, and it scared the bejesus out of me. I was unable to reach my mother, so I had my brother, who was staying with me at the time, sleep on a pallet on my floor because I did not want to wake the kids up and scare them, too.

When unwelcome things visit in the night.

When unwelcome things visit in the night.

How I Stopped the Terrifying Night Visits

The next day, I had both my parents come and bless and anoint my home. They prayed throughout the house, and when they were finished, my mom confirmed that something had been trying to attack me and had remained there after the episode. She said that now it was gone and would not come back on the property because of their prayers.

Since my home was blessed, I have not had another problem. I am a firm believer that there are demonic spirits that are out to destroy us. I believe that there are angels sent to protect us as well. It's the spiritual warfare between demonic and angelic spirits, the battle between good and evil, that spills onto the worldly plain, visible to anyone that is willing to look.

I would be interested in hearing your personal experiences with the spiritual world. Please leave a comment and tell me your story.

What about you?


kyle on October 03, 2020:

i was home alone and something falled of and m door closed out of nowhere i saw a shadow i tried to sleep but something grabbed me by my head

Anonymous on June 01, 2020:

I have just overcome p0rn addiction, and I think that I have given a way for them to get into my life. I was sleeping and all of a sudden I hear my bed going creek creek creek creek as if someone were going up and down up and down and jumping on the bed lightly. I saw a vision of a dark figure having intercourse with another being but for all, I know that was me. I think that I was just violated. Certainly, I have a curse, I have to get rid of it. But this is not the first time. Oh and also when it left I felt very hot burning in my stomach. Im praying that jesus christ can help me.

Aaron edwards on April 14, 2020:

Here we go:

I have exprienced sleep paralaysis before usually after smoking weed but one night it happened again i was sleeping and i woke up but could not move, get up or open my eyes but i was awake usually when this happens i can usually will myself out of it or sometime i call the name jesus and im free but this time was different.

I was able to move my head to the right and when i did i saw a contstant violent stream of moving black smoke almost like a tornado streaming into me. The smoke was coming downwards at an angle out of my bathroom door curving then coming across my living into my bedroom and into me traveling about a distance of maybe 10 to 15 metres.

I was terrified and paralised with fear and could not move. I couldnt move at all my body locked up competely and a felt darkness and fear and evil. I instantly knew it was satan but i couldnt speak or do anything.

I started to curse at satan in my mind but the more i did the more i could feel my body lock up and after about 20 seconds i realised that he was using my anger against me.

So i decided to switch it up in the past i have been able to wake up by relaxing and breaking free by trying to open my eyes with just pure will but it wasnt working after about a minute i began to panick i could feel that i was in trouble i remembered that in the past i had called jesus name and it had freed me.

So i tried to say 'i rebuke you in the name of jesus' but when i tried to speak i couldnt open my mouth i started to panick more and decided just to call the name of 'jesus' i tried again but still could not open my mouth.

I kept trying and trying until evantually i let out some kind of moan. When i did i heard a huge thunderclap sound combined with a snapping sound and the echo of that noise was like the echo you would hear from the grand canyon but i lived in a studio flat which was the size of about 3 small rooms.

After that i was still paralised and still in fear and i still couldnt do anything even open my mouth so i tried to call jesus name again but i couldnt i was struggling so hard to open my mouth but i couldnt again i let out some kind of moan trying to call jesus name and again i heard this thunderclap/snapping noise and the echo of this again was like the grand canyon.

Still i was paralised but this time i could feel that whatever had a grip on me was loosening.

I tried to call jesus name again and this time although it was a little easier i still could say his name. I managed to say something similar to jesus and again i heard the thundercap/snap followed by a huge echo and bang i was free.

I woke up and i was so scared it wasnt even funny but there was no black smoke and in a instant i realised that the demons cant stand his name or worship or praise of jesus.

I went to youtube searched for gospel music and played a 7 hour choir worship music video so that i would be protected when i eventually went to sleep.

When i woke up i searched on google for demon smoke and found this page:

That smoke is exactly what i saw and that is exactly what happened to me.

Whats funny is that a few days before the attack i had started sending messages about jesus every morning to my friends and family so Satan exposed himself to scare me but he only confirmed what i already believed to be true.

Im still sinning but my relationship with Jesus is so much stronger and i am consciously turning away from the remaining sins i struggle from.

But I know that im going to win in the end and i know that he has lost already lol

Praise Jesus the king

brian from uk on March 18, 2020:

I was doing a workshop at the college for psychic studies when we broke for a break we decided to go downstairs to the canteen i was following i was just about to decend down the wooden stairs when i felt something go over my all of a sudden i heard this growl i looked around but no body else taking any notice so it must have been meant for my ears thing was i was not afriad a similar thing happened three days later on a day i was working on but this time it seemed more intense the same growl louder i looked back at the tenant with the dog standing on the front doorstep it was a distance away but the dog did not sense it either i stopped as it whoosed down in front of me for a few seconds thats when i looked at the tenant standing on the step i think it must have been picked by up by clairaudence

Tiffany Eldridge on March 17, 2020:

I apologize. I accidently hit, "post," before I finished or proofread. This version is a little better punctuated...

Long story short, In the few months preceding this incident I had had definitely a few instances with an incubus/succubus type of sexual demon, but didn't know that's what it was until I started investigating after this incident. So, again, long story short... It was about 3 o'clock a.m., I was sleeping and and in the middle of a good dream when slowly but surely i started feeling this creepy little creature or something sitting heavily on my head and sort of digging in behind my ear with a fingernail or something idk. At that time I was suddenly awoken with the loudest most terrifying bang like louder than thunder, louder than anything I've ever heard before. It scared me to death. I was terrified! I sat straight up in my bed and I was awake. Immediately following the loud opening of the heavens bang, I felt and heard these huge, loud, banging footsteps or foot"pounds" coming down my the hall to my room. I would say immediately I knew what was happening was a "God" thing. Out-of-this-world, demon activity, something coming to get me. This was it! I was utterly terrified. I knew I wasnt at a good time in my life. I guess you could say I was sinning up a storm, so to speak. So, this was it, I thought. I am done. Something really really terrifyingly bad is coming for me, etc. All of these thoughts took place in an instant. I immediately acknowledged God, I said to Him quickly in my head, "sorry, I'm so sorry, I love you, etc.," and with that I thrusted myself back down to bed with my face down and covers over my head, waiting for death I guessed. The banging pounding footsteps that could only be a huge giant demon were coming straight to my room for me. I felt evil. It is undescribable. The only word to describe it Ive found is terrified, but I was beyond terrified. I thought, "This is it. Ive blown it. This demon is coming to get me, this is my end. I AM going to die." So at that moment, my eyes closed, face pressed in bed, covers over me, the foot poundings arrived. It was in my room, right up to my bed. Then, there was like a fight, a weirdly silent sort of scuffle, but for sure a definate scuffle. I heard like huge wings flapping almost like it would sound if birds were fighting, on a huge level. There was this sort of swirrling sound. Then, my eyes still closed, I was taken up. Instantly. Fast. Like there was swirrling of my sheets and then I was stretching almost like a rubberband stretching and coming back together. There were these like carnival lights like almost a cartoon or something and I was with someone. Someone awesome. I had no fear all of the sudden. I remember just thinking, "Wow! I cannot wait to tell everyone how great this is! This is truly UNBELIEVABLE!!! We were moving FAST, like jetting, almost like flying w superman, but way WAY different and better. On another level, truly. Then, my memory gets a bit foggy here about what happened next but Im sure I experienced and saw more magnificent things and happenings (that I believe now were erased from my mind) Soon after that, I found myself suddenly back in my bed laying there again, asleep but awake. It was weird. I felt evil again and heard heavy breathing from what I immagined to be an ugly pig of a demon. It came from my closet. I had to check myself, and I did, and I heard it. Almost getting louder, heavier. It was discusting, mad. I could feel it was like mad at me or something. All I could think was, "Jesus." Literally, Jesus. But I couldnt say His name. I was thinking, "Jesus. Jesus." But I couldnt say it. THIS was my sleep paralysis. FINALLY, it came out and it was loud and clear. "Jesus." That's all, that's it. But the the heavy breathing from this monstrous, slobbering pig of a demon, who I believe now was chained up in my closet, was still happening. I was still feeling that dark evil presence. It was everywhere, all around, surrounding me. I knew my alarm was set for 4:30 a.m., and I had to get up and get ready for work. My thoughts were racing at what to do. It was like all of the sudden I decided that I knew I had all the angels needed to back me on this and I felt this crazy power overcome me. I got up and started talking to this thing out loud. It was like I knew the angels would see me getting ready when I was dressing, the whole bit, but I remained focused on talking to this thing the entire time. I avoided looking too far away from what I was doing. I really didn't want to look into any mirrors, or down the hall, or anywhere I could possibly see this demon, or demons, or whatever. I was still terrified. The entire time getting ready for work I was terrified, but confident in my words to this evil power/presence that had taken over my home. I talked, the entire time to "it." Saying things like, "Thank you angels for coming to help me, I believe Gods promises to us, Jesus defeated you Satan, the battle has been won. I know I'm a sinner and your m.o. is to confuse me with that. You try to take my confidence away. I have confidence in what I have. I BELIEVE God's promises to me. I am "IN Jesus Christ, " despite my sins, no matter how great. I am so sorry for sinning so much lord, thank you for saving me, but YOU (demon) answer to HIM (Jesus Christ). And YOU have been defeated." Things like that. Taking to the angels saying things like, "Im really embarrassed changing in front of you all, but thanks for understanding. Thank you so much for helping me and staying here with me. Please do not leave." And like, "You must think we are all crazy, we/us humans, you must wonder why we do the things we do. I'm sorry you keep having to help us so much. But thank you!!, etc..." The entire time it was like I had to acknowledge Jesus and the power I have (in Him) over this thing. I have never been more confident. In the words I was saying, in what I BELIEVE and have faith in to be true. It was like I KNEW if at any second I strayed from what was going on, at hand, I would be taken over. Or something. I could barely make it to my car. That night and the following two nights my daughter (who had stayed the night w a friend the night of this incident) and I stayed at my other daughters house. I refused to go home. That was when my brother, through his internet searches, heard about this thing called, "sleep paralysis and spiritual warfare."

