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Christian Creation Story in the Bible: Free Sunday School Lesson Plan for Elementary Students

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Are you looking for free Sunday school lessons? Try this one for the Christian creation story in the Bible where students learn how God created our world. The material is easily internalized and reinforced as the students participate in class activities and art project coloring pages.

This Bible lesson is age appropriate for elementary students and takes about 45 minutes to complete. It can be taught as a stand-alone lesson or used as part of a theme unit on creation.

Here's what you need:

  • Bible or text of the creation story from Genesis chapter 1
  • Creation coloring pages
  • Crayons, markers or other art media
Teach the Christian creation story in the Bible for a fun Sunday school lesson

Teach the Christian creation story in the Bible for a fun Sunday school lesson

Teach the Creation Story Interactively

The story of creation is one of the most familiar and popular Bible stories to teach. Let’s examine some ways to bring the story to life and engage students.

Tell the story, rather than read it, using props like a flashlight, and turn the room lights off to simulate “dark” and use the light of the flashlight for “day.”

Use a sound machine to help the kids visualize rain, thunder, wind, and so forth for days two and three (sky, atmosphere, water, land, and seas.)

Provide plastic toy figures of birds, fish, dinosaurs, and other animals to engage tactile learners and make the lesson multi-sensory. Let each child choose a figure and then help them determine on which day of creation each was made.

A globe or map helps kids visualize the “big picture” of creation. Talk about how God created each river, continent, or even the tiniest city.

Alternatively, use the video below to help your auditory/visual learners get the most from the lessons. Because they are using more than one of their five senses, their learning experience is enhanced and they will retain the lesson material for longer.

To extend the learning experience further, partner each child with a "friend" and let them take turns retelling the story to each other. Once you start thinking outside the box, you can probably come up with many different ways to reinforce the lesson and help them remember it for longer.

God's Good Creation

Worksheet Activities

Prepare this Bible story worksheet by copying and pasting the italicized text below into any word processing program. This activity worksheet can be used as presented here or customized to suit a particular curriculum or theme.

Read each sentence below and fill in the blanks with the right words to tell what God created on each day. Use the words in the word bank for clues.

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Word bank: heavens, sky, vegetation, sun, birds, animals, rested, earth, atmosphere, water, moon, fish, man, land, stars

On day one, God created the _______ and the _______.

On day two, God created _______ and _______.

On day three, God created _______, and _______.

On day four, God created _______, _______, and _______.

On day five, God created _______ and _______.

On day six, God created _______ and _______.

On day seven, God _______.

Teacher answer key: heavens, earth, sky, atmosphere, water, land, sun, moon, stars, birds, fish, animals, man, rested.

Give each child an activity sheet and when they finish them, let the students self-check their answers. If time permits, give them a set of the Creation coloring pages and let them decorate them as they choose. If class time is over, send the coloring pages home as a lesson extension.

Lesson Extensions

Here are some ideas for easy, inexpensive ways to extend the lesson:

Print out copies of the Adam and Eve coloring pages and invite the children to decorate them with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Talk about how God created man after He created the world.

Let the class participate in preparing an edible creation craft that's as much fun to make as it is to eat.

By the end of this lesson about the Christian creation story in the Bible, kids know what God created on each day of creation. By completing story related Bible activities, they internalized the lesson and have a deeper understanding of God’s sovereignty. They take home creation coloring pages as a visual reminder of the Bible lesson.

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© 2011 Donna Cosmato

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