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Dark Spirits or Demons - You Decide!


As with most things in life we each perceive or describe things we experience with the paranormal in our own way. Trying not to make this explanation of the difference between a Dark Spirit vs Demons may be somewhat lengthy so please read the whole blog and keep an open mind.

Due to the mainstream media on TV, Video, Movies etc. there is a large confusion as to what is real and made up. So thus the reason for this particular blog to define and separate the truth from the fiction. Although most people are afraid of paranormal activity in generally their biggest fear comes from lack of knowledge of the unexplained, unusual, and strange experiences they might encounter in this life.

Definition of:

Dark Spirit

A dark spirit is the spirit of a human who in life was in every sense of the word evil in nature in every aspect of how they lived. They often were people in generally who murdered, raped, violated, were unethical, had no morality and so on. They would have seemed to most other people to be described as soul-less. These types of humans would be those who you might describe to be Serial Killers, Terriorists, Dictators, etc.

Upon their death the energy continues as a presence of un-natural hatred for the living and often can present themselves as another spirit to gain your trust. For whatever reason it is unknown or not completely understood as yet to paranormal researchers how their energy causes has an effect of unusual strength. Their presence in a home or any type of building or location can cause nausea, dizziness, extreme uneasiness, unusual negative thoughts and emotions, and so much more. They do not hesitate to harm the living if the opportunity arises or in any manner possible to them. A dark spirit can easily throw, strangle, push or scratch a living person if irritated or provoked. Often times when they establish a territory for themselves in a location they will not be pleasant about any type of intrusion and will stand their ground to protect their space. They can and will harm a human if provoked enough.

Let's explore for a moment being "scratched". By definition most people will assume that they were attacked by a demon. As most of you have more than likely seen on TV. A scratch might appear as a three finger type claw mark. Now let us get logical about the whole issue on scratches. Stop reading for just a moment. Hold up your hand in front of you, palm facing away from you. What do you see? Most people's three center fingers rise far above their thumb and pinky fingers. If we believe that a spirit was a human then what you read next will make sense. Now imagine you've provoked a dark or even just a frustrated ticked off spirit. If they were able to scratch you with an invisible hand like what they had in life then wouldn't those same three fingers above the other two make contact with your skin first leaving a three line scratch like a claw.

After much research and experiments my husband and I have discovered that any spirit can basically read our minds and yes, even place thoughts in them. We believe this to be some type of telepathy. A dark spirit will terrorize people. If they want to destroy a person they have no problem letting you know right at the moment you come in contact with them. This is a big difference between demons and dark spirits which I will explain in the next section about demons. Dark Spirits can appear in any form if they want to scare, terrorize, and mentally torture you. Have no illusion that a ghost / spirit can harm you, they can without a doubt. Do not make the mistake to assume that all ghosts/spirits are evil. That would be like saying that all humans are is just not logical.


The confusion comes when someone bases their belief about these two distinctly different entities into one in the same. Often people will base their beliefs from a religious aspect. Basically they believe in demons because that is what they know from years of the teachings they have heard. Is there really demons? Yes, but they are not as common as you might think.

Demons are non-human entities. They are not now or have they ever been human. If you come in contact with a demon there will be no mistake. The sense of evil is more subtle than a dark spirit. A demon will destroy every aspect of your life in a methodical way. They will destroy your health, your finances, your relationships, and most of all they will not give up until you are at your lowest point then come in for the kill. A person can become possessed in many different ways. A demon will use our physical, and emotional levels sometimes getting a person, for instance, hooked on drugs to destroy them from within. Demons are intelligent and will watch to see your weaknesses. They leave the physical attacks on you for much later time. If this attack comes there will be no mistake as to the type of entity that is causing it. They will not simply scratch you but more than likely have you step in front of a bus to rip you apart. A very important point is you have the power over them not the other way around. They have to basically be invited in. If you are weak minded in any way, that gives them the power over you. You must be strong both in mind and body literally to keep an entity like this from coming into your life.

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Don't ever assume you can force a demon to leave a location. We do not have the power within us as humans to exorcise them. Yes, a priest or exorcist may be able to bind them or keep them at bay for a short time but that is all. Remember a demons goal is to achieve your soul as a prize.


To end this blog I would just like to say that the descriptions above come from years and years of research, experiences, and knowledge that we know to this point in time. This is my opinion and this is not a reason for you to change your thoughts or ideas about your beliefs or religion. However, the only way to learn the truth is to keep an open mind and never make an assumption about the paranormal unless you can prove it factually.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Lazarus on February 06, 2020:

I think the Demon you mention still a dark spirits, that is not demon doings.