Tiffany Eldridge on March 17, 2020:

Long story short In the few months preceding this incident I had had definitely a few instances with an incubus/succubus type of sexual demon, But didn't know that's what it was until I started investigating after this incident. So, again long story short... It was about 3 o'clock a.m., I was sleeping and and the middle of a good dream when slowly but surely i started feeling this creepy little creature or something sitting heavily on my head and sort of digging in behind my ear with a fingernail or something idk. At that time I was suddenly awoken With the loudest most terrifying Bang like louder than thunder louder than anything I've ever heard before And it scared me to death I was terrified I sat straight up in my bed and I was awake. Immediately following the loud Bang I felt And heard these huge loud banging footsteps or foot"pounds" coming down my Hall to my room. I would say immediately I knew what was happening was a "God" thing. Out-of-this-world, demon activity, something coming to get me. This was it! I was utterly terrified. I knew I wasnt at a good time in my life. I guess you could say I was sinning up a storm, so to speak. So, all of these thoughts took place in an instant but I immediately acknowledged God, said sorry I'm so sorry, I love you, etc., and with that I thrusted myself back down to bed with my face down and covers over my head. The banging pounding footsteps that could only be a huge giant demon were coming straight to my room for me. I felt evil. It is undescribable. The only word to describe it Ive found is terrified, but I was beyond terrified. I thought, "This is it. Ive blown it. This demon is coming to get me, this is my end. I AM going to die." So at that moment, my eyes closed, face pressed in bed, covers over me, the footsteps arrived came right up to my bed and there was like a fight, a scuffle for sure. I heard like huge wings flapping almost like this swirrling sound and then, my eyes still closed, I was taken up. Fast. Like there was swirrling of my sheets and then I was stretching almost like a rubberband stretching and coming back together. There were these like carnival lights like almost a cartoon or something and I was with someone. Someone awesome. I had no fear all of the sudden. I remember just thinking, "Wow! I cannot wait to tell everyone how great this is! This is truly UNBELIEVABLE!!! We were moving FAST, like jetting, almost like flying w superman, but way WAY different and better. On another level, truly. Then, my memory gets a bit foggy here about what happened next but Im sure I experienced and saw more magnificent things and happenings (that I believe now were erased from my mind), but soon after that I found myself back in my bed laying there again, asleep but awake, it was weird. I felt evil again and heard heavy breathing from what I immagined to be an ugly pig of a demon. It came from my closet. I had to check myself, and I did, and I heard it. Almost getting louder, heavier. It was discusting, mad. I could feel it was like mad at me or something. All I could think was, "Jesus." Literally, Jesus. But I couldnt say His name. I was thinking, "Jesus. Jesus." But I couldnt say it. THIS was my sleep paralysis. FINALLY, it came out and it was loud and clear. But the The heavy breathing from this monstrous pig that I believe was chained up in my closet now Was still happening And I was still feeling that dark evil presence. It was everywhere all around surrounding me. I knew my alarm was set for 4:30 a.m. and I had to get-up-and-get ready for work so my thoughts were racing at what to do. It was like all of the sudden I decided that I knew I had all the angelsI needed to back me on this and I felt this crazy power overcome me and I got up and started talking to this thing out loud. It was like I knew the angels would see me getting ready when I was dressing the whole bit but I remained focused on talking to this thing the entire time And I avoided looking too far away from what I was doing I really didn't want to look into any mirrors, or down the hall, or anywhere I could possibly see this demon, or demons, or whatever. I was still terrified. The entire time getting ready for work I was terrified, but confident in my words to this evil power/presence that had taken over my home. I talked, the entire time to "it." Saying things like, "Thank you angels for coming to help me, I believe Gods promises to us, Jesus defeated you Satan, the battle has been won. I know I'm a sinner and your m.o. is to confuse me with that. You try take my confidence away. I have confidence in what I have. I BELIEVE God's promises to me. I am "IN Jesus Christ, " despite my sins, no matter how great. I am so sorry for sinning so much lord, thank you for saving me, but YOU answer to HIM. And YOU have been defeated." Things like that. Taking to the angels saying things like, "Im really embarressed changing in front of you all, but thanks for understanding. Thank you so much for helping me and staying here with me. Please do not leave. And like, "You must think we are all crazy, we/us humans, you must wonder why we do the things we do. I'm sorry you keep having to help us so much. But thank you!!, etc..." The entire time it was like I had to acknowledge Jesus and the power I have (in Him) over this thing. I have never been more confident. In the words I was saying, in what I BELIEVED and have faith in to be true. It was like I KNEW if at any second I strayed from what was going on

brian from uk on February 01, 2020:

99,9 times you will not see anything unless you wake up conscious in the astral world other wise its your unconscious that goes on it travels when you sleep at night sometimes when your between sleep and waking you will get a glimpse of things

Janice Dixon on February 01, 2020:

I have something on my covers at night I've had something crawl over top of me and then it had something scratch the bottom of my foot I've also felt the presence of something come up to my bedside and I reached out to stop it with my hands and all I could feel was Harry dreadlocks similar to like a buffalo I didn't open my eyes

Northstar on January 26, 2020:

I am experiencing everything that you have been through. House has been blessed. It continues. I also have things go missing and things show back up. I had no idea what sulfur smells like. But yup. That's it. I also get other smells. Started in 2015. Left in 2016 and back now for the last 5 months. I hear doors slamming. Whispers but they mock my family's voices. Bells ring. Mist and smoke with round lights that flash in my side vision. I feel like they feed on fear. When I get touched am left with burn mark. Bed shakes. Table and chairs. It follows me from place to place. I am doing everything I can to hold it together. thank you for sharing. gives me hope

Jill on January 19, 2020:

If you only knew the demonic attack I’m under. There is just no way to explain on paper. But it is unbelievable and I desperately need help. The problem is I come from a church family and community that would never understand this kind of thing.

Sonja on January 08, 2020:

Its about my daughter.

She felt someone sit on her chest. It was heavy

to debbie on January 06, 2020:

give me ur gmail i can help u

i going through the same thing

i have tips

but i am a Muslim

Nikma xavier on January 04, 2020:

When i was a children the happening alot i see i hear i have day dreams the became true i could not stop! Time to time i felling things. When i grow old i stard aigan experience the supernatural word i dont like it but i try to ignore almost the time ! Lately i have sleep with my ligth on because i was attack !i try to found same explanation. In psycology but i cant they say i may dreams !? But how about u see things happening in your dreams and in real life! Object fly ! My feet be push and alot. Another fenomena i cant splain!

J on January 03, 2020:

It had a head of a serpent and scales it comes from under my bed or foot of my bed sometime it craws from the ceiling but always towards me it hisses and grabs my arms and legs I wake up with bruises on my inner leg and arms what ever this is he is strong and want sex from age 9 to now late 40s I can’t speak nor move when it is on top of me what can I do ...

brian from uk on January 03, 2020:

Learn how to protect your self

earl on January 03, 2020:

I have experienced demonic attacks since year 2011, and up to now... this entity disturbs me especially when I'm alone even when I sleep at night. What shall I do to end this torment? Pls.. :(

brian from uk on December 27, 2019:

Two or three night ago i had what i thought was a knightmare but know i realise it was a vision it was a cat in an a defiance attack position with all its claws and teeth showing i did not feel fear from this but last night i was awakened to a cat screaming screach and it sounded like it was banging off items belew very loudly i could only hear the one cat scretching so i assume it was some other preditor attacking the cat it happened very quickly before i could get out of bed

Yanshupf on December 25, 2019:

I will be praying for you Debbie. Three things up front:

A) I have been struck, spoken to, given false vision, choked, attempted to be possessed 3x in a minute or so and attacked in other ways by the demonic. I was once given vision to see what was floating around my room after an attack, I have been given dreams and visions attempting to entice, seduce me even to touching me. I have been delivered from all of them. That said, I have experience but, the second point -

B) I am not an expert. I have not yet been baptized into my new church (which church is ALIVE compared to the baptism/church I grew up in). Seek out a church that knows what demonic activity is and has people gifted to help you. DO NOT do this alone. You are weak compared to the demonic/darkness. They can destroy you easily but they are not allowed to destroy God's people. As a witness to how to operate, even the archangel Michael REBUKED satan (Jude 1:9), Michael did not attack with his own given angelic power. So also we must rebuke the darkness in Yeshua’s name, give it to Him to deal with and see His deliverance as it comes.

C) For the non-Christian... you can battle with this in your own human ways, for God's truths of love and spirit are always true. But there is always the risk of the demonic returning with even more of their buddies:

"Now when the unclean spirit goes out of a man, it passes through waterless places seeking rest, and does not find it.

Then it says, 'I will return to my house from which I came'; and when it comes, it finds it unoccupied, swept, and put in order.

Then it goes and takes along with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there; and the last state of that man becomes worse than the first. That is the way it will also be with this evil generation." (Matthew 12:43-45).

