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Christmas 2021 - God is Busy Hardening Hearts in Preparation for Judgment

I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

A Short Not So Sweet Christmas Message

There are not going to be many opportunities in the near future to share the hope of the birth of the Christ.

There are not going to be many opportunities in the near future to share the hope of the birth of the Christ.

God Allows Sin to Harden Mankind’s Hearts

It is easy to see the hardness of heart being played out upon the world stage today as it deals with the faux pandemic. As wicked men have created a scheme to deceive the world and if possible, even the elect of God. They are driven by minds that have been darkened because God has given them up to ‘uncleanness’: something foul. [Romans 1:22-32] There is not one thing that is detestable to God that they do not practice and gleefully join hands with their fellow partakers of deceit.

For a deceiver to flourish, they need those willing to be deceived. Look around you; the majority of the world is no longer sitting on the fence but have willingly taken sides. It appears the majority fear the dictates of the state, while many fear the loss of their independence, but the vast majority of either group exhibit no fear of God. Some may give it lip service but their hearts are not in it. Both the pro and con hearts have been hardened as there is no one to blame but God. Churches, and I use that term loosely, around this globe have not risen to meet the challenges of this world speeding towards judgment. Could it be that God is hardening the hearts of millions of the church-going crowds? This begs the question: how can a loving God harden one of his own?

Simple answer: they were or are not his own. Israel was a chosen people but only few would ever be accounted for eternal life. That word few versus the word many has been the focus of God from the beginning: i.e., only Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. Many have been called but few are chosen. Most likely a billion or more will celebrate Christmas 2021; many with good intentions but few that are known by the Savior. They have eyes but cannot perceive, ears that cannot hear and hearts without understanding. Believers today with churches are the minority; surrounded by goats [wannabes] and wolves. That is going to change in the near future as God is going to drag them out from among. Sadly, those who are tied to the churches may not even notice until it is too late.

Recently I was invited to a church Christmas play put on by the young children. I enjoyed the children as they put their hearts into portraying the birth of Christ with music and a sort of controlled mayhem of actions. When it was over, the head guy had to get up and give his short sermonette or altar call to the mixed crowd of members and relatives. It was then this thought crossed my mind … indoctrination begins early. The children were wonderful but his message was very religious and empty.

In conclusion, the Gospel is not telling people what they need to do, but testifying to what God has done for you and to be ready to give a reason for the Hope which lives within us. When Paul ‘testified’ before King Agrippa, his reaction to Paul’s testimony was that he was ‘almost’ persuaded to be a Christian. If one is called to pastor [shepherd] and teach, they are to equip the saints to do the work of the Gospel. Starting in one’s home, then to their neighbors and the world. Healthy sheep make healthy lambs: it was God’s design for the called-out ones from the beginning which many of today’s churches have polluted to their shame.

Could this be the last open celebration of Christmas?

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