Dj dewar on March 01, 2014:

My friend has a spirit in his house and it has made noises he says and when he was sleeping he felt like he was being pinned down when he woke up and he has a mark on his arm that's faded but it looked like the outline of three fingers, he told me his friend called it a mortal and it pulled her hair I know from reading blogs and past experience y shouldn't call a figure like that a mortal has anybody got a suggestion of what it might be?

Chris on February 04, 2014:

Hello there! I absolutely LOVE your article! I think you are dead on accurate, or at least very close to the truth here. I don't normally believe everything I read on the internet, but for some reason, what you've said rings true with me and my experiences. Well I wanted to ask for some advice...But first I had a question for you. What did you mean exactly by "The demons want to achieve your soul as a prize?!" That kinda freaked me out a bit. Does this mean if the demon manages to destroy you and kill you, that it will own your soul? What would happen to the person once they died? Do you believe in a place called hell? Those are my main questions for you and I'd really appreciate your opinion on them. I do not wish to lose my soul! That is my eternal life right there....

But let me explain breifly my experiences. Well I was never into the occult, but I did do some crazy things in life which may of very well attracted a demon or dark spirit (You say spirits were once human and demons weren't...I can understand that difference. From the way you describe it, it sounds like demons are more dangerous than dark spirits) I am hoping my experience was with a dark spirit, and not a demon then. I can tell you I've had experiences with them for about 17 years now but I've had symptoms of both dark spirit and demon attacks. I'll explain those here in a moment, but first wanted to mention the couple of things I did which I think might of invited them in. First off I had a massive overdose on psilocybe mushrooms when I was about 14 which actually landed my physical body into a completely different dimension. I interacted with living humans there, (These humans were in our normal dimension that we are in now, they were completely sober and normal...but I could see through their bodies, they looked like ghosts to me. Also there was no time, it stopped, or stayed the same) So maybe this was one thing that attracted the paranormal to me, as I never had or noticed anything too out of the ordinary before that experience...

The only other thing I did that I can think of right now which might be a reason for my attacks, is when I was young and dumb (again) I had a tattoo of an inverted cross tattooed on me. And then I did a few more of those. I Really don't know why I did it because I was never a Satanist. I just loved the band Marilyn Manson when I was a kid and I thought it would be "Cool" to do those tattoos. Boy do I regret them now! They are still on my body. I have even read online that the cross itself (inverted or not) is evil and I've even heard things like "Jesus=666" or that Jesus is actually the antichrist. I know it sounds crazy but using Gematria, and you give a value to each letter x9, jesus does in fact equal 666. Anyway, that all adds to my confusion about what to believe and who to pray to. I certainly don't want to pray to anyone evil. But some swear by the name of Christ, that he will excersise demons and clear them from your life. I tried praying to him when I was younger but it never worked for me personally. Maybe I just didn't believe enough in my heart. I'd like to hear your opinion on this if you have time. But please address my important questions if you could as well. I feel you might be the only person who understands online and you could help me.

Well anyway here are my symptoms- About 17 years ago I got my first "Set" of scratches. I got these in my sleep, there were 6 or 7 of them if I remember correctly. They looked totally evil. They were 5 or 6 lines(scratches) going next to each other and one scratch going down the middle of those, so it looked evil in itself. It freaked me out, I instantly knew (or thought) it was a demon that did it. I ended up getting more scratches randomly over the years, but they never appeared like that again. Only that first time. Now they appear in 3's usually (and I hear that's common to get them in 3's) Tonight I got mad and I provoked something. I literally said the words out loud and basically told the devil I was going to come after him. That was a mistake obviously because I instantly felt a negative energy feeling, a very strong one (I definitely was not imagining it) come over me...and then I felt the burning sensation on my right arm (which is the same every time I get scratched by these slightly burns. I am awake many times when it happens so I feel and see it happening when it does. So I know I am not doing it to myself) but then 3 scratches appeared. I then went to lay down and go to sleep shortly after that and I got really dizzy and nauseated and had some diarrhea. So this matches up to what you said about what dark spirits can do to you if provoked! So, one of my question is, does this indeed sound like dark spirit, or do you think it possibly could be a demon? It sounded like, from reading your article (which I read over a few times to try to fully grasp it) but it sounded like your opinion is that Demons DON'T scratch, and dark spirits DO scratch. That would mean it was a dark spirit then. I am hoping it was a spirit, rather than a they seem more forgiving...or at least they don't seem quite as ruthless by your explanations of them both.