God is available to all who comes to Him in search of the truth. “Ask and it shall be given, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it will be opened to you.”

Now, to what I can tell you of from experience. Faithful ones of God have overcoming hope and joy and they must:

1. Act on belief in His power; Yeshua (Jesus) has been given power over all (1 John 5:4, Eph 1:22). Profess your salvation by His blood, profess your trust in His safekeeping by His power and call on Him and He Who never leaves you will deliver. Sometimes the deliverance is immediate, sometimes it takes time, sometimes it requires intercession on your behalf by a minister specifically gifted by God in these things. Look up "spiritual deliverance" and “Holy Spirit gifting” and find a church in your area that operates in this manner. They can help you and that you can join and help the church with your gifts and be sheltered by their fellowship as well.

2. Pursue holiness. Go through all relationships and open sins (if any) you have and, in prayer, give them up and close those relationships, give them to God and surrender them. There are so many things that open us up to avenues of attack for the evil one - living in and around places where demonic is/has been opened/practiced, past relationships, especially sexual relationships, non-God centered spiritual practices, dabbling in occult, soul ties, bloodline curses, etc. You are called to be separate, to be holy as He is holy. Cleanse yourself in His blood. For us, this means being a holy human, not being some unattainable holiness that is a figment of man's imagination. a) Don't get caught in the trap of "I'm not holy enough, I can never be holy". You are called to find what it is to be holy. And, like Paul, you can do all things through Yeshua Christ who strengthens you. b) Don't get caught in the trap of trying to do it yourself - cast your burdens on Christ and tell Him what you need taken away. I have be delivered from so much by simply doing this. Even within 5 seconds. But sometimes a prolonged struggle with something is used to refine us like fire refines gold (1 Peter 1:7), so we may glorify Him. c) Don't allow any sin to exist unchecked in your life. We will struggle with it, each of us with individual things, for the duration of this life.

3. Live in LOVE and seize your JOY! Paul tells us to "Rejoice, again I say always, rejoice". Lift up your voice in praise - that often has an immediate effect. Refresh yourself in Who your Father God and King Yeshua (Jesus) are - Whole, All Powerful - and wash yourself in Yeshua's blood. Seize that Joy and hold on to it for life! Seize it always! When you find yourself without it, find it again! Whatever helps you keep your joy - praise music, leaving a light on at night, singing out to Him, calling on your brethren in time of need, confessing your sings to your brethren, protecting you home with holy water or holy oil, leaving behind the things used as avenues of attack,

"But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love". Even greater than faith and hope is living in LOVE. Build yourself up in this love (Jude 1:20-21) and remember “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. We love, because He first loved us.” (I John 4:18-19). Love casts out FEAR! And fear is what the demonic loves to operate in – and it is THE driving force of all the stories below.

Remember how satan and the darkness operates, to steal, kill and destroy, a deceiver that even “comes as an angel of light” (John 10:10, 2 Cor 11:14).

4. Do not mix Light with darkness. Meditation or 'opening' acitivities such as meditation mixed with yoga, aura cleansing, etc. At best these are mixing in man's ideas or, worse, demonic-influenced ideas such as yoga meditation.

5. Remember these things are going somewhere, "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose" (Rom 8:28). These attacks, for me and others, are later shown to have done many things for us: push us to where we need to be with God, let us know our own weakness compared to Him - which puts us in right position with Him to be empowered and blessed, puts us in spiritual faith/experience to help others, closes the hedge of protection (Job 1:9-10) and so much more that we can't see, like the houses and treasures laid up in Heaven.

6. Understand that yes, hippies, yoga practitioners, etc. have figured out a lot about the existence and power of love, spiritual, darkness and more. And they have a lot in common - seeking the higher power, seeking the light, seeking oneness. However, even if they all believe... "You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe, and shudder." (James 2:19)... even if they all believe it still does nothing for them. Even the demonic knows God exists. For the Christian, this is godlessness, this is strange fire. You can operate in love and spirit but you operate without Him and thus without access to the power, blessings, peace, joy of his Grace (his infinite storehouse of power and blessing that belongs to His own). Without those things you are never free. You are never whole.

To God be the glory!

brian from uk on December 20, 2019:

what you got remember debbie these things live off fear and negative energy you got to stop feeding them and raise your body frequency and energy and most of all ground your self in nature feeling the richness of the air you breath the ground you stand on make a strong point to notice the trees the flowers etc everything that is connected to this physical realm deny your tormentors existence make contact with your fellow human hello enough even morning or afternoon each day you will grow stronger if this fails ask for inner guides by your spirit guides listen carefully as there signs can be very subtle sometimes they appear in dream or other forms of communication

debbie on December 20, 2019:

I think it could be demons. I have what feels like "arrows" hitting my body, my eyes, ears, throat, head and limbs, soon after i feel them "land" muscles give way causing weakness and pain. I am in agony. I am woken to choking in the night aware that my breathing has been stopped. I am plagued with voices saying evil words. Often the words come followed by the electric shock pains. Certainly feels like I died and went to " hell " for want of a better description. They do not leave if I scream to Jesus. They seem to be allowed to do anything to me.

On occasion the physical damage they do to me has seemed to have been healed spontaneously by God through Jesus. It has been going on 6 months daily and I am growing weaker in my body. I didn't become Christian until I was 41 and in my youth I lived a party lifestyle until I got married at 30. It feels like the same demons that were possibly delighting in my sinful youth have come back to finish me off since I rejected those ways, but I can't be sure whats happening and I don't want to be guilty of heresy. Even on the day of my baptism demonic shapes were appearing on the floor in the water dripping off of me. Pray for me people, this doesn't look good. I continue to hope there may be an end to this terror. I do a lot of uploading Scriptures to chat sites about the gospel but I noticed they are also getting deleted. Maybe I'm just unpopular !! Try to lighten it up, but it is terrible really. Wishing you all the best.

brian from uk on December 20, 2019:

Ive often thought about that sarah have that many experiences i think if your writing a book you have to start from the begining the whole idea sounds very daughting but also exciting i have several more years

sarah on December 19, 2019:

Ive had this happen as a child and now that im 50 i could write a book on my life..

Samantha Flo on December 15, 2019:

I was literally thrown out of my bed this morning while i was sleeping !

brian from uk on December 08, 2019:

And the reason is because we all have a dark shadow side id like to.think i made peace with part of me one nighr i was must have been having a bad dream and i think i was shouting in my sleep i woke breifly in astral i could see my bedroom door open this thin dark shadow walked in looked at me and walked out and then i went back to sleep. When i woke up next day i knew i had seen my shadow self

brian from uk on December 08, 2019:

What always puzzles me when they attack you for your energy a few months later i had another visit but because id started protecting myself again it could not pentrate my aura i was semi consious it briefly spoke to me but not in english and not in a lanuage i could put into words because this happened i stopped doing my chakra exercises unti i can put more permanent protection in place i am not afraid of these entities as with everything there has to be a plus and a minus but i dont like been caught off guard

brian from uk on December 03, 2019:

What did it look like ive seen some pretty weird things in my life even things that id find difficult to describe thst appeared in my bedroom many years ago all i know it was an intelligent life force which recognised my fear when it started materilising in my bedroom

Justin on December 03, 2019:

I have encountered the same demon twice in my life. It first appeared to me when I was 7 years old. I awoke in the early morning hours - it was very dark in my room. But not so d

brian from uk on November 08, 2019:

Has anybody ever wondered who have seen the shadow people to us they look like a mass of black but what do they see when they look at us its surely not the same

Barbara on November 04, 2019:

I woke to the air being sucked out of my mouth. I turned my head quick and heard the sound of air escaping my mouth...

Kanani F on November 04, 2019:

I was raised in a born-again believing home. I used hear voices whispering and I was angry because I could not understand what they were saying. Up until about 10 years old, it happened night and day. I accepted Jesus on my 10th birthday.

Jo on October 23, 2019:

This just happened to me at super 8 in Nashville just fallen asleep felt something grab my left ankle I kicked and kicked it let go then grabbed both ankles I couldn’t yell nothing would come out I fought and kicked it released me I got up and ran to my husband who was in the other bed next to me . Needless to say we left that place . Very scary I literally had a panic attack

kim on October 20, 2019:

reoccurring demonic spirits. they linger close to the ceiling . They cone close to my face until they realize that i can see them then they rush back to the ceiling ,still obeserving me. Seems as though they can't stay after i began to rebuke them in the name of Jesus. They cone in the form of heads with BIG teeth. Last night there was so many . They loomed more normally human in the face.. They all had very evil intimidating expressions on there face..

brian from uk on October 18, 2019:

I lived at a friends house for a short period we used to work at same place I had a room to my self early one sat morning I started to rouse from sleep I could feel something sniffing in my ear and something prancing on the bed like a four legged animal it made me jerk quickly awake and jump out of bed but there was nothing in the room I mentioned this to my friend andhe just smiled later in the morning he took me into the gardening and pointed to the large slab stones his back garden was cemetery for dogs he had that passed away


Danielle on October 17, 2019:

I have episodes of paranoia during the night. Once morning comes, it’s gone. I used to have night terrors and night sweats , wake up choking or jumping up out of bed . Would find my photo frames hidden in my drawer which I must have done during the night. It’s very exhausting and my Husband and I are praying daily about it .

Andrea c. on October 17, 2019:

i felt an invisable presence walking around on my bed, many times

Destiny on October 13, 2019:

Man my stepdad said a demonic voice overcame me while I was sleep and every time he walked up I would just start Snoring regularly. Now I am scared to go to sleep.

