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Coral Castle - The Secrets of The Coral Castle Code 144

Ed Leedskalnin's Magnetic Flywheel Aparatus

Ed Leedskalnin's Magnetic Flywheel Aparatus

One of the great mysteries of the world is located in Florida where a 5 foot tall man built a huge park out of coral rock where some weighed as much as 31 tons. The reason it is a mystery is that he did it all by himself with no help. How did he lift these massive stones? He claimed he knew the secrets of the pyramids in Egypt and claimed that “It’s not difficulty really, the secret is knowing how.” Working alone, Ed Leedskalnin labored for 20 years - from 1920 to 1940 - to build the Coral Castle taking with him the secrets of magnetism and the manipulation of matter and energy to create anti-gravity that goes back to ancient times, the oldest science in the world.

While it is still a mystery as to how ancient megaliths were built, there are stories and myths all around the world about floating stones! Even in Tibet there are stories of of King Solomon traveling there on some kind of floating magic carpet. Were the myths of the ancient world actually true? There is a lot of things that are unexplained at the Coral Castle and most of them are completely missed by people who think it is just a nice park. The truth is that Ed took the time to plan and hide a message in the geometry and alignment of the castle, and it needs to be decoded. This code is tied in with the ancient world and unexplained mysteries.

Was there an old world far more advanced then we know about? Modern science is just starting to understand the design and geometry of small particles and are coming to see the light that the mandalas of the far east resemble the structure of atoms. How could the ancients know this information without any instrumentation? What Ed built was a masterpiece of geometry hiding and displaying the secrets of the ancient world and their technology, which he mysteriously discovered while traveling the world.

In his book “Magnetic Currents” published in 1945 Ed shows how magnets travel through a wire. He claims to know and have access to the creative force of the universe itself. Ed was a visionary and proceeded to develop a means of leverage power generated from the geomagnetic grid, and produced a system to generate anti-gravity waves using diamagnetism. He seemed to have known the secrets of anti-gravity, and its relation to cosmic events since the huge multi-ton stone blocks would be impossible to move. Ed proceeded to develop a means of leverage power generated from the geomagnetic grid, and produced a system to generate anti-gravity waves. The number 144 is the most important part of the code and is hidden in the Bible in Revelation as well. The second part of the code was left by Ed Leedskalnin as a clue engraved in stone which reads 7129 and 6105195.

Ed Leedskalnin was a secretive man and would not allow anyone on site during his work. He would work only during the night with a small lantern. Local kids claim they snuck in one night and watched him work. Just before he caught them, they saw him use a spinning machine that people now claim used some kind of magnetic force to neutralize the atoms inside the stone and use levitation to move them. There is no evidence to prove this today but the mystery is unsolved as Ed left many clues to his work hidden as a code. The code has been called code 144 which is made up of different parts to come to the secrets of the universe and secrets of harnessing energy and matter in a way known to the ancients as the sacred code.

This code, the oldest science in the world that goes back to Egypt, Babylon, and before taught at the mystery schools in the old world. It ties magnetism, math, geometry, and astronomy and astrology together in a very unique way for some purpose we still do not understand today. This code 144 along with the number 9 secret code, are part of an ancient system of miracles not yet rediscovered. The theory is that the Pyramids were power plants used for some advanced technological purpose we still do not understand.

This code is somehow tied to ancient texts, religious books, ancient tablets, pyramid structures, and ancient wonders of the world displaying an awesome power and technology. It has been hidden everywhere for us to find and rediscover. Ed Leedskalnin claims he understood this science and created the Coral Castle using his secret. Fortunately, he hid the code inside the design of the Coral Castle.


What Does The Coral Castle Code and Ancient Codes Mean?

This code has been hidden in megalithic structures around the world connected by a world grid system using longitudes and latitudes which encodes a secret truth that we are still trying to uncover and understand today. One of these theories is the popular ancient alien theory seen on the discovery channel that hints at aliens placing these ancient structures all around the world for a specific plan and that the pyramids were used as a teleport system to move about the universe as seen on popular sci-fi TV shows.

