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Astrology - How To Get Along - Aries and Taurus

Christofer has been a counselor, contract administrator and has studied astrology with his mother since the 70s. He has eight grandchildren.

The Bull and the Ram

AstroCompatibility Is The Goal

This series on AstroCompatibility will cover all of the potential matchups in the Zodiac. We will continue this series thinking about and commenting on Aries and Taurus. See Christofer's new website:

Aries - Taurus -

Taurus is sensual and Aries is driven. These signs, though both Springtime signs are much different. The Ram is experiencing the lightning shock of brand new, post-winter dynamism. It is about moving around through the melting snow and sprouting plants on the sun-drenched hill. Taurus is eating the first blossoms of May and enjoying the earth's first bounty on the open pasture. The warming Sun on the bull's chest says "Enjoy what has come."

The Taurus Male/Aries Female combination is a little more complicated, but still provides springtime energies. The Aries has to slow down enough for the Taurus to pursue her. If Aries is all initiatory impulse and makes many first moves, the Aries will have to hang around and encourage the Taurus that Aries is deeply interested. The Taurus could definitely be fired up, but the fires are warmer and smoldering, as opposed to all flames in the open air. Once the Taurus is assured of Aries interest, Taurus will pursue; but at a Taurean pace. The match requires some patience, but could be very sensuous and fun.

Positive Postulate: Since Aries and Taurus are of the Spring, the long term positives are substantial. Positively speaking these signs do not have any obvious complicating factors. A positive way to see it is that Aries would be required to become more patient, and Taurus getting a fire going and a "move on". This is the counter balancing factor, that can foresee success.

Romance Recommendation: Aries and Taurus would have a very high romance factor, as long as they let each others vibrations have free play.

Conflict Quotient: Aries and Taurus could rate positive here, but with warnings. Taurus' plodding kind of non-firey approach would portend good news for arguments and conflicts. As long as Taurus does not lose its patience and become completely "bull headed", solutions could be worked out as Taurus patiently listened to Aries fiery agenda. Potential high rating here, because one could listen, while the other made the noise; but resolution is foreseeable.

Peace Parlay: Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: "Can we be bored together over the long term?" Aries and Taurus could probably be quiet and mundane together because Taurus would like the quiet. Aries would provide some interest, joining new clubs and going out a little more than usual. They would get a high rating here. Good results here predicted as long as Aries does not blow a gasket slowing down.

Keep Up The Interest Graph: Aries and Taurus energy for life enjoyment predicts good long term interest. As long as Aries stays "on the reservation and Taurus doesn't "look over the fence", long term interest could be strong. .

Seven Year Itchiness: There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. Others are not. I would not rate the Aries essentially to be ultra stable, when the 7 Year Itch came along. Taurus would have its nose in the air, but tend not to act, if happy.


ASTROCOMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY RATING: 75% Positive Long Term - 90% Short Term. That means that the Aries/Taurus combination, if there is some strong love interest there in the beginning, could have strong promise. Volatility is indicated, but ultimate settling could be foreseen.


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Christofer French (author) from Denver on August 18, 2015:

Ariesbaby: You know something is wrong if the Aries is trying to be patient. I think your own analysis has told you that you two do not share much at all. Your economic needs are what concern me too. Unemployment and romance do not go hand in hand often. I can not tell you to stay or go from him. The one statement that seems to tell it all is: "We constantly bicker back and forth daily, and he has baggage: baby mam, child and an ex-wife."

I think you have answered your own question. Astrology does not matter here. Common Sense matters. Do what your heart tells you to do.

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Ariesbaby on August 17, 2015:

I am an Aries and I have been dating a Taurus for 5 months now. We do not get along at all. I was born March 26 and he was born April 11 and we fight and argue all the time. I literally held him down for 5 months while he was out of work and now that he is back on his feet he is working hard to provide for himself. But now I am out of a job and he has not held me down at all. We constantly bicker back and forth daily and he comes with a lot of baggage, baby mama, child and an ex- wife. I'm overhwlemed because everything I want in a guy I don't see in him. He pursued me and I knew in my heart it would not work out. Should I stay with him a bit longer to see if things change or should I just move forward? I need help. P.s. I don't have any kids at all and I have never been married.

Christofer French (author) from Denver on October 01, 2012:

This seems to sum up the Aries impatience and the Taurus rhythm and style. It is spoken with honesty and appreciation.