Kimberly Tasby on October 11, 2019:

It’s a terrible smell like something rotten or even poop. But every night about 3:30 I smell this smell and it last for about an hour.. But I don’t fear anything I just know that it’s a demon. And he has to go in the name of Jesus Christ.

I will bless my home today .

Rachel on October 11, 2019:

Felt like a wush feeling all around my head not letting go while asleep and feeling tingling but started singing some bit of Christian music in my sleep. Woke up

Jessie on October 09, 2019:

This happened quite recently where i was at home, for some reason i wouldn't have fell asleep. Even when i was feeling so exhausted, i just wouldn't have fallen asleep and there are times when I'd just wake up anywhere in the 2am-5am bracket, without being able to go back to sleep.

The other night, i was at home, i was just not feeling right, i wanted to sleep so bad but i didnt want to close my eyes... the minute i closed my eyes, i felt as if something came on top of me and was there holding me down. I could feel myself shaking and my eyes rolling over and as soon as i got out of it, my heart was just racing uncontrollably, i was just there laying down, trying to calm down. I couldn't even sleep that morning (that was in the after 3am time). I was just terrified. But at this point, i can say i have done alot of improvement, judging from where im actually coming from with my life and my actions, I pray alot more, i read my bible more, i try to refrain from certain actions of my past etc. And soon, ill be getting baptized. I honestly want to just live and do the right thing; just live my life for God.

Anonymous on October 06, 2019:

Well, I just had it this day . I've experienced sleep paralysis twice and today is the third but this time it is totally different . Most people said sleep paralysis occured when people are so tired but I remember I slept for 3 hours before night time . Of course I was energized . Then, I slept and I had a dream where I was at this massive mansion, it was dark but there was only a little light on a specific place so I went upstairs and I saw this big door wide opened . There was a black shadowy black figure was crawling on the ceiling and it came down as soon as that thing realized I was there watching . I tried to run but I couldn't . Suddenly this thing came to me like 0.01 sec faster and I was awake by that dream . When I opened my eyes , I felt like this demons tried to possess me like it tried to go inside of me through my head . I could hear on my left ear, this demons was screaming (man voice) and sounded so frustrated because he couldn't went inside of me, (I can literally feel a hatred in his voice like he really wanted me to be part of them) . It felt like there was an invisible barrier . I tried to change my position but something still pushing me not letting me to even get out off my bed so I called out Jesus Christ multiple times, the scream getting louder but I just ignored it even though I was shaking and my body felt really cold while sweating . After a few second, it was gone . Then, I kept praying to God to protect me and my family . It was insane . I never had that before but that was really scary . But thanks to that experience it made me believe in Jesus more . He is REAL . It's not late to repent and go back to Him guys because I've sinned a lot too . He loves you, He loves everyone . God bless you! Have a great day . Thank you for reading my testimony .

Betsy on October 04, 2019:

Ok I have had nightmares since I was about 3 demons grabbing me then something while I was awake grabbed me and pulled when I was about 7 and same stuff till was 13

Krystina Valle on September 29, 2019:

I been trying to get way from someone since I 6 years old and I’m 21 years old and now . I just moved in with my boyfriend and he works at night at a hospital when he at my nightmares are getting worse and now I been waking up with bruises and scratches if I don’t go to sleep before 3 am it’s comes back and it chokes me and leaves me a bruise and I been able to see things that no else can see

Amanda Ngidi on September 27, 2019:

it's started when I was abaut 5 years old and still happening. at first I felt like a concrete was placed on my chest I couldn't move nor breath I couldn't even cry but that was when I was 5 years old. And now at the age of 17 years still happening I was sleeping and I felt like someone was standing right Next to my bed and he whispered on my ear "I'm gonna kill I'm gonna make you wish you were never born" I woke up right straight away feeling freaked out it kept on happening until l decided to pray every time before going to bed but sometimes it would still keep on happening I would wake up feeling like I've been runned over by a truck

brian from uk on August 31, 2019:

Try saging your bedroom and visualise a protective cloak or energy field around your body unfortunately there things around us we cannot see they want our energy for food but if you keep the goodness in your heart to a high vibration they cannot do anything I've been attacked a few times my self if your sensative or clairsentient you l sense them or here them one I've heard is like a growl but not like a dog that's usually when your in the way of there prey depends how openly receptive you are but try to sleep human body needs sleep if this does not work seek out professional help take career

George. Moberly on August 30, 2019:

Something grabs my foot at night while im in bed. It is quite rough sometimes. Seems to be my left foot. It began after i exited a tent ministry a couple years ago. It seems i have seer gift and was shown that a person female that was allowed to return to that ministry had the Jezibel spirit in a dream and a vision that i had. I left the ministry and have been plagued with the grabbing of my feet off and on for over 2 years. Ive prayed and blessed the house but it seems to return.

Faye on August 28, 2019:

My mother would leave me and my baby sister alone at night she went to my grans house across the street. I would call out to my baby sister but each time I did so I heard a growling noise and I felt claws coming through the mattress attacking my back. This would only stop when I became silent.

Samuel on August 15, 2019:

Leaving religion out of it, my insticts are sharp awesome hearing, i can see fairly well in the dark, not used to be touched by anything or anyone so im really sensitive to touch, really dont sleep much.... can always feel them aholes before i even get into bed. I have gotten fast to react and wake up before they take hold, it really pisses me off and they are messing with the wrong dude my goal is to put a whooping on those mother f'ers. Most people have no idea what fear is never going through this crap its hard to make others understand the strength of these things..... human with a gun not scary.... demon = scary cause i cant fight back i cant resist what ever the hell its trying to do but cant help but wonder what happens to those who cant resist.... suicide, evil human, can't really make a scientific judgment cause too many returds keep calling it sleep paralysis..... wrong cause i stop it before it happens takes more speed than what it takes to reverse a sneeze.... you know like stop your body from sucking in air and reverse the prosses of the sneeze you have to be metally ans physically fast... last night had to be the worst.... i know all the sounds i make.... sometimes wake myself on the first snore, heard a deep..loud and low toned exhale and it wasn't me had to sleep with the 800 lum light on and all night has constant nightmares... as soon as i felt myself slip in to sleep instantly dropped into nightmare, never make it to REM sleep so the whole sleep paralysis goes out the window....its like they are in cahoots with the shadow shit heads, and cant sleep with a night light or in the dark cause i can see their outlines from little frog sized aholes to bigger than human shadows... i hate them all. And they are cruising for a bruising. Just thought people on here would understand my frustration, thanks

John on August 14, 2019:

So yesterday before I went to sleep, I send a message in chat to someone who said he summoned spirits into his house, I sent him prayer to get rid of them. When I went to bed, I had very lucid nightmares of two creatures pursuing me and my friends. One creature was small and the other was tall, bot were putrid, falling apart like zombies, and they were very skinny. I couldn't get away from them, when I looked away they appeared in front of my face, I got fed up be being scared and having nightmare, so I forced myself to wake up, upon awakening I told to myself, now you can chase me all you want... Next moment, the mattress that was on me started to shake, in waves up and down rapidly creating air from shaking on lower part of my body, I got scared and thought I am under demon attack and called out "Jesus!" "Jesus" in very faint voice. Next instant I heard scary gollum like voice next to my bed from where the shaking was coming but I couldn't quite discern what it was saying, I think it was something like "maybe He's busy/maybe he cant hear you" to which I repplied "He is here with me!" and called out again Jesus' Higher Self True Soul name, "Sananda!!" at this moment shaking stopped, and few seconds I opened my eyes, and in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit I commanded the jhins/hag's/demons or what ever it was, to leave and never dare to come back...

Crystal on August 11, 2019:

I purposely put other because I have had a few experiences. As a child, I had night terrors and even things that happened I am certain I was awake. After starting my family, they seemed to go away. Although, my 2nd born daughter had them as a child. I will add that myself, my husband and both my daughters do get anxiety. Our son, fortunately does not. But he is a see’er. 2 years ago, I felt a weight crushing my body, I thought it was my husband, I was asleep but tye pressure built until I couldn’t breathe. As though it was dead weight. My husband, next to me, finally tapped me to get me out of this because I was crying and gasping. I opened my eyes to a black horrorish looking figure, glowing eyes and matted hair, it told me telepathically it would take my life through sickness if I tried to go after my brother’s soul (he had fallen away). The next day, I called my then 18 year old son asking him if he felt or saw anything in the house tye previous night. Sure enough, he said a demon was in his room staring at him. I asked what it looked like. He drew a sketch as he’s a good artist. It was exactly what I had seen. Although, I didn’t tell him my experience until after he confirmed the sighting. We cleansed & blessed the house. This stubborn spirit, I felt, it’s presence in an upper corner if my room, waiting for some opportunity. Honestly I thought I had a bit of an imagination after a while. Until one night my husband flat out pointed to the same spot (I hadn’t told him that I felt this presence still) and he said, that thing is still here...right over there.

After persistence of much worship and prayer, and finally left. Since then, I did get sicker. I continue to attend a Spirit filled church, getting annointed and prayed over. And I still evangalize, nothing will stop me. While that particular thing hasn’t returned, I have had sleep paralysis, a lot of graphic nightmares of carnage, sometimes I recognize victims so I get up and pray. But on a few occasions, the last being just last night, I have had an invisible python like snake feeling constricting up my body, squeezing me in a manner that I am trapped and can hardly breathe. Last night, I felt it around my pelvic area then it began tightening, moving upwards as a snake would wrapping me towards my lower abdomen. I recognized this, in my sleep (which was lucid by then) and cried out In Jesus name, I command you to leave. I had to press in hard to keep repeating it. I was awake and then, just like that black figure, it vanished like a vapor off of me.

