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What is Called Church is a 'Non Profit' for Profit Business

My goal is to write about certain subjects to pique interest and hopefully help to connect some dots.


Many who attend religious buildings called church can accept the fact that their denominational entity is a religious 'non-profit' religious charity, but will scoff when it is called 'big business.' There would no doubt about it, if you wanted to find a way to make easy money, it would be starting a 'legitimate' business called church. It would be very lucrative and easy way to make mammon for yourself.

The gospel of church is a business of acquiring money before the 'work of God' can be done. If you think about it, apparently without the acquisition of mammon, the dispensation and outworking of 'God’s plan' would not be able to be implemented.

How would anyone be able to do the 'work of God' without the financed services of the church system?

Without the direction of salaried ecclesiastical operators, the legalities of doing things in the 'name of God' would be a futile endeavour, would it not?

Unfortunately, this is the thinking of those who partake in the business ventures of the church system. The gospel aka the business plan is deemed as 'moral' and 'ethical' because the laws have been written in their favour.

Salaried mediators are required to loosen the purse strings of their members to fill the coffers of their religious denominational entity.

tax exempt

tax exempt

Registering as a Tax Exempt Non-Profit Entity

The foundation and cornerstone of the denominational church entity starts by applying for a registered name in the areas they plan to conduct business (the gospel). The value of the business is dependent upon how many shareholders (church members) are spiritually connected (monetarily connected) to fund the overhead and programs of the facility.

The salaried clergy love the idea of applying the perks of having 'non-profit' status. They believe that this gospel under the banner of charitable status is a benefit for all of mankind. All that is required is mammon to implement their agenda. The hirelings feed the masses the propaganda of their denominational name brand and mandate their by-laws to herd and corral the the sheeple in direction they want them to go.

Tax except status is a perk of accepting mammon from tithes of their membership. The religious upper crust can easily make a living off of them. They love to give themselves special titles and offices as a means of status, privilege and entitlement. They devise many slick marketing schemes to stimulate more donations for their own profit in the 'non-profit' organization.


Investment Strategies

Often the profits of the 'non-profit' exceed expectations. Salaries can then be raised and more religious programs are devised to keep their minions busy. This is done to balance the expense side of the balance sheet. Esteemed programs called 'missions' are a good way to hide mammon overseas as a work of the gospel. These types of programs are deemed as good investment strategies as funds can be placed in offshore accounts called the 'mission field,' or a sister charity of their liking. Their Power Points don't lie as the religious salesmen advertise all the great things that God is doing in their midst and overseas.

You need no mediator, help directly to the ones in need.

You need no mediator, help directly to the ones in need.

Excess income in the world of religious 'non-profit' for profit must fall under the guise called an expense. Top corporate religious leaders travel guilt free in first class to many exotic locations taking pictures of themselves with the starving and impoverished.

Without them telling us and showing us their propaganda to pull on our heartstrings, there would not be as much money flowing in.

It's easy. A speech with 'Jesus said,' or 'God says' with the passing of the tithing plates.

Who could deny their 'truth?'

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Marketing Startegies

The sincere simple folk listen, applaud and believe whatever their mediators tell them.

'Business is booming' and who can deny 'God’s blessings?'

The product, the literature and the pitch are easily delivered. Selling is easy and and business is good.

Investments in social media, television and the Internet come to fruition in short time. Making merchandise of the people in the religious corporate 'non-profit' for profit entity succeeds in making sincerely trusting biblically ignorant church members. The more people in the building means more money in the bag.

Hiding certain words in religious terms.

Hiding certain words in religious terms.

The religious salaried elite must balance the profit (seeds) with expenses (marketing programs). The 'gravy train' is tax-free. Offshore accounts and assets are given special names like 'mission field' and 'bible camp.'

The legalities of the business of mammon in the name of religion are done under the guise of what is called church. Terms such as bonuses and retirement plans that are given to the benefactors are concealed in more benevolent terms not to arouse the suspicions of the 'faithful givers.' After all, the 'non-profit' for profit would not exist without the gullible, honest, good and loving people who are sowing their seeds for their church to expand their businesses off of their backs.

Concepts like 'sowing seeds' are ear candy that comes from the pulpits.

