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Connecting with the Fae

Lydia is a practicing Druid who has dipped her toes into various occult organizations over the years.

Leaving sweet offerings like honey for the fae can get you in their favor.

Leaving sweet offerings like honey for the fae can get you in their favor.

What are the Fae or Faires?

Not everyone is in agreement with what fairies are. There are various intriguing theories you will come across. Some look at fairies as though are another race entirely. They have been known by various names like the gentry, the ancient ones, and the Sidhe.

Many view fairies as mysterious creatures who live between worlds. These are liminal spaces where two different worlds meet. A doorway could be considered a liminal space. In Ireland, they were often believed to live in the mounds or hills. This is where the term Sidhe comes from. Some believe that fairies once lived amongst us.

These mischievous tricksters are known to enjoy playing pranks on humans. The Fae are often divided into 2 groups. The Seelie and Unseelie, with the Seelie fairies being human-friendly and the Unseelie not so much.

As you can see, not all faes are one and the same. There are many different fairy beings like brownies, gnomes, elves, pixies, and dryads. They are thought to be able to shapeshift. They can shift between looking young or old, beautiful or ugly, or from human to animal. It has been said that they don't truly shapeshift, but employ glamor magic in order to appear different.

Various cultures have talked about fairy-like creatures. In Greece, they were referred to as nymphs. Arabic mythology talks about Jinn. You may know Jinn by the more common name of genies. They are the same creatures who reside in lamps and are rumored to give you 3 wishes once you release them.

The term 'fairy' goes back to the Middle Ages in Europe. The word fairy is thought to be rooted in the French word faèe or fèe. This is a word meaning enchantment. Some believe the word is rooted in the Latin word fata for fate. Encounters with fairies often have a fated component to them. A good book to read if you want to know more about real-life encounters with the Fair Folk is Janet Bord's Fairies: Real Life Encounters With The Little People.

Fairies are easily offended and may turn on you if you brag about your encounters with them.

Fairies are easily offended and may turn on you if you brag about your encounters with them.

Treating Them Respectfully

When it comes to human beings fairies have trust issues. You should familiarize yourself with some basic banishing and protective magic before you get started.

As fairies are easily offended, it is best to interact with them cautiously. The matter of names is one thing to address before you get started. Fairies are known to be picky about how you address them. Names have power and this is why they are often referred to as the fair folk or the good people. Fairies don't want you to have power over them. Don't force them to give you their name if you happen to make a connection. If you are lucky they may give you a nickname to use and that should be sufficient.

They are also caretakers of the environment. So if you treat the environment with respect, you are in turn treating fairies with respect. Being ecologically minded is a must. Don't litter or do anything else that is bad for the environment. Also, keeping in mind the environment when you are leaving an offering is a plus. Don't leave them anything that is plastic or harmful to animals. This includes chocolate. Despite Fairies enjoying things that are sweet, dogs and many other animals have a toxic reaction to chocolate. They will not favor you if you are making our dear canine friends sick.

Ways to Attract the Fae

Summer Solstice is an opportune time to connect with them. Think of all the fairy references in Shakespeare's a Midsummer Night's Dream. Fairies thrive in the summer when everything is verdant and green. Other good times to connect with them are at Beltane and Samhain when the veils are thin.

There are many things you can leave as an offering to fairies. You can put out milk for them in a bowl. You can leave them sweet-smelling flowers like honeysuckle. They love honey itself and mead can be another great offering. Celtic foods like colcannon or bannock are a fun choice. Bread, cake, and fruit are other great ideas. Don't leave them cut flowers in a vase. It is best to offer them flowers planted directly into the earth.

You could create a fairy altar. This is a good place to leave your offerings. Make sure you have enough time to attend to it. You must keep it clean and attractive. If you neglect it the fairies may be offended. You can leave sparkly crystals, flowers, and other gifts for the fairies. Leave out anything containing iron or plastic.

They are drawn to flowers, birds, butterflies, and bees. You could put out a bird feeder or place colorful flowers near an open window. If you have garden space you could plant some pollinators. These days planting anything that attracts bees or butterflies is a great idea. The bees and butterflies will also appreciate it.

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You could also wear braided hair. Braids can be seen as a form of knot magic. Wearing them would strike up an affinity with the fair people. It can also be an attractive fashion statement.

Faery Trees

You could plant a Hawthorne bush. They are particularly fond of Hawthorn and love dancing around it. Just be sure to be willing to commit to planting a fairy tree. There are numerous stories of the ill fate met by those who decided to chop down a fairy tree.

Ritual Work to Spark a Connection

You may enjoy creating a ritual to connect with the fae. This is a great idea if you are looking for something to do for Summer Solstice. Summer Solstice is a time when the Sun is at its peak potency and a high time for magic. As fairies are magical creatures they are a great focus for this particular sabbat.

You could place flowers or crystals known to attract the fae outside your circle. You might even select bee and butterfly-friendly varieties to put in a garden once your ritual is completed.

You could write a declaration of your intention to work with the fairies as part of the ritual. Write a letter directly to them and include your motivations. Why do you wish to connect with them? Do you want them to help you in some way? Connecting with them in order to help the environment, bees, butterflies, or your garden are really good motivations. Make sure your reasons are not something that would irritate or annoy them.

Hold the letter over your heart and make a declaration of your intentions. Ask the fairies for their blessings. Be mindful of the tone of voice you take with them. Once the ritual is done you should place the paper somewhere safe. Put it where only you and the fairies can find it.

Keep a Fairy Journal

Keeping a fairy journal can be a great way to document your journey connecting with fairies. In it, you can write about insights and collect images. Make a record of the offerings you left and whether they were well received. Express gratitude for any kind of blessings that have come out of your connection.

A scrapbook might be the perfect format for your fairy journal. You can add photographs of your fairy garden, altar, or any signs the fairies might leave behind of their presence.

Rings of mushrooms are a sign that fairies are near.

Rings of mushrooms are a sign that fairies are near.

Noticing the Presence of Fairies

How do you know you have made a connection with the fae? Aside from an outright appearance, there are many indications that you are gaining their attention and striking up a rapport.

Fairy rings are a ring of mushrooms on the ground or around a tree. Some lore regarding stepping into a fairy ring speaks of unpleasant consequences. You may be forced to dance with them until you die of exhaustion or go completely insane. There are some who say finding a fairy ring is a fortuitous sign. If one springs up on your lawn perhaps your work is paying off. In fact, any mystery plants, mushrooms, or flowers springing up in your yard are a good sign. Remember to not sit inside a fairy ring, but you can meditate next to one for a greater connection.

If the Fae have taken an interest in you they may show it in several ways. They may leave you gifts. They may move objects around. They may make an appearance in your dreams. Don't boast about making contact with them though. It's as rude as bragging about getting frisky with an attractive person. The fairies will be just as offended and likely to retaliate.

Be on the lookout for signs like butterflies or angel numbers popping up. Get out in nature and be observant. Encountering more animals when you are out in nature. Listen for laughter or beautiful voices singing in the distance.

Fairies dwell in liminal spaces.

Fairies dwell in liminal spaces.

Have Fun and Stay Safe!

Fairies are fun, whimsical, and appeal to our inner child. Getting out and striking an affinity with the fae can be a great way to connect to something mysterious. It can also be a great way to connect to nature. Do have fun with the suggestions I have offered up. What's the worst that could really happen?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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