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Dealing with the Devil & Spiritual Warfare

Have you ever made a deal with the devil? Some people have actually made a deal with the devil and don't even know it!


Have you ever made a deal with the devil?

Have you ever made a deal with the devil? Do you know that you are probably making a deal with the devil on a daily basis and don't even know it? Even we are guilty of doing this,.. through your choices you serve evil or good and your choices that you make design you and make you who you are.

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Demons work for the devil and actively serves the devil and, in fact, these demons have knowingly made an eternal deal with the devil. Demons have been placed in many different categories. A demon is most commonly set in the evil category through history. A demon is said to be an entity that can be insecurely controlled by a human. The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the meaning of the word as Greek, Damion, probably from the verb 'daiesthai' meaning to "divide and separate;to distribute". We think this goes well with a demons true purpose.

The truth about the devil is he is weak and defeated if you have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Otherwise, a single devil can become a very powerful influence in your life if you are not seeking Christ. Christ has defeated the devil and death. 2 Timothy 1:10... but now has been revealed by the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus, who abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel,... And see 14 more Bible verses here that prove Christ has won and you can be free from any bondage and get you out of any deal with the devil!

So demons, nor the devil, have any power to control you even if you have made a deal with the devil. It is by your own enticements that you accept the "gift", or make a deal with the devil that expects a high payback, opposing the FREE GIFT we find in Christ where blessings pour down on you rather than curses. The payback is the consequences of our actions, and sometimes we unknowingly make deals with the devil and demons are allowed to possess the body. You see, the devil sees a human body as a vessel, even a portal. If a person does something that contaminates themselves, (sin), then that person has allowed all rights of access to demonic possession. A demons purpose is to fulfill the will of his god, the devil. The devils will is to simply separate. The devil wants to separate us from God, Our Father, and His saving Grace found in His Son, Jesus Christ. The devil wants to destroy families and any relationships showing Love to the world.


Because God is Love and the devil is Love's opposing enemy. The devils purpose is to kill, steal and destroy. Who would even want to make a deal or do any business with a character like the devil?

Here is the thing though, even with Jesus Christ in your life, we still must deal with the devil and his dark and defeated army. While on Earth, 'the valley of the shadows of death', the nuisance of demons are going to remain in our daily lives. With all of the documentaries and demon investigations performed, we believe the proof that the devil and his demons exist is easy to see. Whether we want to believe it or not, the devil manipulates and conspires to destroy us and our families every day. The devil is a huge impact in our lives and that is why we feel that the devil and demons should be exposed more. You either bow to the devil in some fashion or you learn to live with a certain demon as long as it doesn't get in your way.

Since we have no option but to deal with the devil, the only right way to be involved is by battling the devil in the spiritual realm and by making right choices in the physical, (And make those choices based on the Word of God), by dedicating every personal decision you make on Jesus Christ. He gave purpose, and we know you have purpose. We got tired of hiding the Truth about demons in our life or giving the devil an excuse to be an influence in our daily choices. But since we don't deal with the devil any longer, it seems we have been launched into a spiritual battle. Making good choices seems to aggravate the devil so the way to get out of a deal with the devil is to seek a Savior, and there is a King named Jesus Christ and Christ Redeems! Jesus Christ... REDEEMS!!! Who does He want to redeem? YOU.

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Deal with the Devil for Fame!

Deal with the Devil

Stars Willingly making a Deal with the Devil for Fame and Fortune. Startling Video!

The devil is used by many people as if he is a genie in a bottle. A deal with the devil to gain fame, riches and even deals with the devil to live forever. A deal with a devil is slightly different than getting three wishes from a genie though, a deal with the devil costs you your soul in many cases. After all, the devil only makes deals with humanity in order to 'trap or enslave' humanity until the devil is able to gather their soul and sometimes the deal with the devil requires human sacrifices. Some believe that Robbin Williams was recently sacrificed to the devil due to a prior deal with the devil that required his soul. It was possible that his time was up because that was the deal he made with the devil. The same rumors have surfaced about Michael Jackson.

The devil comes to these people as a god, a god that can bless them with finances and fame.The devil convinces certain individuals that he has a path, or purpose for you. After you watch these videos you too will come to believe that the devil is quite real and "The Illuminati" and other small secret groups (The Excessively Rich) are working for the devil and carrying out the devils plans to kill, steal and destroy. That is mind blowing! That information in itself is enough to wake anyone up to see the Truth because if the devil is real... Then that must mean that Jesus Christ is too! That is Good News and here is why.

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Christ is Your Way out of a Deal with the Devil


How to Deal with the Devil!

Why and how are these people making deals with the devil?