A Rosy Picture, or is It?


The 'fertile ground' they call church and the 'mission field' is all a front. The Senior Pastor (CEO) posing in a picture with impoverished children with flies on their face avoids any scrutiny from his pew warming minions. To even question the ethics of their gospel business means that you would be ‘okay’ with letting little children starve in the streets.

When the Pastor says, 'We need to sow more seeds,' it is code words for 'show me the money!' 'Blessing' means profit by selling the gospel message. Simply put, their gospel is a marketing tactic for the acquisition of mammon under the banner of 'non-profit' for profit claiming to be doing the 'work of God' as a corporate identity.

The 'opiate' sold in the religious corporate system are all gimmicks and clichés. The sheeple are addicted to them and fall for their sales tactics every time as the bank accounts of the church hirelings get bigger and bigger. The system of church for many is a very lucrative business opportunity.



Man walks but in darkness; all that they stir is but vanity; he gathers yet he knows not who will bring them in. - Psalm 39:7

The word 'mammon' is not particularly money in itself, but has a broader deeper spiritual meaning. It is something that is personal and seductive enslaving people through the medium of the monetary. It is an evil spirit behind the misuse of money or assets.

Many will be led to their destruction by doing things in the 'name of God,' but they have fallen for the seductive and addictive power of mammon. The evil spirit enslaves the heart and this is why excessive profits in our world today is deceitfully called 'blessing' from God. .

The fact is, those who partake of the business of church are not blessed, but cursed because of their idolatry and greed. Greed spiritually destroys those under its spell. On the surface their works may seem righteous and holy, but they are actually profane behaviours in the sight of God.

The spirit of our society is mammon driven. People are not content, but desire to store up more and more things for themselves. They do not think about the needs of others first. Media, television and advertising feed the desire to support greed. Wealthy religious celebrities show off their wealth for all to see to seduce others to follow after their ways. Their goal is to generate more spending to increase profits.

Mammon is a spirit of bondage that must be broken. It is a system that has been ingrained into society as being normal and this is why many are involved in religious man-devised money making schemes.

What are We Seeking First?


The corporate denominational 'non-profit' for profit churches are the kingdoms of men that many seek first. This is unrighteous behaviour no matter how many ways you want to spin and candy coat their system of doing things.

Greedy pursuit in the 'name of God' is what is called church today. Profits are a result of the commodities of trade by squeezing the almighty dollar till it hollers, 'in Jesus’ name.The 'Jesus' they sell is the god of mammon that requires appointed hirelings to advance their money making schemes called the 'gospel.'

The Vain Appeal for Mammon

Heavy reliance on the natural things of this world will affect our spiritual relationship with God. The schemes of the religious system rely heavily on the natural to get things done because the monetary is their only means of survival. It is materialism attempting to meet the spiritual needs of 'believers.'

The spirit of mammon will exude a behaviour and lifestyle that takes focus away from worshiping God to supporting a religious business that must draw off carnal resources rather than the resources that God provides as we walk in faith and obedience towards Him.

The religious 'non-profit' for profit business called church hungers and thirsts for mammon. To deny this would be to ignore the vast administrative hierarchical structures that demand financing. The many devices that they use to obtain monies surpass even the sales tactics of a car lot. Religious facilities are built and erected for the praise of men rather than to the glory of God.

How do we know this?

Every denomination can be traced back to a particular man who founded their particular brand of doctrine to obtain greater wealth and power.

If anyone claims to be a man or woman of God, then why are they pandering to take resources from other people for their own profit and gain?

It is because the spirit of mammon is controlling them making selfishness and greed the cornerstone of their work. They believe that God’s favour is a commodity that can be bought and sold on the religious market.

Many fall for the notion that God requires our money so that in return He will come through for us by meeting our needs.

Can you see the perversion in these words?

Out of the people’s greed and desperation, they fall for the appeals of their salaried mediators. Concepts like 'sowing seeds,' 'fundraising' and 'mission work' are used as lures and bait to sell their products.

When there is an appeal for money that promises something from God in return is a deception. Do not buy into this bunk as it will always appeal to the tactics of greedy religious men.

Does God’s faithfulness rest on the works of mammon?