One of the theories is that a plan was put into place a long time ago by certain wise men, which by bloodline are still here today working behind the scenes to protect the earth and its people. They knew that libraries would be burned down and that people would be persecuted by witch hunts and false accusation of pagan worship by religious leaders.

The ancients witnessed destruction and knew that empires would always rise and fall, and that all the science and knowledge that was discovered through time was destroyed by wars, new kings, and cataclysm. A plan had to be put into place to preserve the knowledge, truth, and wisdom that turns the universe, our galaxy, and our solar system and how it relates to our daily lives physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The earth is a child that thinks and feels and produces fruit which is us. We were taken from the dust of the earth. We are connected to the sun, moon, earth, along with the nine planets and 12 constellations.

While man is destroying himself though the tyranny of evil, it is freedom from our own selves that we must overcome. As we unite as one we can work together to accomplish just about anything. It is obvious from studying the ancient megalithic structures that it was impossible for mankind to build by himself with simple tools since measurements of the sun, moon, and earth were encoded into Egypt's great pyramid and other structures around the world.

This information was not known to man at that time. It wasn’t until recent that satellite images discovered that the Great pyramid walls contain the same curvature as the curvature of the earth itself. Also, the height of the pyramid is at a ratio to the circumference of the earth and is located at the center of all the land mass of earth. There are many more clues that indicate that someone or something built the great pyramid or taught us how to do it using advanced technology or hidden wisdom. If the ancient alien theory is right, they will be back.

Someone is trying to get our attention and we have failed to open our eyes and see the truth. We were created with special angelic power but a deceiver tricked us to take of the fruit which altered our DNA and turned us into greedy warmongers hungry for gold and power. They have manipulated our DNA so that we would exploit the earth and drain it of its resources. We have been used as scavengers and slaves encased in our own lustful desires to harvest the earth’s resources. The illusion is that it is for us but in reality it is for someone else’s agenda. Our minds have been tricked by DNA manipulation for an experiment and agenda. Read Genesis and see how our eyes were opened after the fruit (DNA change) was taken in.

So what does any of this have to do with the Coral Castle. The secrets of how the universe runs is hidden within the designs which point to a system that is highly advanced technologically. The question is how did the ancients know this and why did they hide it everywhere and for what purpose? How could they lift 70 ton stone blocks? Easily, using the oldest science in the world.


The Bible Codes

Throughout the Bible there is a survival code and message most people don't even know about because it is hidden throughout in a very unique way. The Bible tells the truth in Genesis, the beginning of the experiment but most people don’t believe because the sin tastes so good and we crave more. God was trying to warn us but we didn’t listen so now we have to pay the consequences. We have sin in our blood so it is through blood that we have to be cleansed and saved and he already has a way out through a special spiritual salvation. The spirit is the gateway into changing the blood's DNA which connects us to a higher power source, God, which is the living spirit of all cosmic energy of all that has been created. This is the secret where we can free ourselves though a spiritual transformation and back to angelic energy form, free from the curse (DNA poisoning). This technology was known to the ancients but it was destroyed by evil rulers that want our blood and services.

This technology has been now hidden in spiritual texts and structures. The math behind it is complicated but the actual transformation is quite simple. It is all in the Bible if you choose to search it out. It has been hidden in such a way that our original DNA double helix can only perceive it if we search it out with all our heart, mind, and soul alignment just as planets align which create energy outcome. Many people and religions attempt to understand this transformation and connection with God but unfortunately only a few have figured it out. Ed hid the true secrets of magnetism and how they relate to people inside the Coral Castle.

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Not even science has come to understand how it works. Scientists are still trying to understand how the micro and macro world interact. It is still a mystery of how photons can be millions of light years apart yet communicate with each other instantly as if they were in the same room. Somehow, we can connect with God instantly just like photons do, even if we are far away because there are other dimensions we do not see and not part of our space and time system.

