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Current Energy Tarot Card Reading for All Signs

Tarot Card Reading that's timeless. 3 cards for each sign in this reading.


Fire Signs

Aries- Knight of Cups and the 8 of Wands. Outer, or external forces, have been battling with you for some time now. Yet, you approach this situation slowly, and with love. You try to offer love, but this person, or group of people, are not making it easy.

Leo- High Priestess and 4 of Wands. Your intuition led you to this point. You knew something wasn't right, and now, you're on the path to celebrating your new life. You may be in a new relationship, or you're close to developing into one with somebody.

Sagittarius- 7 of Wands and 3 of Cups. You're battling with yourself and those around you in regards to a choice you made in love. Or, you're in a third party situation that is causing problems externally, could even be carrying over into other aspects of your environment.


Earth Signs

Taurus- The World and the 4 of Swords. You're resting and trying to figure out what would complete your "world". You are in a tough situation, and you're having to lay low until you figure out what would make you truly happy.

Virgo- 9 of Cups and the Star card. You're remaining hopeful in love. You are learning to love yourself, and taking your newfound zest for life to the next level. It's a wonderful energy, and you deserve it after the depression you've been battling the past few years.

Capricorn- The Hierophant and the 8 of Pentacles. Learning and ascending in your spiritual journey, becoming a master of your own beliefs and experiences. This is a great thing, because you can move forward, self-propelled, to your financial independence.

Air Signs

Gemini- 9 of Swords and the Moon. Recent events/knowledge is hurting you pretty bad. You could be dealing with a water sign, or you're extremely emotional right now. Maybe you're harboring a secret that will cause a lot of pain if you choose to reveal it. Switch the energy as needed.

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Libra- 4 of Pentacle and the 3 of Wands. This one is pretty specific, most won't resonate with this reading. I feel you're saving money for a trip or a move of some kind. If not, you're considering options and ways to save money, or hold onto more of it by choosing things to cut out of your life.

Aquarius- King of Wands Reversed and Temperance Reversed. Feeling out of balance in all areas of your life. You may feel like your losing authority over your own choices, or you feel trapped in some way. You could be dealing with a cold individual who tries to control you...and it throws your energy out of whack. It upsets you and causes you to lose clarity of your future goals.


Water Signs

Cancer- Wheel of Fortune and 2 of Pentacles. Recent events led you to a choice, and you chose to find balance in your life. You may be dealing with an earth sign, or you're choosing to focus on your money and physical world. (For once, geez. LoL).

Scorpio- Justice and 6 of Pentacles. You are intertwined in the karmic wheel of justice. This is the time you can finally reap what you've sewn, if you put in will be receiving good. If not, you know the drill.

Pisces- 6 of Pentacles and 4 of Swords. You are resting right now, laying low. Possibly because people or circumstances keep calling with their hands out. You are constantly giving and helping everybody else, and now it's time for you to reflect and rest. You're gonna overdo it, and you need to refrain from over-extending yourself.

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