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Contrasting a Fundamental Evolutionist vs. a Fundamental Christian: Who Would You Follow?

Adolf Hitler


Are You Fundamentally Right?


Is it a bad thing?

That depends on the circumstances and context in which you use the term. In today’s news, religious fundamentalism is a ‘spin’ term put on basically anyone with a faith, from radical extremists to political candidates that simply acknowledge that God exists.

Yet there appears to be a double standard. Prominent Secular Humanists - which adamantly believe in the theory of evolution - have a faith that takes just as much (if not more) for granted for life to come about. Their story of life originated with a giant rock of a planet devoid of life. It then rained upon the lifeless planet, and life sprang forth.

Did life come from the rain, or from the rock?

That is a question that the evolutionist will never be able to answer, along with the millions of 'missing link' fossils that have not and never will be found.

One of the biggest proponents of Secular Humanism, was the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler.

For purposes of this hub, fundamentalism is defined as a strict adherence to the principles of a belief system, which prompts one to take action upon these beliefs.

Two very good examples of men that demonstrate fundamentalism will be compared and contrasted to further illustrate the crystal clear point of this hub that will expose key elements of two modern religions, as well as go into the implications of "following your faith" if you were to choose Secular Humanism, or Christianity.

This hub will furthermore compare two very recognizable leaders of two very different religions – Christianity and Secular Humanism, and their contributions to society.

Middle-aged Billy Graham at a Crusade


Billy Graham is an Excellent Christian Example

A prominent figure that represents fundamental Christianity is evangelist Billy Graham. His life examined closely demonstrates his life’s devotion to sharing the gospel with all people group’s the world over, and has possibly reached billions with his evangelistic crusades around the world, and his organization, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (B.G.E.A.).

Billy Graham has spent his life sharing to the world that God loves every man, and salvation is offered to every man. Only those that believe, accept God’s free gift of grace, and repent of sins may inherit eternal life through Jesus Christ. Billy Graham is the best example of a man that fundamentally follows the Bible’s instruction to share the gospel with all nations, because all people groups have an equal opportunity to respond to the gospel.

He is a man that publicly acknowledges that he will one day bow his knee before God, a humble servant to seek and save the lost, so that all may find salvation. His love toward fellow men is clearly evident when you examine his life's work and contributions to society.

Reverend Billy Graham Preaching

Adolf Hitler the Nazi


Adolf Hitler Wanted Power to Rule the World

A prominent figure that represents fundamental Secular Humanism (or the religion of evolution) is Adolf Hitler. He is recognized as one of the most vilified people in history, known for founding Nazism, and responsible for killing 21 million civilians and prisoners of war.

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It is important to note that Hitler recognized the importance of church on society, and did not want to eliminate the church because of political motivations, which is why he praised Christian culture and Christian heritage because of his ulterior motives. It was all part of his strategy to achieve power over the masses, as one of his most notable quotes was:

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

Hitler’s actions alone attest that he fundamentally strived to speed up the process of evolution through ethnic cleansing, as he believed the Jews were less evolved and inferior to other races.

Adolf Hitler wanted power, and wanted to rule. Satan had similar desires. He wished to be worshiped like God, and fell from Heaven, which his dark angels, now known as demons.

To read more about Satan and his fallen angels, click here.

Hitler's desire to be God is logical, considering his faith in Secular Humanism. In Christianity, there is a hierarchy. God created everything and is on top. Man was created in God's image to please God, and was given free will to choose. Some choose to follow God - like Billy Graham - while others choose to be their own god. Hitler did not want to be ruled, and wanted to be his own god, with the intent to rule the Earth.

Secular Humanists answer to no one. They evolved to their current state starting from a primordial soup billions of years ago. Be sure to check the Wikipedia entry for evolution, which is the most modified and fastest changing entry on the website. Secular Humanists do not serve a god. They serve themselves, and make their own set of moral standards.

Hitler was no doubt a Secular Humanist, and he took aggressive action to impose his beliefs on others in a fundamental way. One may notice how fundamentalist Billy Graham follows God's will to preach God's love, yet does not force his beliefs on anyone, allowing people to choose salvation for themselves.

