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Conversation With a Spider

I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

A Strange One-sided Conversation Has a Moral to Teach.

Often, it will be the little things in life that teach us some deep truths concerning God.

Often, it will be the little things in life that teach us some deep truths concerning God.

First: The Moral of the Story

The spider died; as not wanting my wife to suffer any emotional trauma, I removed it from the land of the living. It had come to the light from wherever spiders make their abodes, whether from within the walls of the house or from the surrounding florae, hitching a ride on an unsuspecting person or pet. Spiders in general do not bother me, but I cannot say the same for the other residents of my home. In one respect, I had the power over whether it lived or died and I stand by my decision.

Prior to my decision, I held an impromptu conversation with the arachnid, generally as follows:

If you had just remained where you were before the light came on, I would not have to kill you. If you were a butterfly or a ladybug, something pleasing to me and all, I would gently carry you away to a place of safety. How much better for you if you had never been born at all, let alone as a spider. But again, you had no choice in the matter; you are what you are. It was then, the epiphany pinged my brain.

Just Like In the Cartoons ... a Light Came On.

I get these on occasions and when they keep hanging on, I run with it wherever it may lead.

I get these on occasions and when they keep hanging on, I run with it wherever it may lead.

The Epiphany

The Light of the Word exposes the sins that lie in the darkness of men’s souls. Thankfully, we being finite creatures cannot see into another’s soul and know the secret wickedness they may harbor. It is bad enough for a born-again believer that battles with their own sinful flesh when confronted by the Word, let alone one whose sins are ever before them and the fear this brings to their whole being.

I am not speaking of those who openly flaunt their hatred of God, but of those who frequent the halls of churches living with the false hope that they will get a pass from God by not being as bad as the obviously wicked of this world. These are those who have heeded the call and have become converts but sadly, not disciples. They have become religious; many with great fervor believing that by their works they will endear God to themselves and avoid the judgment of the wicked. Nothing could be further from the Truth, for the Light of the Word, Christ, will expose them for who they are to their everlasting shame.

It would have been better if the spider had never been born, or had been pleasing in my sight, as my will prevailed; I was sovereign in the matter of the spider.

Do You Really Think That God Would Think Like You?

The deeper one delves into the Word, the more one understands that He is God and we are not.

The deeper one delves into the Word, the more one understands that He is God and we are not.

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The Three Principles:

Better to not have been born: Jesus said to Judas - “ … but woe unto that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It had been good for that man if he had not been born.” It was actually openly said to the twelve; those who appeared to be close to our Lord, ready to die for Him. But Judas asked Jesus - “Is it I?” To which Christ acknowledged as being the truth. From all appearances, Judas was one of the elect but when exposed to the Truth, his wickedness surfaced and terror seized his being. He tried to undo his wickedness by returning the pieces of silver, BUT he never addressed his sin to the Savior. His last avenue of vain works was to return the money [repent], but it was too late and his terror only increased because he then knew what was waiting for him … hell.

Pleasing or not pleasing to God: this we know from Hebrews 11:6 “ … it is impossible to please God without faith …” Faith is not works nor are works faith. Those faithful to the church may appear to among the faithful but they shall live or die by their works. The faith that is pleasing to God is that which is found in Ephesians 2:8-9 … it is a GIFT. One does not work to get the gift but one who has received the gift will want to work forever for the One who gave the gift. Works without the faith that brings salvation are as filthy rags, for one is claiming self-righteousness by their works. Remember: many on the day of judgment will cry Lord, Lord and offer their works as proof of their piety, seeking a last desperate chance to avoid what they have feared their whole mortal lives. Those who are pleasing to God, really cannot comprehend why we are pleasing to Him, but by faith we have peace that we are pleasing. The lack of His peace is what terrorizes the converts to a religion.

God is Sovereign: To the believer, one would think that this is all anyone would need to hear for finding peace in a world speeding its way towards judgment. But alas, that is not the case, for the sinful state of the flesh of everyone, including those born-again, is a powerful foe. We are so desperately wanting to be in charge of some portion of our salvation, sanctification and eventual glorification, that we constrain our God to being less than sovereign. The cults have individually developed a manual of sorts for salvation: step by step carefully laid out and usually culminating in water baptism sealing the deal, but with a caveat. Lock-step adherence to the rules of the congregation to keep one’s salvation guarantee intact.

The convert’s work overtime to create a god in their image, constrained by their creeds and bylaws, all the while condemning others for not having a god like theirs. One must decide that God is either sovereign or not. The scriptures tell us in Isaiah 55:11 that when God sends out His Word, it would not return void and accomplish everything that pleases Him. I repeat everything. Even many of the born-again have a problem with Romans 9:20-23 stating that He created some as ‘vessels of wrath fitted for destruction’ and yet others as ‘vessels of mercy’. [Note the word: created] The converts want to hear nothing of this. But the one who has their name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life from before creation, God will help them to come to understand, resulting in the peace that passes all comprehension.

The Benediction

Sola Scriptura

Sola Scriptura


Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on December 09, 2020:

So, what happened to the Spider? You never mentioned it, or I missed it somehow.

"It would have been better if the spider had never been born, or had been pleasing in my sight" - The part about "pleasing in my sight" is your own conditioning and up-bringing. Spiders are pleasing to MY sight. I truly love them. They sit in a corner and catch ants, flies, little other crawlers ... they're like a dog for insects. Haha!!

On the real, I have been living with Pharoh Ants for the last few years. We get along fine. The Spiders stay as well. God's house is big enough for all of us. Da-na'-ho-we-yo.

Thank You for your piece of writing.

May Wakan Tanka guide your path.

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