Ariella on September 29, 2012:

I'm an aries, I dated my taurus boyfriend for 9 months. I must say this was the most amazing man I have ever dated. A woman has not truly been loved until she has dated a taurus man. My taurus was so romantic, patient, and a WONDERFUL DAD. Even to this day I miss him. I think I'm at fault for us not being together, due to my own insecurities. To make it work with a taurus you have to be patient that's right aries I know we are not use to it but if you want to keep this man be patient. He would be ok most days but for a week he was not himself and a little distant he would call me and not ignore me but just quiet. In the long run it was because he was going through so things and I thought maybe he was not into me anymore or trying to distant himself from me and just not hurt my feelings. Anyhow if you want to keep this man cook for him, be considerate of his feelings he might not express all his problems but be patient, give him so time to think and rest. The sex was amazing, this man is not selfish in bed and aims to please and he accomplishes it. The whole experience was wonderful I could just kick my self in the butt for not being patient and being to aggressive. This is definitely a man that once he loves you is very possessive in a nice and sweet way and never wants you to leave his bed. So the advice is be patient get yourself a hobbie and give this man some time to rest, don't nag, or be pushy or aggressive just love him, cook him a nice meal, run him a hot bath with bubbles, make love to him, and appreciate him. Also give him lots of hugs and kisses they love that.

Azora on July 25, 2012:

Thank you so much

Christofer French (author) from Denver on July 23, 2012:

Azora: You have given me extensive info on yourself. And then your Taurus friend. I would comment on you by saying that you sound double charged with your Aries/Aries combo. Your Moon in Libra wants things to be calm, but good luck, life isn't calm and all settled. I can see that this Taurus would be very appealing to you with their calm and inherent mellowness. That would appeal to your Libra Moon, right there. The question is what the Taurus thinks of you. Does the Taurus want the serenity and coolness of the bovine manner? Does the Taurus want more electricity and excitement, which sounds like you. If the Taurus appreciates you, then that is probably a good sign. Good luck and blessings.

Azora on July 20, 2012:

Well I am an Aries with Aries ascendant,moon in Libra,mars in Aries

Pisces in mercury,jupiter in Taurus,venus in Pisces,and saturn in Taurus..and i just wanted to know will this workout good with a Taurus

and if not why won't it?

Christofer French (author) from Denver on June 24, 2012:

In my mind, the Aries woman must ask herself where she is. Taurus can be mysterious by virtue of being quiet. I think its your judgment. Sit him down and really ask him how he feels. A Taurus will probably not deceive you. Taurus and a man. That speaks of stability. Is he stable? Do you admire him for those virtues? Blessings.

Latrice on June 23, 2012:

I'm an Aries woman and my boyfriend who I have known for over 15 years is a Taurus. We dated when we both 18 years old but broke up after a year of dating because he went away for college. I didn't want a long distant relationship but we found each other 2 years and started seeing other I wanted to just be friends but he wanted and still wants more. I'm like I do love and he loves me but is it really meant to be so confused at this moment

Christofer French (author) from Denver on June 01, 2012:

Sarah: Aries, you get to benefit, and your Taurus is being the stable solid partner. All the best to you both.

Sarah on May 31, 2012:

Im a 51 yr old arie's woman having a long term affair with a 54 yr old, married taurus man. He is very committed to seeing a very sad medical situation through to the end with his wife (66 yrs old) and I keep him sane through the hell of it all. This man exhilarates and maddens me all at the same time. Mentally and intellectually stimulating, we have a a great friendship and I get the freedom I want. The magnetic pull and sparks have been impossible to ignore.

Christofer French (author) from Denver on May 29, 2012:

Big Boss Tauro: I am sorry I understand that you are taking exception to something I have written about Taurus, but I can not understand what it is that you object to. Apologies.

big boss tauro on May 28, 2012:

im a taurus and somethings relate to me and @ Christofers Flow u to blind to see things step out of the box that might help that some words not all of it but that one word could let u see things different it had happen to me many times already dique not a real taurus plz u lame for that

Christofer French (author) from Denver on March 19, 2012:

Fiery Aries: Maybe I am too old, but you can't base a real live flesh and blood relationship with a person in general, but especially with a Taurus. A Taurus is sensual. And they are not that verbal, or inwardly expressive.

the fiery aries... on March 19, 2012:

we hv our personaL e-maiL id soo she nvr ever comes onLine in FB...and jus chat wid ME...

the fiery aries... on March 19, 2012:

i am aries guy and she is i am confused whether she loves ME or jus enjoys my company...we chat every night...i wait her onLine and she comes every night...and as aries, i am tooo FLirTous.....i smtyms say tht am physically hurt and she shows kinda sad i cant trust her tht feeLing and am tooo scared of the future...wht if she leaves ME? Maybe bcoz, my heart was shattered by my ex-gf...wht to do??? Am soooo confused..... :s i saw her @ my high school and after nearly 2 yrs, i explored my this relation upto here...does she jus enjoy my company or Loves ME....???

Christofer French (author) from Denver on March 12, 2012:

Nay: "Movement" is what an Aries would tend to do. "Not changing" is what a Taurus would tend to do. You are both acting out your classical tendencies. You decide if its good or bad. After 5 years, I think you probably know the tune.

