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Let's Make a Blood Covenant With Yeshua (Jesus).

Louis Fourie born again in Yehoshua, baptized with water and Fire and a true Follower. I have Pitch my tent with Elohim my Friend.

God loves us and wants to help us, but each individual person needs to realise that we need God's help if we want restoration and healing in our lives.

We need the Holy Blood Covenant activated in our lives to save our eternal soul from condemnation.

It is your choice to come to Yeshua (Jesus) willingly and to be restored unto Him with all the wealth of His Kingdom.

He wants a Blood Covenant with you, which means that all that is His is now yours for the taking, but you have to cut Covenant with the Lord God Almighty first.

Let me explain: The Hebrew View (The Law of Moses) versus the Christian View (Grace).

We as people go to church and we practice Religion as we are taught by the church leaders. We don't always understand and know where all the practices come from.

As we go to church more often we discover that there are many things that we don't understand. We learn about the Old and New Testament and we don't always know where we fit into things.

The first ever blood covenant was between God and man, when Adam sinned. If it was not for that, Humanity would have died out. God killed an animal in the place of man. you can read all about it in the hub named "Breaking down ungodly Blood Covenants in Prayer"?

God instituted a covenant between Him and man in the Old Testament and then He made a new Covenant in New Testament with us again.

What is an agreement or Covenant?

A covenant is a contract between 2 parties. So where did the idea come from and what was the meaning of it?

In modern times we draw up a contract between parties in partnership when starting up a business, But in the olden days they had to physically cut Covenant between 2 parties (individuals).

Blood Covenant - to cut a blood covenant, what does it mean to me today and is it still relavant?

Most people do not understand the Blood Covenant in today's modern societies, yet the Blood Covenant is the oldest known contract in existence.

It was introduced by God when Adam sinned and later copied by men.

If two families decide to cut Blood Covenant with one another, they first choose a family member to represent the family.

In the case of the Blood Covenant between God and man, God chose His Son - Yeshua (Jesus) to represent Him and he took Abraham to represent man.

These two family members would then follow the following 9 steps to cut a blood covenant (contract)

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Coat or Robe

Each person would take of their coat or robe and exchange it with the other.

A robe or coat represents the whole person. What they were actually saying was "I am giving you all of myself, my all, my life and my total being. All that I am and possess is yours and all that is yours is also mine".

If a farmer and Soldier were to cut covenant, the Soldier would take off his Battle gear and the farmer his farm clothes and they would swap.

So what does this swapping of clothes mean to me as a Christian today?

Yeshua gave me His coat and His robe of Rightness and He took my coat of sin and shame. In other words, Yeshua gave me the Kingdom of God, my position in the family of God and all that is in it, its power, riches and even its army and took my sin and all that is filthy and bad that is in opposition to God the Father upon Himself.


Exchange of Belts.

They would then exchange belts.

The belt represents strength and its function was to hold the armour together. The shield, dagger, bow, arrows and sword were mounted on the belt.

It symbolises strength and it gives you all the support and protection I have to offer.

It meant that if anybody attacks you, your fight is my fight.

What does this belt mean to me today as a Christian?

In ( Ephesians 6) we read that the belt represents Truth. Truth will hold everything together and it will set you free from the lies of this world. When we were in the world our belt was a belt of lies. Yeshua gave us His belt of truth for our belt of lies.

Yeshua gave us His support and protection against Satan and his hordes.

His belt of truth will set us free from the lies of Satan. If anybody attacks you they also attack Yeshua. My battle is NOW Yeshua’s battle.


The cutting of the Covenant. (The animal cut).

They would then take an animal and cut it right down the middle.

Each half was placed before both the persons representing the two families cutting the covenant. Then they would walk through the bloody halves in a figure eight.

As they walked they would say that they die to themselves and give up their lives and start a new walk with their covenant partner, even to death.

They would then point to the bloody halves and say that if the covenant is broken "may God do the same to you".

Each half of the dead animal represents one of the covenant partners. If one should break the covenant it says that the same will happen to the one that breaks the covenant.

What does this mean to me today as a Believer?

Yeshua became my blood covenant Partner by being offered up for me. We give up our lives for Yeshua because He gave up His life for us.


Cutting of the Hand Palm

Mix blood.

With the cutting of the palm they would raise their right hands, cut their palms and place it in the other’s hand so Thatthe blood intermingles

It symbolises that they have become one, their nature reflecting each another’s.

What does this mean to me today as a Believer?

Yeshua gave His blood for us, we become one with Him, and our blood is cleansed in the Spiritual world.

We have a blood transfusion as our blood mingles. We now take on the nature and reflection of the Christ.

We look at a new meaning when we read Matthew 26:28, For this is My blood of the new covenant, which [ratifies the agreement and] is being poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. [Exod. 24:6-8.]


Exchange names

They will then exchange names. They will take on the last name as part of their own name. It symbolises that you are becoming part of that family.