My Dr wants to explain this in a medical term as panic attacks, severe anxiety, night terrors, etc... I know better. And I too was raised by both a Pentecostal grandma as well as spirit filled parents. You are right, this is a real realm.

Daniel on June 17, 2019:

About a month ago I abruptly woke up in the middle of the night shouting "oh just f*©k off" really loudly. Till this day I'm not sure who or what I was talking to and I don't know if it's what I actually saw (as I was still half asleep) but I saw a shadowy figure moving away from my bed area and disappearing into night. I was completely startled and couldn't believe what had just happened, naturally it took me a while to get back to sleep after a short prayer.

It still bugs me that I don't why I shouted that can't remember anything leading up to that moment.

Anon on June 10, 2019:

When i was a kid i had an imangnary friend, his name was oliver and he was from the old days, he wore suspenders and a weird hat, Oliver always played with me, hung out on the wall and never left my side, he also always told me that when i got older he would have to go away, when i was a young teen and no longer spoke to or really believed in my imaginary friend (even though i have memory of actual conversations with replys and stuff) weird stuff started happening, i would hear this constant tapping and banging that i always assumed was my brothers until i was home alone and it continued, then my ceiling fan started spinning in the wrong dirrection as well as randomly comming to an abrupt stop or turning on when it was off, a certain dress in my closet swung widly, i would wake up to my bedsheets tightly pulled so i vouldnt move them and was trapped and i wouldnt sleep for days out of fear i wouldnt wake up and anytine i did sleep, i had terrible lucid nightmares. This had all gone away when my sister moved out and i got her old room, but just last night i dreamt that i was sleeping and didnt want to be sleeping, and that there were men above me laughing and poking me saying "see, how she doesnt wake up" in my dream i heard it and tried so hard to wake up but couldnt, then woke up in a cold sweat to my bedroom door shut (i never shut it) I just assumed the past stuff like Oliver was my childhood lonliness and paronia manafesting a protective friend, and all the other stuff paranoia and effects of not sleeping (quite literally not even for a minute) for 3 days at a time but why the paranoia, and my family would see the weird fan stuff and swinging dress too, and why the creepy dreams and weird somethings off feeling coming back randomly

brian from uk on June 03, 2019:

Trouble is if your in partial sleep and awake mode everything is picked up by your third eye it's the organ in your head that can detect things your normal senses cannot the unseen world

Yonstar on June 03, 2019:

This morning I was dreaming and heard 3 people in my room. I thought it was my family. I heard one tell the other 2 in a deep voice to bend over and get F'd in the ass. I tried to wake up and could not move. Suddenly, I felt something touch my head and my hand. I could finally move and woke up to see no one. I closed my eyes, thinking I was dreaming, and as I was falling asleep I heard a deep voice say "Let's do this.". I felt the one with the deep voice crawl into my bed. My bed began shaking and rumbling. I could not move again. I managed to say "God help me"...the figure leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "No one is coming to help you." I began to pray in my mind and finally woke up. I've never been so scared in my entire life. Before I went to bed last night I was in the shower praying (as I usually do every night) and I said to God "I will fear no evil." I think I may have provoked them.

brian from uk on June 01, 2019:

Just wondering has anybody had a psychic attack at an OM chanting session happened a,few week ago was chatting to a lady who said she was,clairvoyant and very spiritual oh i said ive been told this too about myself anyway we got down to chanting when all of a,sudden i started going deaf in my right ear and i. Could hardly hear the sounds coming outof my mouth it seemed to persist for some time i was going to give up chanting as it felt almost impossible well it came to the last fifteen min session and suddenly cleared then all of a sudden the lady that organised the session spoke my name out loud in my head it was like the voice had substance but she was on the other side of the room the only thing that came to mind was,esp. Any takers

Cory on May 31, 2019:

I was trying to fall asleep around 5am, I usually get an attack ever month or so some times every 4-5 months but tonight. Had to of been one of the worst it was holding my jaw close to my neck and said into my ear “I love you so much” I some how moved there arm and lost control of my hands and it began to squeeze my throat. I woke up and my Adam’s apple hurts. I’m soo sick of this shit already. Like what am I gonna do when I get older to fight this thing? I’m 34 now and I’m not crazy

Stef Marq on May 27, 2019:

i fall asleep on my side always and when this occurred i woke up arms folded legs folded unable to move but i am awake fully aware but unable to move a muscle i feel my face all pulled back and something squeezing on my arm really bad , i hear the sound of something in my room spinning and moving fast i wasn’t really sure what it was till i was able to move i ran out and saw it was a pair of scissors in front of my door the energy i felt wasn’t a good one . any idea what is going on ? i wake up with bruises sometimes and sore.

Jorge Gee on May 19, 2019:

This used to happen to me when I was addicted to Heroin. I am extremely religious, especially at that time because I really wanted god to help me get through the addiction. My theory is that I knew that I was going to do what I was going to do the next day (drugs) because I was severely addicted. I was in a loop of contanstly asking for forgiveness and constantly committing the same sin, which a presence or evil demonic being can take for granted more than anything, which led to worse things. I read that these demons are such sickos and perverts, they will look for any opening to come into your life and make it hell. I would turn over to my bed and be so annoyed, I’d make the sign of the cross and it would make one back, everything I would do it would replicate. I could hear breathing and one time I was actually asleep and awoke to the scariest, most vulgar, demonic scream going throughout my head and echoing into the whole house. Excorsist type scream but 50x worse (this happened between opening my eyes and sitting up very fast from my sleep). After a while and after becoming sober, it went away. I know if I do think about it (which I don’t anymore), it will probably happen again. You just have to ask the arch angels to help you get through it, none of these, in what I think, are demons can touch or harm you if you expel them within the name of Jesus. That’s what I was told but still, they would go pretty far. That was a horrible experience and a long time ago but happened over probably 3 to 6 months.

But im catholic so idk what to tell you if you do not believe in god like me.... good luck bro.... get those things out ASAP !!!!! Haha

brian from uk on May 03, 2019:

My most recent attack was when i got into bed forget to practice what i preach id put my head on the pillow i dont fall asleep right away ten mins may have passed when everything went black and something squeezed my brain at the rear of my head normally when shut my eyes theres somtimes nothing on till i fall asleep and dream but never pitch blackness so i think idx been attacked by a black entity energy consumer cause human are bio energy in nature and not mechanical magnetic energy makes use rather special

Matthew Hayost on April 25, 2019:

I was about 11 or 12 and i was trying to go to sleep and i heard something move inside my closet the did not have enough space for anything to move, and when i finally fell asleep i had two nightmares the first being awoken in my bed and for whatever reason i walked outside and across the road was a dog with red eyes and as i turned around to walk back inside i fell something on my back and as i yelled for help they told me it was not the dog that jumped on me but a man with the exect same red eyes and the same night i had it so itself as a boy peeking up from the end of my bed and then disappering, my aunt came out to bless the house, my aunt said that in no other place in the house did she have any smoke come from the candle untill she went into my room and 3 to 4 black spirals of smoke came out of the flame and a couple days later i heard a little girl laughing outside my window and when I went to check there was nothing there, and it is said that demons and demonic beings mimic little girls to draw us in, i know what the darkness holds now because of what happened that day, because it scared me crapless.

Lin on April 17, 2019:

I’ve had experiences ever since I was a child, shadows, nasty odours, scratching in walls (childhood home) I became so scared my mother had to stay with me nightly! Since I became an adult and my faith got stronger I’ve been less troubled but I still get the occasional taunt generally if my moods low. I’m more concerned thought that my child who is severely autistic is suddenly screaming nightly and running in my room as if he’s being chased.. it’s got to point he refuses to go in room day or night. I’m not quite sure what to do?.

Johnny Rodriguez on April 16, 2019:

I have been visited many times in the morning like just a little while ago it's unexplainable if u haven't had it happen to yourself my water faucets turned on by themselves and when that happened I pulled cover over my head and I stayed real still frozen paralyzed when I hear a female voice say what happened cat got your tounge taunting me

Godsflower on April 13, 2019:

I was just dozing off to sleep when I heard a demon or evil spirit abruptly yell at me to the point that I immediately woke up just like what was that. The bazar thing is about a week or two ago I was talking to my dad on the phone who said he experienced something almost identical. This is not the first time I have been attacked by evil spirits whilst sleeping before when I was about 18 I kept feeling an evil spirit around me when sleeping when laying on my back i would feel it's presence around my rib cage like a hand and I was paralyzed and terrified it would try to touch my breasts it was almost like it was enjoying the fear of me being so frightened it would molest me. Shortly after I became a Christian at 19 I had a horrific sleep paralysis where an evil spirit was behind me and it was causing me to levitate and spin to the point where I could see my celling. I just said help me lord and I slowly drift down to my bed again when the sleep paralysis stopped and I finally woke up I sobbed at what had just happened but was so thankful for God's rescue. I wonder why they pick on some people and not others anyway evil spirits definitely like to hurt people during sleep.

Tim Flood on April 11, 2019:

I am in a spiritual battle with many entities at this time. Im sorry but there is just too much happening to put it all in this comment section. It is severe.

npcp76 on April 10, 2019:

I wake up in the middle of the night when I open my eyes I see a dark figure standing over me sometimes its right in my face so I scream and try to take off running down the hall way. Ive had numerous bruises falling out of bed bc my legs are like jellow I just fall on the floor. My husband turns on the light and its gone. Now we sleep with the tv on and nightlight and I dont see it anymore. Ive also brought my bible next to my bed in case its a demon or something very scary it happed alot until we started sleeping with lights.