Hitler's life demonstrated his hate for other people that he believed were less evolved, and exterminated millions and millions of countless lives to further his fundamental faith of Secular Humanism to the detriment of society.

If Hitler was living as a Christian and following the Bible, he wouldn't have carried out genocide, but would have used his faith to learn how to overcome his hate. Hitler was not a Christian, but rather used the church to indoctrinate people to hate the Jews.

President Ronald Reagan and Billy Graham



  1. Believe that God created the Earth, and man lives an abundant life in a relationship with our creator.
  2. Fundamental Christianity produces men that first love God, and second love others.
  3. Value all human life and wish to see all men go to Heaven.
  4. Serve leaders willingly and advise them how to lead righteously (see photo above).

Secular Humanists...

  1. Believe that evolution created man, therefore man answers to no god.
  2. Fundamental Secular Humanism produces men that wish to oppress people with other beliefs as they strive to be god.
  3. Wish to speed up evolution in their conquest to evolve society, de-valuing human life.
  4. Destroy nations with corruption, greed, and wicked practices.

Evolutionists vs. Creationists on BBC TV Show

Now What?

If you have a different opinion and want to share your counter-point, sign up at Hubpages for free, here. Then write your own Hub on the subject.

Or if you want to read more from this aurthor, then read the article:

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In this article, you will find out about how the underlying worldview affects one's moral standard and how humans were given their intelligence from God from the beginning, rather than simply evolving this way.


Zack Love (author) on June 30, 2012:

You are right there are many denominations. But that doesn't mean that all of them are correct. The Bible is not open for private interpretation (2 Peter 1:20), because you have to understand the context in which it was written. Many passages are misquoted and taken out of context, and that is where many denominations have clearly failed.

That's why Bible study is important but also to know what the scripture really means, as well as have a pastor or someone that you can go to, to find out the correct meaning for hard to understand passages.

I am not saying that you should blindly follow any man, because all men have sinned, and are subject to failure. I am saying that Billy Graham would be a better leader than Adolf Hitler.

A fundamentalist Christian should believe every word in the Bible, is devoted to understanding the correct meaning of the contents, and follows the spirit of the scripture as well as the letter to the best of his ability. All Christians sin, but the important thing is to have a right relationship with God as one seeks Him with all of their heart.

Rod Martin Jr from Cebu, Philippines on June 29, 2012:

What does "strict adherence" mean if the beliefs can vary. How many Christian denominations are there?

Certainly, evolution has been called to support some ugly and selfish ideas. But I believe evolution because of the evidence. And it's just as easy for me to believe that evolution is a law of God, just as gravity is.

I have to agree with you about secular humanists. They have ego on their side -- and ego is the master of this world, the source of all selfishness.

Does a fundamentalist Christian adhere to the literal meaning (the letter) rather than the truth (the spirit) of scripture?

We've had some powerful Christian leaders, but can we really follow them? Should we not instead follow Christ and God? Certainly, we should come together in fellowship, but we need to be open to discuss scripture and let God lead us.

I've seen ministers give conflicting interpretations with equal fervor and conviction. Miracles cannot be done by an individual Christian, says one. And yet another minister says the opposite.

My late grandfather was a Southern Baptist minister. No doubt, he would consider himself a fundamentalist. But I would disagree with him on many points of scripture and I feel led by the Holy Ghost to do so.

I don't want anyone to follow me, for I am nothing. But I caution all to question dogma and to keep searching with all humility. Never should anyone think that they have it all figured out.

I have found so much in the Bible that my grandfather never knew. I have even found a timeline in Genesis which remains compatible with those of science. Would it seem so strange that the Father who created all of reality would find in scientists those who discover the patterns of that creation? Science is not perfect, by any means, but if "interpretation" of scripture does not match the observations of reality, then might they be delusions instead of truth. For what is the definition of delusion?

Humility under God and in search for truth. Perseverance in the quest for truth, never being so lazy as to think that the work is done.

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