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Dealing with Fears

Dealing with Fears

The world has gone through a devastating situation. The Covid 19 has impacted the entire world. Millions were infected. Thousands died in the hands of this virus. The economy was severely disrupted and people were forced to stay inside their homes. Yet even before these things happened, the world has already been infected with different kinds of diseases. Unemployment, poverty, illnesses, crimes, violence, wars were already affecting people. Definitely, we live in a broken world. No one is an exemption. But here's the difference: Those who have faith in God are filled with hope. But how can one be successful in dealing with fears with having faith?

1. Those who have faith knows that God is greater than their fears
With faith, one can see that God is in control of everything. In the story of Peter, when he fixed his eyes on the waves around him, he started to sink. Jesus was the only one who was capable of saving him. He was the only one who can calm the angry seas and storm. God is the only one who can calm the trials in our lives.

2. Those who have faith knows that God has a thousand ways to deliver them from their worst fears.
God has solutions where there appeared to be no solution. He can make way when there seemed to be no way.

God is calling each and everyone of us to completely depend on Him. He is the assurance that we need in this uncertain world. Instead of asking what can deliver me from my fears, start asking, who can deliver me from my fears.

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