In the Bible it states that when Jesus comes back, time will be no more and he will destroy the earth and take his children that believed. If this is judgment day we better stop all the fighting here on earth and pay close attention because something is coming. We need to look at the ancient structures and texts that have been written because they contain clues and information. All the myths and legends we heard growing up contain hidden knowledge of our past and future.

We need to unite as one and get right through love and mutual respect. The Coral Castle was built using secret principles from ancient times. The Coral Castle has the blueprint of the Pyramids encoded, which tie everything to lost world and forbidden history built in modern times.


Thousands of Years Ago

It was over three thousand years ago that the pyramids in Egypt were built yet there are discoveries still being made everyday. Many of them are mathematical, geometric, and astronomical. What this means is that whoever built the pyramids knew the measurements of the universe and used them to get our attention.

Ed Leedskalnin was trying to accomplish a similar thing to these ancient structures as he carefully set out to find the land where he would build his Coral Castle. Nothing is by accident when looking at the clues and information that Ed left us with in the construction and layout of Coral Castle. The Golden Ratio (Phi), or the Golden Section, and it's relationship to Prime Numbers, Prime Quadruplets, and the Pyramid Shape with an angle of 51.83 degrees is the secret to this mysterious science and technology that the ancients knew.

If you take the time to understand this knowledge and wisdom, you will begin to see that there is something mysterious that happened thousands of years ago that ties in with ancient world structure designs. There is a message hidden inside these alignments with the stars about our past and future tied in with the old testament Hebrew Bible, Leningrad codex, and hundreds of other religious texts and ancient myths. Using mathematics and geometry, Ed Leedskalnin built the Coral Castle in Florida as a witness of a secret he discovered while traveling the world. What is this secret? It would be puzzling to think that modern science is catching up with ancient technology but actually it seems that way.

It's interesting that the mandalas of the past and modern atomic structures would intersect with similar designs. Understanding the structure and dimensions of geometrical shapes and how applied energy could manifest different results was the science of the time. This is somewhat like today we use the periodic table of elements to construct the physical world around us or use semiconductors to build computers.

How did they know so much and what is the message here? If you get a chance to ever go to Florida, be sure to stop by the Coral Castle, a very interesting and mysterious place that looks simple to the untrained eye but in reality is a great inspiration to what can be accomplished with knowledge and wisdom using a secret technology still not understood today. Watch in the video below how the Egyptian 3,4,5 triangle are found in prime quadruplets in the Code 144.

The first 4 prime quadruplets 9,15,105,195 when multiplied together yield the number 2764125. What's significant about this number? When split we get 27, 64, and 125. Now, we can see that 27 is the cube of 3. Then, 64 is the cube of 4. Then, 125 is the cube of 5.

Coral Castle Code


SunMoonStars on August 07, 2016:

Can you make a video Atommix?

Show us how!

Atommix on October 18, 2015:

Aline 2 sine waves together and they cancel out each other by 98% so if you know the resonate frequency of a lump of rock at 1 meter off the ground and say it was 1 kilo its gravity would be 9.8 watts and we begin to see the connections between 2 sine waves and gravity take place ... So if we made two sine waves at 1 meter in length and 1 meter in height above under and over the mass the mass at 2 x 9.8 watts there will be a reverse gravity effect at 1 meter per second and steady at one meter off the ground ...

SO LIKE AN IDIOT I AM GOING TO TEL YOU HOW ITS DONE ! Make 2 cones that fit the angle of one meter to one meter and coil them with a 20 watt coil and place the coils under and above the harmonic position of the mass and switch them on ....

Its not a bout numbers its about harmonics ! Now you try it ! lol haha

Roger on January 08, 2014:

In case you want to explain me the numbers, then contact me:

Roger on January 08, 2014:

9, 15, 105, 195 are no prime numbers!

Neisha on January 08, 2013:


tugbo200-5 on March 03, 2011:

Great hub.

One of the best and most informative hubs I have

ever read.We are told "all will be revealed" I wonder

if this may be a part of said statement.

I lived in Fla and always wondered why this was never

looked into to find the "HOW".

Keep hubbing.


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