Donna on March 30, 2019:

When I was 5 or 6 yrs old, I didn't want to take a nap by myself because I sensed something evil in my bedroom. I remember telling my mother about how I could see an evil face in the ceiling (asbestos) tiles. I think she prayed with me, but she did lay down on the bed with me for our afternoon nap to console me. This happened several days and then I never experienced it again.

Maria Gandolfi on March 18, 2019:

Hello. I'm a married mother of 1 and have been having encounters for about 2 months now. I wake up in the night thinking my son is trying to get my attention by pushing me in my side, shoulder or hip. No one is ever there amd it always lasys for about 5 or 6 times during each occurrance. My husband works nights so im always alone and my son is always asleep. He's little so I know he's not playing a jome on me. Its never painful, hust something obviously trying to het my attention. It's happened about once a week, and sometimes skips to every 2 weeks. This is not a muscle spasm or something like that. It's very much lile being pushed or shoved by an unseen hand. Ive also heard scratching noises for the same time frame on my side of the bed, behind our dresser. We set mouse traps but havent caught anything. The last time this happenesd was this past Sunday morning, about 3:45 am. Afyer the 4th time of being pushed, I decided to try saying and Our Father and a Hail Mary. I'm Baptist but have strong Catholic roots. Sayimg these made me feel much better and the activity stopped. I'm sorry to be so long winded but this is the first time Ive been able to find somwine who even came close to what I'm dealimg with. Im glad your issue was resolved and I welcome any suggestions. Thank you and I hope everyone reading this will be respectful.

brian from uk on February 09, 2019:

If non of that helps get a proffesional phychic in if your place is been haunted

all the best

brian from uk on February 09, 2019:

There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself most obvious is prayer or meditation,putting your self in a egg shaped protectivie light whichby the way you have to visualize this one.repeating mantras ro ward off negative entities, smudginging all you rooms with a blessing prayer, therealso plant extract that will cleanse you of any attachment called petaltone essenences three or four drops mixed in mineral water not tap in a diffuser sprayer above your aura keep from enhaling as theessences are not for consumation

Holly on February 06, 2019:

For years I have suffered in and off with sleep paralysis and it got out of hand becoming more difficult to establish what was real as in my attacks I feel as if I wake up numerous times and each time the demo is figure I always see has gotten closer. I then went on and had a random patch of sleep walking one occasion i walked downstairs, all the way to my back door and took a big Section of my hair and cut it off, I only figured it out because I found the scissors and hair the next day perfectly cut, I also walked downstairs and clearly remember the dream, I was walking to the sink to get a drink as I took a sip I sprayed fake tan in my mouth which instantly woke me up. Everything had died down until last night and this has led me to search for guidance, I never really knew enough about all this to have an opinion on whether it is real or not. I don’t even know if last night is real I have no video proof but to me it is a memory I remember every detail. I was at my bedroom door pulling at it so hard and it would t open I was putting everything into it, the door was black and dark I finally got it open and it opened with such force that I was flung back to my bed, there was a horrible deep roar as it opened and I was instantly alert it was like it actually happened and I’m completely freaked out what should I do ?

brian from uk on February 04, 2019:

An other time I was installing a socket for a tenant it was a big job so I was back wards and forwards to my van for tools and materials the lady made me a cup of tea and to make me a bacon sandwich I said the tea is fine thank you. I had to go to my van for another length of plastic trunking I got past the house down the path way when I felt something rush over the top of me I was not sure what was that I thought as I turned my head downwards there was this loud growl like it was in front of me I looked back towards the tenants house. The dog and tenant was on the step watching me walk away but I did not say anything as I know how it can frighten people I've asked people in phychic circles but they just joked and said oh a dog so that got me thinking some people are not series about what they do

brian from uk on February 04, 2019:

That's interesting heather about your comment of hearing a growl I can sense energy as I'm an empath which make very sensative a couple times I've heard a growl I'd say was unearthly it passed over me as if I was in the way and growled I was at a place called college for psychic studies thing was nobody else heard the growl I was following other people down stairs to basement cafe it did not frighten because I've seen and heard all kinds of strange things they feed on fear and negative emotions if force love into heart they cannot stand that it be like us drinking sour milk we through up

Heather on February 01, 2019:

I was aware of a spirit living in my home for 10 years. I first heard her say Mommy but there was no one there. One time my cousin and I and her friend were sitting in my room which is pretty large and there was a helium balloon in the corner of the room It started coming across the room as if someone was carrying it and they handed it to my cousin who started crying. Towards the end we would have fans turn on and off but we would shut the closet doors and they would fly open. One night I was laying in bed with my little boy and the bed shuck and we heard a growl. I thought I was going crazy but I asked him if he heard it and he said yes I asked him if he felt and he said yes. Ask him if you want to look to see what it was when it jumped out of the bed so I went after him and there was nothing under there I was very freaky. I was told by medium but there was a negative spirit in my home I needed to light a candle to get rid of it. When I came back home to see how the wax melted there was an image of an old woman from the older days. I have a picture. I also have pictures of when I lit a candle there was a purple orib with a man in it. There was scary face says intended my sink. I sent it away and things were ok. I could close the doors again. sometimes I feel like I sent her away but shouldn't of. Sometimes I feel like she protected me as I was attacked in my room and she had to have seen it. That's when she started making her presence very well known. I don't know if it was just her or someone else. I recently moved not because of that I took a picture the other day of a candle. I lit it and took a picture as it bured. The purple orib is back. This place seems really peaceful. I hope it stays that way

Barbara Stephens on January 12, 2019:

I have visions things thday seem to pertain to myself, angelic, spiritual warfare animals that addres not indigenous to the area I live, also i've seen hooded which I say are demonic attacks, just a couple of weeks ago lying in bed, friends in my right ear, I am not afraid, I just do not become afraid, I pray to my Abba Father rebuke ask for any sinful actions, and they go away for a while, but I know when they always come around, but heavenly angelic angels come, how do I know seen them they came right through my ceiling, what looked like an explosion but no sound, I could go on and on, but enough for now, one more thing I see people that I do not know

brian from uk on December 29, 2018:

I'd say it's more of a negative entity that attacks people for energy. I used to be talked to by something not there when I was child up to a certain age but I would not say it was demonic more of a guiding voice but I did not understand I was more annoyed as it broke me out of a beautiful dream and I wanted to go back there but it never happened again

brian from uk on December 19, 2018:

A lot of this seems familiar I have theory its because you have a very young soul like me I used to get attacked all the time when I was young too basically our soul is very pure and powerful but because we're so pure we have no defence against these entities you feel drained in the morning but you can protect your self and that main defence comes from the inner one other comment your not an empath ru

Sfm on December 17, 2018:

I was asleep and I woke up completely frozen. I knew something was wrong so I tried to speak the Lord’s Prayer. It was difficult but eventually after forcing myself to repeat it, I felt a hot breath in my left ear and I could finally move move again

Byron Pitt on December 10, 2018:

I do not go to church and I don’t know anything about the bible but when I was sleeping I said beelzebub and at first when my parents told me what had happened I had no idea but when we googled it we were shocked to find it’s a demon and I said it in a tone of voice they had never heard before. Should I be scared and what dose this mean

Tammy on November 26, 2018:

I know I saw something but your story is quite unsettling because I did not think it could physically touch me. Thanks for your story. I still won’t sleep alone but I don’t feel so alone and crazy.

Tj sidhu on November 25, 2018:

And pray more is there anything else like maybe wearing a cross around my neck ...because I've become s addict my attacks are getting worse I in there anyone who feels this same poking on top of shoulder ripping on the inside of my hands and bottom of my feet? Am I in trouble....

Rodric Anthony Johnson from Surprise, Arizona on November 21, 2018:

These dark manifestations have no power unless you give it to them. I have had many experiences with them and they get weaker as I live a good life. Demons or the devil has no power over us unless we yield it to them. There are dark forces, but all human beings are being os light, even the evil ones.

Knowing who they are and why they are attacking helps you to fight them. The source of their power is fear. There is nothing to fear from them.

Elizabeth Rose on November 21, 2018:

This is happening to me, it started when I was a kid. I saw the first shadows when I was about 6, I couldn’t move or breathe. By the time it was over me, I could finally scream and it disappeared. The next second, literally, I heard glass shatter. My parents woke up to find the glass shower door was completely shattered. I’ve heard the whispers in my ears that have woken me from my sleep.

Last night, it was the time in a while that I had a demonic dream. It was back in my old house, the one I saw the demons in. That’s always the house I happen to be living in when it comes to nightmares or demonic dreams. I laid down on that bed and immediately I felt the feeling of falling, everything went black and I started to smell sulfer and smoke. I was greeted by a handsome man, who gave me a weird sick feeling at first. I wasn’t alone, I was in a group of people and my dad was there too. He was taken to a room where he was strapped to a chair where we just left him. He seemed to be okay with it. I was left with some other girls and the devil, who showed us around this officer that felt like a maze. He then took us outside, where it looked like a gorgeous paradise. People were walking around, shopping, doing as people did. He took me aside at one point and told me he wanted me to help him rule his kingdom, to be second in charge. I told him I couldn’t leave my family, and there was still work that needed to be done. He smiled and kissed me and told me he can’t wait to see me again, then released me back to the real world. When I was back in my bed, I realized my dad didn’t come back. My mom asked what happened and I told her my dad was still stuck in what I assume was hell. Surely enough he walked up the stairs, covered in sweat but he also looked younger and skinnier. He recalled the same experience I had.

