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Dedicated Warriors Needed to Change India Into a Christian Land.

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A passionate Christian who wanted to change India into a Christian Land

India is a Country of Different Religions

India will Change in to A Christian Country

India will Change in to A Christian Country

Reason for the Change

You may be pondering why India needs a change these last days. India is one of the corrupt countries in the world. Crime is exceptionally outrageous and those who have money power and muscle power are ruling India. Even elected legislatures are traded in the market. We have witnessed unprecedented trading in the last 5 years. Political parties are using their money to buy elected legislative. At the same time elected legislative trading the values and ideology and shows their greed for power. A commoner is voting for his ideology and values of the party that the candidate represents. But after securing the election he is joining hands with the parties whose ideology is completely different. This is a pressing matter to be considered. Ultimately the legislature makes fools of the voters. Money and power are the basis of politics now. Not ideology or values. This is creeping into the Indian politics.

Dedicated Warriors Needed to Change India into A Christian Land.

We need dedicated warriors for turning India into a Christian country. Willing People to fast 40 days. People willing to wait on God for the directions. People who are directed by God can only change this country. Waiting on God is an art. In the earlier days India had 'Tapasi' who go to a solitary place and put themselves in difficult conditions to please God. We need such people who can wait on God so God will reveal Himself.

Dedication is something that God looks for. Wait on God. Put away everything and just concentrate on God only. Have an intimate relationship with God so that we may listen from God his heart.

Father, we come to you today. Please open up the space and time and resources for us to wait on You continually till you reveal to us. Guide us in the right direction father so that we can do great things for you. For your namesake father please do wonderful things among us. Father we need you. We need your help Father. Please forgive your sins and disobedience. Help us to have a good heart that follows you. We need you all the more than anything else in this world. Please, Lord, let us have an intimate relationship with you.

It is your will to Change this country. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Your kingdom comes.

Pray for India

Father we pray for all the workers who are in the field for your kingdom in this land. Please provide to us your angels to help them and guide them Father. Fill them with the Holy Spirit. Guide them through the Holy Spirit. You are the mighty God. You are the powerful God. You will do wonders and miracles in this Land. In the name of Jesus we pray that you equip your servants with powerful weapons to fight for this land. Help us to drive out demons from this land Father. This is your Land. And we return this Land to You Father. You are the rightful owner of this Land. Your will be done on this Land. You are our King Father. You are our Lord.

You are the only one who is worthy to be worshiped. Let this land be filled with your mercy and kindness father. Let the lukewarm Christians become hot Father. Let the fall away Christians come back to your saving grace Father. Let all Christians hotter than ever this time Father. Fill all the Christians with a burning desire to follow you father. We love you Father. We pray of India and the Indian Government Father. Give them wisdom to lead us in the right direction. To prosperity and righteousness.

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