God’s grace, mercy, provision and faithfulness can be neither be bought nor sold.

Those who put money in the offering plates will give with the expectation of getting something in return. If they don’t get the service or blessing they want, they move on to some other church business to get what they want. It is all about the precious building and buying the religious indulgences therein. The supposed worship of God has been turned into the art of investment into carnal man-driven ideas. The 'gospel' they preach is a financial plea with the purpose of making merchandise out of their members.

The motivation of greed must reign supreme and the manifestation of it is the business called 'church.'


Are You Part of the Religious Mammon System?

How do you know whether you are supporting the spirit of mammon in a religious system?

Here is a list. If anything on the list is checked just once, then you have been deceived.

  • Non-profit status has been filed with the government.
  • Membership is an expectation.
  • People are hired to conduct affairs.
  • The necessity of collecting the monetary must be incorporated into every meeting.
  • By-laws, creeds and statement of beliefs must be written up to govern the people.
  • Corporate officers and board of directors will be assigned to direct the affairs of the corporation.
  • The corporation must be given a name.
  • An application and consultation with a tax lawyer and accountant to handle the affairs of the monetary.
  • A good understanding of the rules and guideline of tax except status must be upheld to ensure the best interests of the shareholders.
  • Confirmation of 501(c) 3 status for legitimate recognition.
  • Acquire a bank account and file returns with the government tax agency as a legal entity.
  • Find a building that is aesthetically pleasing and put a sign above the front doors calling it 'church.'
  • Come under the umbrella of a denomination.
  • Hiring a unique personality upon the stage to draw in more potential members.

Faith and Obedience

Doing the work of God is never about taking people’s money to finance and fundraise under a religious business name. It is the spirit of mammon that demands finances before anything can be done in the name of God.

Pointing others to the one true God God is not about pleading for pledges, donations, tithes or whatever word is used to help fill their coffers. To the contrary, we have access to the storehouse of God. The resources have already been provided, it is up to us to walk in faith and obedience. Faith is not going out to 'drill for oil' first. Our Father Himself supports His own work. It is not man. To ask for money to do the work of God that is already supported fully by God is extortion.

Being obedient to God is not based on the size of our pockets, but by the measure of our faith.

Do we put our faith in what man can say they can do for us, or what God can do?

Thus says the Lord: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength - Jeremiah 17:5


God's Resources, or Man's?

It is dead faith to believe in religious men who require your money from you in order to do God’s work. Lobbying for the monetary and holding fund raising meetings are carnal ways that men rely on their own strength to get things done.

Is the work of God a business?

The work of God is exactly what it is. It is the work of God. We do not need permission from a religious salaried officials for permission to do God’s will beforehand.

We are causal agents for God to do His work. He does not need our money to do it. All we need to do is walk out our faith in righteousness and obedience. God is not dependent upon us, but we must be dependent on Him.

The ecclesiastical men have become the religious appointed gods of mammon. They have made themselves the purveyors of God’s work, which is another term for buying and selling the wares of the gospel of their own making.

Paying for something that God provides is kind of ludicrous isn’t it?

Yet, many are continually unloading their purses and wallets to expand man's agenda.

Are you in the business of 'church?'

Is mammon your god?

Repent and turn to God rather than men.

Unfortunately, many people believe that the offering basket is a means of getting something you want from God or doing His will via a religious program.

The following song in the video below is a good example.

It's not about money in the basket, but about righteousness and obedience.

Big difference!

  • The Business of "Church"
    The modern denominational corporate entity called “church” is a business. It would be a futile endeavour to prove to the contrary once you follow the paper trail.

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Comments Appreciated

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on April 10, 2016:

I agree that there are many business aspects of church. I substituted as pianist for a church last week. They paid me $300. I gave them my personal check for $300 as an offering.

KingdomCome from those of the Ecclesia on April 04, 2016:

PandN- Ever since the Catholic church came into existance they have been into it for the money. Today the Catholic church is filthy rich and very little is given to the poor. This applies to most man made churches we see today. They use charity for an excuse to obtain the 501 c3 Tax status so they can keep every dollar they get to enrich themselves even more. I have no respect for any man made churches we see today. The clergy are nothing but a band of thieves.

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