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Death and Ghosts Explained by Edward Alexander

Always curious and learning about life and beyond the all realms of existence, an explorer and a forever student as well.


Death is the end of life, the final departure from the physical reality. There are two phases in a human's being physical death. The first phase is known as clinical death that lasts 4-6 minutes, in this phase, the breath stops and the heart stops pumping blood.

The second phase of death is known as biological death, the body cells start to destroy the organs involving also the brain. These are phases we all understand and perceive well, but what is a mystery is what happens after we die.

Many people have experienced near-death experiences across the world and almost all of the cases sound to be similar. They feel like they are floating out of their bodies, they see the tunnel, the light, and their deceased loved ones.

What are ghosts ?

These people have already gone from the physical reality or otherworldly known as ghosts exist in the lower levels of the Astral plane, which is very close to the physical plane.

They are locked at that level as a consequence of many different reasons. Some of the reasons might be that they do not know that have died, or maybe they do not know where to go, they are lost and have no such information on what to do next. Maybe they are desperately trying to their living loved ones, so in such circumstances, they stay stuck in the lowest plane of the Astral plane.

In some cases, a ghost may appear and become physically visible. This can be done through the usage of energy in their environment. The ghost may uniquely collect the molecules of energy so that they are structured around the shape of the soul and this way the molecules become thicker and more visible by light. Some ghosts deliver energy in the light shape and of course, they become visible for a person's eyes in 3D.

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What about incarnations?

An interesting fact about ghosts is that they can exist and be manifested even after the soul has gone further or incarnated. This is all due to different layers of our beings and sometimes an outer shell is destined to be left behind, which may function as a shadow in their environment after its "owner" has left it.

That is why many of you see "ghosts" that do the same action every time that they are seen almost in a mechanical way. That is the energy she'll leave behind of the original "owner" after he has gone into a higher realm of existence.

This shell has its limited consciousness which relates directly to the original owner. This makes the ghost look and acts as the original person, some consciousness is left enough in that ghost which is why many mediums communicate with them.

Many living people trying to connect with their deceased loved ones through certain mediums think they're communicating directly to their deceased loved ones meanwhile the real original owner of that shell (ghost) has left that level of existence in the Astral levels for further processes which means that these mediums communicate only with a shadow, a copy of the original person. In the final phase of this copy, shadow, the ghost will be covered by the universal energy or will get lost in the Ethers in other words.

Do ghosts attack or possess?

In some cases, these "shells" may enter in other subjects and this way may keep a certain subject "alive" for relatively a long time. In these cases, it pretends also to be the original person ( owner), so living people get lied to very easily by getting in contact with them.

Meanwhile all of this, that is happening, the original person will find themselves in these scenarios such as the incarnation, wandering with its homologue, the Astral body in the lower Astral realm or getting higher and higher in the highest Astral planes continuing their very existence with new experiences and getting higher knowledge as a higher being.

Unaware ghosts

The biggest part of people due to the lack of knowledge and the spiritual understanding find themselves in lower levels of the Astral realm in a way that we may call them " lost ghosts".

The most important thing to know about our lives here and now is a preparative phase for death. We must do our best to understand the best of, what happens after a human being's physical death. So that we will know how to act and what to expect.

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