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A Trio of Creepy Urban Legends That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

I am an author and paranormal enthusiast who has published numerous books and articles on the subject of true unexplained phenomena.


1. The Licker

Before diving in, be warned that the following tales are a bit gory, though not terribly graphic. Those who would rather not read such things, even in the context of urban legends, might want to skip this one.

The first story begins with a news bulletin that flashes across the television screens in a small community cautioning viewers to be on the lookout for a deranged killer who has escaped from a local asylum for the criminally insane.

Unfortunately for the teenage girl whose favorite program has just been interrupted, her parents have gone out for the evening, leaving her home alone with only the family dog to keep her company.

The girl listens intently as the newsreader implores viewers to remain inside and lock their doors and windows. As soon as the station returns to the regularly scheduled program, she jumps up and does exactly as instructed.

After checking and double-checking every possible entrance into the house, the girl breathes a sigh of relief. Satisfied that everything is secure, she snuggles up with the dog and resumes watching her show.

It is after midnight when the girl decides that it's time to hit the sack. Her parents are not home yet, but she knows that they won't be out much longer. Still, as a precaution, she lets the dog, who normally sleeps in the basement, stay in her room for the night.

All is quiet as she and her faithful companion drift off to sleep. At some point during the night, she rolls over onto her stomach, allowing her hand to dangle a few inches off the floor. She is awakened a short time later by the sensation of something warm and moist being dragged across both her palm and the back of her hand.

In her groggy state, the girl barely reacts as she pulls the appendage away from what she assumes to be the voracious licking of her dog. Now resting on her side, both hands folded under her face, the girl attempts to go back to sleep. The only thing preventing her from doing so is an annoying dripping sound coming from the adjoining bathroom.

Even as she berates herself for leaving the tap running, the girl doesn't make a move. The bed is so comfortable that she just can't bring herself to get up and walk across the cold floor to turn off the spigot. Deciding that it can wait till morning, she nods off for the remainder of the night.


Be Afraid

Early the next morning, the girl gets up and stumbles into the bathroom, ill-prepared for what awaits her once she enters the confined space. Noticing immediately that the floor is awash in a sticky liquid, the bewildered teenager flips on the light. As her eyes take in the scene, she lets out a scream that is loud enough to wake the dead.

What she sees before her will leave mental scars that can never be healed. Hanging upside down from the shower rod is the body of the family dog. The beloved pet, now barely recognizable, has been skinned clean to the bone.

The girl's parents rush to her aid as soon as they hear her piercing cries. As they lead their distraught child away from the grisly display in the lavatory, they see that something has been written on the bedroom wall.

The message, which had presumably been left by whoever killed the dog, is terrifying in its implications. It reads simply, "Humans can lick too."

Investigators later determine that the escaped lunatic had entered the house through an unlocked basement window hours before the 'BOTL' was issued. The girl hadn't known it at the time, but the killer had been watching her all along.

In a variation of the tale, the parents come home and check on their daughter. Finding her sound asleep, they escort the dog to the basement. While downstairs, the father notices an open window. When he attempts to close it, he discovers that the lock is broken.

Well-aware that an escaped killer is on the loose, he does his best to secure the window before joining his wife upstairs. The two of them discuss the matter of the broken latch for a short time before deciding that it is silly to worry about such a minor detail. After all, what were the odds that a maniac would target their house when there were so many others to choose from?

The rest of the story remains the same, ending with the discovery of the mutilated dog and the ominous message printed in blood. It's a spooky scenario with no basis in actual events. There are, however, some true crimes that come close, as you are about to see.


2. A Hidden Menace

Scary near-misses involving intruders are not limited to teenagers left on their own. In an incident that allegedly took place in Michigan in the 1970s, a woman returns home exhausted from a long day's work. Forgoing a meal, or even a much-needed shower, she heads straight to bed. Just as she enters her room, she catches a glimpse of someone sliding underneath the bed.

Thinking fast, she exclaims to no one in particular that she forgot to lock up her bike for the night. She then quickly exits the apartment, all the while loudly berating herself for being so thoughtless. Once she has cleared the doorway, she runs to a neighbor's home and phones the police.

Arriving minutes later, officers search the apartment and find a man secreted away under the woman's bed. Beside him on the floor, gleaming in the beams of their flashlights, lay a butcher knife. As he is led away in handcuffs, the intruder calmly explains that he only wanted to see what she looked like on the inside.

It wasn't lost on the would-be victim that, had she taken time to make a sandwich or take a hot bath, she wouldn't have seen the man as he retreated to his hiding place. She was also aware that if she had entered the bedroom a split second earlier or later she would have been at his mercy. The hand of fate is a fickle one indeed.

The suspect was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. Unable to comprehend the reasons for his actions, the man was committed to a long-term psychiatric facility where, as far as anyone knows, he remains to this day.


3. The Roommate

No documented cases have been found that would suggest that the following tale is true, but neither has it been proven false. Fact or fiction, it is chilling just the same.

The story unfolds in a college dormitory where two young women, Lauren and Kim, are preparing for finals. In the middle of their study session, Kim's boyfriend stops by and persuades her to accompany him to a party. He doesn't have to ask twice. At her wits' end from hours spent with her head buried in textbooks, she is more that happy to call it a day.

The couple invite Lauren to join them, but she declines. The dedicated student sees them out before once again immersing herself in her studies. As minutes turn to hours, the exhausted coed finally decides to turn in just as the clock on the wall strikes twelve. Assuming that Kim has opted to spend the night elsewhere, she turns off the lights and collapses in bed.

Kim returns to the room a couple of hours later. Having consumed a bit more alcohol that she can handle, she fumbles around in the dark, careful not to wake her sleeping roommate.

Making her way to the bedroom, she quietly tucks in. In no time at all, she has drifted off to dreamland. She sleeps peacefully, unaware of the terror morning will bring.

Kim is awakened several hours later when the first light of day beams into her room. Nursing a throbbing headache, she shuffles towards the kitchenette. As she is passing through the living area, she notices that the place is in disarray.

When the room finally comes into focus, she sees that a chair has been knocked over. Beside it, pieces of a shattered lamp lay strewn about the floor. Knowing what a neat freak Lauren is, she can't imagine how the place was left is such a mess. Soon, she would have her answer.


A Macabre Discovery

With classes set to begin in less than an hour, Kim taps on her roommate's bedroom door. Receiving no answer, she opens it a crack and informs Lauren that it's time to get up. With the blinds closed, she can't make out a foot in front of her face. Stepping across the threshold, she flips on the overhead light.

She stifles a scream as her eyes survey the horrifying scene that lies before her. The first thing she sees is Lauren lying sideways across the bed. Her head is hanging off the edge, revealing a gaping neck wound. Kim doesn't have to check for signs of life; she can tell by the state of her friend's body that it would be pointless.

As she looks around the room, desperate for answers, she sees something on the wall adjacent to the mirror. There, written in blood, are the taunting words, "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?"

Realizing that the message was meant for her, Kim releases the scream she had been trying so hard to hold inside. Before long, the room is filled with people, all of whom had slept while a killer was in their midst. All that is, except for Lauren.


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