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Elderfuthark Rune DAGAZ


Alternative Names

Daeg; Dags; Dag; Daeg; Dogr.

Key Phrase

‘If you stay true to yourself

only good things will come your way.’


Day (daylight)

Viking Rune Equivalent

Breakthrough. Day. Prosperity and abundance.



Tarot Card Equivalent

Death - 13 - VIII

Divinatory Meaning

The Light

Corresponding Letter


Associated Colour

Light Blue

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Associated Herb

Clary Sage

Associated Gemstone


Associated Tree


Associated Myths and Deities

Sunna, Baldr, Nerthus, Yggdrasil. Sacred to Heimdall – the Watcher.

Relationship Interpretation

Contributions by one partner to the other’s spiritual or psychological welfare.

Healing Colour and Qualities


Fever and head complaints; mental fatigue and exhaustion. Can also be used to clear toxins from the body.


Worn as a talisman, Dagaz brings a positive outcome to any situation that is of concern.

Dagaz Drawn Upright


Happiness, success, fulfilling lifestyle, day, daylight, light, the light that brings hope and happiness, the door of the year, divine light, balance between light and darkness, the right time to plan and embark on an enterprise, midday, mid-summer, prosperity, satisfaction, positive activity, light, hope, good fortune, breakthrough, awakening, awareness, power of positive will, transformation, security, certainty, growth, release, balance, good health, strength, joy, the place where opposites meet.

DAGAZ is ‘Balance’

Dagaz is eighth of the third Aett and the twenty-fourth and final Rune of the Elderfuthark alphabet. Dagaz can mean day time; the time that divides the darkness, as well as the twenty-four hour period known as a full day.

The Norse counted their days from evening to evening, with the mid-point being dawn with the rising of the sun. The Norse were primarily hunters, farmers and fisherman, and these tasks were predominantly accomplished during the part of the day when the sun shone. Daytime is the time you use to get daily tasks done. It is the time you give yourself to accomplish your goals and objectives. It is the scheduled or allotted amount of hours or minutes you allow for work. In today’s society though, with electricity and the like, people are able to work at any hour appropriate to them (eg. shift work), which gives the day a further scope to use its full 24 hour period.

Dagaz also symbolises the contrasts between darkness and light and is a rune of paradox as well as one of awakening, and metaphorically, of rebirth.

Dagaz is the balancing of opposites. It is the counter-balance which compliments rather than contradicts. It is a rune of clear vision and enlightenment. It represents time and space and the weaving of the Web of Wyrd.

The Dagaz rune also represents the connection of the four elements and the connection with the celestial and natural realms. Dagaz brings together the six cardinal points: the four compass directions, the celestial (or Heavenly) realm above, and that which is below; being all the spirits of the earth and of nature. All of these are integrated and balanced with the Dagaz rune, and brought into our daily lives.

When drawn in a reading Dagaz is informing you that the light shines on the path before you, guiding you. As long as you remain true to yourself, only good fortune can come your way. You are well protected by the power of the light, and are able to draw upon its strength, as well as your own. Dagaz will also give you clear vision. You will be able to see pitfalls and hurdles before they enter your life. This will bring you an added insight as to your true destiny.

Drawing Dagaz often indicates a time to plan or embark on a new journey or enterprise. It often signifies that prosperity and abundance is within your reach and may well be on its way to you right now. Dagaz is telling you that the darkness is behind you, and you are to forge ahead, bathed in the light of the sun. Dagaz often signals a shift, breakthrough or move of some kind.

Dagaz suggests the dawning of a breakthrough, awareness and awakening. It promised that clarity will light up life, and says that now is the time to embark on a new enterprise. Using one’s will can bring about desired change, and talks of security and certainty, growth and release.

Because the timing is right, as indicated by the drawing of Dagaz, rest assured that the outcome will be positive.

Dagaz Drawn Reversed


Dagaz cannot be drawn reversed but can lay in opposition. Lack of hope, disparity, ill fortune, darkness, confusion, uncertainty, lack of personal conviction, loss of faith, sorrow, disheartenment, ignorance, lack of harmony and balance, endings, limits, hopelessness.

Drawing Dagaz reversed warns you not to become complacent or too egotistical. It is a message for you to pull back and reassess yourself, your attitudes and what you are doing or not doing, with your life.

Dagaz reversed presages completion and ending.


Sacred Scribes

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