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Do Leo and Scorpio Make for a Good Couple? It Will Be an Intense Match

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Leo + Scorpio

A Leo and Scorpio match shouldn't be taken lightly. They'll have a strong magnetic pull and feel an intensity like a tango dance. These two signs are powerful forces of the zodiac.

  • They're both fixed signs.
  • Both are known for their egos.
  • Both will try to lead the relationship.
  • Leo and Scorpio will add unnecessary drama and fights, and both will be hungry for affection.

This will be a balancing act of egos. The two fixed signs come from different directions -- Leo is dominated by fire, Scorpio water.

  • Leo wants to be reassured, complimented, loved despite error, and has a constant need for charging into the world. Leo most be exalted.
  • Scorpio needs depth, something dark and gritty, and they require loyalty. Scorpio wants to peel off a person's emotional layers until they get down to the core of a soul.

Leos as lions are actually known for their loyalty. They strive to focus on their family, and they are massively ambitious. Scorpio is also ambitious. Scorpio is known to drop everything for its career or hobby. Scorpio is loyal to a point, but they prefer an ambitious partner because to a Scorpio a life well lived is one with success.

Scorpio does better with a partner who knows how to navigate through life and doesn't just sit on the sidelines. They want to be with someone who can bring home money.

What to Expect

If you like drama and fighting than this match will be a fun time for you. Otherwise, if conflict isn't privy to you, then you may want to seek a partner who is more consistently gentle, like Pisces, Libra or Virgo.

At best Leo and Scorpio should know how to inspire the other person's ego and know how to comfort them in times of stress. Leo and Scorpio are both demanding: they have high expectations about life, particularly when it comes to relationships.

  • Leo is a fire sign. Fire is a symbol of freewill and activity. Leo wants to charge forth with life, help the weak come out of their depravity, and free people to express their true selves.
  • Scorpio finds this quality of Leo's attractive as it is a deep, brooding, and often misunderstood soul. Someone who wants Scorpio to actually express who they really are is a rare and beautiful treat.
  • Scorpio needs to come out of their shell and have someone who is willing to let them be free.

Scorpio is the master and household of emotion. Scorpio wants to see the fullness of everyone around them in all their emotional magnitude -- from the worst possible emotional storms to the most self-controlled and dignified displays.

  • Scorpio often gets attracted to people like Aquarius — the air sign hides her emotions very carefully. Scorpio finds her self-control alluring. Beyond that, the Scorpio wants to know what an Aquarius is like in crisis. Scorpio finds Leo's emotions to be attractive — although sometimes at too loud of a volume. Leo should dial it down when they're angry.

Scorpio will attempt to influence the energy of the relationship. They'll try to manipulate it in their favor. They want to hypnotize their partner. Scorpio will say exactly what Leo wants to hear.

The Leo might not like emotional manipulation or be fully ready for it. Leo is about freewill, so manipulation could rub her the wrong way. Scorpio, however, uses manipulation frequently to get what they want. Scorpio is about allure, about bringing their partner closer for intimacy, and to ascertain someone's loyalty.

The passion of Leo and Scorpio will help them overcome the deepest and darkest of times.

The passion of Leo and Scorpio will help them overcome the deepest and darkest of times.

A Quick Reference Guide for Scorpio and Leo





Ruling Planet

Mars, Pluto

The Sun


Emotions, empathy, sensitivity

Free-will, manifestation


Fixed: resistance to change; great willpower; inflexible

Fixed: resistance to change; great willpower; inflexible





The Scorpion

The Lion


October 23 - November 21

July 23 - August 22





Rules the root chakra

The Heart

Ruling Color

Crimson, blood red, black

Gold, orange, cream, yellow, red

Dual Energies Must be Understood

For these two to have a long lasting relationship, they'll need to understand that they come from different angles and energies.

  • Leo is full of fire energy, which pushes a person forward to lead, to get projects started, but they won't necessarily finish them. Leo's source of energy forces her to expect adventure, to be confrontational, and to have a certain charismatic drive. She wants to rule the world, be with the people, hang out, be loud, be ostentatious, and be bold. A fire sign cannot sit still; they must be active.
  • Scorpio is full of water energy. They are great at managing resources, introspection, feeling the depths of despair, thinking with their heart, and merging with another to the point of feeling no separation. The water sign is a great reader of emotions. They can be somewhat of a loner or independent. They don't always like crowds. They're looking for a soul mate to take back to their hidden cove.

These two will find themselves constantly attracted to each other, but they'll also feel the need to pull away. This is because of their placement in the Zodiac. They're considered square signs of each other; they're both opposites but they're also both the same.

  • Taurus and Leo will have a similar experience; Aquarius and Scorpio will have a similar experience.
  • Completely opposite seasons are a different ball game (Taurus and Scorpio or Aquarius and Leo.)

Finding a balance won't be easy or necessarily natural. It takes time to learn how to balance things completely when you're square signs. If you're willing to take on the heat, it will be one of the most memorable, in-depth, in your face relationships you'll ever experience.

If these two succeed, they can essentially take over the world. They have the right skills for leadership and managing crises.

  • Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are a Leo and Scorpio pairing. These two have fought tooth and nail in politics for decades. Even when Bill Clinton wasn't loyal to Hillary, she still kept him.
  • Bill = Leo
  • Hillary = Scorpio
  • The Clintons are two very intense people who have plenty to say about the world and how to manage it. There are hundreds of books about these two people alone — and their effects on the world, both good and bad.
  • One thing is very clear: the Clintons are ambitious. This is what happens in a Leo and Scorpio pairing: unbridled ambition unlike any pairing. Think about it: how many couples have both tried to be president of the United States at different times in history? So far just the one: Bill and Hillary.

A Scorpio who can keep up with a Leo knows that success is at the end of the ticket. A Leo who keeps up with a Scorpio knows they have a loyal lover who will stay the test of time. It doesn't mean everything will be perfect by any means. But once this coupling forms, it's actually kind of difficult for them to separate.

  • The Scorpio uses its power to make sure that someone who has hinged to them can't leave so easily.
  • The Scorpio prefers to be the one who does the leaving.
  • Scorpio hates being abandoned.
  • Leo will stay if they're exalted and praised.
  • Leo regrets actions that negatively impact its family.
Leo and Scorpio are an intense pair. They need to be intense about forgiveness.

Leo and Scorpio are an intense pair. They need to be intense about forgiveness.

Forgiveness and Patience Is Key

Both of these zodiacs are fierce beasts.

  • A lion is by no means a simple animal. It is the king of the jungle, the king of the wild, and can rip another animal to shreds in seconds.
  • A large scorpion can poison and kill in a simple sting. The scorpion will actually eat its own children or lover (yikes!).
  • Many of the other zodiacs fear these two, but a mature lion can lead a pride.

But what about a mature Scorpio? This creature has an incredibly complex evolution; in fact, the most complex in Western Astrology.

A mature Scorpio actually goes through three distinct phases in one lifetime: (1) the slithering snake which eats the dust of man and cunningly creates disaster. Then it (2) morphs into the more mature scorpion who has better military powers and speed to move... but it still doesn't quite understand love — mostly just pain. And then at last (3) we arrive at the phoenix.

The phoenix is an unstable form. It's difficult to stay in the phoenix phase for a Scorpio because it's essentially reaching beyond their humanity. It is possible to stay in the phoenix form in long sessions without crawling back to the lesser state of the snake or scorpion. The phoenix has the power of resurrection, sacrifice, unconditional love, a remedy to heal all the madness of the world. Having this powerful creature in the Scorpio sign is partly why Scorpios are so complex.

  • They understand benevolence, but reaching it takes great sacrifice and maturity.
  • The zodiac demands the Scorpio evolves to this level, but several Scorpios don't want to be there, and that's understandable.

Scorpio will cycle through these 3 phases throughout his or her lifetime. The Leo must understand they're dating 3 unique phases, and which one is present at the moment. It takes great patience to be with a Scorpio, and Leo often doesn't have patience.

This chaos and unsteadiness can lead the Leo to looking outside the marriage or union for another partner. Leo enjoys the Scorpio's complexity, and they know cheating on them could create great sorrow for having crossed them. But that doesn't mean the Leo feels nourished with praise.

The Scorpio could approach the affair with tenderness and love like the Phoenix, bringing the union ever closer... or they could approach it with great cunning and pain like the snake and scorpion. Either way the end result for the Leo will shock them to their core. How Bill and Hillary survived infidelity is a mystery — we as the public will never completely understand. Somehow they managed it and moved along. That is really their testament to each other: commitment despite past betrayal. These two have the power of forgiveness, which is far more important than betrayal.

Leo and Scorpio have a charisma for flirtation unlike any other pairing. They want to impress the other, so they will go to great lengths to make certain the other is mesmerized by them. This show of flirtation may seem really immature to outsiders, but to those in the couple it helps sustain the spark — which a spark to them is like a giant wildfire that they hope turns into the fire-hell of the planet Venus.

  • Have you seen the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Adrian Pimento and Rosa Diaz are essentially a Leo and Scorpio couple. Adrian as the Leo; Rosa as the Scorpio.

Tips for a Leo and Scorpio Pairing

  • Think before you speak. Both of you are sensitive to words. Be careful of sarcasm. A compliment goes a long way. Says the words that help strengthen the connection.
  • You need time to relax. You don't always need to thrust yourselves into ambition and be on the attack. You need a strong defense to succeed. Sleep more, be patient, relax, and calm down. Always being on the attack in life will deplete you of resources and energy. Scorpio might understand this lesson better than Leo. Both of you must learn patience.
  • Do not try to get a rise out of each other's egos or find out who is scarier. You both have scary sides that could rival the other. You will most likely do this anyway to know each other better. You're most likely going to have some intense fights and intense ways of getting back together — and both will likely enjoy this. You both are prone to rebel moments. Try to water down your rebel impulses for more graceful tactics. Try really hard to find some manners and etiquette. Someone needs to be the bigger person — which means you need to be humble.
  • Get rid of items associated with ex-lovers. These items could accidentally spark fights. Scorpios hate when you don't devote themselves to them. Leos hate when someone else might be the apple of your eye.
  • Continue romantic gestures as the relationship ages. This is a couple who can stay in the honeymoon phase for long periods of time and can also return there happily. It's because of your natural intensity and insanity for each other.
  • The bedroom is important to both of you. Do not make this area a war zone. It's a shrine of comfort.
  • Sacrifice for the other. It's not all about you, believe it or not.
  • Don't play mind games just for fun. Playing mind games with a Leo or Scorpio will backfire and make you feel stupid.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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