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Crop Circle and the Origins of This Mystery

Extraterrestrial is always a fascinating term of investigations, maybe we aren't the smartest creature on this planet.

Mystery behind the origin of the crop circle

The first crop circle was encountered in England in the year 1647 which was based on a legend. "The Mowing Devil" the title of an English woodcut pamphlet is a story of an English farmer in Hertfordshire who refused to pay a massive amount to a laborer deployed to mow his field. Instead, he vowed that he would rather depend upon the devil to mow it. According to this pamphlet, the field appeared to be in the flame the same night until the next morning when the field was mowed perfectly as no mere mortals could at that era or the modern one. This achievement was inspected to be an outer influence. But the mystery is that who is the devil that mowed the field perfectly than any humans could?.

crop circle depiction of the mowing devil from 1647

crop circle depiction of the mowing devil from 1647

Information regarding crop circles

What do we know about the crop circles? Many of the people can tell that they are a series of irregular patterns that are around a huge mass of the land purposed for the agriculture of the crops. Nowadays, these structures are appearing rapidly around the various part of the globe. Simply, Crop Circles are mysterious messages or a variation of complex drawings that are drawn on a field of crops but still we don't know the person or an unknown civilization that has a vendetta of creating this layout. These circles are widely been constructed around the nation of the United Kingdom. No matter what are the findings but there is a common relationship between crop circles and the place where they are built. Every crop circles are very close to the roads or in the other word they easily access to the road which conveys us that it was constructed to be easily observed by the people or wants to give some information or message to the humankind.

Stonehenge incident a modern crop circle

The most fascinating occurrence was reported near the famous Stonehenge monument in the year 1996 July. This pattern was named Julia set which is reported to appear in less than an hour and during the daytime. This feat is almost impossible to achieve by hoaxers. This must be someone else everybody thought so and further the investigation until it was discovered that three hoaxers constructed this amazement about a three hours time interval very early in the morning. No evidence till found has given us an insider for the construction of the mysterious crop circles but many cereologists have vowed to unfold the possible reason for the appearance.

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Theories and speculations

There are several theories and justifications develop around who created these amazing patterns. New studies have been developed which give us two different types of information. Internal Information is based on decoding these shapes and try to understand the meanings and content of the designs built inside the field. External Information deals with the physical construction of crop designs themselves.

Many weird speculations are made for the conclusion of the development of crop circles one of which is given by Horace Drew who believes that they are made by time-traveling human beings. He confirms that he has decoded the signs and received messages like "believe", "It is good out there" and many more. In the 1980s someone said that these mysteries are created accidentally by horny hedgehogs while others think that precise wind patterns and ley lines may be the key factor for its creation.

Additional origin story

In the year 1966 a farmer living in Tully, Australia illustrated an alien sighting in a swampy land this was the first case where an extraterrestrial has been dragged into the relationship with a crop circle. The observer told that he saw a flying saucer hovering around a field till the next day a crop circle was placed there whereas the police department dealing with his case concluded that it was due to some natural disaster. This case gave rise to the term "flying saucer nests" where it was a UFO report than a crop circle.

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