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Was Jesus Enthroned King in 1914 C.e as Jehovah's Witnesses Teach?

Jesus The King Of God's Kingdom


Was Christ Really Made King In Year 1914?

In fact, was Jesus really made king in heaven on 1914?

Jehovah;s Witnesses teaches from the bible that Jesus Christ was enthroned in heaven as king of God's kingdom in 1914. Many do not understand this bible teaching. Some think its a mystery. But through this article I will prove to you that Christ enthronement in 1914 is a biblical fact, a sacred secret of God not a falsehood nor mystery.

This is the continuation of the article titled The end times, did it began in 1914 C.e as Jehovah's witnesses teach? (please read first)

The following are the main points already considered.

  • The last days of any system of things (ages) is always before the destruction or the end of that system.
  • The first century Christians lived in the last days of Jerusalem's destruction which evidently began in 33 C.E (Joel 2:28-32. Acts 2:17)
  • Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, where he made mention of "in the last days" while the last days of Jerusalem destruction had already begone, making his word to have a future implications. If he was not referring to a future last days, he should have said 'in this last days' instead of "in the last days" (2 Tim 3:1)
  • The length of the "last days" of this our system of things, corresponds to the length of the 'short period of time' left for Devil before he will be made inactive. Thus both started and will end at the same time period-Armageddon (Rev 12:9, 10, 12. 16:14-16)
  • To know when the "last days" or end time started, we have to first know when Satan was cast down to the earth and restricted from having access to heaven, thus the beginning of the short period of time.
  • Satan and his demons were hurled down to the earth at the same time period God's kingdom (the heavenly ruler ship) and the authority of his Christ ( Christ's enthronement) went into effect, thus the start of the Satan's short period of time.
  • Thus the "last days" began when Christ's authority as the king of God's kingdom in heaven began, that is when he was enthrone by God as the rightful king of that kingdom even as the angel have stated to merry in Luke 1:32-4.

    Just as I said in that first article, I repeat again that am going to present to you the bible chronological calculation used by Jehovah's witnesses to arrive in year 1914 as the year Christ became king.

    Second, I will then discourse the matter purely from the bible discarding any historic or chronological date, in other to prove to you that actually there is a pivotal, definite date in the bible when Chris was enthroned in heaven.

    At the end you will be left with just two options; Either you are convinced that 1914 is scriptural as the date Christ was enthroned, or you tell us when it was. No question.

Prophecies Pointing To Christ Ruler ship

Adam sinned, God promised a deliverer who will come to undo the effect of Adamic sin. (Genes 3:15)

He will come through the linage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Genes 22:18: Numb 24:17,18: genes 17:19. Rom 9:7)

He will be a descendant of king David and will finally rule on the throne representing David in heaven forever- ps 89:3,4. Isai 9:6-9. Ps 72.

But when will he be given this kingship? The vision of king Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4 contains the answer.

The vision of the immense tree involves Christ and when he will be given the kingdom of the world. The tree represents the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD OVER THE EARTH as symbolized by the kingship of David in Israel.

But when God allowed Nebuchadnezzar to destroy Jerusalem, the ruling power now rest on Nebuchadnezzar, but in the same vision, God promised that he is going to give the ruler ship to someone else who will represent him forever. Read Dan 4:17.

It Says: "To the intent that people living may know that the most high is RULER in the kingdom of mankind and.....he gives and set up over it the LOWLIEST ONE OF MANKIND".

So finally, God will set up over his kingdom not Nebuchadnezzar but the lowliest one of mankind- Christ. But when?

All the king who ruled in Judah of Jerusalem represents God and his ruler ship according to 2king 24:17. But God stopped choosing human king starting from the ruler ship of Zedekiah the last human king on David throne, God allowed Babylonians to conquer Israel, from that year on, there were no human king representing God again, until the legal one or Shiloh comes.

When Did Shiloh Come?

The same vision of Nebuchadnezzar hold the answer,.

God said that the tree will be cut down but it root will remain bond or restricted to grow. Because God used Nebuchadnezzar to destroyed the kingship of David in Israel, that is why the initial fulfillment of this prophecy applied to him. Thus, God said "LET SEVEN (7) TIMES PASS OVER IT".( Dan 4:16).

This "seven times" in case of Nebuchadnezzar represents just seven years of which his kingdom was interrupted, but since Nebuchadnezzar is not the lowliest one of which God promise he will give the kingdom of the world in verse 17, so the seven times is prophetic regarding when Christ will be given the kingdom after the seven times of gentile's domination of Davidic kind ship ends.

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