But I fear that demons may be after me too, as I've had tons of bad luck and problems with my finances...stuff normal people can't even believe. Like a curse almost, it doesn't matter how much money I come into, I always lose it somehow. I would be homeless if it wasn't for my grandma helping me out. I am also not in good health, that has already been destroyed and I also got heavily into drugs as well. I am trying my hardest to do the right thing and stay off them but I can "Feel" that I get thoughts implanted in my mind, that are not mine...and sometimes they control my mind into making me want to take the drugs, or I'll take them even if I don't want to. I know I need to be stronger to get over that. I have been doing well lately and I stopped some bad habits. But it seems the harder I try to do well, the more I get attacked...or the harder the demon works to try and get me back into it. I've never permanently been able to abstain from all drugs. I still drink and smoke.

So what do you think this was that attacked me tonight and made me sick? I thought I had food poisoning at first but now I realize it was definitely something paranormal. I just wasn't aware that these things could actually make you sick like that. This is the first time that happened to me (Although I get the scratches on and off for years) But tonight I provoked this entity or spirit pretty badly with my own negative energy....

What is your best advice to protect yourself against demons or dark spirits? Do I need to move from this place? Also, Is there a different method for each? Do you believe in Christ as being protective over them? I take it you're not religious and either am I. I think there is too much lies in religion for it to be trusted totally. Also once you have been attacked by these, is it too late to save yourself from them? Considering they try to break you down is it possible to be strong enough to get them to leave you alone? Such as avoiding all drugs, etc and they just give up on you? Please let me know these things and I would appreciate it with my entire life. Ive been miserable for years thanks to these dark forces.

Thank you SO much in advance for any information you can give me regarding my questions. Maybe and hopefully it can help me turn my life around for the better...or do you think it might be too late for me? Keep in mind, my first set of scratches was about 17 years ago...and I'm still here and breathing and alive. I am happy sometimes too, but not nearly as happy as most people. All my relationships have been destroyed as well. So, it sounds like I have a combo of demons and dark spirits after me.

Ethan on January 13, 2014:

well ive repeatedly have problems with demons heck im having 1 behind me now basically but i just got scratched three times again so i just stopped caring its weak and i am stronger in every way so i find there to be no need to worry but they try about 7 to 8 times before giving up is what i have realized so i find it like this sure they can leave a mark on you give it 45 mins and its just about healed up so them being weak is also your chance to be strong.

Karthik Kashyap from India on May 16, 2013:

thanks a lot for that point of view :)

S.J. Wells (author) from Bellingham on May 16, 2013:

Hello and thank you for your are so correct about all types of beings having their own dimensions. I appreciate you bringing this open comment about this topic. Most people believe what they are told without researching what they are hearing. The religious idea's of demons is only a partial explanation of what the truth is and it is a shame that more people do not make the decision to clarify it all. My decision to write about this subject came from decades, actually a lifetime of communicating with many types of human spirits. Over the last 30 years I have heard so many opinions and thoughts on this subject and I have found that most people who are involved in paranormal research base all activity that may be considered highly charged around the clientele we work to help to be demons. Obviously they are quoting from their knowledge of religion. Honestly I have no problem with others opinions but my reasoning for the article was to open some minds about what they actually may be encountering. As a Spirit Medium my knowledge of the spiritual realm might be considered more open to finding the truth behind a spirits behavior. It saddens me that so many people are put into fear when coming in contact with these entities. What concerns me the most is that when an outside source speaks that word "Demon" the intensity of the situation completely gets out of control...and why....because of the lack of knowledge about other worldly dimensions and entities. I am in hopes that this article if for know other reason to help people understand that there is a real truth out there....they just need to research it for themselves.

Karthik Kashyap from India on May 16, 2013:

Nice artice S.J :) I have been doing my own reading into occult off late and I have been studying this area for some time in various ways (I interact with witches, Indian tantriks, I myself practice Candle magic and Kundalini, and I am looking at getting into advanced witchcraft).

I have an opinion about demons in specific. Do let me know what you think. I have interacted with certain people over time and the theory is that all demons may not be evil. Of course, there are certain evil demons/forces which try to harm humans. However, certain beings we call demons are not necessarily evil, but just other ancient non Judaeo-Christian gods who were termed demons/satanic forces by the Church. There is nothing good/bad about them. They have their own world and live in a different dimension just like humans do. However, they keep interacting with humans imparting necessary knowledge from time to time and it is agreed that you don't provoke them, else they can punish you (consider hell's wrath) in their own way. They quote examples of Beelzebub (or Baal), Ashtaroth and similar demons.

What is your take on this?

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