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David and Goliath as types


A picture of Christ's victory

GOD gave David the victory JESUS gives us His Victory

GOD is passionate about telling His story. HE tells it everywhere and in endless ways. To find the deeper meaning of any Bible story, Just look for Jesus in the story, and I promise you will see Him.

In the story of David and Goliath, Which is in 1 Samuel 17, Goliath was leading the Philistine army. They were so proud, that Goliath said in 1 Samuel 17.10 "I defy the armies of Israel", or to put it another way Goliath was defying the army of the true living GOD. When Saul saw David, he was confused because all he saw was a shepherd boy. But David assured King Saul, he was capable, from fighting lions and bears he knew he would be able to defeat Goliath. Saul as the king should have been the one going out to battle, but he sent a boy to battle instead. The scene starts with Israel on one mountain and the Philistines on the other, with a valley between them. Goliath had taunted the Israel army for many days with no one coming forward, especially in a valley vulnerable to the troops above them. David said "how dare Goliath curse God" When the Philistine saw David a young boy with no armor and just a sling and stone, he was amazed and insulted. Not a good idea to take a shepherd boy for granted.

. The Philistines were standing on one side and Israel was on the other and Goliath who was a type for SIN was in the middle separating each of them. They were there for 40 days. In the Bible 40 points to judgment or testing. It rained 40 days during the Flood. Jesus was tested in the wilderness for 40 days etc. Sin stands between us and God and says your are hopeless, don't even try. He was big and scary. He also had a big sword that Big Sword was symbolic for THE WORD of GOD! Yes, it pictures the WORD of GOD. Satan actually uses it to trick, kill and condemn. Satan cannot kill our soul, but by twisting it he seeks to get us to fall into sin. Then when we do sin, Satan takes the standard of the Word before God and accuses us. King Balak wanted the Israelites cursed by Balaam. but He said, "I can't curse them, but if you get them to sin, then sin will separate them from God". But what sin separates the Cross renews. Goliaths name means splendor or pride, and he sure does look and act it. He comes from Gath which means winepress but, he's about to be pressed. It can also be noted that he said "whoever wins the battle the other will serve", but that was not honored it was a lie. After the death of Goliath all the Philistines fled and never surrendered.

David was sent by his father to feed his brothers. Jesus was sent by His Father. Before he leaves his sheep he gets someone to take care of them, symbolically the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, "I will never leave you". When he gets to the camp he finds everybody petrified. David hears Goliath's shouts, of defiance and He asks who is this to defy The LIVING GOD of Israel. King Saul cautions David that he is big and mean. David says, no problem, we got GOD/Jesus on our side. King Saul wanted to give David his armor but David said "I have no use for the World's weapons, GOD will give the victory!

As David goes out to battle he picks up 5 smooth stones out of the brook. Why 5? 5 is the number of Grace. Although he only needed 1 smooth stone. Referring to CHRIST our STONE without blemish. Goliath had 4 brothers but that wasn't the issue. They didn't come out and after Goliath was slain, the whole camp fled.

In Joshua 4, there was another lesser-known parting of the water. As the Israelites were getting ready to cross the Jordon River, Joshua, the right-hand man to Moses and also a type of Christ. Joshua told the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel to each pick up a stone and bring it with them as a memorial. The name Jesus in Hebrew is Joshua. The name Joshua literally means salvation. In Acts 7:45, a commentary on Joshua, uses the name Jesus referring to Joshua, there are also other places where Joshua is translated as Jesus. Moses who led the Israelite people through their 40-year wilderness journey was not able to take them into the promised land. Because of Moses in his anger at hitting the Rock instead of just speaking to the Rock. God told Moses that he couldn't take them in. Moses is a type of the Law, and the law could not take them. The law can take us to the door of Salvation but only Salvation takes them in.

David ran at Goliath, didn't hesitate. Put the stone in the sling and sent it flying at the heavily armored Champion whose title means "one who stands between". The rock struck and sank into his forehead. His forehead actually means impudent or prideful. David took that same big Sword [the law] and cut off Goliath's head. End of the story? Not quite! David took the head of Goliath of Gath to Jerusalem. He didn't want anybody to forget what it took to win the victory. The Rabbis say he couldn't take it inside the gates, because it wasn't Kosher. It is interesting that JESUS died on a cross outside the gates at a place called Golgotha "Place of the Skull" Mat.27:33.

David and Goliath - God's Victory

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