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Crossing Consciousness

I am VT Willi

Author Vanessa T Williams' Poetic Persona VT Willi

Author Vanessa T Williams' Poetic Persona VT Willi

Every Lie Contains Some Truth. What’s Yours

Crossing Consciousness

Never chose it; it was assigned at birth. Made to say prayers at night; acknowledged Him with the creation of the earth.

Always had questions; parents would just scold and declare; that we fought against principalities and devils of the air.

Opened the Children’s Bible; white faces galore. How could I ever be accepted? Was my question...because I didn’t look like the Lord?

Living in church; services, rehearsals, studies, and revivals in tents. As I recall my childhood, it is where most of it was spent.

I watched my parents give, and I watched them suffer. Only gossip when they needed help there was no buffer.

I learned the Word, read the Bible from front to back. Remembered and quoted scriptures there still was lack.

I remember how I was treated in a congregation that consisted of friends. We were always the outsiders it seemed; my parents ripping and running for them had no end.

I grew up and decided I would not join another church. I continued to study the Word of God, and I continued to search.

As an adult there was so much that did not make any sense. If the sun was created later how did the day count begin?

How can you be clear of future sin? The Apostle Paul was tripping and the church still said, “Amen”.

There is one God...made up of three? How can you hate self and love the enemy?

Wouldn’t that mean that you would self-destruct? One day I ran across information that hit me like a truck.

See Amen is Amun and Amin, and Amon too. I was taught to pray to Christ but ended my prayer to Who?

The oppressor and the Savior was the same, and the deliverer and the killer played the same game.

My melanin is the seat of my roof, and all along we have been denied truth.

Can’t go tell a Christian to learn fact. The pastors have all learned the correct tact.

They teach a lie and refuse to give the people the truth. They are a part of the continuing coup.

They have made us all vehicles of their gain with lies; If we live in the New Testament why do they still command tithes?

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Why are we pleading the blood if it was already shed?If faith is the catalyst why aren’t the people fed?

Why do you pay musicians to praise the Lord? When you are commanded that everything that has breath already should; isn't that the word?

If you believe the Word and carry it from the cradle to hearse. Then why are homosexuals performing in your church?

Why not pay the Sunday school teachers and the ushers too? How do you file taxes with a form of charity, that was supposed to be a sacrifice from you?

Do you tithe when you get you refund back? Do you re-give it to those who lack?

What does the word say about idols? But you bow to a tree once a year to give gifts to your child.

A psychological impairment has the church out of their mind. Perpetual state of stupidity and bliss at the same time.

You know damn well that a rabbit is a mammal and that when it gives birth; It comes out just as you do…what is your mental worth?

You preach black power and have your children believe that a white man; breaks into your house every year with gifts in his hand.

You compromise even with the devil too.Holy Trick or Treat in the church parking lot… What the hell is wrong with you?

Not intelligent enough to see symbology as it stands everywhere. Now tell me that you didn’t know that a church steeple is a penis erect in the air.

Tell me you didn’t know that Mary was Isis too. Tell me that you never heard that the ark story was duped?

Well you have to care enough about yourself; to seek answers from a source other than divine church help.

That which I must do- I do not, and that which I mustn’t …Yeah Paul again, I almost forgot. He was definitely suffering from some kind of mental rift;

He said if I do what I don’t want to do, its sin and not myself. What? Go kill somebody and tell them that.

Your ass will be locked faster than John left the Army… believe that!

You will go through court and endure a mental healing plan... Do about 10 years and you get to kill somebody all over again.

So we have been covered for sin we ain’t even did?Well if I do it then I am already clean… so all I got to do is just believe?

Does that go for the abomination sins or just the Ten Commandment ones? There are certainly some things I would like to have done.

I do not discredit the Bible no-I will not. You must understand that most of it was written by power seeking men... A plot.

It is a historical document and I stand on that note. It is not the only Holy book that we must know and quote.

