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How to Use Colour within Wicca and Candle Magic

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Within Wicca and magic, colour is regarded as an important aspect. It is believed by many people that each different colour sends out different vibrational frequencies and can therefore have subtle effects on the energy surrounding us or that is created during rituals and spell work.

Colour can also be used in a symbolic way during magic and each colour has many associations such as the elements, physical or emotional attributes, deities, planets and magical intentions.

A selection of candles and holders.

A selection of candles and holders.

One of the easiest ways of incorporating colour into your magic is by using candle magic. This is a relatively simple but powerful type of sympathetic magic that can be performed without a huge amount of materials, space or time. Any candle is suitable for use in candle magic and it is worth remembering that bigger is not always better. In fact using large candles can lead to waste or be inconvenient or even unsafe due to the requirement of some spells to allow a candle to burn right down. This can take many hours and you may not be able to supervise the candle the whole time. Short taper, votive and tea light candles are much more practical for use in most candle magic. It is important that a new candle is used for each spell or ritual so that it will not have picked up any unwanted energy that may influence the current spells outcome. Due to this smaller candles are a preferable choice as waste is avoided.

Candles in appropriate colours for the intended work are used and these can also be anointed with oils, decorated or carved with words and symbols to show the intent of the specific spell or ritual. During the process of preparing the candle in this way your intent, energy and personal vibrations are transferred to the candle. Essential oils can be used to anoint candles and chosen carefully these can also add to the spell in terms of power or intent. All candles used for magic should be coloured all the way through and not just white candles with a coloured wax coating.

Small tea light candles are often ideal for spell work.

Small tea light candles are often ideal for spell work.

Colour Correspondences

Although exact colour correspondences can vary a little from tradition to tradition, each colour is believed to be best used in certain types of spell or ritual work.

Some generally accepted colour correspondences are:

White - White candles are often used to bring lunar energy into a spell. White is used to symbolise purity, truth, peace and spirituality. Pure intention and truth can be symbolised by using white candles.

Black – Black can be used to symbolise darkness, however within Wicca this is not in the context of evil. Black candles can be used to banishing and protection spells, banishing negativity or to induce a
deep medative state.

Red – This colour symbolises fire, passion, courage, strength and sexual energy. Use in spells for these and health, love, will power and fertility.

Yellow – The colour yellow is primarily concerned with the mind and associated matters such as learning, communication, intellect, memory and creativity.

Blue – Used for healing, harmony, love, spirituality, emotion, psychic abilities, intuition and dream spells.

Green – Green symbolises fertility and growth. Green can also be used to counteract the influence of greed and jealousy. For some green is associated with the heart chakra so is used for work pertaining to love and the emotions.

Purple – Used in spells for spirituality, generosity, justice, success and ambition. Purple is also linked to fate and chance.

Pink – Pink promotes romance, friendship, love, femininity and affection. Pink candles are often used in love spells.

Silver – Can remove negativity, encourage stability and enhance psychic abilities. Silver can also be used to symbolise money, such as in wealth spells.

Gold – Creates understanding, happiness, health and success. Can be beneficial in work concerning luck or money.

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Brown – Used in rituals/spells for material increase, wealth, concentration, financial success and improving decision making ability.

Orange – Can be used with any other candle to increase their affect. Useful for stimulating the intellect, courage, strength, ambition, attracting things to you, legal matters and career goals.

Turquoise – Turquoise is used in spells for healing, confidence, prosperity and communication.

Peach – Used for strength, communication, confidence and protection.

Violet – Use violet candles when working for spirituality, friendship, relaxation and peace.

Grey – Grey is considered a neutral colour which can be useful when working with complex issues. Can also be used to neutralise negative influences.

Candles are available in a wide range of colours making them suitable for all types of candle magic.

Candles are available in a wide range of colours making them suitable for all types of candle magic.

Tips for Spell Casting

Always take time in preparing yourself for spell work. Much of their power lies in your ability to make your intent and will well know and to send this energy out into the world. Take your time and find a quiet location where you will be able to concentrate on and perform the spell without being disturbed. Having to rush through the ritual will impeded your ability to concentrate and can affect the final outcome.

Remain focused and be as specific as you can in what you ask and intend to happen. Making your wishes and desires clear will increase your chances of success and of success in the way you wished. If you have more than one wish it is better to cast separate spells for each rather than trying and do one including them all.

As well as using colour other correspondences can be used to help enhance a spells chance of success. For example days of the week and the phases of the moon have different energies that can be used to your advantage.

You may wish to read through the words of the spell several times before you actually perform it. This will help to avoid mistakes and also keep you focused rather than trying to remember or needing to check what needs to be said next. Believe in the words and visualise what you desire as you say them.

If using tools or wearing certain clothes such as robes helps you to focus and create the right mind set for spell work then feel free to do so. Being comfortable and relaxed will help your work.