I woke myself up from the dream to the lingering smell of cigarette smoke and sulfur.. still very scared of what I just experienced.

Polly on November 21, 2018:

I saw a 7-8ft grey winged demon in my doorway it's head was lower than shoulders they were high large and rounded up the head was low and looking down with small dark eyes I couldn't make out clearly but felt it looking right in my soul and suddenly i felt my heart being ripped open almost physically but definitely metaphysically and all of my goodness and positive energy was sucked out of me I could see a wind flowing from my heart to its eyes as it stood there a very religious orthodox friend came to my room and said "You invited the devil here"

Scott on October 12, 2018:

I was woke up in the middle of the night by a strong thing grabbing hold of my right arm and pulling me out of bed towards the underneath of my bedside table were it seemed to be , as this was happening it growled down my left ear , like some kind of ungodly beast , I’ve never heard such a terrifying growl in my entire life , I struggled and made my way to the other side of the bed , it was where my partner would normally be , but at this time we weren’t together , I scrambled trying to turn the lamp on , it seemed to take forever , when the light came on there was nothing to see , but I could not forget that growl and I didn’t dare switch the light off again , and I still sleep with the light on to this day , years later , I will never forget it and I’m 49 years old , not got children but it haunts me to this very day .

Mpfbuh001 on September 10, 2018:

AMEN!! Hallelujah. So true Phinds and Lunar 18. Jesus Christ saves.

Phinds on September 10, 2018:

It is only through Jesus' powerful blood and Name that we and our kids are/can be saved in this life time and will lead us to the eternal life. Keep trusting in our God the Creator of heaven and earth. The Engels are working tirelessly to keep us safe from the storms of life.

Lunar18 on September 09, 2018:

This is what has worked for me for many years now. Pray to Jehovah God in Jesus name for it to leave you. As soon as it releases you, get up and turn on the lights. They don’t like the light. Grab your Bible and read the book of Psalms. My favorite is Psalms 23. READ IT OUTLOUD. If you don’t have a Bible, you can go to and read it online or download it for free in over 800 languages. I have it on my tablet and I listen to it from the website or the JW app.

This is what I do as soon as I feel its presence or as soon as it releases me. It pins me down on my bed with my neck twisted to my left side and my tongue is tied. I pray mentally to Jehovah and “fight” to get my tongue release so I can say Jehovah’s name outloud too.

Sleep with the lights on or a very strong night light or leave the bathroom light on. However, I got attacked with the hallway light on. So what has work is leaving the light in my room on or the light my bedside lamp on. I also play the book of Psalms on my tablet to be able to fall asleep afterwards.

They don’t like laughter or happy feelings. If you can’t fall asleep or are too afraid to do so, I suggest you watch your favorite comedy show/movie to relax and start laughing. Eating helps, lol. At least it does me!!!especially chocolate!Don’t overdo it though, you will gain weight!!trust me! I know!!!lolI!!!I’m currently on a “diet”.

Having a sense of humour helps, cause I’ve found out they don’t like it. If they’re all over house, during day, open the blinds and let the sun in. Turn on lights at night, pray and read the book of Psalms in each room.

James 4:7-9

Therefore, subject yourselves to God; but oppose the Devil, and he will flee from you. 8 Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you indecisive ones. This is the key to stopping this demonic attacks. However, it’ll depend on your level of faith as oppose to your fears and the fact of the matter is, Jehovah’s the only one that can truly help you through these horrible encounters.

Hope these tips help you as they have helped me through the years. These are based on my experiences in dealing with frequent attacks on and off since I was 4 years old through no fault of my own. They have been based on adults around me dealing in the occult.

PRAY TO JEHOVAH IN JESUS NAME AND SAY GOD’s name outloud if possible. READ OUTLOUD OR LISTEN TO SOME CHAPTERS FROM THE BOOK OF PSALMS. Between you and me, I like the chapters that talk about Jehova’s plan to destroy his enemies in the not so distant future the most!! I like to laugh in their “faces” but (disclaimer)I don’t suggest you do that.

Blacklotus on August 21, 2018:

It's happened a few times, but I have always felt different negative things following me. It'll start with a day or a week where I just feel completely off and drained and then one day or night I'll get a pain in my chest. Now usually I attribute this to my anxiety because I'll start hyperventilating and sometimes it'll cause my chest to hurt and I can't breathe. But it's always the left side of my chest. On the night she these things are after me or really telling me they're there it's my right side. So once I start paying attention and realize which side it is the real pain starts. I can't breathe due to the pain and I can feel everything. I feel the nails or whatever it is whatever these things have digging in to my chest. And I realize if I pray it will go away but the pain hurts so bad and sometimes they are talking to me or laughing so loudly I can't focus on anything to pray. But eventually I do and they let go and I can breathe again but they don't leave. They stick around. Usually in a corner in the room I'm in. But I can still feel them. Sometimes I'll see a slight shadow but it's usually just there presence I feel.

Tim on July 26, 2018:

I have figured out that I am a seer, as mentioned in the bible. I constantly see faces and figures on every wall, ceiling, and floor of pretty much every place I go. I have on a few occasions heard whispers, but it's almost like a radio that is playing in a distance where I cannot understand anything that is being said. I see faces in figures in clouds, trees, bushes, on the grass and pretty much everywhere else I look. Until the Lord saved my life, these things had overtaken every aspect of my life, I had taken thousands of photos and videos of them, they would appear in my yard and trees as little gnomes, animal-like figures, full on demons, and all kinds of things that are freakier than anything I have ever seen in a horror movie. I've had dark clouds moving around my house and some insane visions that would take too long to type on here. My wife and son would see some of them, but not anywhere near the ballpark of what I see. No, I do not have schizophrenia or any other mental diseases. We tried every new age thing to rid our property of these beings, but it only got worse. One day I stayed home alone and prayed for hours trying to figure out why I was seeing these things. The Lord finally let me know in my soul that this was a product of all the sin I had allowed into my life and He was allowing me to see this in order to call me to Him. I was truly humbled and repented of my sins and I told Christ that I would rather die than to continue in a lifestyle that allowed this into my home and around my family. God saved me that day. I coughed out what I can only describe as evil energy out of my body 6-7 times. I was exhausted and felt truly forgiven and free for the first time in my life. The things is God still allows me to see things, they are just no longer in control of my life. I have learned many things from this, what feels like a curse, but I believe is a gift from God. I am now walking in the truth of God. No one could ever convince me that a battle of good vs. evil is not going on around us all the time. Most people just cannot see it. I have been able to help others who have attachments in their life and I have the opportunity to share my faith in Christ on a regular basis. My wife and son no longer see these things and they no longer attack me. I also now see the good side of the fight as well. Before it was nothing but darkness and evil. God has seemingly called me out of my darkness and into fighting the battle on the good side through prayer and sharing my testimony. This is a very shortened version of what happened to me as this started in September of 2017 and reached a peak in April 2018. This is when I had my experience with Jesus Christ. I have never felt more free in my life and I know I was saved by nothing but the grace of God as I was not seeking salvation. It was poured upon me. It was a very stressful time in my life while the evil was occurring, but I believe as hardened as I was, this was the only way God could get through to me. If anyone is interested in hearing more you can email me at I am always here to help others and to share the power and salvation of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is the only real protection from this evil that I could ever find. We now see every day as a gift from God and seek to live a holy life that is pleasing to Him. Feel free to email me if you are serious. I'm not into helping people who are just curious about this sort of thing as it is nothing to mess around with and is NOT for fun.

Shannon Boyle on July 24, 2018:

I was asleep and I woke up not being able to breathe or move. There was a brown like burned arm around my neck and I was trying to call out to God for help, I kept hearing all these voices around me but I could not make out what they were saying. Then a white wall came down and I was released. I know now that it was my spirit calling out to God for help and I needed to surrender fully to him. But I didnt know that at the time. I also heard voices calling my name, most of the time I was asleep but once I was alone and and walking down the hallway. I had a door slam in my face and my clothes in my closet moved on their own twice. Also, on a few occasions I saw people with demon eyes. I recently found out that I was a victim of black magic, and actually had a demon with me set out to destroy my life for the past 6 years. I was never really religious and I only recently got saved. Even after all that I let the devil do his job in my family without turning to God for help until now. I lost my home because I was convinced something in there was making me sick, I woke up every morning with flu like symptoms and it progressed to where I could barely breath in my home.

Mpfbuh001 on July 12, 2018:

Romans 10 vs 13 :Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved" In John 14 vs 6 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

Turn to the Son of God Lord Jesus Christ. Trust in Him, have faith in Him.

God bless everyone

truthsatanas on June 19, 2017:

What is a demon?

"In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshipped their divinities, fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons. -Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship"

Daemon is also Demon, the Daemon of the Greeks was the inner divine spirit, the serpent power. Note Dae, Day from Dyaus the sun god. Mon means Moon in the ancient world. Deamon means Sun-Moon. We see this in the Dagaz and Manaz rune as well. Dagaz means Day. Man or Mon, moon. Dayus is also Deus from Zeus.

The serpent was both sun and moon, male, female.

We see this with Agathodaemon, the name of the Androgynous God, Dionysus.

Agathodaemon means: Good serpent or sacred serpent.....The Good God.

