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The Danger in Christians Sending Positive Vibes

Man should always pray

Man should always pray

The source of power is the issue

If you are not a believer in Christ then this does not apply to you but if you are a Christian please continue reading.

In Luke 18:1 Jesus said that man should always pray and not faint. In John chapter 14, He gave His disciples instructions to pray to His Father in His Name and told them that His Holy Spirit would be their guide once He was taken from them. The Bible is clear in the New Testament regarding the source of power that Christians are to draw from. In Mark chapter 16 verses 16-20 Christ said that those who believe in Him would cast out devils, lay hands on and heal the sick in His Name and if they took up anything deadly it would not harm them.

The bottom line to these instructions is that Christians should be an example of His power so that non-believers will know that He is real. Sadly, instead of letting their lights shine for Jesus, a number of Christians are jumping on the new age bandwagon which promotes power coming from within or from the universe. In no way do these practices showcase the power of Christ and this is why His followers should flee from them.

It used to be that when someone was sick or had death in the family, Christians would pray. Today some believers in Christ are instead responding by saying they will send positive energy, good vibes, or positive thoughts. The danger in this is that thoughts, vibes, and energy can come from anyone no matter what their belief system. If Christ followers can change situations and heal people by our own thoughts and energy then there is no reason for the power of His Spirit. If we can do it separate from Him then why even pray?

Yoga meditation may open a Christian's mind to an alternate power source.

Yoga meditation may open a Christian's mind to an alternate power source.

Yoga meditation and Christianity

Meditation is being promoted today as a way to increase the flow of energy and tap into a higher consciousness. Believers in Christ are commanded to meditate on His word, (Joshua 1:8 · ‎Matthew 6:6 · ‎Psalm 19:14 · ‎Psalm 1:2) but in some churches, Christianity and meditation is being mixed with other religions. There are a growing number of Christian churches that offer yoga classes and insist .they only utilize the breathing and relaxation elements.

The danger in this practice is that yoga comes from the Hindu religion which teaches that God is in all of us. The Bible teaches that He only dwells in those who have accepted salvation through faith in Christ. Christianity and Hinduism are not in agreement with each other and Amos 3:7 asks the question of how can two walk together unless they are in agreement? Meditating opens one up to all kinds of spirits and believers in Christ are to only be filled with His Spirit. This may sound narrow-minded to those of other faiths or of no religious beliefs but Jesus said the way to Him is narrow, (Matthew 7:14).

Be careful where your energy comes from

If you are a believer in Christ, be careful where your energy comes from. Stick to the narrow path and be on the safe side. In Matthew 10:33 Jesus said He would deny those who deny Him. By sending your own vibes and energy to others you are basically denying the power that He said would be a sign of those who follow Him. If you are obtaining power from any source except His Holy Spirit, you may be putting your relationship with Him in jeopardy and find that when you do pray, your prayers may not be answered.

If you open yourself up to the universe you may invite something in that you cannot get rid of. Beyonce has admitted on camera that Sasha Fierce takes her over on stage and many people believe that Sasha is actually a demon and not an alter ego. If you belong to Christ you should not be influenced by or exhibiting power that comes from demons, spirit guides, devils, positive energy, or good vibes. He gave His followers authority and power over demons and evil spirits and that power is obtained through prayer.and His Spirit.

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Ephesians 5:33 says to not be drunk with wine but to be filled with His Holy Spirit. Christians must be careful not to be filled with alternate sources of power. If your energy, positive thinking, and your vibes have the power to heal the sick and comfort the grieving, it should be based on the fact that your source of energy, vibes, and power should be coming from Him. Keep your temple clean and don't allow anything in that will contaminate.


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Luiza Jernigan on July 26, 2020:

I understand why some Christians believe that in order to not accept any other energy that is not from Christ himself, but personally*, I believe that if you've accepted God and he is in your soul, he protects me and kind of "deflects" the negative energy from persisting. I think it's important to be self aware and aware of your surroundings, and meditation (with the intent of meditating and receiving holy energy) is an easier way to a lot of people. Meditation seems to be a very mental activity, where the person's aspect and intent can greatly dictate what they accept to flow through and into their own body. Personally, if I think someone around me or a room has some negative energy, I pray, and then if I am up for it, I take a moment to meditate and clear my mind of any stress or bad "vibes". All this with Jesus in my soul and mind, of course, with no ill intent.

Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on January 18, 2020:

Thank you for your comments

Julie Dictter on January 17, 2020:

You are absolutely correct. Yoga is against Jesus and Christianity.

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on March 12, 2019:

God does guide the positive energy that my family and I receive. This energy, HIS power, and our trust in Him has been life -changing for my family. Angels are on the way

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