It is the only one that is easily tampered with. It is the only one that has murdered billions people; let us not forget.

Your religions are superstition and superstition kills freedom. If you learned to be free, you would not need them.

They know this, and they still want your every dollar.To recognize the time and effort put in to deceiving the world makes me want to holler.

The world suffers because false Holy men have laid the laws. Did you know that Muhammad was a Hindu First? I know I just made the Muslims mad… Oh My God.

Ole Muhammad formed a new guise to enact his reign. Wait... Did you know that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are all pretty much the same.

Their monuments are built to praise the shivalingum; who knew? Wait…wait…wait… I bet you didn’t know that the Shivalingum was a penis too.

It actually symbolizes the male organ, and the Kaaba houses the female portion.

Don’t take my word, see with your own eyes. The holy black rock is the thang between a female's thighs.

They march around it and kiss it and rub. This is insane. I know… probably the strangest thing you ever heard.

But the ones you call the "Jews" are not who you think they are, they are not from the real tribe of Israel… no not one part.

They were brought in to please the God of Israel after His people left… I have a question...if His spirit was with them… then why was it necessary to worship in the place they’d swept?

The incoming people that took their place, were of the current complexion of the Jewish race.


That’s a history lesson for another day and time. Let’s get back to how I was made to open my eyes.

I began to see the connection between chaos and order.I realized that it was my religious beliefs that I had bartered.

Bartered my true identity for a place in the net. We never left slavery; yet, still we must never forget.

We still are enslaved by trend, media, and culture. They sit and wait for us to die… they circle us like vultures.

We march and sing soul lifting songs, to an entity that was fabricated for a cause.

We justify our ill actions by saying, “God got me”.Then fornicate, adulterate, cheat, and kill… and clear it all up on Sunday.

Ahhh. The Sabbath-The Saturday… did you know? Ah-ha! Sunday is for worshipping of the Sun, not Jesus the Son of Jehovah to Jehovah…but for Amun-Ra.

The same guy that you solidify your prayers to. Amen! Im don. Well Holy ones, if the third Commandment was to remember the Sabbath, and keep it Holy… you have already lost the game before it began.

This is why you should challenge the men that lead. Challenge knowledge; roll up your sleeves.

I crossed consciousness and I lost many friends. I switched gears and now there is no end…

To my learning; to my dedication, of freeing myself. I’m The truth will set you free; indeed and this is why they don’t want you to lean unto the understanding of yourself.

In my alternate path, I have seen, hatred and bitterness of the Christians who once claimed they loved me.

Growth cannot allow you to remain who you used to be. Double minded at times I may seem; because I cannot shove the Bible from my memory?

I believe the original people were and are Hebrew. The language is derived from the flames flicker and of the vibrations of the earth; it's true!

I still need it to point out the truth, I still need a way to show you the Clues.

How can I challenge if I do not know the verse. It is the world’s most popular document, and perhaps the worst.

Worse because it’s been interpreted by men and used to aid their own desires. It will always be the cornerstone of kingdoms until the earth expires.

Crossing consciousness is not for all to do. Some prefer to remain slaves and for that, I salute you.

Some prefer to have someone to confess to; some would like to have someone say God forgives you.

There should be no mediator between the creator and man. The Creator is all around us, and it was always His plan.

Step aside from your day to day routines, invest in life and knowledge… be clean.

Every wrong we do is a choice. Listen to that little still inner voice.

Cross Consciousness and decline the lies. Have them prove their words; make them remove the disguise.

The things I have learned did not just come into play. All of the mega church pastors know the truth and take your money anyway.

They live in luxury and eat the finest meat. You honor them more than God himself by tuning in each day of the week.

You have more honor for them than you do for your fellow man. You will pass a bum on the street but send donations to their hands.

Invest in your communities and give your people pride; Make them aware of who they are; offer them no lies.

The first step of crossing consciousness is this… Not giving the creator a name to limit his power

...but knowing that He exists.

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