Well, in the Bible, Jesus was on a forty day fast and was led out to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. The devil actually approached Jesus with a deal. The devil told Jesus that he would give Him "The World", and of course, Jesus rebuked the devil and refused to make a deal with the devil.

The devil hasn't changed his ways and has extended the same offer to everyone and anyone. The devil offers these "Star Hungry" individuals 'The World' in trade for their soul and much more really. When you make a deal with the devil, he owns you, or so the devil wants you to believe that. The devil is always nice in the beginning but then his nature changes. The devil begins to use these poor souls like puppets in his sick game against Love. If you have ever made a deal with the devil then you understand. These people are granted their desires for fame and riches but they are slaves to their master, like the story of Moses (Christ) freeing the Israelites (You & Me) from slavery (Our Deal with the Devil).

You see, that is why this article exists, it has been written in the hopes that everyone has the opportunity to see that you can be free, in fact you are already free! The blood of Jesus Christ is powerful!! Cover yourself in the Word of God and you will find Truth, no more lies. If you have made a deal with the devil then you know It is hard for you to pick up that Bible and read it, but do it anyway.

Go to the RED letters, that is the King talking in red, the REAL CHRIST and savior. The devil offers you the world but our God of Love gives us Life Eternally without fear. Don't be afraid to step out of the contract between you and the devil. If you are being led by Christ then no harm will come upon you when you break the contract. Psalm 91:10 and others are promises from the True God, promises to protect you as you come out of the devils will and into Gods Hands, no matter if you have made a deal with the devil knowingly or unknowingly, perusing an act of evil for gain or writing your name in blood on a contract. Christ is into Redeeming. He is the Redeemer! Christ redeems the lost and the enslaved ones.

If you have made a deal with the devil then you also know that the devil places his followers in a slavery trance. Many times taking control of your actions, you are told to fix things or family members will die. The devil is a liar and this article aims to show the world that you can be freed from the grips of a deal with the devil.

All it takes is for you to talk to Abba, Our Father in Heaven. Talk to Him and tell Him you are sorry for the sins you have committed. He knows you are afraid and wants to comfort you. Just talk to The Father plainly as if you were talking to a friend. Ask Him for forgiveness and immediately thank Him for Grace and Mercy. God says that His Grace is sufficient for you. Don't listen to the devils lies, If you are breathing then you still have a chance to change your mind, that is called "Repentance". When praying to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ we must confess our sins to Him, ask for forgiveness, receive His forgiveness and finally, you must repent from your sins. You must change your mind about everything. It is likely that God will ask you to give up much, especially the ones who have made a big deal with the devil and gained fortune and fame.

A rich man asked Jesus how to get into heaven. Jesus replied saying "You must sell everything you have and give it to the poor and follow me." Some would say that is a tough request, but on the other hand, Jesus did die on the cross, got to the depths of Hell and retrieve the Keys of Death and defeating evil forever you. The devil knows his time is almost up so he is in a hurry to negatively influence this world through the music, television and social industries. To do this he needs slaves or "followers" so he offers them the world and sadly people are saying Yes to an old temptation that Jesus Christ rebuked. If you have made a deal with the devil, it's not too late to change your mind. Yes, you will most likely lose a lot but it's all material and perishable, but those who lose their life for Christ gain an eternal salvation, ultimately finding their life. Christs rewards outweigh anything the devil can offer. The devil is a liar and you know it. Run to Jesus and be freed from bondage forever, my life has changed since Christ captured me many years ago, my deal with the devil has been cancelled by The King of kings!

And That is how you Deal with the Devil if you've ever made a deal with the devil. May God Bless Your Journey in Life!

Prayer for Dealing with The Devil

Sins give the Enemy a claim to our lives. As we renounce sin, we also renounce any claim we’ve given to Satan in our lives. This often comes in the form of “agreements” or "deals". Satan suggests something to us, and we may have said, “Yes.” He might say, "Don’t trust anyone," or "You are bad," or "You are dirty, lustful, addicted and never will get free." Whatever deal we made, we renounce those dealings. We ask to be cleansed by the blood of Christ. In Jesus Christs Name, AMEN

— Ransomed Heart


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Ronald Stephanie WISEMAN (author) on January 21, 2015:

I know that my experience with them have always been negative, well, they started out friendly but then became very violent. Guess we just don't fit in well with them. Thank you for the interesting knowledge on Demons!

Debra Allen from West Virginia on January 21, 2015:

I have a couple of hubs about demons, their real meaning and what is costs to get into heaven and my story of how I got into heaven and my experiences there.

Demons were first known in greek when the bible was translated from that. They were very good to have around. Before Christianity got to everything they were almost Godly creatures and they were very good. Then Christianity got them and now they have been evil ever since.

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