Abram’s name was changed to Abraham. The "H" stands for "YHWH" (JEHOVAH). Jehovah made Abram a part of His Family by changing Abram's name to Abraham.

We see this also with Sarai who became Sarah.

So did my name also change as a Child of Yah?

Yeshua gave us a new name, child of God. The set apart ones. I am now a brother or sister in Him.


They will now deliberately make a Scar.

Then they will make a scare where they have cut their palms by rubbing in some ashes to make the scar permanent. similar to a tattoo.

This permanent scar will be a reminder to them Of the covenant for as long as they live, and the family around that person of the covenant they have made.

What scar do we have today as a Christians?

Yeshua got scars on the cross in his body and we have the scars of sin and the works of the flesh while we were still in the world. You are like a label on a glass bottle, people can see inside and outside how life has scarred you.

In the Old Testament, people were scarred by circumcision, (a sign that they belonged to God), but now we are circumcised in our hearts, by dying to (tearing our hearts away from sin) the world.

Romans 2:26-29: So if a man who is uncircumcised keeps the requirements of the Law, will not his uncircumcision be credited to him as [equivalent to] circumcision? Then those who are physically uncircumcised but keep the Law will condemn you who, although you have the code in writing and have circumcision, break the Law. For he is not a [real] Jew who is only one outwardly and publicly, nor is [true] circumcision something external and physical. But he is a Jew who is one inwardly, and [true] circumcision is of the heart, a spiritual and not a literal [matter]).


They will now set the Terms for the Covenant.

Then they will start giving the terms of the covenant. It will always be, before witnesses.

They will for example say all my lands, money, slaves are yours.

What witness or terms do we have today?

Yeshua made a New Testament Covenant for us and all its terms are written down by many witnesses in the Word of God or The Bible.

All that belongs to Yeshua is now mine.

These terms "I confess Jesus with my mouth and believe in my heart that God the Father has raised Yeshua from the Grave" (Romans 10:9-10) is our terms for salvation.


They will have a Memorial meal.

The dead animal that was used for the Covenant will be prepared and eaten as a Memorial meal.

What Memorial meal will I have to eat today?

We get the answer in Corinthians 11:25-26 where Yeshua gave us an everlasting Memorial meal to eat, bread and wine.

Yeshua gave us His body and His blood as a memorial meal, so we are to eat the covenant meal every time we have Communion.

Similarly when supper was ended, He took the cup also, saying, This cup is the New Covenant [ratified and established] in My blood. Do this, as often as you drink [it], to call Me [affectionately] to remembrance.

For every time you eat this bread and drink this cup, you are representing and signifying and proclaiming the fact of the Lord's death until He comes [again].

For who ever partakes of this meal will be part of Him and will live forever BUT if you don't, you have no part of Him.


Planting of a Memorial Tree.

Then they will plant a tree, and then they sprinkled blood from the dead animal on it.

The memorial tree that they have planted always reminds them of their covenant.

All their children are also included, even the unborn children to come, and the tree will outlive them all, so the children can also see the memorial tree and be reminded of the covenant between the two parties.

What does it mean to me today and what Tree was planted for me to Remember?

Jesus planted the memorial tree when He was crucified on a tree and He sprinkled the tree (the cross) with His own blood.

This is an everlasting memorial tree between God and man.

Even us that had not yet been born, that covenant stands for us as well.


David and Jonathan.

A covenant that stands out in the Old Testament is the one where David and Jonathan cut covenant.

After the death of Saul and Jonathan, David learns that Mephibosheth was still alive from the house of Saul. It was practise to kill all relatives from the previous king. The covenant between David and Jonathan reminded David of this, so he restored Mephibosheth in all Saul’s wealth, because of the covenant.

Mephibosheth was in hiding from David because of the lies that Saul was telling him about David. Mephibosheth chose to love the man he was taught to hate. So we are also taught by the world and Satan that God hates us and wants to kill us, so we should hate Him, but He has an everlasting covenant through His Son with us.

He loves us, but we have to accept it and come to Him for restoration. It is your choice to come to Yeshua (Jesus) and to be restored into all the wealth of the Kingdom of God or you can believe the lie and live in your hiding place and lack, dying without your inheritance.

You can go read all about this in your own time: 2 Samuel 9:1-13:


Bible study.

  • Breaking down ungodly Blood Covenants in prayer?
    It is of the utmost importance to understand the Blood covenant between God and man. The blood covenant is the oldest known form of contract in the human race and it is common in primitive religions.
  • Blood Covenant.
    It is of the utmost importance to understand the (Hebrew Covenant blood) Blood covenant between God and man. The blood covenant is the oldest known form of contract in the human race and it is common in primitive religions.

© 2011 Louis Fourie


Tamarajo on July 15, 2011:

Interesting article. I had never heard of the memorial tree before.

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