Only cast a spell when you are feeling well and be careful of any strong emotions you are feeling. For example avoid casting a love spell if you are feeling angry or unhappy as this emotion will become part of the spell work intent and stop it from working fully. Powerful emotions may also create a lot of energy and result in a particularly potent spell so take care and always be careful what you wish for. Emotions are powerful things than can make us act out of character or say and do things we didn’t really mean.

Keep a detailed record of the spells you have cast, your method, feelings etc and the results. You can look over this to see what works best for you and identify any areas for improvement in your magical workings.

Making your own candles for candle magic can help to add your own energy, intent and wishes to them. Candles can be rolled easily using bees wax sheets or using wax chips that are melted and then left to set in moulds or containers. Take care of your mood when making candles and other tools so that no negative energy is imparted in them which could influence later workings or how you feel about them.

Rolling Your Own Bees Wax Candles

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Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on December 16, 2013:

Thank you for your kind comments though I was confused by you saying that I had commented Wicca was predominantly for men. In an earlier comment nother member asked if Wicca was predominantly for women and I answered that I didn't think so but that personally I knew more women who considered themselves to be Wiccan than I did men.

Heather Majeska on December 15, 2013:

Reading through some of your past comments concerning wicca as being predominantly for men. I was taught our history by my grandmother & mother that our religion started out mainly w women. Following the joining of men w women holding the highest position. Through the yrs men took over our positions & became a more male dominated. I was taught to have an equal balance of the 2 for we worship a god & goddess . U cannot have 1 w out the other.

I love seeing more & more women wanting to learn more & be apart of our celebrated religion & history that has so much to offer.

This was passed down through my families generations. I have been searching for yrs to b apart of something more than a indivdual but it has proven to be a very hard task. To many use this in the wrong way. For I still have a lot to learn & wish to follow in my families footsteps & share a common goal w others for my family is gone.

What I have seen through my searching (not true for every coven) is a lot of males using this to fill their egos , having woman gravel & worship the ground they walk on, misguiding & using for all the wrong reasons ......

I do love that u do these hubs, to help guide those in the right direction & give a more positive insight, as well as connecting ppl w good ppl to shed more light on subjects in question.

Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on May 31, 2013:

You are welcome. Glad that you found it useful and good luck with your own magic work.

MysticMoonlight on May 30, 2013:

I'm so glad that I ran across this Hub! I've recently started looking into candle magic, it is something that really interests me and seems to be fairly easy to do, of which, I'm a big fan. This Hub has great information for reference, thanks for posting this!

Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on March 04, 2013:

I sometimes make candles and will definitely give that a go. I have lots of plants and herbs in my garden and also woodland that is good for foraging. Thank you. When I have made candles they have just been for around the house as the smell nice but I shall try to make some specifically magical candles following your advice :)

Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on March 04, 2013:

I sometimes make candles and will definitely give that a go. I have lots of plants and herbs in my garden and also woodland that is good for foraging. Thank you. When I have made candles they have just been for around the house as the smell nice but I shall try to make some specifically magical candles following your advice :)

Peter Rogers from Plymouth on March 04, 2013:

Glad you like the idea. I specialise in philosophical alchemy which looks to to root purpose and connectivity of things on a spiritual level. Instead of essential oils, try for example, picking a sprig of juniper and grating or chopping this small then add that to the candle you make, of course depending on purpose. Or berries or any other natural herb or spice, gathered with magical intent remembering to thank the nature elements when gathering, then made with magical intent, then see how the response to your spells and rituals improves.

Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on March 04, 2013:

Thank you for comment. I love the idea of specifically making candles with magical intent. Bes wax candles would be a good choice as they are coloured right through and the sheets are easily bought online and are simple for anyone to make without needing lots of supplies or equipment. Essential oils could also be added during creation of your own candles.

Peter Rogers from Plymouth on March 04, 2013:

Useful information as long as you remember that in the magical equation, these are add on correspondences. Coloured candles are a relatively modern addition and then some are just colour coated on the outside layer.

I think more importance should be given to making your own candles, but not only making your own, making your own with magical intent. The candle is then made with the purpose of the ritual in mind, as a ritual in itself. The more natural the material, such as pure beeswax, the better. You will find that using a candle made from natural wax, for the purpose intended, will add far more power to your spell or ritual no matter what the colour, just as witches used before the advent of coloured wax.

Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on March 03, 2013:

Hope you find them helpful

As username from York on March 03, 2013:

Thank you, Claire. I intend to keep up with your own hubs too.

Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on March 03, 2013:

I don't think it is predominantly for women but, personally I do know more women who consider themselves Wiccan than men. I have a few other hubs on Wicca and other spiritual subjects if you'd like to read more and you may like to follow Dale Hyde on here. He is a Wiccan high priest and a really friendly and nice guy. He has written a lot of hubs on here too.

As username from York on March 02, 2013:

Hi Claire

I'm an absolute beginner but would like to know more about Wicca. First, is it a spiritual 'journey' (for want of a much better phrase) predominantly, though not exclusively, for women?

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