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Integral and Balanced Self-Expression of a True Introvert-Extrovert Muslim

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The true Muslims should express their existence through the establishment of close inter-relationship to Allah in particular, socially involved in human world and harmoniously interact with other natural creatures in general.

An integral and balanced self-expression of the true Muslims prominently fall on three aspects; spiritual, logic-rationality, and ethic-moral. If one of those aspects disappear, the true Muslims would be blocked from reaching the true essence of life.

Therefore, the true Muslims should be able to regularly devote most of their concentration on such those aspects and spreading them to other Muslims based on their respective abilities to protect their community from destruction in this world and hereafter.

Balanced Self-Expressions of a True Introvert and Extrovert Muslim

As a Muslim, how you express yourself to others can be generally communicated in various ways, for example through speaking and writing, acting and arts. Generally most of people use such those ways in order to be publicly recognized by others.

A balanced self-expression of a Muslim can be inter-personally expressed into two general manners; introvert and extrovert.

If your are categorized as an introvert person, I think you can use your technical and creative expressions, for example, through writing, painting, or specific technical ways such a web programmer and designer or other related activities.

If you are an extrovert, you can use your public skills such as a public speaker, a diplomat, a marketer, a teacher, and a lecturer, etc. Naturally you can make it happen easily because you really like everything that is open and directly involved with many people.

"It is religiously an individual's (introvert and extrovert) responsible to communicate one-self to others."

Nevertheless, I think we should not separately divide humans' behavior into both introverted or extroverted in this context because the two terms have been actually part of daily requirements, however, these introvert and extrovert individuals have to express their own abilities to the world.

For example, we can see women should naturally be more introverted than men. But in fact, today both men and women have interchangeably shared these behaviors, why, because they belong to men and women as well.

I am Surprised

I am Surprised

The Two Periods of the Prophet Muhammad's Self-expressions

As a Muslim, you can exemplify the life portrait of the Prophet Muhammad of how he communicated himself to his God, social world and other creatures. There were two periods in which the prophet Muhammad constrained himself to closely and openly communicate his self-expressions. They’re generally divided into two periods of expressions.

The First Period of the Prophet Muhammad's Self-Expression

In this period, the Prophet Muhammad exclusively behaved in the early times of spreading and communicating Islam to his community when the Arabians in general still considered Islam as something strength.

"Maybe you would argue, that's not an introvert but an exclusive manner aiming to keep social harmony so that there would be no chaos or riots. It’s OK, if you prefer using the term of exclusive, that's your own word – in Islam it is commonly referred to as 'taqiyah' – if you are objected to using the term of introvert."

In the early days of his Islamic teachings, the 'Prophet Muhammad was also historically an introvert person'. He spent much of his youth by meditating alone, self-contemplating, and thinking for months each year especially during the month of Ramadan, in the Cave of 'Hira', away from the hustle and bustle of humans.

Besides, when he passed a crowd of women in public and private places beyond his rights, except his close family member (muhrim), he immediately kept himself away. Such was the condition of his young age and in his old age as well. This indicated that he was an introvert person.

The Second Period of the Prophet Muhammad's Self-Expression

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In this period, the 'Prophet Muhammad kept on spreading Islam openly. We might say that was the extrovert period. Maybe you will argue again, it's not an extrovert but an exclusive way. OK, just choose one of the two terms, or you could probably put them 'in one bowl'.

In this period, the prophet Muhammad no longer hide all the knowledge, natural self-uniqueness, potentials and others that he got from Allah because everything was ready, all the settings had been neatly arranged, it's just a matter of when and where such expressions would be declared to the public.

Then when he reached his old age, "did the Prophet Muhammad keep on both an extrovert or turn to an introvert?"

The answer was, none of them, but he integrally implemented these two personal behaviors, sometimes he was introvert and sometimes extrovert, sometimes he was inclusive and at another time he might be exclusive, to be flexible. He was dynamically close and or open his personal and social life.

"One thing we should keep in mind that principally the Prophet Muhammad was very introvert person but due to Allah's revelation to do the opposite then he controlled himself to be extrovert publicly because of God's command to do so."

Note: sometime playing around with terms of introvert-extrovert and or inclusive-exclusive can be very confusing for many people. Then, in this article, I do not intend to debate these terms dealing with scientific theories, not to mix both of them as well, but only trying to provide another insight of the two terms through a different point of view.

Three Integral and Balanced Self-Expressions of a True Muslim

Now, how to create between both the true Muslims and their obligation to implement integral and balanced self-expressions of spiritual, logical and rational, and ethical and moral as stated in the earlier section above?

"The answer is, of course, we can emulate the 'integral and balanced self-expression' as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad."

Regardless of either you are specifically categorized as introvert or extrovert, you have been certainly owning all parts of this natures; spiritual essence, logic and rationality as well as ethics and moral powers. All of them are interrelated with the terms of introvert and extrovert or inclusive and exclusive as would be described below:

  • Spiritual expression

Spiritual expression relates to our communication and relationship with God and other supernatural beings. We can find self-expression like this in some groups of Sufism, certain belief system rituals, or through individual's prayer in common, and others kinds of communications.

  • Logic-rational expressions

Expressions of logic and rationality are related to communication to build relationship with the intellectual world such as scientists, researchers, students, etc. Besides, it is also related to natural and material worlds which are commonly related daily activities such as farmers, breeders, sailors, tailors, etc.

  • Ethic-moral expressions

Ethical and moral expressions are related to our ways in building communication with social world in which various kinds of human characters gather and interact.

Such an expression above can be seen from the involvement of some people in social services, for example, doctors, police, politicians, traders, business men, marketers, and others wherein they directly dealing with humans needs. To achieve such expression successfully, ethic and moral must be firstly put forward.

Note: Regarding the description above, probably you have a question, why are the examples of such above aspects separated? Why aren't they combined?

Right, those are just some examples to be specifically categorized based on each work that we frequently observe in our daily life.

But now, my question is, how about you as a Muslim, will you separate those aspects based on each criteria as being described above or you combine all of them into every kinds of works or activities you do?

I believe you have your own best. If I may suggest, you can express yourself based on your own ability and harmoniously combining all of those three aspects into your daily activities.


Exemplifying an integral and balanced self-expression of the prophet Muhammad would be one of the best choices.

You can express yourself spiritually to Allah and interact with other supernatural beings without abandoning your logic and rational abilities with your ethical and moral wisdom.

Besides, you can connect your self logically and rationally with the natural surroundings without ignoring your ethic and moral as well as your spiritual powers.

Eventually, you can express yourself socially by prioritizing ethic and moral to your community without neglecting your spiritual, logic and rational powers so that you can be more happier and finally be a true Muslim as your hope.

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