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Christmas Prayers A Heartwarming Collection of Holiday Blessings

Prayer Makes A Difference

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Have you ever been at a loss for words when it comes to praying for someone?

Christmas Prayers - A Blessing for All


Christmas Prayers

A Heartwarming Collection of Holiday Blessings

This book had been on my "future get" list, and it finally made the cut this time around. Something that we've done for many years is say Christmas prayers over people. Of course I couldn't cover the list of kinds of prayers needed for each individual, so this is where a book like this can help.

Many of us know several prayers that are in the Bible, but they don't cover the exact wording we may want to say over an individual. For that reason a little book like this comes in handy and is a great companion to the scripture promise book that I also purchased. (It's called "Bible Promises for Peace on Earth: Hundreds of Encouraging Scriptures Arranged by Topic" by Russel Wight for those interested.)

Here is an example of what I mean. During the holidays, we tend to get overwhelmed with all the things we need to do and the decisions we have to make. There is a prayer in the section under "Busyness of the season" that covers that issue along with place to be, service and meeting needs of others.

The book of prayers is divided into four sections: The Beauty of the Season, The Busyness of the Season, The Bliss of the Season and The Blessing of the Season.

This is another one of those books that is such a good value you can buy them in bulk to have extra gifts available if needed. When selecting gifts don't forget those who are a service to you throughout the year like the mail carrier, refuse pick-up, groomers for pets, lawn service, or recycle centers.

You can select the paperback which is 160 pages or download it in eBook. Either way it's a nice book to give or keep for a reminder that we are to pray. If you still send Christmas cards, you can write one of the prayers as an encouragement note.

We bought several copies for stocking stuffers and kept one for our own library collection. It's one I like to re-read throughout the year and especially during the holidays.

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Christmas Prayers: A Heartwarming Collection of Holiday Blessings

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Thanks for visiting. Do you like receiving gift books during the holidays?

Fay Favored (author) from USA on September 07, 2019:

RTalloni I agree. Prayer is encouraged at any time and Christmas is a reminder that God is with us. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.

RTalloni on September 05, 2019:

Believers can give no better gift than prayer no matter what time of year. Christmas is a lovely time to show others how much we care and praying God's Word over others is a loving way to show our care.

Fay Favored (author) from USA on August 22, 2019:

Mary, I really love Christmas books as gifts, and when I saw this on sale I picked up several copies (one for myself). So many people have said it was encouraging. It's so nice to see you. In my prayers my friend!

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on August 21, 2019:

This would make a great Christmas gift. Often, I find that I can't find the words to pray so this would be very helpful.

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