Nay on March 11, 2012:

I am an aries female and my boyfriend is a taurus, we've been together on and off for 5 years. And in tired of us getting together and then he needs a break. I know we love eachother but I don't whether to just move on or see if he will ever grow up. I love him A lot

Christofer French (author) from Denver on March 06, 2012:

A Taurus male is usually a good provider, and a calm father. Glad to hear you are so happy.

lisaa on March 05, 2012:

iam an aries, and my boyfriend is a taurus. we been together for 5 years!! our relashionship has been very great get along very sex is always great:)we are both very out going and enjoy spending a lot of time with family...we have 3 children together we both make great parents him to death.

Christofer French (author) from Denver on February 23, 2012:

Des: Go to the "Triad" article and get a free comment on his sun, rising, moon, and your sun, rising, moon. You can go to an automated chart ordering service. You have to have hour of birth, place of birth. This is a free service through my additional commentary, if you would like to avail yourself of it.

Des on February 23, 2012:

I am an aries woman dating a taurus man. Our relationship is interesting to say the least. I have never loved and respected a man the way I do him. However the relationship has been slow moving. It's taken 8 months to get where we are now. Just recently I had to put my foot down told him I was moving on. I also told him I loved him and since all that everything seems effortless. He asks for me to be patient and for him I am willing to do so. Anyone else Id've moved on already trust me! Our sex life is amazing he says he's never experienced anything like what we have together we can go and go and go. I would love to spend the rest of my life with this man I feel that he would keep me happy. He is very laid back but enjoys goiing out with me. He's perfect!

True Aries Woman on October 29, 2011:

Nat Nat, Im an aries woman in a new relatnshp wit a taurus man, he's the very 1st guy who's ever pampered me 2the extent though its very confusing since he takes his sweet tym with emotions bt I try 2b patient... If u guys r stil in ur teens then mayb perhaps u shud let him grow. When hes mature enough nd knws exactly wat he wants then url wil b hapi.

Nat Nat on October 04, 2011:

I'm an Aries woman and I love a Taurus man, we have been on and off for 3 years now. I really don't know what to do, I don't want to be with anyone else apart from him, he tells me he loves me but he's not serious :( I'm 19 and he's 18, im wondering if it's lust or love? *Sighh* I'm sure it's love, atm we're "off" will we ever just stay together and be happy????????????

XXX on October 02, 2011:


Taurean on April 09, 2011:

I met an Aries woman at work a year ago. I've met nice Aries women before, but she was the worst female, if not person, i've ever met. She could not appreciate my personality one bit, and the whole year i worked there, she did everything she could to drive me away, freeze me out, and be as rude as possible. While being nice to the rest of the team.

I've tried to see where i stepped on her feet, but i've just been settled the whole time being there. I go to work to do my job well and to be nice to everyone. I guess that what's Aries women hate about Taurean men. They must see some fire and speed, or they will render you useless. Quality work, sensitivity about others and 100% focus aren't their main goals.

I hate to say it, but i can't for the life of me imagine how anyone would be with such a woman.

kris on January 18, 2011:

I am a Taurus female as well dating an Aries male... he pursued me for four years... and i finally took him serious... I love him to death, and i will not let him go... and i am not boring!!! Tuh

taurus on July 03, 2010:

I am a taurus and my boyfriend is an aries and never in my past relationships have I ever loved somonene as much as I love him. we always have fun together and we are never ever bored . And the sex is amazing we just go on and on lol I think that an aries man is very compatible to a taurus but to scorpio no way!!!! Taurus aren't boring and we support our partners goals all the way !! Is a great match !!

Christofer French (author) from Denver on September 30, 2009:

You are right about Aries and boredom. Your Scorpio Moon really affects the Gemini Sun. Makes you more "brass tacks". You have to really love Aries and want what they have to offer to tolerate their ram horns always butting you aside and moving to the front of the line of your concerns.

Pam Roberson from Virginia on September 30, 2009:

Gemini sun, scorpio moon, sag rising here and this combo doesn't mix well with an Aries person. It hasn't in my past relationships. Maybe the earth/fire thing is better. Or maybe it's just me. lol!

I enjoyed reading this, although I wonder if it's possible for an Aries to tolerate being bored for any period of time. ;)

Christofer French (author) from Denver on September 29, 2009:

Taurus and Virgo don't buy into astrology. Which kind of proves astrology. Earth signs are just practical and non-flighty. You are not supposed to "buy into" it, or you wouldn't be a Taurus. The least reviewed readings I have are of skeptical earth signs. Anyway. If something fits, good. Hope it helps.

Salguod on September 29, 2009:

I was reading through this and a couple others, damn near close to my male-taurus/female-aries relationship. i don't really buy into astrology, but its interesting.

dejvo01 on June 07, 2009:

Arians are really assertive. So if you want to be partner of Aries you must to be cooperative and beneficial. The best partner for Aries are Leo and Sagittarius.

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