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Crystals through the Ages

Ancient Crystals

Minerals are part of the crust and interior of the earth on which we live. They are formed out of molten rock called the ‘Magma’ which rises deep within the earth and solidifies on the surface. Gradually affected by the weather and ecological disturbances shifting the earth’s crust, this rock is pushed back into the depths and melts once more.

Gemstones are the products of this vast geological recycling process. Crystals and gems grow in cavities usually far below the earth’s surface when molten rock or magma intrude into solid rock such as granite, and then cools slowly. These cavities are called ‘pegmatite’s’. The pegmatite’s provides the space and chemical isolation necessary for the formation of pure mineral crystals. Different types of magma create different stones. The chemical structure and density all play a part in the forming of the gemstone.

It was 6,000 years ago in ancient ‘Mesopotamia’ that the Sumerians and the then inhabitants ‘Ur of the Chaldies’ started looking at minerals and precious stones with a view to improving their crops, protecting themselves from enemies, seeing the future and generally attempting to probe the secrets of the Universe. Crystal lenses have been found in ruins dating from 3,88BC and Quartz is used today for the production of lenses for special optical instruments. Crystals are used in computer technology to expand storage capacity.

The Native American Indians considered crystals to be the brain cells of Mother Earth. Australian Aborigines and New Guinean tribesmen use crystals for ‘rain-making’. In Australia Uluru emits the frequency of a giant crystal. The Aborigines believe it to be a sacred living being which marks the centre of the world.

The ‘Atlantians’ were said to develop a technology in which crystals were used to convert the Sun’s energy into a form of free electricity, which made possible inter-dimensional communication and travel. Atlantis was said to have beautiful healing temples where colour and vibrations were integrated through crystals to create light-based healing techniques. With the help of crystals, diseased were diagnosed and limbs and tissues regenerated and all forms of disease cured. It is also believed that crystals were used to prevent the physical body from aging. Ultimately, the entire Atlantian civilization revolved around the crystals abilities to transmit, transform, amplify and focus energy.

Some crystals align the magnetic fields of the earth as the crystal naturally vibrates it’s own energy. This energizes it’s environment and anyone and anything in close proximity.

Crystals emit negative ions which help create uplifting and harmonious feelings. As a personal tool for transformation they can be used to amplify, store, transmit and focus your thoughts, emotions and desires, ultimately manifesting them into reality. Crystals bring about clarity, stimulate our resources to cope, and bring about a state of peace and balance into our life.

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