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Christ Is Rejected by His Own


Sensationalism sells

The old adage tells us that a picture is worth a thousand words and I have come to realize that the things people like, read, and share on social media speaks volumes. I have noticed over time as a writer that the world at large enjoys sensationalism. The more outrageous a story is the more views you get. What disturbs me most, however, is the number of Christians who reject Christ for materialism and all things worldly. On a given day on social media posts that promise your due season is coming get hundreds of likes and comments. Those that tell the gospel truth are ignored or only two or three people respond. Everyone is saying Jesus is the reason during the Christmas season and posting He is risen indeed on Easter Sunday morning but there seems to be no joy at the winning of souls. When someone shares that a sinner was saved by grace and baptized they get crickets and this is the one time every true believer should be excited. Luke 15:10 indicates that the angels rejoice over one soul that is saved so what's wrong with mainstream Christianity? Matthew 10:33 says: But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. Everyone has a right to read whatever they choose but what happened with these two articles tells a compelling story. Christians chose to read one and ignore the other and both were shared on the same platforms.

Christ rejected by His own

I recently wrote about a soap character who is about to be killed off and had 6,000 views within the first 8 hours. As I write this I have close to 20,000 views because this article is sensationalism. A few days later I wrote about a soap star who professes Christ and now 3 days later less than 40 people have read the story. I shared it on Facebook groups and I am certain that some group managers refused to publish it or took it down because the Name of Jesus causes people to be uncomfortable, I do wonder, however, on the platforms where the article did show up why there was no joy from fellow believers? Where were the hundreds and thousands of Christians to cheer that this actor is our brother in Christ> Why was this article not shared over and over as the previous one was? This a sad indictment on those who say they love HIm but are ashamed to proclaim him in public.Soap fans usually are eager to read about what is going on in the lives of a favorite actor but the Name of Jesus seemed to shut the interest down and that is alarming.


A sad indictment on the church

Many of those who are members of Facebook groups as well as the ones who facilitate randomly mention God and during the holidays posted Jesus is the reason for the season. Why then did close to 20,000 read the article about the death of a fictitious character and not a real man who gave his life to Christ. I could have titled the story differently and used clickbait to reel people in. I could have said the actor has big news to share with his fans as it would have caused the curious to see what it was all about. . I boldly used the Name of Jesus in the title and now I know how people really feel. The body of Christ has been taught over the centuries to go to church, tithe and take part in programs. Very few seem to understand that we are to live for Him each day. The very purpose of accepting Christ is to receive His free gift of eternal life. Unfortunately, many preachers have made it about a due season and living high on the hog. Christ-followers are telling on themselves and it is not a good witness..How wonderful if people had read and commented that they were elated to find out that this actor was in the body of Christ and shared the good news. I think of John 1:11. He came unto his own, and his own received him not. Still today those who claim to be His are rejecting Him. People care more about a fictional television character than they do about a living human being whose soul has been snatched from hell and that's about the size of it.

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