"Demon" has only become corrupted with the advent of the Judeo-Christian religions. For thousands of years prior, demon was simply a title of the pagan Gods. Humanity is naturally gifted with spiritual abilities. Some of us more than others can access this power. Much of this has been locked through the Abrahamic religions. This is why witches and others were murdered in the Inquisition. It was an attempt to destroy the spiritual knowledge and to keep man subservient to the God of Israel. This is also why Christians are told to never delve into the occult. It is all about fear and withholding of information, keeping you in the dark, unable to see the truth for yourself, unable to liberate yourself spiritually. Visit to learn more.

Unknown on August 11, 2016:

About a year ago I was sitting at my buddies house watching a movie. I was leaning back in the recliner when I felt something grab my arm and pull me up out of the seat. I thought my buddy was messing with me so I ignored it. A minute later it happened again, so I told him to stop. He says ,"wasn't me." So I said b/s. Suddenly my ankle starts twisting and turning on its own almost to the point it was hurting me. I could also see what looked like a hand wrapped around my ankle twisting it. It scared me to death. I begged him for help and he said if i needed medical attention i would have to leave... so I took off in a bit of a panicked mode. This thing was grabbing at my right ankle and I had to drag my leg to get into my car. As I was driving down the road this dark figure appeared in the passenger seat of my car. It started poking me in my sidexperience and telling me if I didn't do as it said it would hurt me. What it was poking me with felt like a sharpened stick. It also said it would use me to hurt the ones I love if I refused to do what it wanted. I was sitting at a stop sign at this point. I refused to help it. This thing then seemed to climb inside of me as if my body were a suit. I felt it enter into my right hand and this heat going through every inch of me as it entered me. I felt as if it were pushing my soul out of my own body. The pressure was pushing out through my chest so hard I could barely breathe. Now that it entered my body my head started twisting to the right as if it were going to make me go somewhere I didn't want to go. I was able to overcome it enough to go left instead of right. I was going to my parents and this thing wasn't going to stop me. I needed someone else to see what was happening to me. When I got there, I woke my mom out of bed to get her to see this as it was holding on to my leg to keep me from moving. She grabbed my arm and started to pull me down the hallway. I could only more my right leg and I fell to the floor as she was pulling me. When she touched my leg where it was holding me, it would release its hold on me. I was able to get into a bedroom and lay down where it tortured me for a couple of hours. She would pray over me and where it as attacking me she would touch it and it would release its hold. Several times it would enter into my body and start trying to push me out. It felt like this thing was trying but not strong enough to do the damage it was trying to cause. My back would arch towards my stomach as this would happen and it would be difficult to breathe. After maybe an hour or two it seemed to give up. I have no reference for time as I fell asleep because it drained me after this happened. This event only reaffirmed my faith in christ and I now know what I must do to stop it the next time it happens.

gepeTooRs on May 09, 2016:

Wonderful issues altogether, you simply received a emblem new reader. What would you recommend in regards to your put up that you simply made some days ago? Any positive?

Alexandria on March 27, 2016:

I have been needing someone to talk to about the situation I am in cuz I am going through something very similar I'm surprised I am still alive the smells you are describing I smell them all the time sometimes they will smell like sulfur sometimes like decaying flesh or rotting flesh apparently I am dealing with two female demons that are demons of lust one claims to be a high priestess and the other one Idk I tried everything I smudged and annoited the doorways with cumin felt one portal close but, there's a portal coming from the ground that is still open there were orbs coming up from the ground when I filmed what was going on. To be honest though, this all started when I was at my friend Crystal's house she is into witchcraft and had a box by her nightstand and she told me if I opened it I would die I was kind of hesitant about sleeping over her house and now I know why I had some weird inkling that she was messing with something that she should not have been messing with. I woke up the next the next morning with an exploding headache and heard voices of what sounded like a man and woman fighting it was weird this was nothing like anything I experienced before. I have feeling something from that box followed me as well as some evil spirits from a school I went to called Warm Springs. Folks demons are very real please be careful whatever you do be careful of how much alcohol you consume please stay away from drugs and try not to watch any movies that have anything to do with demons or the devil you know like the exorcist and drag me to hell or the rite movies like that oh yeah Amittyville Horror is another one that can have the ability actually to open doors any movies that you watch that have to do with sex, drugs, alcohol, or the devil and or demons. Ever since I got out of that school I developed a cough that kind of comes and goes which is kind of weird.... I have developed this thing where I am constantly cracking my chest and it is really weird I didn't have that before and I have been hearing voices and some of them imitate people like my brother is actually still alive they also imitated my aunt Ann's voice that recently died but, it was when she was still alive. My ears would ring on certain occasions everything sounds louder than it actually is sometimes and then I would feel like I am in a daze and when I would wake up and I would still be in a dream like state and when I would stay in the day dream state also experience moments of confusion and burns on my skin my head would feel tight, random aches and pains especially in the stomach. But, I would have nightmares about being chases by things like black hooded people Haunted houses with werewolves and evil spirits lots of nightmares the only time I actually have good dreams is when I have garlic under my pillow or when Jesus is present pray to Jesus he will come and comfort you. Do things that will bring good things into the house like I suggest praying to St. Jude the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ himself if anyone else is a Christian like me and having similar experiences please post. Don't act afraid though the more scared you are the more the feed off your fear because they are out to destroy anything that is good Satan hates the bible he hates you and he hates Jesus. Right now I feel like my head is being used as a spiritbox which is a form of demonic mind control to this day I resent messing with that thing to be honest you guys it's no different than a Ouija board really not please stay away from that shit I'm warning you especially if you a Christian and even Christians fall into this trap please stay away from it from witchcraft, Scientology, Satanism just stay away from it an occult that is not of God and that doesn't worship the Lord Jesus Christ please stay away from it I know it sounds like I am blaming everything on that school it was Haunted for sure and not all spirits were good my ex boyfriend tried to kill me I honestly think he was possessed by a demon because the guy I dated wasn't the same guy I came back to he was sweet when we dated then all of a sudden he started acting sinful cheating on me then breaking up with me it was just bad.

Marko on January 24, 2016:

this is very real. i had 3 experiences recently in my room where i could see every part of room vividly including room objects that are same as in materil world. first time something grabed me in bed and lifted me to the air choking me, second time i was pushed on the chair nearby instead and last time i just felt evil presence...every time i would promptly wake up wondering why this happens.

concerneddad on June 06, 2015:

here just recently my 7 year old daughter has been having these fits where she gets real evil,she has been biting us and kicking us and punching us and she dont remember most of it, i i had sleep paralaysis when i was young and didnt have it until i got custody of my daughter, ever since she been staying with me i been having sleep paralasis whats i notice thats different is i see a dark shadow moving from the corner of the ceiling and it spreads out over the whole ceiling, it starts on the corner where my daughter sleeps, we been taking videos of her fits to show her and her eyes are different and when we said something about it she looks at us and it appears she has crazt looking eyes through out the fit but when we say it she looks at the camera and says dont look in my eyes and then she like blinks it away and shakes her head a lil bit and you can see her eyes change!!!!! and she is disoriented for about 3-5 seconds like she didnt know what was going on!! i know my daughter and this is new and it creeps me out, we recently started going to church alot before we came aware of this we were doing alot of commuty church events we were at church or servince christ 5-6 nights a week, we recently moved and this bad energy got way worse. im thinking about posting the video and asking for help, because we have tried physicatric hospitals therapy counsling no one can help, nothing is gonna make us quit being a family, it is rough, i guess were just n the wrong side of heaven beacuse nobody will try to help break the curse!!!

erik on June 03, 2015:

I had sucking entity on my neck about 60 lbs of pressure brissly hait.was awake but froze couldnèt move my arms.i had to will it off.then got up looked in closet othing parents door was locked.not a child about 23 yrs at morning my mom had same experience at night dad said 2 people canèt have same dream.

d.alahmadi on January 27, 2015:

I was frozen, I saw it touching me and I felt it touching me.. My dog was freaked out! (So was I)

fi on November 23, 2014:

i don't like talking about this much but many years ago I met ppl who were involved in the occult and after that i always had night mares every night ( really bad ones, which i had every night for just under ten years) and poltergeistic stuff and weird coincidences....things were hard and it was scary and I drank a lot to deal with the fear. Then i met a christian who prayed for me. As he prayed he said the Holy Spirit had told him there was a curse eon my life and thats why those things wee happening to me. Then in the name of Jesus he broke the curse from my lkife. I thought it wouldnt work and felt quite cynical when he prayed that but that very night was the first night without a nightmare for around ten years... also the weird coincidences just stopped over night. I didn't feel or hear anything when the christian man prayed for me but I can tell you all that after that that stuff was gone from my life. Although I wasnt a christian then i cold see that there REALLY IS power in Jesus' name and that every power on earth has to obey Him and leave when His name, Jesus, is used. Since then, nearly 20 years ago, I have believed in Jesus and He has helped me on two other occasions... Jesus is real and He will help anyone who calls on His name... Hope this helps... God bless x x :)

To J on October 21, 2014:

I wouldn't advise offering a demon a battle.... & fyi your all ready in one, we all are.... some of us armed.... some of us oblivious.

Read the Bible & all is explained, Jesus is our only chance with supernatural evil.

I understand both sides of the supernatural battle & we are the chess pieces so to speak.

Do not offer demons in..... sure if you understand the battle you might beat one, then comes it's colleague stronger.... beat that & you get another & another & another.

No human can win, the game is in their ballpark, their home, their rules........ The Devil runs this planet & Jesus would tell you the same.

However their are rules given by Jehovah to the Devil.... as he gave the earth to Devil..... & we can exploit these rules, it's intricately clever.

Read the Bible & arm yourself spirituality....... then you will see & believe.

Peace be with you Amen

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